That Hideous Strength – How the West Was Lost – Melvin Tinker Part 1

The cancer of cultural Marxism in the Church, the World and the Gospel of change.

download This is a short (117 pages) but important book which in my view gives a depressing but accurate summary of the current state of Western society and the the Church. Yet it does not leave us without hope.

Tinker bases much of what he says on the prophetic novel by CS Lewis That Hideous Strength which although written in 1945 was remarkably prescient about where we have ended up today.

Chapter 1 gives a summary of Lewis’s book and demonstrates the accuracy of its main predictions.

“What characterizes modernity , I think, is just this idea that men need not submit to any power – higher or lower – other than their own” (Philip Rieff.

Chapter 2 – shows how the tower of Babel remains a pattern for human rebellion against God. Chronological snobbery…

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