What Would Jesus Say to Christians in America Today? Repent! | David Fiorazo

If Jesus rebuked many of the early churches for straying, leaving their first love, putting up with false doctrine, or for being lukewarm, how could we, American Christians, think He wouldn’t harshly rebuke many of our seeker-sensitive, shallow, lukewarm churches today?

Some might claim the Church is thriving here in the United States of Entertainment. I would ask them why then doesn’t it translate out into society. Who is driving culture today, Christians or atheists and secular progressives? The truth is we have generally conformed to the world and have failed to defend and preserve biblical morality and Judeo-Christian values.

We have watered down the Word of God and have lost our saltiness and power to transform society for good. Some larger churches have a reputation for being alive, but their discipleship and doctrine is rather ineffective. I attended a megachurch for several years and kept running into unregenerate and unconverted people, many of whom thought they were saved. 

God woke me up at 3 AM recently and this message is the result. My heart was heavy; we were wrapping up our Bible study on the book of Colossians – a church Paul commended for their faith and love, by the way – and we were examining the geography of Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) and many cities that had Christian churches in the first several centuries.

In Revelation chapter two and three, Jesus harshly rebuked five out the seven churches within the same area. I couldn’t help but wonder what He would think of churches in America today. It’s a sobering thought.

Would Jesus rebuke us, Christians in the United States of Entertainment, the way He did several churches in Asia Minor? 

Wake up, and strengthen the things that remain, which were about to die; for I have not found your deeds completed in the sight of My God. 3 So remember what you have received and heard; and keep it, and repent. Therefore if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come to you. Revelation 3:2-3

Dwight L. Moody once said:

Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter.”


  1. Today, is your life bearing fruit for the Lord Jesus Christ? JN 15:8
  2. Are we passionate about eternal and spiritual things? COL 3:2
  3. Who or what is our first love and main focus? 6:33
  4. Have we conformed to our culture – or to Christ? ROM 12:2
  5. Do we love this world more than we love God, His Word? 1JN 2:15-17
  6. Are you prepared for persecution when it comes? 5:11-12

Are we, individual believers in Jesus, and the church in America succeeding at loving the Lord God, loving our neighbors, preaching the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ, making disciples, raising godly children, and encouraging the faith of other believers?

Are we just giving God lip service?

American churches, especially the larger, higher profile mega-churches, often have a good reputation simply due to their numbers or size (quantity). But this is often a very inaccurate picture of the overall health, discipleship, and maturity (quality) of those particular churches.

According to Barna research and many other studies and surveys, it appears American Christianity is producing the most biblically illiterate church members in history, unable to fully understand let alone explain and defend the essentials of the faith. What happened to discipleship? We can learn from the earliest Christian churches that it doesn’t take long to stray from truth.
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