Bill Clinton Turns Radioactive as Dem Candidates Stop Asking Him to Campaign For Them — The Gateway Pundit

Bill Clinton with intern Monica Lewinsky

How the mighty fall.

Bill Clinton has gone radioactive as Democrat candidates have stopped asking him to campaign for them.

The Democrats are keeping their distance from the Clintons as they scramble to redefine themselves in Trump’s America and adjust to the #MeToo era.

Clinton, the once popular “closer” on the campaign trail is seeing a big chill from fellow Democrats.

The former President’s abuse of power and extracurricular activities in the Oval Office have drawn sharp rebuke from Democrats in certain circles and the once Clinton-friendly media.

The New York Times hit Bill Clinton in a scathing headline Friday, “No One Wants to Campaign With Bill Clinton Anymore”

As Democrats search for their identity in the Trump era, one aspect has become strikingly clear: Mr. Clinton is not part of it. Just days before the midterm elections, Mr. Clinton finds himself in a kind of political purgatory, unable to overcome past personal and policy choices now considered anathema within the rising liberal wing of his party.

The former president, once such a popular political draw that he was nicknamed his party’s “explainer-in-chief,” has only appeared at a handful of private fund-raisers to benefit midterm candidates, according to people close to him.

The Women’s March even rejected Slick Willie:

“I’m not sure that with all the issues he has, he could really be that helpful to the candidates,” said Tamika D. Mallory, an organizer of the Women’s March, who’s now promoting female candidates across the country. “It would do the Democratic Party well to have Bill Clinton focus on his humanitarian efforts.”

Veteran Democrat strategist Rebecca Kirszner Katz blasted Bill Clinton:

“It was an abuse of power that shouldn’t have happened and if the Clintons can’t accept that fact 20 years later, it’s hard to see how they can be part of the future of the Democratic Party,”

Clinton’s wife and twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary has also been branded the kiss of death by many after her toxic 2016 White House bid.

Hillary Clinton also bullied her husband Bill’s sex abuse victims and is still dogged by her private email scandal–both losing arguments for the left.

Of course the Clintons are working behind the scenes helping with fundraising, but it is very telling that Democrat candidates don’t want to be seen with them, especially Bill Clinton, in public.

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