DBG Spotlight Weekend Edition (11-2-18) — Christian Blogs – Delivered By Grace

Voddie Baucham preached in the 2018 G3 Conference on the subject, “The Heart of Discipleship.” You will want to carve out time to listen to this sermon and then consider making your plans to join us this January by registering at G3Conference.com.

The Statement on SJ&G Explained: Article 9, Heresy (Justin Peters) — The latest in the series of explanatory articles on the Statement on Social Justice.

Download Post Tenebras Lux: A Symphonic Celebration of the Protestant Reformation — If you appreciate quality music and skilled arrangements you will love this.

What’s Wrong with the Prosperity Gospel? — Tim Challies answers questions about the prosperity gospel in Ecuador.

Episode 62: On How to Prepare a Church to Practice Discipline — If one of the marks of an authentic church is the practice of biblical church discipline, you would do well to consider what that looks like in the life of your local church.

Is the Reformation Over? — R.C. Sprout answers the question.

5 Reasons You’ll Love the New Logos 8 Libraries — If you enjoy Logos (like me), you will want to look into Logos 8.

Most “Nones” (& Lots of Christians) Believe in New Age Religion — This is proof positive of the need for solid biblical teaching.

via DBG Spotlight Weekend Edition (11-2-18) — Christian Blogs – Delivered By Grace

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