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These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them.

Revelation 17:14

The human race has always been quick to blame the world’s disasters, floods, famines, plagues on natural causes. But in the end of the age, when the final judgments of God begin to fall, how long will it be until people confess that there is another real, though invisible, force in operation?

Truly the wrath of God will leave no hiding place for sinning, alienated men and women!

John, in the Revelation, speaks of the mighty trumpets that will sound and the woes that will descend upon the earth. In my own view, I link these events to the dramatic period throughout the earth when the antichrist has prevailed by deception and force.

When God is finally ready to refine and restore the earth, everyone in heaven and on earth and in hell will know that no human laboratory could compound the fire that will be poured out on the earth. God has promised that He will not hide His wrath forever. He is prepared to speak in supernatural manifestations in that coming Day of the Lord!

Lord, it is no consolation that in the final judgment the wrath of God will be poured out upon unsaved men and women. That the Day of Judgment will surely take place should motivate us to be relentless in sharing the gospel with lost people.[1]

[1] Tozer, A. W. (2015). Mornings with tozer: daily devotional readings. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers.


God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

—John 4:24

Worship must be in spirit and in truth!

It must be the truth of God and the Spirit of God. When a person, yielding to God and believing the truth of God, is filled with the Spirit of God, even his faintest whisper will be worship.

The stark, tragic fact is that the efforts of many people to worship are unacceptable to God. Without an infusion of the Holy Spirit there can be no true worship. This is serious. It is hard for me to rest peacefully at night knowing that millions of cultured, religious people are merely carrying on church traditions and religious customs and they are not actually reaching God at all.

We must humbly worship God in spirit and in truth. Each one of us stands before the truth to be judged. Is it not now plain that the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit of God, far from being an optional luxury in our Christian lives, is a necessity? WHT046

Lord, fill me with Your Spirit as I worship You today. I don’t want just to carry on church traditions and religious customs. Send the Spirit today, that my worship might be more real. Amen. [1]

[1] Tozer, A. W., & Eggert, R. (2015). Tozer on the almighty god: a 365-day devotional. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers.

Evangelicals and the Encroachment of Cultural Marxism — Pulpit & Pen

[Center for Cultural Leadership] Advocates despise and naïve evangelical proponents reject, has always exploited Orwellian Newspeak to identify itself lest its origins with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels be exposed. It began long ago after Marxism’s failure to achieve worldwide revolution following WWI. Marxism began to morph under the ingenuity and directives of Italian Antonio Gramsci, Hungarian György Lukács, and the multiple members of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research who birthed Critical Theory, with its various iterations, all appealing to pompous, pretentious, eggheaded, erudite sophisticates at America’s universities who imposed the poison pill upon a whole generation of students beginning in the 1960s, perverting their morals and ethics and twisting their reasoning, Cultural Marxism continues its Long March through the Institutions under various designations but always with the same Marxist agenda.

Once college and university students of the 1960s and 1970s who had joined the Long March graduated, they perpetuated the Transforming of America by imposing Critical Theory upon the American society and culture. Advocates of Critical Race Theory hijacked the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s by shifting the achievement of Equality Before the Law and the demise of Jim Crow Laws. How did they accomplish this? The Critical Race Theorists of Cultural Marxism achieved it by exploiting Newspeak with the hope that Useful Idiots would hear “Equality Before the Law“ when they fully meant “Equality of Outcomes.” They exploited the same Newspeak appeal when speaking of equality of the sexes. The naïve, the ingenuous, and the Useful Idiots applauded the affirmation that male and female are equal, which is a truism if the context is “before the law,” but the apparatchiks of Cultural Marxism had in mind utopia, the eventual erasure of all distinctions between males and females as their substitution of “gender” for “sex” presaged. Instead, they spoke of Equal Outcomes as they patiently bided the time until they could make their demands more explicit in subsequent generations. For a generation they have touted their slogan, ad nauseam, “Equal Pay for Equal Work,” which was actually established by law (Equal Pay Act of 1963), but the facts have never deterred Cultural Marxists from their repetitive sloganeering that denies reality and subverts the truth.

College graduates who had been subjected to Critical Theory’s doctrine of Equal Outcomes brought the dogma with them into their careers, whether law, politics, industry, or education. Thus, Cultural Marxism’s Critical Theory took on various iterations but always advanced its universal cause that invariably entails its design for cultural revolution, the notion that equality within any society is fictional and immoral unless that society achieves Equal Outcomes. Perhaps its most influential domain became government-sponsored education where “Outcome-Based Education” (OBE) which sounds so noble and righteous, mingled with the “Self-Esteem Movement,” became crucial features of the philosophy of education that reigned supremely from the 1970s onward, though the buzzwords have changed. Outcome-Based Education has corrupted every generation of American students since its inception. Thus, apart from parental instruction and guidance, children and grandchildren of the 1960s generation became Cultural Marxism’s compliant and unwitting apparatchiks.

Since its beginning, Cultural Marxism’s Long March through the Institutions, that has exploited Newspeak Political Correctness, eventuated in the rise of President Barack Obama who instantiated and embodied the essence of Critical Theory, with all its nuances and iterations concerning world cultures, race-ethnicity, male-female, same-sex sexual relations, etc., as well as all the features of Cultural Marxism with his outspoken agenda to Transform Americaboth domestically with Class Warfare and internationally with the mantra that no culture is better than any other culture, derogating the United States of America as he did during his first 100 days in the presidency in 2009 while on “The Apology Tour.” Thus, Rush Limbaugh rightly stated, “I hope President Obama fails,” a statement which, despite his full and adequate explanation that he was referring to Obama’s “Transform America” agenda, the Useful Idiots of the Mainstream Media seized upon it as an ad hominem and racist attack upon President Obama.

Of course, the politically ambitious Community Organizer from Chicago could never have become President Obama apart from the corrosive, destructive, and poisonous Long March of Cultural Marxism’s Critical Theory through America’s institutions. Critical Theory’s exploitation of its subjects by way of Sensitivity Training, a form of brainwashing, during the 1960s with its varied iterations since has subjugated subsequent generations to the tyranny of Political Correctness, the holiness speech code of Cultural Marxism. Since the 1960s Cultural Marxists have used a variety of designations for Sensitivity Training that conceal their continuity with the early forms of brainwashing that more palatably appeal to subsequent generations of gullible recipients, designations such as Diversity Training or Cultural Competence and more recently as Cultural Intelligence (CQ)Cultural AwarenessImplicit Bias Trainingand Unconscious Bias Training. Regardless which banner or slogan the disingenuous apparatchiks exploit to advance their deceptive cause, the agenda is always the same: subversion, corrosion, and destruction of individuality and of society. To accomplish their semi-veiled agenda, they exploit legerdemain and trickery as they project upon their political, cultural, social, and theological domestic opponents their own mischief and faults to divert society’s attention from their own destructive activities and agenda which they impose with nimbleness upon their naïve, ingenuous, gullible dupes.

Twenty-seven years ago, in 1991-92, when I was a young college professor, Cultural Marxism began to target Christian universities and colleges for cultural transformation. Cultural Marxism marched onto campuses under the Newspeak banner, “Multiculturalism and Diversity.” The impetus for this was the Racial/Ethnic Diversity Initiative of the Coalition of Christian Colleges (CCC) now known as the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). The CCC executives called for every member institution of higher education to establish an office that would advance the cause of “Multiculturalism and Diversity” on campus. This initiative entailed Tom Skinner, a prominent preacher and member of the National Black Evangelical Association, who visited Christian college campuses as a “Minister of Reconciliation” to call upon boards, administrators, faculty, staff, and students to repent for their alleged implicit if not explicit racism. What was the evidence for their alleged implicit racism? The principal evidence to which Skinner appealed to support his allegations both he and the CCC borrowed from secular multiculturalists and race “experts.” It was the claim that “Coalition schools failed to mirror the ethnic diversity of the surrounding culture” (James A. Patterson, Shining Lights: A History of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities [Grand Rapids: Baker, 2001], 93; see “Multiculturalism Goes to College”). He, of course, attempted to ground his argument in Scripture by using passages such as Exodus 20:5 with Jeremiah 32:18 or 2 Corinthians 5:13-21 with Ephesians 2:11-16 or  Revelation 5:9-10 with 7:9 (for rebuttals see “Let’s Get Biblical”).

Far from bringing reconciliation and harmony to campuses, Skinner stirred up animosity, strife, and hostility but especially toward anyone who would not acquiesce to his angry invectives and acknowledge their presumed inherent racialism if not racism. Yet, Skinner’s nimble appeal to Scripture to buttress his charges of racism invoked credulous college boards and administrators, under the burden of needing to show themselves receptive if not atone for the guilt heaped upon them, conceded to the demands of the Coalition of Christian Colleges. So, under the direction of the CCC and authorized by college boards and administrators, directors of campus offices for the advancement of Racial and Ethnic Diversity, without knowing the term Critical Race Theory or understanding how it subverts the gospel, they heedlessly embraced its agenda and baptized it with Christian lingo and propped it up with cherry-picked Scripture passages (see “Let’s Get Biblical”). Thus, they effectively ostracized and demonized anyone who would (1) critically assess the tactics of Critical Race Theory, (2) see through the worldly agenda, and (3) administer caution and thoughtful repudiation of the diabolical, destructive, and anti-gospel goal of “Multiculturalism and Diversity.”

Cultural Marxism’s seductive intrusion into Christian colleges and universities took place a generation ago where it came to hold sway and to suppress dissenting voices more than a decade ago. Thus, Christian universities and colleges have been graduating a generation of students who have been subjected to Christian baptized Cultural Marxism which dresses up as Social Justice. It is not surprising that many of them are Social Justice Warriors. What is surprising and disheartening is that many prominent evangelical leaders now lend the weight of their influential positions to the cause of Social Justice, and mockingly reject concerns that they are embracing and advancing the cause of Cultural Marxism.

To continue reading, finish at at Center for Cultural Leadership

[Editor’s Note: The author is Professor of New Testament & Greek, University of Northwestern—St. Paul, Arnel Caneday, originally posted here]

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October 30 Daily Help

IF our Lord is so ready to heal the sick and bless the needy, then, my soul, be not thou slow to put thyself in his way, that he may smile on thee. Be not slack in asking, if he be so abundant in bestowing. Give earnest heed to his word now, that Jesus may speak through it to thy heart. Where he is to be found, there make thy resort, that thou mayst obtain his blessing. When he is present to heal, may he not heal thee? But surely he is present even now, for he always comes to hearts which need him. And dost not thou need him? Ah, he knows how much! Thou Son of David, turn thine eye and look upon the distress which is now before thee and make thy suppliant whole.[1]

[1] Spurgeon, C. H. (1892). Daily Help (p. 307). Baltimore: R. H. Woodward & Company.

Cramer: The only thing that can save the market is Powell changing course or Trump stopping tariffs

The only thing that can stop the market’s recent plunge is the Federal Reserve changing course on interest rates or President Donald Trump ending his tariffs, according to CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

“My main fear is that we could have a mini version of 2008 if the Fed doesn’t change course,” the “Mad Money” host said Monday night. “If Fed chief Jerome Powell actually starts listening to the stock market and wakes up to the damage that [Trump’s] tariffs can do to the economy, then maybe he’ll shift gears, just like [then-Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan] did in ’98.”

Cramer has been critical of Powell in recent weeks, agreeing with Trump who has been arguing against further rate hikes. The Fed has already raised rates three times this year, and one more is expected in December. Earlier this month, Powell said rates are a long way from so-called neutral.

If Powell halts his rate hikes, then “we can bottom and even roar higher” in the stock market, Cramer said. “But as long as Powell stays committed to the December hike and three more next year … and the president stays committed to expanding his tariffs, then history says we’ve got more downside no matter what.”

Source: Cramer: The only thing that can save the market is Powell changing course or Trump stopping tariffs

Former Planned Parenthood Director Reveals Why She’s Desperate for People to Escape the Abortion Industry

Abby Johnson is a former clinical director at Planned Parenthood, the abortion provider that terminates over 300,000 young lives every single year. But after eight years facilitating the organization’s often brutal work, everything changed when Johnson witnessed an ultrasound-guided abortion during which a 13-week-old baby fought for its life, but ultimately succumbed to the trauma.

Clergy Ask God for His ‘Blessing’ on Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility


After this horrifying experience, the evils of abortion suddenly dawned on Johnson, and she decided to leave the organization for good, instead seeking to advocate on behalf of the unborn and to help other workers escape the sordid abortion industry.

Now, she is helping create a movie based on her astonishing life story. “Unplanned” does not yet have an official release date, though it is likely to be announced very soon.

In a candid interview on the Lucas Miles Show, Johnson talked at length of her excitement at the movie’s development and detailed some of her experiences as an abortion-worker-turned-pro-life-activist.

Speaking to her on the set of “Unplanned,” Miles pressed Johnson on her feelings as she watches the plot unfold in production — a narrative that she, on occasion, finds herself wincing at the sight of.

“I’m watching them be the worst version of myself,” she said. “It’s hard, but also beautiful because I can see how far I’ve come. I can see God’s presence in my life and how incredible that has been.”


As for her former life as a Planned Parenthood executive, she said that, in light of her experiences, she believes her process of grief will be long-lasting.

“I expect I’ll be healing from my past for the rest of my earthly life,” Johnson said.

So how did she get involved with Planned Parenthood in the first place?

“I was 21 and was in college,” she said. “I met a woman who was recruiting volunteers in Planned Parenthood. I didn’t know anything about them. I was raised in a pro-life home, but abortion wasn’t something we sat around and discussed  at the dinner table.”

Planned Parenthood, which has an annual revenue of around $200 million, devotes a huge amount of resources to sending representatives to college campuses to recruit young and enthusiastic workers who it hopes will carry out its mission in the future.

“I was very naive, and very easily manipulated when I heard the talking points from this Planned Parenthood recruiter,” Johnson said, adding that the recruiter was “so smooth” in the way she presented the work of the organization.

Contrary to popular opinion in the pro-life community, Abby said that the recruiter declared her organization was “here to help women,” and that abortion is “not very common with us.” The woman added that it was “better for [abortion] to be safe rather than people dying from these illegal abortions.”

“All of that to me, in my naivety, really did make sense,” Johnson admitted.

But following what she described as a “dramatic transformation” which took place during that fateful ultrasound abortion procedure, Johnson handed in her resignation letter to the prolific termination provider and never looked back. She had realized one simple truth: abortion was wrong, and it had to be stopped.

As you might imagine, similarly to her heart-change on the morality of abortion, Abby’s transition to pro-life advocacy was swift. She left Planned Parenthood on Oct. 6, 2009, and her first pro-life speaking engagement was that November.

“I did start speaking right away,” she said. “That had not been what I intended, but when the media got hold of my story I was sort of propelled into this spotlight and I took it on.”

“I really want to help expose what is taking place in these clinics,” she added. “What we are trying to do is to re-humanize the worker in the clinic and to shift blame not to the individual, but to the systemic culture that we’re in. To the abortion industry itself that is influencing people so heavily, primarily through the media. That became the goal.”

She was careful to add that “redemption and forgiveness is available to anyone, no matter their past.”

“That has to be the way we are talking to people in the pro-life movement,” she said.

Johnson is determined to the shift the emphasis in the pro-life movement from one of judgment and condemnation to love and compassion, doing it all in the name of Jesus, who offers us all forgiveness of sins.

“The other day someone called an abortion clinic an ‘abortorium’ — I’m like, ‘that’s not even a word! That’s ridiculous,’” Johnson exclaimed. “We are not doing a very good job of relating to the people we are trying to convert. And that should be our primary goal.”

And, by all accounts, Johnson’s team are achieving that lofty objective.

So far, an astonishing 422 abortion clinic workers have left the abortion-providing industry as a direct result of Johnson’s advocacy work with And Then There Were None.

“It’s interesting because none of them go back,” Johnson noted of those who have fled abortion-related employment. “They come to us because they have had some sort of conversion in their heart, and they may not even totally understand what that is or means, but they are seeking truth. Our job is to help them find that truth and ultimately get them into a relationship with Christ.”

“Because we know that healing and forgiveness won’t come without Him,” she said.

Though she was brought up in a Christian home and at an early age was convinced that pro-life ethics were unique to those who believed in Jesus, upon leaving Planned Parenthood, Johnson sought to research the pro-life community more broadly. What she found was that there were many non-Christian groups who were also battling for the lives of the unborn.

“I was looking at their stuff and it was all very science-based,” she explained. “For me, I know that science comes from my creator. But for these people, it was just about science — fetal development and peer-reviewed research. That’s speaking my language, right there.”

Science, Johnson noted, is absolutely essential in developing an air-tight pro-life argument that can reach those who have no faith.

“I could talk to anybody, faith background or not, and make a solid case for why abortion is wrong without ever bringing up my faith,” she explained. “That doesn’t mean that I’m embarrassed by my faith, absolutely not. But in order to reach someone who doesn’t have the same beliefs as you do, sometimes you have to speak their language.”

“We need to know the scientific ‘why’ behind abortion being wrong,” Johnson noted.

So how strong is Planned Parenthood’s position now? Are we getting closer to de-funding its activity?

“We are definitely making strides,” Johnson said. “Primarily at state legislative level. To put regulations on facilities, to require ultrasounds before abortions. It’s shutting clinics down and getting women to look at what they are doing before they have abortions performed. It’s getting proper informed consent.

“We’ve seen a lot of gains in the pro-life movement,” she added. “We’ve seen defunding efforts in Texas, the abortion rate drop more than 30 percent. The rates of abortion’s of minors have dropped. We have had a record number of closures in our state.”

Johnson said that many people have been waiting a long time for the “cavalry to come,” and have developed a false hope that “knights in shining armor from the federal government” will “swoop in to defund Planned Parenthood and ban abortion.”

“Those knights are not coming,” Johnson stated bluntly.

The Trump administration has previously made big promises to strip Planned Parenthood of federal tax dollars, but has yet to accomplish that major goal. Instead, The House of Representatives passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill that protected Planned Parenthood’s federal remuneration, totaling over $500 million per year.

Earlier this year, the president announced the proposed “Protect Life Rule,” which if passed would deprive Planned Parenthood of around $60 million in federal Title X funding.

With the political stalemate in mind, Johnson argued that pro-lifers should do all they can to engage the people on the cold-face of abortion procedures — those undergoing them, and those performing them.

“Our best gains are made in one-on-one dialogue outside of abortion centers with peaceful and prayerful sidewalk advocates, and they are made inside well-run pregnancy centers,” she said, adding that gains can also be “made in state legislative houses.”

“We just can’t wait for other people to do the job that God has called us to do,” Johnson implored, adding that “we all have a place in the pro-life movement to eradicate abortion and make it unthinkable,” she said.

Crucially, Johnson also said that those in the pro-life community should “not be afraid to offend people” when battling to save the lives of unborn babies.

“Let me be clear, people on the other side of this debate are not the least bit worried about offending you. We’ve gotta stop worrying about biting our tongue,” Johnson advised. “Sometimes, the offense is the building block to conversion. Sometimes that offense is what opens their eyes to truth.”

Johnson also revealed that she has had two abortions herself, and talked about the impact this experience has on her advocacy work.

“The place I find it to be most beneficial is when I’m outside of a clinic talking to women going in,” she said. “When I tell them ‘I’ve done this too,’ they always turn around and look at me.”

“Sometimes they come back and talk to me, sometimes they don’t. But I do find that it resonates with women who are considering an abortion because they want to hear other people’s experiences,” she said.

Sadly, however, Johnson hasn’t always been met with grace from those in the pro-choice movement after they hear of her prior abortions.

“They will say ‘oh, it was good for you two times, but now you’re not gonna allow other people to do it,’” she shared. “That’s like reprimanding someone who is a recovering alcoholic, like ‘how dare you lead AA meetings. So it was good for you to get drunk all the time, but now you’re telling others not to?’”

Johnson noted her belief that a profound sense of “woundedness” is essentially driving the pro-abortion movement.

“I think there is a desire to bring other people into their point of view because they need justification for their own actions,” she said. “I know many people who are proud to say that most women, when they get pregnant, should have abortions. They are very for abortion in all circumstances.”

One thing is for sure, after experiencing it for herself, Johnson truly believes that abortion is never the answer.

Visit AbortionWorker.com for more information on Abby Johnson’s vital work.

Source: Former Planned Parenthood Director Reveals Why She’s Desperate for People to Escape the Abortion Industry

Study: Media 10 Times More Critical of Trump, GOP

The media is in near full liberal activist mode one week before the November midterm elections, making 10 times more negative statements toward Republicans than Democrats, Media Research Center’s Rich Noyes reported.

Source: Study: Media 10 Times More Critical of Trump, GOP

Don Lemon: ‘The Biggest Terror Threat in This Country Is White Men’

Monday on CNN, network host Don Lemon declared “the biggest terror threat in this country” to be white men, adding that “most of them radicalized to the right.”

Lemon made those remarks in reference to the fatal shooting of two black people in Kentucky, the bombs mailed to political figures, and the shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, which killed 11 people.

Lemon said, “Now, another one. And then you have all of them in a row. And, you know, we talked, we messaged about it a little bit this weekend. I keep trying to point out to people and not to demonize any one group or any one ethnicity. But we keep thinking that the biggest terror threat is something else, someone people who are marching, you know, towards the border, like it’s imminent. And the last time they did this, a couple hundred people came, and you know, most of them did get into the country, most of them got tuckered out before they even made it to the border.”

He added, “So, we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right. And we have to start doing something about them. There is no travel ban on them. There is no ban on  — they had the Muslim ban. There is no white guy ban. So, what do we do about that?”

(h/t Grabien)

Source: Don Lemon: ‘The Biggest Terror Threat in This Country Is White Men’

More College Students Seeking Mental Health Care — Blogs

*The following is excerpted from an online article posted on HealthDay.

Anxiety, depression and panic attacks are sending U.S. college students to mental health clinics in record numbers, a new study finds.

Between 2009 and 2015, treatment and diagnoses of anxiety increased by nearly 6 percent among these students, followed by depression and panic attacks, which each increased about 3 percent. Anxiety is the most common problem, affecting almost 15 percent of college students across the United States, the researchers reported.

“Mental health is a critical issue for college students, and institutions of higher education need to explore prevention and support strategies that best meet the needs of their campus,” said lead researcher Sara Oswalt. She is chair of the department of kinesiology, health and nutrition at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

It’s not clear if the college environment is causing or even contributing to the increase in these problems. But if mental health problems aren’t addressed, success in school is jeopardized, she said.

Oswalt believes more students are seeking help because more of them are suffering from mental health problems, coupled with a willingness to get help. There is less stigma about mental health issues, and schools may be providing more mental health services.

For the study, Oswalt and her colleagues used data from the American College Health Association to collect information on more than 450,000 undergraduates.

The investigators found a significant increase in the diagnosis and treatment for eight of 12 mental problems they examined, with anxiety, depression and panic attacks accounting for the biggest increases.

The researchers also found that students are more willing to use university mental health services.

By 2015, nearly 20 percent of those surveyed said they used these services, an increase of more than 4 percent since 2009. Moreover, nearly 75 percent said they would consider using university mental health services — an increase of nearly 7 percent.

College students’ need for mental health resources is increasing, Oswalt said, so schools need to do more to safeguard their students’ well-being. They must do it in a way that is effective and use outside services when they cannot handle demand themselves, she suggested.

Because 75 percent of all serious adult psychiatric illnesses start by age 25, universities have an essential role in addressing mental health issues early, Oswalt explained.

The report was published in the Journal of American College Health.

Source: HealthDay

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