It’s not the man of God, but the God behind the man

Unfathomable Grace

Too often, we foolishly place our confidence in earthly leaders. We are sure that children will grow to love the Lord if their parents are sufficiently diligent. Some women are absolutely certain their life will stabilize as they find that man who will lovingly lead them for the rest of their days. There are church boards and bodies who cannot imagine how they could thrive without their current minister; he is their rock-star, their “Moses” of sorts. Then there are others churches equally certain a new man is that which is necessary for God to move and shake in their midst. Yes, too often we place our confidence in earthly leadership. We are like football, basketball, and baseball executives who are absolutely sure we will soon be breaking out the champagne and singing “We are the Champions” if we can only secure the indispensable head-coach or franchise player.

However, while…

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