George Soros Touts China As A Leader of NWO

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

In September I wrote an article on China’s high tech surveillance system to closely monitor all of their 1.3 billion citizens. Along with the most advanced facial recognition software on the planet, China has computers which use the data collected on each person to form algorithms for a grading system. They call this system “Personal Credit.”

They watch where people go – what they buy – who they befriend.  They watch their finances to see if they are responsible with their spending. The government knows if the people are involved with churches.  Basically, the Chinese government knows everything there is to know about every person.

Once the computers have the desired amount of data, and the algorithms reveal a “grade” for each person; those with higher grades remain safe – those with low grades are not able to make a move.

Here is the my article from September:   Big…

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