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Political Repercussions of the LGBTQ Agenda – Robert A. J. Gagnon
Every time Democrats are in political power, these are the kinds of things that Christians and others face with increasing intensity from a Party given over wholly to the LGBTQ agenda. The list is not exhaustive. A vote for Democrats is a vote to imperil your greatest liberties.
1) Children coercively indoctrinated by schools into the belief that anyone who does not support the LGBTQ agenda is a bigot akin to the most virulent racist; children made more confused as to their own sexuality, taught to disconnect gender from biological sex, with the increased risk of harm that attends increased “LGBTQ” identification.
2) Grant males who claim that they are females (many of whom remain sexually attracted to women) complete access to the private spaces of women (restrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, showers, women’s shelters) and to female sporting events (regardless of the mismatch) and prosecute anyone who attempts to stop them from doing so to the fullest extent of the law as a “civil rights” violation.
3) Colleges and universities become places for punishing free discourse among faculty, staff, and students about the subject on the claim that anything other makes pro-“LGBTQ” fanatics “unsafe”; Christian groups derecognized for not allowing leaders that defy the orthodox Christian position on sexual ethics; and Christian schools lose their accreditation if they do not foster such ungodliness.
4) Lose one’s job if in the workplace (or even on social media in some cases) one speaks critically of “gay marriage” or fails to use the “preferred pronoun” and name of a “transgender” person who denies his or her biological sex; and experience in the workplace, like schools, heavy-handed indoctrination (brainwashing) into the ideology of homosexualism and transgenderism; mandating that companies institute affirmative-action policies for immorality or otherwise be denied contracts or grants from the federal government.
5) Prosecute business owners connected with weddings (photographers, bakers, caterers, florists) and even some that are not (like T-shirt designers) who do not use their artistic talents to promote, or even  do not write messages that express approval for, homosexual unions; being fined tens of thousands of dollars and losing their businesses and even life savings; prosecute also business owners who do not accommodate male employees who want to come to work dressed up as women, with a female hair-style and make-up.
6) Require that bed-and-breakfast places in a private residence must accept persons having “gay” sex under their roof irrespective of personal religious beliefs; and that churches let out their facilities for “gay weddings” or any “gay” or “transgender” celebration if they allow their facilities to be rented by anyone else.
7) Put out of business Christian adoption agencies unless they are willing to place orphans in “gay” and “transgender” homes, not just as a last resort but on equal grounds with a stable heterosexual union.
8) Forbid children being placed for adoption or foster care with prospective parents who do not agree to encourage any possible homosexual or transgender self-identity that the child may grow into at a future date; and require that state Social Services remove one’s own natural child from the home if the parents attempt to thwart their child’s homosexual or transgender self-identification and behavior, including not allowing one’s child to attend a “gay student alliance” group at school or even to receive “puberty blockers” or sexual “reassignment” surgery.
9) Make it a violation of the law to promote sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) or even change of homosexual or transgender behavior, so long as there is an exchange of funds, possibly including even the sale of books; and this not just by professional therapists but also by church officials.

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