November 20 Jonah’s Thanksgiving

I will sacrifice to you with the voice of thanksgiving; I will pay what I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord.

Jonah 2:9

Amazingly, the prophet Jonah gave thanks to God while he was in the great fish’s belly (Jon. 2:1). How would you respond if you were Jonah? Maybe you would cry out, “What are You doing, God? Where are You? Why is this happening?” But Jonah reacted differently: “I cried out to the Lord because of my affliction, and He answered me. Out of the belly of Sheol I cried, and You heard My voice” (v. 2). He then described his sinking into the sea and the severity of his dilemma (vv. 3–5)

Nevertheless, in the midst of such great trauma, Jonah prayed, “You have brought up my life from the pit, O Lord, my God. When my soul fainted within me, I remembered the Lord; and my prayer went up to You, into Your holy temple” (vv. 6–7). Although he had his weaknesses, Jonah reflected great spiritual stability in his prayer. He was confident of God’s ability to deliver him if He so chose. In the same way, the peace of God will help you if you react to circumstances with thankful prayer.[1]

[1] MacArthur, J. (2001). Truth for today : a daily touch of God’s grace (p. 349). Nashville, Tenn.: J. Countryman.

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