Blasphemy: Jesus is not Isa, Isa is not Jesus

The End Time

By Elizabeth Prata

For several years now we have been hearing stories of Muslim people in closed Islamic societies claiming to have had a dream of a certain person appearing to them in a white robe, sometimes introducing Himself as Isa, and variously either sharing the Gospel in the dream or saying that someone will soon come to share the Gospel with them. Missionaries have reported many Muslims allegedly coming to faith by this method.

Sadly, even former International Mission Board President David Platt repeated one of these stories in his report to the Board last summer.

Here is a full transcription of David Platt’s missions report to the IMB at the 2018 SBC meeting in June 2018.

Village in Palestine, 1890s

I explicitly said “full transcription” for a reason you’ll discover below. To read my full transcription, go here. Below is the pertinent section-

Starting at 4:18-


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