Benjamin Franklin “You Have A Republic, IF You Can Keep It” His Fears Are Being Realized Today

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Today I asked my Facebook friends to answer a simple question.  I asked them what type of government we have in the United States.  Most of my friends are Christians and Conservatives; and those who answered were well informed and correct. 

When the Constitution was written, our Founding Fathers deemed that the best government (Under God) would be a Constitutional Republic. I stipulated “Under God” for a very good reason. God was an integral part of the writing of our Constitution – and apart from Him, the Republic would not stand.

Our Constitution was written for a moral people.  If you ask any liberal what form of government we have in the U.S. – invariably they will answer with “Democracy.”  And they are dead wrong.  That answer is what the Leftists want to replace our Republic with.

You see, America is a Nation of laws.  Some call it a Democratic…

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