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For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

—Matthew 16:26

This is my position: let the scientist stay in his field and I will stay in mine. I am as glad and thankful as anyone for the benefits of research, and I hope scientists will soon find the cure for heart disease, for I have lost many good friends from sudden heart attacks.

But listen to me now about the difference in meaning between the short-term matters of our physical beings and the eternal relationships between the believer and his God.

If you save a person from diphtheria when he is a baby, or save him in his teens from smallpox, or save him in his fifties from a heart attack, what have you done?

If that man lives to be ninety and still is without God and does not know why he was born, you have simply perpetuated the life of a mud turtle. That man who has never found God and has never been born again is like a turtle, with two legs instead of four and no shell and no tail, because he still does not know what life has been all about. WHT060

Thank You, Heavenly Father, that You opened my eyes to see the purpose for my existence and the importance of focusing foremost on the things of eternity. May I be faithful to share the message of salvation today with others who are yet in blindness. Amen. [1]

[1] Tozer, A. W., & Eggert, R. (2015). Tozer on the almighty god: a 365-day devotional. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers.

‘Mostly men, some not seeking asylum’: Migrant caravan reporter appears to bust MSM narrative

On a day dominated by news of US border patrol agents teargassing women and children, one MSNBC reporter seemingly went against his network’s narrative by saying that the caravan is mostly male and looking for work, not asylum.

Source: ‘Mostly men, some not seeking asylum’: Migrant caravan reporter appears to bust MSM narrative

Poll: Seven in 10 Mexicans Have ‘Negative’ View of Caravan

Seven in ten Mexicans reportedly have a negative view of Central American migrants in the caravan while majorities oppose giving migrants work visas and support tougher enforcement measures, according to a comprehensive poll conducted by one of Mexico’s biggest newspapers, El Universal.


Source: Poll: Seven in 10 Mexicans Have ‘Negative’ View of Caravan

November 27 Lose Those Bad Habits

The work of righteousness will be peace, and the effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever.

Isaiah 32:17

Pure behavior produces spiritual peace and stability, but sinful behavior produces instability. That is true not only in the millennial kingdom, where Christ one day will rule the earth in righteousness, as today’s verse indicates, but also in the life of the believer. James the brother of Jesus said, “The wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable…. Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace”(James 3:17–18).

Contentment, comfort, calm, quietness, and tranquility accompany godly conduct, which is based on God’s Word. Doing good is not only the way to overcome evil (Rom. 12:21), but also the expected practice of every believer. As you cultivate godly habits by the power of God, your bad habits will diminish, and your life will become more stable.[1]

[1] MacArthur, J. (2001). Truth for today : a daily touch of God’s grace (p. 356). Nashville, Tenn.: J. Countryman.

LionelMedia: Tweeting Thoughts on Trump, Clinton and Mueller Investigation

193 Days of Nothing: #Mueller #SCI Grinds to a Halt All to Explain How #HRC Lost A Rigged Election [VIDEO] #LionelNation🇺🇸 #Mueller #DrainTheDeepStateSwamp #HillaryForPrison #FreeJulianAssange #ClintonFoundation #ClintonCrimeFamily #JusticeForJulian https://t.co/ENBZoeWdRf

— Lionel🇺🇸 (@LionelMedia) November 26, 2018







Here’s The List: The Top 10 Crimes Committed by the Corrupt and Conflicted Mueller Investigative and Legal Team! — The Gateway Pundit

The Mueller Gang of corrupt and conflicted FBI and DOJ operatives has participated in numerous corrupt and criminal actions.  It’s long past time to turn the page on this terrible chapter in US history and lock these scoundrels up. Here is a list of the (at least) top 10 criminal actions taken by the Mueller team.

Watch the latest video at foxnews.com

The Mueller investigation is criminal and corrupt and above all unconstitutional. We provided a list of 10 reasons in April describing why the Mueller investigation is unconstitutional.

Here is our list of the 10 material crimes committed by the Mueller gang –

1. Rosenstein’s special counsel order identifies collusion as the crime but no such crime exists in US Law -.

Gregg Jarrett at FOX News wrote more than a year ago when Mueller initially brought charges against President Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, that Mueller is tasked with finding a crime that does not exist in the law. It is a legal impossibility. He is being asked to do something that is manifestly unattainable because there is no such thing as the crime of collusion with foreign countries in the US statutory code.

Jarrett wrote the most succinct article about the Trump – Russia Collusion investigation to date. In his post Jarrett made many statements that were shocking, but none more than the fact that the entire investigation is lawless. Jarrett stated that no such crime as ‘collusion’ exists in American statutory law, except in anti-trust matters.  It has no application to elections and political campaigns.

It is not a crime to talk to a Russian. Not that the media would ever understand that. They have never managed to point to a single statute that makes “colluding” with a foreign government in a political campaign a crime, likely because it does not exist in the criminal codes.

Gateway Pundit Poll: Should Trump Shut Down The Mueller Investigation?

Because there was no crime, there was no legal reason for the Mueller investigation in the first place.  Every action and deed, every criminal act since it was created (and many before it was created) are criminal due to the manner is which the investigation was set up in the first place.

2. Mueller’s investigation exceeds the scope of special counsel law which requires the scope of a special counsel to be specific. Rosenstein created the special counsel with a scope that was so broad it is not supported by this law –

Paul Manafort sued the DOJ, Mueller and Rosenstein because what they are doing is not supported by US Law as noted previously by Jarrett. Manafort’s case also argued in paragraph 33 that the special counsel put in place by crooked Rosenstein gave crooked and criminal Mueller powers that are not permitted by law –

But paragraph (b)(ii) of the Appointment Order purports to grant Mr. Mueller further authority to investigate and prosecute “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” That grant of authority is not authorized by DOJ’s special counsel regulations. It is not a “specific factual statement of the matter to be investigated.” Nor is it an ancillary power to address efforts to impede or obstruct investigation under 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a).

After Rosenstein and Mueller provided a document to the court  Gregg Jarrett tweeted that it was additional support that Mueller’s investigation is unconstitutional –

Manafort’s efforts to stop the investigation were eventually overruled by an ‘Obama judge’, the corrupt Amy Berman Jackson.

3. Mueller accepted the special counsel position with known conflicts of interest –

Gregg Jarrett also called for Mueller to resign in June of 2017 stating the special counsel had an egregious conflict of interest.

In a previous Fox News column, Jarrett stated:

The Washington Post reported that that Robert Mueller is now investigating President Trump for obstruction of justice, examining not only the president’s alleged statement to James Comey in their February meeting, but also the firing of the FBI Director.

If true, this development makes the argument even more compelling that Mueller cannot serve as special counsel. He has an egregious conflict of interest.

The special counsel statute specifically prohibits Mueller from serving if he has “a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the investigation or prosecution.” The language is mandatory. He “shall” disqualify himself. Comey is substantially involved in the case. Indeed, he is the central witness.

The two men and former colleagues have long been friends, allies and partners. Agents have quipped that they were joined at the hip while at the Department of Justice and the FBI. They have a mentor-protégé relationship. The likelihood of prejudice and favoritism is glaring and severe.

So, it is incomprehensible that the man who is a close friend of the star witness against the president… will now determine whether the president committed a prosecutable crime in his dealings with Mueller’s good friend.

4. Rosenstein and Mueller’s entire team’s known conflicts of interest.

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein signed a FISA application to spy on Trump but he never recused himself from the Mueller investigation. In addition, Mueller brought in a team of Obama and Clinton lackeys to form his investigative team who had no intention of performing an independent and objective investigation. The entire team is corrupt lefties who have represented the Clinton Foundation or let Hillary go in her obvious crimes related to her email scandal. This group included the texting FBI scoundrels Peter Strzok and Lisa Page whose texts lead to bias and potential criminal actions.

CNN posted a list of the Mueller gang in an effort to praise the criminals.  They should all be in jail no matter how much the MSM ignores their obvious conflicts of interest.  No group in US history has been more conflicted than the Mueller gang.  This group is representative of a banana republic investigative team, not my country’s.  They should all be thrown in jail for accepting positions on the team with their known conflicts.

5. The Deep State targeting of General Mike Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Paul Manafort after illegally spying on them and candidate and President Trump –

Although parts of these appalling crimes were committed before the Mueller investigation originated, they were criminal none the less and so egregious they need to be listed here.

It’s now believed that General Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Paul Manafort were all targeted by the Mueller team because they were illegally set up and spied on.  There is a strong belief that these three individuals were all illegally spied on by the Obama administration.  The reason the Mueller gang went after General Flynn, Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos is because the Obama gang obtained illegal warrants to spy on these individuals by lying to the FISA court.  By placing false crimes on these individuals and tarnishing their names, Mueller’s team protects Obama while creating a bogus excuse for illegally spying on Trump.

General Flynn was targeted in the White House by the most corrupt and criminal FBI Agent in history, Peter Strzok.  This guy lied about the purpose of his meeting with Flynn, then lied about what what was said in his ambush of Flynn, and then looked demonic in front of Congress when dodging questions related to this and other of his criminal acts.

Papadopoulos also believes he was targeted by the Deep State while in London at the time he volunteered to be part of the Trump campaign.  Papadopoulos believes members of US, UK and Australian spy agencies were all aligned in attempting to get him connected to Russia.  To this day he denies even knowing any Russians.

Paul Manafort was also targeted by the Mueller gang.  He too is suspected of being spied on by the Obama administration using an illegal FISA warrant.

6. The Deep State raid on Paul Manafort’s house in the early hours with guns cocked and ready – 

On July 26, 2017, the FBI raided Paul Manafort’s house in the early morning hours as reported by the Washington Post

FBI agents raided the Alexandria, Va., home of President Trump’s former campaign chairman, arriving in the early-morning hours last month and seizing documents and other materials related to the special counsel investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

The problem with the raid was that it was a criminal act.  The Mueller gang had no legal right to raid Manafort’s house. Mueller’s raid on Paul Manafort’s home took place before August 2nd, the date that DAG Rosenstein provided Mueller support for the raid. The FBI reportedly manhandled the elderly Manafort and his wife in the early morning raid.

Rosenstein’s memo is dated August 2, 2017 and is from Rosenstein to Mueller supposedly directing Mueller to look into Manafort actions with a Russian operative perhaps before 2016. This however is clearly outside the scope of Sessions’ recusal as argued by Manafort and doesn’t even address Manafort’s argument that these actions are not for Mueller to take or Rosenstein to order but are Sessions actions alone as AG.The entire raid was illegal and without merit.7. The illegal raid on Trump’s attorney’s office and theft of documents covered by attorney client privilege – Not to be outdone by the Manafort raid, the Deep State next raided President Trump’s personal attorney’s office taking a variety of material, including documents and tapes between the President and Michael Cohen.  Rod Rosenstein signed off on a request by Mueller to have the FBI raid Cohen’s office.

Within weeks, documents of Cohen’s taxes were released to the media (by creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti) as well as tapes between the President and Cohen.  No illegal actions on the part of the President were identified.  But the ultimate damage was to the President’s right to attorney – client privilege.  This was illegally taken from the President and his AG at the time, Jeff Sessions, did nothing.

8. The illegal theft of President Trump’s transition data – much of it under privilege as well –

Attorney and Fox News legal analyst, Gregg Jarrett said a year ago that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his entire team must be removed after it was revealed dirty rotten cop Mueller secretly got his hands on “many tens of thousands,” of emails exchanged by Trump transition officials.

Trump’s lawyer noted the Special Counsel’s office had “extensively used the materials in question, including portions that are susceptible to claims of privilege.”According the Jarrett, under the law the only legal remedy was for the entire Mueller team to be removed from the case.  Of course they didn’t remove themselves and their actions before and since have been just as illegal.9. Using information obtained from prior illegal acts –
How much of the information that is being used by the Mueller gang to indict targeted individuals like General Flynn or George Papadopoulos or Paul Manafort was obtained illegally?    Using information obtained illegally is simply not permitted in US law –

Illegally obtained evidence applies to criminal cases only and is typically “evidence acquired by violating a person’s constitutional protection against illegal searches and seizures; evidence obtained without a warrant or probable cause” (Blackwell, 2004).  This ties in with the legal principle known as the exclusionary rule, which states “evidence collected or analyzed in violation of the U.S. Constitution is inadmissible for a criminal prosecution in a court of law (that is, it cannot be used in a criminal trial)”.  This provision was developed to provide maximum protection of an individual’s rights and civil liberties and to ensure that law enforcement procedures are conducted properly.

Clearly the Mueller team has overstepped the rights of nearly everyone they have come in contact with, none more than President Trump.

10. Continuing the obvious ‘witch hunt’ in spite of their numerous crimes and reasons to remove themselves from the illegal investigation –

Every day, in every way the Mueller team continues to commit crimes by continuing to pursue their illegal investigation.  They have no shame and no morals like most criminals.  They are not forthright as the MSM would like Americans to believe.  Every day Americans wake up to the corrupt actions of Mueller and every day more and more Americans learn about its corrupt, conflicted and criminal nature.

Some suspect that Mueller’s team is busy destroying records related to their criminal acts in years past.  Some just think they’re after the President for simply winning the election.  Whatever their motives, they are now all criminals and their investigation should be shut down.

For the above reasons, we are still in a constitutional crisis. AG Sessions did not uphold the law per his duties per the constitution as he allowed this sham to go on but there’s a new sheriff in town in Acting AG Whitaker!

Americans will not stand for more of this illegal investigation to continue.  Mueller and his team are proving their acts are not just criminal but seditious.  

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TRUMP UNLEASHED: President Lashes Out at Criminal Mueller Gang and Corrupt Witch Hunt — The Gateway Pundit

President Trump went scorched earth today on the Mueller gang of angry Democrats!

President Trump tweeted out a thread questioning the witch hunt’s validity, the far left hacks in the gang, and the fact that Mueller HAS STILL NOT INSPECTED the DNC server that was supposedly “hacked” by Russia.

God bless our president.

The Phony Witch Hunt continues, but Mueller and his gang of Angry Dems are only looking at one side, not the other. Wait until it comes out how horribly & viciously they are treating people, ruining lives for them refusing to lie. Mueller is a conflicted prosecutor gone rogue. The Fake News Media builds Bob Mueller up as a Saint, when in actuality he is the exact opposite. He is doing TREMENDOUS damage to our Criminal Justice System, where he is only looking at one side and not the other. Heroes will come of this, and it won’t be Mueller and his terrible Gang of Angry Democrats. Look at their past, and look where they come from. The now $30,000,000 Witch Hunt continues and they’ve got nothing but ruined lives. Where is the Server? Let these terrible people go back to the Clinton Foundation and “Justice” Department!

Gateway Pundit Poll: Should Trump Shut Down The Mueller Investigation?

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Russell Moore’s Immigration Policy Partner Kicked Out of Turkey in Terrorism Probe — Pulpit & Pen

Russell Moore’s immigration policy partner and financier, George Soros, has been run out of Turkey after it was uncovered that the globalist billionaire supported the attempted coup d’etat of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. This isn’t the first time that Soros has been run out of a nation after using his vast fortune to undermine a country’s political process. Soros founded his Open Societies Foundations after being run out of his native Hungary, an organization he uses around the world to undermine nation-states in support of a global government.

The connection between Russell Moore and George Soros is not contrived, conspiratorial or subtle.

The following are all indisputable facts:

1. Russell Moore serves on the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT). – primary source link

2. The SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) actually runs the EIT. – primary source link

3. The Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) is an organization belonging to the National Immigration Forum (NIF). – primary source link 

4. The National Immigration Forum is owned, operated and funded by Soros’ Open Societies Foundations. – primary source link

For further explanation of how Russell Moore has been “rented” by George Soros, who’s used his billions to run an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, watch this short video.

While Russell Moore is busy advocating for open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants in the name of the Southern Baptist Convention, his immigration efforts are funded directly by George Soros, who seeks to dismantle every nation-state. Ironically for Southern Baptists, the nation-state is the single greatest bulwark and defender of individual liberty in the history of the world. Russell Moore is undermining principles like the Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Assembly by denouncing sovereign national borders and the rule of law.

While Soros has been given free rein to fund an entity of the SBC and steer its immigration policies, nations around the world are figuring out that the aim of Soros’ Open Societies Foundations (the very one that uses the ERLC) is the subversion of national government.

According to The Guardian, Soros has had to pull his Open Societies Foundations completely out of Turkey after his ties to terror were uncovered.

George Soros’s Open Society Foundations group has said it will cease operations in Turkey, days after the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, accused the billionaire philanthropist of trying to divide and destroy nations.

The organization said it had been the target of baseless claims in the Turkish media that made it impossible for it to continue its work.

It also faced an investigation by the interior ministry that sought to demonstrate a link, which it denied, between the foundation and protests at Gezi Park in Istanbul in 2013.

One of its founders in Turkey, Hakan Altinay, was among 13 people detained 10 days ago. They were accused of supporting jailed rights activist Osman Kavala in trying to overthrow the government through mass protests.

In a speech last week, Erdoğan linked those arrests to Soros. “The person [Kavala] who financed terrorists during the Gezi incidents is already in prison,” he told a meeting of local administrators.

“And who is behind him? The famous Hungarian Jew Soros. This is a man who assigns people to divide nations and shatter them. He has so much money and he spends it this way.“

The foundation said that “new investigations” were trying to link it to the Gezi protests. “These efforts are not new and they are outside reality,” it said

The foundation said it would apply for the legal liquidation of its operations as soon as possible.

The anti-semitic use of the term “Jew” (as though it was a pejorative) aside, the Turkish president acknowledges that Soros’ goal is to “divide and destroy nations,” which is precisely the work of Soros through the Evangelical Immigration Table and the other Open Societies Foundations front-groups in the United States, each designed to cause civil unrest, racial disharmony, and to dismantle national sovereignty.

When will the Southern Baptist Convention tell the trustees of the ERLC that it refuses to partner with George Soros to help dismantle American liberties?

via Russell Moore’s Immigration Policy Partner Kicked Out of Turkey in Terrorism Probe — Pulpit & Pen

The CRUSADES: The TRUTH About Islam and Why Christendom FINALLY Pushed Back

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

THE TRUTHThe devil is a liar.

We know this because God told us this in His Holy Word.  Satan is the father of lies. He is a master of deception and the author of confusion.

Through the centuries, history has been rewritten with the help of the evil one. If you asked the typical person on the street about the Crusades, most of them would begin to disparage Christianity and speak of  ‘horrors’ committed against Muslims.

Do you remember when Obama spoke of  Christian aggression during the Crusades?

Watch Dinesh Desouza’s comments at the 4:27 mark in this video:

I would encourage the reader to print this article out.  I am using a piece from thenewamerican.com to dispel the lies which have been perpetrated throughout the centuries about the Crusades.
This article is rather long. For those who would rather watch a video concerning truth about the Crusades, I will insert…

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Why the Migrant Caravan Children Have Terrible Parents — Pulpit & Pen

The Bible has some very harsh things to say about those who put children in harm’s way. For those who are attempting to illegally enter United States sovereign territory, in disrespect and contempt for the rule of law, any harm that comes to their children is the consequence of their own sin and lawlessness. Likewise, using children for the purpose of propaganda – knowing they are in harm’s way – is one of the most despicable abuses of children imaginable.

Simply put, those attempting to break into the United States with their children are child-abusers. Their children are in far more jeopardy because of the ineptitude of their parents than they are from whatever danger lies behind in Central America.

Although progressive professed Christians told us all along that the migrant caravan wasn’t attempting to illegally cross into the United States, but would just politely knock on the door to seek asylum, the horde attempted to forcefully invade the border wall at the San Ysidro border crossing. Some of the criminals threw projectiles at U.S. Border and Customs agents, and given the invasion and violence taking place, American security personnel tossed tear gas into the crowd of invaders to dispel the intruders. They would have been justified to fire bullets.

In spite of having been wrong all along about the intentions of the migrant caravan, progressive “Christians” took to social media to denounce U.S. Border Control controlling the border. You know, their job.

In reality, the Bible clearly distinguishes between the “alien and sojourner,” or the legal non-Citizen resident, and the “alien invader” who is present unlawfully. This was laid out extensively in our post, The Biblical Answer to the Migrant Caravan is Bombs and Bullets.

The serious work of Christian ethics and basic exposition and exegesis of Scripture is not the strong-suit of progressive Christians whose understanding of Jesus is one of an unkempt Buddy Christ. Ethically, there is a clear distinction between these categories of immigrants (the legal and illegal varieties). Biblically, God invented “nationalism,” sovereign borders, and immigration law – all things castigated as “racist” by today’s evangelical left, led by Russell Moore and Jim Wallis. But, God’s not racist, and neither is nationalism, sovereign borders or immigration law.

The real culprits in this sad account of the Soros-funded migrant horde are parents who voluntarily use their children as human shields and propaganda narratives, knowing that they are in harm’s way. Shame on those parents.

Here’s a question: What part of “If you forcefully enter the country we will shoot you” do they not understand? That’s exactly what has been very clearly articulated and these parents have been warned by the Trump administration. They chose to take their kids where President Trump promised them authorities had the right to open fire. That’s bad parenting, to put it lightly.

Asylum was never intended for people trying to escape poverty. And when the mass numbers of Undocumented Democrats become residents, they’ll remain impoverished under their enslavement to the U.S. welfare state. Asylum was designed for political refugees, not people trying to escape ordinary life issues.

Furthermore, these parents have been bribed with cash to put their kids in harm’s way, in hopes by propagandists that the presence of children will deter American authorities from protecting her borders. This tactic is no different than the Palestinian Liberation Organization or other terrorist organizations hiding terrorists at schools and orphanages so Israel doesn’t rightly bomb them to smithereens. When kids occasionally die in a war zone, it’s ultimately 100% the fault of the people who voluntarily brought them into a war zone.

Some may look at U.S. Border Agents or President Trump and say, “How dare you gas kids, you monster?!” Instead, they should look at the parents and say, “Wow. You are really, really bad parents.”

Parents smuggling their children into the United States are also selfish and inconsiderate of other people’s children. They’re inconsiderate of American children. Most in the migrant caravan are single men (up to 80%). Many of those single men (statistically, as repeatedly proven in news reports) are rapists, murderers, child molesters and thieves (facts don’t lie, snowflake). All are criminals by virtue of trespassing and by breaking-and-entering.

In fact, these parents are human-trafficking their own children in a group that contains some of the worst abusers of mankind. Again, that’s really, really bad parenting.

And whosoever shall cause one of these little ones that believe in me to stumble, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea – Mark 9:42

Frankly, the unbelievably bad parenting that leads one to invade a foreign country with their children actually makes the policy of separating children from their parents at the border make perfect sense. We separate American children from their parents when their parents are acting far less criminally and dangerously.

Sadly, we live in a world where terrorists strap bombs onto women and children and hide out at playschools. Also sadly, we live in a world where irrational, bleeding-heart leftists put far more lives at stake by letting people use kids as shields and weapons.

Frankly, if these parents weren’t using their kids as shields, no one would be using them as targets.

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RenewAmerica Newsletter for November 27, 2018

November 26, 2018
WES VERNON — Last week, CNN’s Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame, said news networks should “start editing” President Trump’s “propagandist” press briefings instead of letting them air in their entirety. In his remarks on CNN’s Reliable Sources, the partisan commentator intoned that “We [in the media] need to start thinking of a different way to cover [Trump’s] press conferences and briefings” – and added, “I don’t think we should be taking them live all the time and just pasting them up on the air.”… (more)

November 26, 2018
NEWSMAX — Mexico’s Interior Ministry announced it will deport some 500 migrants who attempted to storm the U.S. border, the BBC reported on Sunday. The migrants were captured after trying to cross the border “violently” and “illegally” near the city of Tijuana, the ministry said, adding that all those who attempted to cross the border would be deported immediately…. (more)

November 26, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — Homeland Security shut down a key border crossing Sunday amid the first signs of violence from the migrant caravans camped out on the Mexican side of the border, as politicians in Washington sparred over whether they should be admitted…. (more)

November 25, 2018
NEWSMAX — President Donald Trump’s agenda is being stymied in an attempt to delegitimize his administration, according to a new book “Trump’s Enemies” written by two Republican operatives close to the president, The Washington Post reported…. (more)

November 25, 2018
Sweeping deep-state blueprint for increased control of U.S. economy

November 25, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — Former President Barack Obama paid failed Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke the ultimate compliment: Comparison to himself. Mr. Obama was reacting to a report that a top Democratic bundler had said of the Texan that “he’s Barack Obama, but white.”… (more)

November 25, 2018
The Ukrainian president calls an emergency session of his war cabinet after three sailors are injured in the strikes.
SKY NEWS — Russia has opened fire on Ukrainian ships and captured three vessels in a major escalation of tensions off the coast of Crimea. Three sailors have been wounded after the Ukrainian navy said two artillery boats were hit by the strikes in the Black Sea…. (more)

November 24, 2018
Incoming Mexican interior secretary refers to policy as a ‘short-term solution’
WASHINGTON TIMES — Immigrants seeking asylum in the United States by entering through Mexico could be required to wait south of the border while U.S. courts assess their cases, a member of the incoming Mexican government said in an interview published Saturday. Andres Manuel López Obrador, Mexico’s president-elect, plans to implement a policy known as “Remain in Mexico” after taking office next month, his top domestic policy official told The Washington Post…. (more)

November 24, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — The Border Patrol reported the first major instance of migrant caravan-related violence Saturday, saying a Honduran man threw rocks at agents to try to keep from being arrested Friday in Arizona. The 31-year-old, whom authorities didn’t name, had climbed a tree to try to avoid capture, then lit the tree afire and began to throw rocks at the agents as well as a helicopter called in to help track him…. (more)

November 24, 2018
Hillary Clinton also thinks continent ‘needs to get on’ problem
WORLDNETDAILY — John Kerry warns against mass immigration during an interview with The Guardian this week: “Look at Europe! Europe’s already crushed under this transformation that’s taken place because of immigration.”… (more)

November 24, 2018
‘Blasphemy laws have now been elevated to the law of the land’
WORLDNETDAILY — A prominent columnist, lawyer and political analyst contends the European Court of Human Rights has surrendered to Islam. Judith Bergman, senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute, wrote that Islamic blasphemy laws “have now been elevated to the law of the land in Europe.”… (more)

November 24, 2018
WASHINGTON TIMES — CNN reporter Jim Acosta and Infowars publisher Alex Jones could both lob questions at President Trump’s press secretary if petitioners succeed in an effort pending on the White House website. A publicly-created petition recently posted on the “We the People” section of the official White House site calls on the Trump administration to grant press credentials to the right-wing Infowars publisher and assign him a seat him alongside CNN’s chief White House correspondent…. (more)

November 24, 2018
INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY — Inconvenient Science: NASA data show that global temperatures dropped sharply over the past two years. Not that you’d know it, since that wasn’t deemed news. Does that make NASA a global warming denier? Writing in Real Clear Markets, Aaron Brown looked at the official NASA global temperature data and noticed something surprising. From February 2016 to February 2018, “global average temperatures dropped by 0.56 degrees Celsius.” That, he notes, is the biggest two-year drop in the past century…. (more)

November 24, 2018
CURTIS DAHLGREN — Grandpa, tell us again about the bad old days. Well, Ismail, the 21st century started out really, really sad, but . . . Did people really get run over by trucks, and kids get shot in church? I’m afraid so, Ismail. WHY? Well, to get the context, you have to start at the beginning. Back in those days both the clergy and the Crown had to tell lies to stay in power, and the truth was irrelevant…. (more)

November 24, 2018
Joseph Farah urges readers to give thanks Trump is our president, not Barack
JOSEPH FARAH — Wow! Want something to be exceptionally thankful for this weekend? Be thankful Barack Obama is not your president – – and that Donald Trump is. If you don’t feel that way today, try this: Watch his clip from his appearance at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago where he stumbled through an incoherent talk on climate change (I think, you decide), doing what he does best – – criticizing others for carrying around too much “hate, anger, racism” and, after stumbling around for the right word of phrase, coming up with “mommy issues.”… (more)

November 24, 2018
SELWYN DUKE — Truly great disasters come like a thief in the night. How many foresaw Rome’s sacking in 410 A.D., her collapse 66 years later, WWI or WWII? As for today, how many see that the United States is at what some call a tipping point, what others may call a Fourth Turning? Whatever you call it, the American republic is in its last days. This is too scary for many to contemplate, but there’s something far scarier: playing ostrich and not being prepared for things to come…. (more)

November 22, 2018
Bill Federer recounts days of Thanksgiving worth recalling
BILL FEDERER — The Pilgrims fled England because of religious persecution and lived in Leiden, Holland from 1609 to 1620. Each October, Leiden, Holland, celebrated an annual day of thanksgiving for the end of the bloody pillaging, called “Spanish Furies” committed by Spain’s “Iron Duke” from 1572 to 1589…. (more)

November 22, 2018
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — President Lincoln issued his famous “Proclamation of Thanksgiving,” on Oct. 3, 1863, with the Civil War still raging. As is our annual tradition, we reproduce the text below in commemoration of Thanksgiving Day, as penned by Lincoln and his secretary of state, William Seward…. (more)

November 22, 2018
MONICA CROWLEY — “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” – -Cicero Today is a day of thanksgiving, and a day of reflection. There are two particularly quintessentially American holidays: Independence Day, when we celebrate our declaration of independence from the British, which began the most successful experiment in human liberty ever conducted…. (more)

November 22, 2018
NEWSMAX — American troops deployed abroad and away from their loved ones this Thanksgiving will be receiving 12 times as many pies as they did last year, NBC News reported on Wednesday. Although the number of soldiers stationed in hazardous areas abroad has remained about the same as it was in 2017, the Defense Logistics Agency, which handles food supplies for the military, is sending a total of 81,360 pies this year as opposed to 6,288 in 2017…. (more)

November 22, 2018
THE HILL — A new Trump administration policy would force migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. to wait in Mexico as their requests are processed, breaking sharply with current policy, The Washington Post reported Wednesday. According to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memos obtained by the Post, asylum seekers would have to establish a “reasonable fear” of persecution in Mexico to be allowed to come to the U.S. while authorities review their asylum requests under the new policy, dubbed “Remain in… (more)

November 22, 2018
NEWSMAX — President Donald Trump on Wednesday rebutted the pointed – – and rare – – criticism of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts that judges don’t carry water for the president who appoints them. In a tweet that escalated the president’s feud with judges on the liberal-leaning 9th Circuit, Trump said jurists named by President Barack Obama “have a much different point of view than the people who are charged with the safety of our country.”… (more)

November 22, 2018
NEWSMAX — Some conservatives are coming to the defense of President Donald Trump after Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts scolded him, with Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, even bringing former President Barack Obama into the discussion…. (more)

November 22, 2018
NEWSMAX — The wave of new immigrants arriving at the U.S. border poses a national security problem, and President Donald Trump has the right to fight it, just as he fought and won his battle for a travel ban, Sebastian Gorka, a former deputy assistant to the president, said Wednesday…. (more)

November 22, 2018
NEWSMAX — Abortion rates among U.S. women in all age groups plunged to a decade low, with teens experiencing a greater decrease than older women, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Wednesday…. (more)


Giving Tuesday: World Vision Must Answer Terror Finance Questions

News from the Middle East Forum
November 26, 2018


PHILADELPHIA –- On Giving Tuesday, the Middle East Forum is warning Americans about the risks of giving to charities that are active in areas of the world where terrorist groups operate.  This comes in the wake of an investigation into World Vision, the international evangelical aid charity, and its continued refusal to acknowledge the depths of its involvement in the financing of a designated terrorist-funding Sudanese charity linked to Osama Bin Laden, or to take any corrective measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Writing in the Christian Post on November 3, the Forum revealed the full extent of the role played by World Vision in a 2015 decision by the Obama administration to approve the transfer of $115,000 of taxpayers’ money to the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA), which the U.S. government designated as a terrorist organization in 2004 because of its close links to Bin Laden. The Christian Post article followed a July 2018 report the Forum wrote in National Review first uncovering the scandal, which was covered by media all around the world.

In response to the Christian Post article, World Vision referred to the Forum’s evidence as “false,” “unfair” and “outrageous.” World Vision declined, however, to address the Forum’s questions about the history of its financial relationship with the Bin Laden-linked charity, or the matter of a fraudulent identification number submitted to the U.S. government as part of World Vision’s grant application.

The Middle East Forum has now responded to World Vision’s latest obfuscation with a detailed post refuting World Vision’s attempt to muddy the waters.

Cliff Smith, Director of the Middle East Forum’s Washington Project, said: “It is not our intention to impugn any of the good work that World Vision does.  But an appropriate response to the discovery that your charity has been working with a designated terrorist entity connected to Bin Laden is not denial and obfuscation, but reflection and internal investigation. World Vision should answer, substantively, without dodging questions, the issues raised by the documented facts we discuss, and let the chips fall where they may. Taxpayers and other World Vision supporters would better welcome a charity that could admit making such a serious mistake.”

November 27, 2018 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence launched a rescue mission in Mississippi for a Republican candidate on the eve of a run-off election for the U.S. Senate, with Democrats hoping to win a seat in the state for the first time since 1982.

A Republican who will soon step down as chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives tax committee late on Monday released a sweeping, nearly 300-page tax bill that he said would affect Americans’ retirement savings, numerous business tax breaks and redesign the Internal Revenue Service.

Nancy Pelosi was expected on Wednesday to become the Democratic nominee for speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, giving her the inside track to reclaim the House’s top job in January, unless critics in her own party block her.

President Donald Trump on Monday rejected projections that climate change will cause severe economic harm to the U.S. economy, findings outlined by a report his own U.S. government published last week.

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani made an investment pitch at a U.N. conference on Tuesday, describing the business opportunities and challenges in a country where millions are displaced or close to starvation.

Slovenia appointed Major General Alenka Ermenc as chief of the army, the government said on Tuesday, making her the only woman in charge of a NATO countries military.

France will steadily reduce its reliance on nuclear power to 50 percent of the energy mix by 2035 but will only close two reactors before the end of the current presidential mandate in 2022, President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday.

AP Top Stories

A roadside bomb killed three American soldiers in eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday, the U.S. military said, in what appeared to be the deadliest attack on U.S. forces in Afghanistan in the last 17 months.

Iranian authorities said Monday that the number of injured in the magnitude 6.3 earthquake in western Iran the previous night has risen to 716. No fatalities were reported from the temblor.

Calls have mounted for Indian authorities to abandon efforts to recover the body of a young American killed apparently attempting to convert a hunter-gatherer island tribe to Christianity.

Al Shabaab gunmen and a suicide car bomber struck a religious center in central Somalia on Monday, killing a cleric and at least 14 of his followers, a police officer said

Jack Ma, the head of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and China’s best-known capitalist, is a Communist Party member, the official Party newspaper said on Monday, debunking a public assumption the billionaire was politically unattached.

Operations at Yemen’s lifeline port of Hodeidah have nearly halved in two weeks, with shipping companies deterred by insecurity in the flashpoint Houthi-held city, the U.N.’s World Food Program (WFP) said on Tuesday.

Israel said on Tuesday that it and Chad would resume relations, severed in 1972, after the central African country’s President Idriss Deby made a surprise visit to Jerusalem this week.

Egypt’s president and Saudi Arabia’s crown prince have held talks in Cairo, the latest stop on Mohammed bin Salman’s first foreign tour since the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The European Court of Human Rights issued a fresh rebuke to the Kremlin on Tuesday, ruling that Russia’s continued ban on LGBT rallies is discriminatory and represents a violation of human rights.

Mexico deported scores of Central American migrants arrested after hundreds forced their way through a Mexican police blockade and headed for the United States but were met with tear gas and rubber bullets.

The housing market has been cooling down, but there’s no need to panic. U.S. homebuilding rose in October, led by multi-family housing projects. Single-family homebuilding, however, fell for the second month in a row, decreasing 2.6% year-over-year – the largest drop since March 2015. Meanwhile, existing-home sales increased 1.4% in October from the previous month. But sales are down 5.1% from a year earlier, representing the largest annual decline since 2014.

With its stock bordering on free-fall territory since October, the last thing Apple (AAPL) needs is a 10% tariff slapped on its iPhones and iPads imported from China at the hands of the Trump administration. At this juncture, that tariff would likely tip the one-time $1 trillion tech pioneer’s stock into a free fall.


Global efforts to tackle climate change are way off track says the UN, as it details the first rise in CO2 emissions in four years. The emissions gap report says that economic growth is responsible for a rise in 2017 while national efforts to cut carbon have faltered.

A Syrian man who spent seven months living in an airport in Malaysia has arrived in Canada, where he has been granted asylum. Hassan al-Kontar’s plight garnered global attention when he began posting regular videos from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The World Meteorological Organization says there’s a 75-80% chance of a weak El Niño forming within three months. El Niño events often lead to record temperatures as heat rises from the Pacific.

A court in Milan is considering charges of corruption against Eni and Shell in a controversial oil deal that led to Nigeria losing an estimated $6bn.


There’s a problem for Twitter, with its newly announced punishment for those who “misgender” or “deadname” people on the social-media site. “You would first have to prove that people have a gender,” Hans Fiene told the company, on its own site.

News – 11/27/2018

PA reportedly pushes for Arab League meeting as Israel warms ties with Arab states
In light of the recent burgeoning relations between Israel and Arab majority countries, the Palestinian Authority is pushing for an urgent meeting of the Arab League. “There are a series of Arab and Islamic resolutions and declarations that explicitly state that there will be no normalization with Israel without a solution for the Palestinian issue based on the Arab Peace Initiative and the decisions of the international community,” Nabil Shaath…told Haaretz.

Merkel ally: Europe may ramp up sanctions on Russia following ship seizure
Europe may need to impose tougher sanctions against Moscow following Russia’s seizure of Ukrainian vessels, an ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko has warned of the “extremely serious” threat of a land invasion after Russia seized three Ukrainian naval ships and took their crew prisoner at the weekend.

Turkey says Saudi prince has asked to meet Erdogan at G20
Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in an interview published on Tuesday that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had asked for a meeting with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and that there was currently no reason not to meet him. “Yes, he has asked Erdogan on the phone, whether they could meet in Buenos Aires. Erdogan’s answer was ‘Let’s see’,” Cavusoglu told Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

European judges examine Brexit cancellation case
Judges at the European Court of Justice are deliberating on whether the UK can call off the Brexit process without permission from member states. The UK will leave the EU on 29 March under the terms of “Article 50”, which MPs triggered in March last year. A group of Scottish politicians lodged a court challenge to find out if this can be unilaterally revoked.

Migrant caravan: Mexico deports group that stormed US border
Mexico says it has deported nearly 100 Central American migrants a day after they tried to storm the US border. The group, among thousands of migrants heading towards the US, was rounded up after trying to cross the border “violently” and “illegally” on Sunday, said the interior ministry. Video footage shows dozens of people running towards the border fence near the city of Tijuana.

Indonesia’s new ‘heresy app’ draws fire
A new Indonesian government app that lets the public report suspected cases of religious heresy is drawing fire as rights groups warn it could aggravate persecution of minorities in the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation. Users of the app can report groups practicing unrecognised faiths or unorthodox interpretations of Indonesia’s six officially recognised religions, including Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism.

Autism prevalence now 1 in 40 US kids, study estimates
A survey of parents across the United States estimates that one in 40 children has autism spectrum disorder, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics. In other words, the condition was reported in 2.5% of children, representing an estimated 1.5 million kids ages 3 to 17.
A report released this year by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated the prevalence at one in 59 children or about 1.7%…

Hate Crime: Driver Targets Jews In Hancock Park
Some people in a Hancock Park neighborhood said a driver targeted them because they are Jewish. Now police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. The suspect in the case, identified as Mohammed Mohammed, was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Security video from Friday night shows the driver making a hard U-turn.

City of Lights out: Paris hit by huge mystery power cut
Many Parisians were left in the dark on Monday afternoon after reports of a massive power cut that hit much of the French capital. The power cut hit parts of the French capital at around 4.30 pm on Monday afternoon. At last four arrondissements were plunged into darkness: the 2nd, 10th, 11th and the 19th.

AFM: CDC identifies 31 states with 116 confirmed cases of polio-like disease
There are now 286 cases of possible and confirmed acute flaccid myelitis in the United States this year, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That includes 116 confirmed cases of the rare polio-like illness, also known as AFM, that leads to sudden onset of paralysis. That’s 10 more confirmed cases than the agency reported a week ago. An additional 170 possible cases of AFM are under investigation.

CNN poll reveals depth of anti-Semitism in Europe
Anti-Semitic stereotypes are alive and well in Europe, while the memory of the Holocaust is starting to fade, a…survey by CNN revealed Tuesday. More than a quarter of Europeans polled believe Jews have too much influence in business and finance. Nearly one in four said Jews have too much influence in conflict and wars across the world. One in five said they have too much influence in the media, and the same number believe they have too much influence in politics.

Trump says he expects to raise China tariffs: Wall Street Journal
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday he expected to move ahead with raising tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese imports to 25 percent from the current 10 percent and repeated his threat to slap tariffs on all remaining imports from China. In an interview…ahead of his high-stakes meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Argentina, Trump said it was “highly unlikely” he would accept China’s request to hold off on the increase…

Chinese Communists Kidnap Faithful Bishop Following Pope Francis’ Vatican-China Deal
A faithful bishop has been kidnapped in China following the Pope Francis approved Vatican-China deal, which gave the Chinese communist government a prominent role in the selection of bishops while encouraging the underground Catholic church to join the state-sanctioned Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA).

Germans admit they have been taken over by Islam, as only 1 in 103 pupils at a Berlin school actually speak German at home
Of the 103 first graders that came to her school in Berlin’s Neukölln suburb, only one speaks German at home. It is a result of working class Germans leaving the area, migrant family reunifications and tax measures.

SURPRISE, WE LIED! First Muslim Women in US Congress Misled Voters About Views on Israel, Now Support Antisemitic BDS Movement
Congresswomen Ilhan Abdullahi Omar not only was sworn into office with her hand on the Qu’ran, but in addition to that, the American flag was not allowed to be in the same room as her. When Rashida Harbi Tlaib was sworn in, she wrapped herself in the flag of the imaginary nation of Palestine, and danced around the room. And oh yeah, almost forgot, both women only pretended to be moderates in order to get elected. In actuality, they hate Israel with a passion and support the BDS Movement.

Dem delegate: Israel must be ‘terminated’
A senior leader for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in a tweet Sunday called for Israel to be “terminated.”

George Soros foundation says it will cease its Turkey activities
The Open Society Foundations of US billionaire George Soros on Monday said it would cease its activities in Turkey after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hit out at the Hungarian-born Jewish philanthropist last week.

Kate Beckinsale Boasts About Facials from Foreskin of South Korean Infants
Actress Kate Beckinsale took to social media to boast about a procedure to improve her skin that involves “liquefied cloned foreskins” from South Korean infants.

Patents Filed By Google Reveal Plans Of Search Engine Giant To Monitor And Capture 100% Of What Happens In The Privacy Of Your Home
Patents recently issued to Google provide a window into their development activities. While it’s no guarantee of a future product, it is a sure indication of what’s of interest to them. What we’ve given up in privacy to Google, Facebook, and others thus far is minuscule compared to what is coming if these companies get their way.

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies
When Chinese researchers first edited the genes of a human embryo in a lab dish in 2015, it sparked global outcry and pleas from scientists not to make a baby using the technology, at least for the present.

Hispanic babies aborted in the U.S. outnumber the caravan population 7 to 1
An analysis of federal data compared with the migrant caravan population from Central America potentially offers some new insight.

Michelle Obama Slams Trump’s Inauguration Crowd: ‘My Husband’s was More Diverse’
Former First Lady Michelle Obama criticized the crowd size of Donald Trump’s inauguration insisting her husband’s ceremony was “more diverse.”

If the Democrats’ massive, coordinated election fraud is not stopped, the 2020 election will be completely STOLEN
After several Republican incumbents lost their midterm elections in what were considered safe, or relatively safe, “red” seats in otherwise deep blue California, a number of conservative political analysts have begun to examine just what happened in those districts and why, suddenly, they flipped to Democrats.

Czech president to debut first phase of embassy relocation on Jerusalem visit
Czech Republic President Milo Zeman is set to arrive Sunday for an official state visit in which the “Czech House” will be opened in Jerusalem as part of a process to relocate the country’s embassy.

Chinese scientist claims he created first-ever gene edited babies
Some protest crossing of ethical boundaries after He Jiankui says he used CRISPR technology to make HIV-resistant twin girls, in groundbreaking move that could rewrite biology

Martial Law Declared in Ukraine
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has imposed martial law after the country’s vessels faced off with Russian ships near Crimea. The measure is expected to last for 60 days and was earlier approved by Ukraine’s Security Council.

The Elites Admit Chemtrailing Is Real In Their New “Dim the Sun” Approach to Global Warming
There is a plot to dim the sun. Yes, that is correct and these are words of researchers from Harvard and Yale. In effect, these researchers are suggesting a program that looks a lot like that conspiracy theory, chemtrailing. These researchers are also betting on the fact that the public has a very short memory when it comes to the exposure of global warming as a fraud in the past decade!

Hundreds Of Violent Migrants Illegally Storm The US Port of Entry, Attack Guards With Projectiles As Customs Shuts The Whole Border Down
American authorities used tear gas on hundreds of migrants who tried to enter the United States illegally Sunday, prompting officials to shut down operations at the border crossing between this city and San Diego, one of the busiest in the world.

Mid-Day Snapshot

The Foundation

“We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth – and listen to the song of that syren, till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those, who having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation?” —Patrick Henry (1775)

Leftmedia Peddles Fake News on Migrant Mob

An image is worth a thousand words — especially to evoke a desired emotional response.

The Many Factors Driving GM’s Cuts

The bailed-out company is encumbered by union costs and products people don’t want.

Social Media-itis

Decreasing social media usage can reduce feelings of depression and loneliness.

Democrats Oppose the Founders’ Vision for the Senate

The new complaint is that the chamber doesn’t fairly represent the population.

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Some Good News on Abortion — It’s Way Down

The number of independent abortion clinics declines as the total number of abortions is decreasing.

The Ongoing Saudi Kerfuffle

“Presidents don’t often get the freedom to work with unblemished partners.”

Video: Illegal Immigrants Rush the Border

As the immigrant convoy is turned away with tear gas, Bill Whittle asks, what is a country, anyway?

Tuesday Short Cuts

The BIG Lie: “Iran has never threatened to attack Israel, but has vowed to retaliate if it is attacked.” —Nasser Karimi

Tuesday Top Headlines

Border clashes, guest-worker visas, Mueller and Manafort, murdered cops, and more.

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Gary Bauer
Border Battles
Stephen Moore
The Recession Myth
James Shott
Globalism Poses a Silent Threat to America
Dennis Prager
A Message to Young Women From a Career Woman
Ryan T. Anderson
New York Times Reveals Painful Truths About ‘Sex Change’ Surgery

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Headlines – 11/27/2018

PM: Israel improving ties around world without having to concede settlements

PA calls for emergency Arab League meeting over Israel, Arab states ties: report

Trump’s Mideast Policy Adds to Pressures on Jordan’s King as Domestic Criticism Mounts

Ambassador Friedman: I discussed Mideast peace with president, Kushner, officials

US ambassador denies White House is holding up release of peace plan

US not delaying peace plan over Israeli government turmoil, ambassador to Israel says

Czech president casts doubt on two-state solution as he kicks off Israel visit

Czech president vows to try to move embassy to Jerusalem, but admits hands tied

Netanyahu congratulates Czech president for announcement about embassy move

Czech President: ‘Europeans scared to support Israel’

Israeli UN Envoy Calls Out European Union for ‘Infinite Hypocrisy’ on Treatment of Jewish State

Attorney general: ICC can’t rule on conflict as there is no Palestinian state

Citing heavy cost of war, PM defends choice not to strike Hamas in Gaza

Palestinian shot dead after allegedly injuring Israeli soldiers in car-ramming

Argentina prosecutors considering charges against Mohammed bin Salman at G20

Jared Kushner pushed to inflate Saudi arms deal to $110 billion: Sources

Qatar Airways adds more flights to Iran weeks after US reimposed sanctions

US reportedly tells Israel it will pressure IAEA over Iran’s nuclear archives

Iran nuclear chief warns of unpredictable consequences if deal breaks down

Iranian Nuclear Chief threatens ‘ominous’ consequences from U.S. sanctions

France and Germany Step In to Circumvent Iran Sanctions

Syrian opposition leader: Iranian militias behind chemical attack on Aleppo

Alleged Turkish-backed faction tortures Syrian man using Assad methods

Soros foundation pulls out of Turkey after Erdogan attacks ‘Hungarian Jew’

At least 22 Afghan police killed in Taliban ambush, officials say

Kashmir on edge after 12 militants killed in 72 hours

Al Shabaab gunmen kill cleric, 9 others at religious center in Somalia

Russia-Ukraine tensions rise as Kiev imposes martial law, citing Moscow threat

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Kiev declares martial law as world powers condemn the seizure of ships by Putin’s forces near Crimea

NATO demands Russia free seized Ukrainian ships

Russia’s Seizure Of Ukrainian Ships Is An ‘Outrageous Violation,’ Haley Says At U.N.

Ukraine: Russia tensions ‘clear threat’ to peace

Trump refuses to condemn Russian aggression against Ukraine

Hundreds of additional US troops take position in California as migrants clash with border patrol

Contradicting border chief, Trump claims 3 officers ‘very badly hurt’ by migrants

U.S. Border Patrol Uses Tear Gas to Disperse Migrant Caravan

Mexico Demands Investigation Into Tear Gas Incident At Border; Trump Defends Use

Sen. Brian Schatz deletes tweet suggesting border patrol used ‘chemical weapons’ on migrants

U.S. Jews Torn Over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Comparing Asylum Seekers to Jews Fleeing Nazis

Trump: ‘Grabber’ migrants used children as human shields at border

Trump Seeks to Reignite Feud With CNN, Proposes State-Run Television

Amnesty International Plans Protests of Google’s China Search Engine

UK Police Use AI System to Stop Crime Before It Happens

Facebook executive to be grilled by unprecedented group of lawmakers from 9 countries

Trump warns Brexit may harm UK-US trade

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Lambasa, Fiji

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Socorro Island, Mexico

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ndoi Island, Fiji

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Pamandzi, Mayotte

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 18,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 17,000ft

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 12,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 10,000ft

Mayon volcano in the Philippines erupts to 10,000ft

Iran quake injures more than 700, Rouhani orders relief effort

Historic Snowstorm Blankets Chicago Area; Thousands Without Power, Hundreds Of Flights Canceled

Coast Guard warns Lake Michigan waves could reach 18 feet as snowstorm batters Midwest

Sandstorm hits northwest China leaving city smothered in yellow fog

Scientists warn Brazil’s president-elect’s policies may smother Amazon, the earth’s ‘lungs’

Trump says he doesn’t believe his own administration’s report on the economic impact of climate change

CDC identifies 31 states with 116 confirmed cases of polio-like disease

Autism prevalence now 1 in 40 US kids, study estimates

Baby who had spine surgery in womb thriving after birth

Claim of CRISPR’d baby girls stuns genome editing summit

‘You can’t pretend to be God’: Experts condemn claimed gene editing of babies

China Scientist’s Claim on World’s First Gene-Edited Babies Sparks Denials

Investigation launched into ‘monstrous’ claims scientist has genetically edited humans

Chinese researcher behind genetically edited babies is now under investigation and suspended without pay

Genetically Modified Babies Were Inevitable as DNA Tech Advanced

Feds Spend $620,133 Tracking Transgender Women of Color in NYC to mobilize HIV prevention efforts

Teen Transitions Overnight and Leaves Note for Parents Saying He’s Transgender

N.J. college rejects on-campus Chick-fil-A over company’s LGTBQ stance

Australian capital installs same-sex silhouettes in pedestrian lights

California dem chair who called Kavanaugh, “Lying Predator”, Investigated for sexual misconduct

Apostasy Watch Daily News

Mike Ratliff – Born of the Will of God

The Truth About the Church’s Fundraising Tactics

Head of secretive North Carolina sect named in fraud scam

Hillsong tells elderly that if they don’t like loud music at church, they’re selfish and need to get over it

Rachel Held Evans apologizes for implying Jesus was racist for calling woman a dog

Three Internet Accusations Against Missionaries

7 Times More Hispanic Babies Killed in Abortions Than All the People in the Migrant Caravan

Hindu Extremist Mob Tries to Burn Pastor Alive in Odisha State, India

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November 27, 2018 Afternoon Verse Of The Day

Encourage in Love

And let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more, as you see the day drawing near. (10:24–25)

The third mark of a positive response to the gospel is love. The particular expression of love mentioned here is fellowship love. The Jewish readers were having a hard time breaking with the Old Covenant, with the Temple and the sacrifices. They were still holding on to the legalism and ritual and ceremony, the outward things of Judaism. So the writer is telling them that one of the best ways to hold fast to the things of God—the real things of God that are found only in the New Covenant of Jesus Christ—is to be in the fellowship of His people, where they could love and be loved, serve and be served. There is no better place to come all the way to faith in Christ, or to hope continually in Him, than the church, His Body.

The day drawing near could refer to the imminent destruction of the Temple, which brought all the sacrifices and rituals to a close. The Old Covenant simply could not function without the Temple, which, when the book of Hebrews was written, was about to be destroyed by Titus. But I believe the primary reference is to the coming of the Lord, which makes the passage apply to all of us. The only place where we can remain steadfast until He returns is with His people. We need each other. We need to be in fellowship with each other, as we mutually strengthen each other and encourage each other.

Some years ago, a young man sat next to me on a plane and we struck up a conversation. When he discovered I was a minister, he said, “I used to belong to a church, but it seems to me that a person’s relationship to Christ ought to be personal, not institutional. What do you think?” After thanking the Lord silently for providing such an open opportunity for witness, I said, “I certainly agree with you.” He then asked if I knew how he could have a personal relationship with Christ—to which I also answered in the affirmative. I thought to myself, “He certainly seems to feel his need for Christ,” and so I asked if he had studied the truth of the gospel and the evidence for Christ’s claims. He replied, “Yes, but I just don’t know how to get to Him.” “Are you ready to commit yourself to Him?” I asked. He said that he was, and as we prayed together he made the commitment. The next Sunday he was in our morning worship service, and afterward asked me if our church had anything going on during the week that he could become involved in. This young man gave every evidence of being a true believer. He felt his need, he studied the evidence, he made a commitment to Jesus Christ, and was showing every desire to hold fast to Christ and to have fellowship with His people.

The writer is saying very simply, “The door is open, the way is made available to enter into God’s presence. Come in and stay and fellowship with His people, and enjoy God’s company forever.”[1]

10:24–25 / The third exhortation in this section directs the readers to be concerned with the welfare of others in the community of faith. There is a need to spur (or “stimulate”) one another on toward the basic Christian conduct of love (cf. 13:1) and good deeds. It is worth noting that we have encountered the three great virtues of faith (v. 22), hope (v. 23), and love in three successive verses (cf. 1 Cor. 13:13). The mutual encouragement that our author has in mind can occur, of course, only in the context of Christian fellowship. But some, perhaps even in this community, had been neglecting to come together. The avoidance of public meetings on the part of Jewish Christians may have been caused by the understandable desire to escape persecution, whether from the Romans or from the non-Christian Jewish community. Perhaps in the light of past experiences (see vv. 32–34) as well as threats concerning the imminent future (12:4), it was deemed wise to avoid attracting attention. Despite the twofold let us (both are added by niv) in verse 25, no new exhortations are present; rather, the material in this verse supports the exhortation of verse 24. The way in which the readers can manifest their concern for one another is through active participation in fellowship, on the one hand, and through mutual encouragement, on the other. Christians need each other, and especially in trying circumstances. The whole matter, moreover, is to take on a special urgency with the increasing sense of the imminence of the eschaton, as you see the Day approaching (cf. the quotation of Hab. 2:3 in v. 37).[2]

10:25. To spur other believers forward in the Christian life, followers of Christ must meet together. Some of the readers of Hebrews were neglecting to meet together for worship, and this limited their ability to give and receive encouragement toward good works.

Christians who meet together with the aim of promoting godliness and love for one another can be remarkably successful in their ventures. Regular fellowship with believers is an essential ingredient in Christian growth. The readers of Hebrews knew that the Day of Christ’s return was drawing near. The closeness of this day compelled them to stimulate one another in an outburst of energy and concern.

Persecution may have led some believers to drop out of the fellowship. The remedy they needed was to begin meeting again. The verses following in 26–31 showed the final outcome of neglecting to meet with other believers. Such careless living could produce a contempt for Jesus and a renunciation of Christianity.[3]

In Attending the Worship Services

25. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

One of the first indications of a lack of love toward God and the neighbor is for a Christian to stay away from the worship services. He forsakes the communal obligations of attending these meetings and displays the symptoms of selfishness and self-centeredness.

Apparently some members of the Hebrew congregation to whom the epistle originally was addressed showed a disregard for attending the religious services. They did so willfully by deserting the “communion of the saints.” From sources dating from the first century of the Christian era, we learn that a lack of interest in the worship services was rather common. The Didache, a church manual of religious instruction from the latter part of the first century, gives this exhortation: “But be frequently gathered together seeking the things which are profitable for your souls.”

In an earlier chapter the author of Hebrews warns the readers not to follow the example of the disobedient Israelites in the desert, and not to turn away from the living God (3:12). The author exhorts the readers to “encourage one another daily … so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness” (3:13). He realizes that among some of the members spiritual zeal has declined. Therefore once more he says, “But let us encourage one another” (10:25). Not only the writer of this epistle but also all the members of the church have the communal task of encouraging one another daily. Together we bear the responsibility, for we are the body of Christ.

As Christians we must look to the future, that is, to the day when Jesus returns. The closer we come to that day, the more active we should be in spurring one another on in showing love and doing deeds acceptable to God. We would have appreciated more information about “the Day,” but the author is as brief as other writers of the New Testament who mention it (see, for example, Matt. 25:13; 1 Cor. 3:13; 1 Thess. 5:4). Says Philip Edgcumbe Hughes: “When spoken of in this absolute manner, ‘the Day’ can mean only the last day, that ultimate eschatological day, which is the day of reckoning and judgment, known as the Day of the Lord.”[4]

24–25 The third appeal is a summons for the continued caring for one another that finds an expression in love, good works, and the mutual encouragement that active participation in the gatherings of the community makes possible. The note of Christian love completes the triad of faith (v 22), hope (v 23), and love (vv 24–25), which is developed by means of the coordinated cohortatives in vv 22–25 (cf. 6:10–12 for this same triad).

The exhortation κατανοῶμεν ἀλλήλους εἰς παροξυσμὸν ἀγάπης καὶ καλῶν ἔργων, “let us keep on caring for one another for the stimulation of love and good works,” centers on the responsibility of Christians to exhibit practical concern for one another. By considerateness and example, they are to spur one another on to the love and good works that had distinguished them as a community in the past (see Comment on 6:10). Exemplary service of fellow Christians had once been the hallmark of the congregation (cf. vv 33–34) and seems to have persisted in some measure. But the writer urges that the expression of love within the fellowship be deepened and extended. In this context ἀγάπη is not a technical term for the meal at which the Eucharist was celebrated (as urged by Glombitza, NovT 9 [1967] 143–46), but a caring response to need in the lives of other Christians. “Good works” are tangible expressions of caring love, as in 6:10. Active support and concern for the welfare of one another are matters of critical urgency in the life of a community exposed to testing and disappointment (cf. F. F. Bruce, 253; Peterson, “Examination,” 271).

The appeal in v 24 is supplemented by two participial phrases in the present tense, μὴ ἐγκαταλείποντες τὴν ἐπισυναγωγὴν ἑαυτῶν, “not discontinuing our meeting together” and ἀλλὰ παρακαλοῦντες, “but rather encouraging one another” (v 25). These contrasting phrases indicate the importance of the regular gathering of the local assembly for worship and fellowship. The contrast serves to define the specific character of the term ἐπισυναγωγή, “meeting together”: it is the place or occasion for mutual encouragement and exhortation (cf. P. E. Hughes, 417–18; Mora, La Carta a los Hebreos, 49–50; Schrage, TDNT 7:841–43). The present tense of the participles expresses the common responsibility for these mandates (Michel, 347).

The failure of the writer to specify why some members of the community had stopped taking an active part in the meetings of the house church has invited a wide range of conjectures (see Schrage, TDNT 7:843, nn. 11–15). The reference to “custom” or “habit” (ἔθος) implies a situation of indifference and apathy, which is consistent with other indications throughout the sermon (2:1–3; 3:7–15; 4:1; 5:11–14; 10:23) (cf. Mora, La Carta a los Hebreos, 50). It is natural to think that the neglect of the meetings was motivated by fear of recognition by outsiders in a time of persecution, or by disappointment in the delay of the parousia, or by some other acute concern. It is sobering to discover that in the early second century in Rome it was simply preoccupation with business affairs that accounted for the neglect of the meetings of a house church (Herm. Sim. 8.8.1; 9.20.1). Whatever the motivation, the writer regarded the desertion of the communal meetings as utterly serious. It threatened the corporate life of the congregation and almost certainly was a prelude to apostasy on the part of those who were separating themselves from the assembly (so H. Montefiore, 177–78; Williamson, Philo, 261; Thompson, Beginnings of Christian Philosophy, 34). The neglect of worship and fellowship was symptomatic of a catastrophic failure to appreciate the significance of Christ’s priestly ministry and the access to God it provided.

The reason the meetings of the assembly are not to be neglected is that they provide a communal setting where mutual encouragement and admonition may occur. The parallel passage in 3:13 (ἀλλὰ παρακαλεῖτε ἑαυτοὺς καθʼ ἑκάστην ἡμέραν, “but encourage one another every day”) may actually presuppose a daily gathering of the house church for mutual encouragement. The verb παρακαλεῖν includes the notions of warning and reproof as well as encouragement, with the implication that reproof should be given in a loving way (cf. Forkman, Limits of the Religious Community, 47–50). The entire community must assume responsibility to watch that no one grows weary or becomes apostate. This is possible only when Christians continue to exercise care for one another personally (Dahl, Int 5 [1951] 411–12).

The urgency for encouragement and reproof is that the community experiences an unresolved tension between peril and promise so long as it lives in the world. The neglect of the meetings of the assembly by some of the members sufficiently attests the reality of spiritual peril. The promise is indicated by the approaching “Day of the Lord” (v 25b), when God’s plan for his covenant people will be brought to realization. The sober reminder that the Day of the Lord is drawing near offers a further incentive for continued active participation in the life of the community. It indicates that the tension between peril and promise will ultimately be resolved eschatologically. The description of the parousia in 9:28 as the return of the heavenly high priest with salvation to those who wait for him is supplemented here with a complementary OT formulation implying judgment as well as salvation (cf. Marshall, Kept by the Power, 144; A. L. Moore, The Parousia in the New Testament [Leiden: Brill, 1966] 148–49).[5]

25. Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, &c. This confirms the view that has been given. The composition of the Greek word ought to be noticed; for ἐπὶ signifies an addition; then ἐπισυναγωγὴ, assembling together, means a congregation increased by additions. The wall of partition having been pulled down, God was then gathering those as his children who had been aliens from the Church; so the Gentiles were a new and unwonted addition to the Church. This the Jews regarded as a reproach to them, so that many made a secession from the Church, thinking that such a mixture afforded them a just excuse; nor could they be easily induced to surrender their own right; and further, they considered the right of adoption as peculiar, and as belonging exclusively to themselves. The Apostle, therefore, warns them, lest this equality should provoke them to forsake the Church; and that he might not seem to warn them for no reason, he mentions that this neglect was common to many.

We now understand the design of the Apostle, and what was the necessity that constrained him to give this exhortation. We may at the same time gather from this passage a general doctrine:

It is an evil which prevails everywhere among mankind, that every one sets himself above others, and especially that those who seem in anything to excel cannot well endure their inferiors to be on an equality with themselves. And then there is so much morosity almost in all, that individuals would gladly make churches for themselves if they could; for they find it so difficult to accommodate themselves to the ways and habits of others. The rich envy one another; and hardly one in a hundred can be found among the rich, who allows to the poor the name and rank of brethren. Unless similarity of habits or some allurements or advantages draw us together, it is very difficult even to maintain a continual concord among ourselves. Extremely needed, therefore, by us all is the admonition to be stimulated to love and not to envy, and not to separate from those whom God has joined to us, but to embrace with brotherly kindness all those who are united to us in faith. And surely it behoves us the more earnestly to cultivate unity, as the more eagerly watchful Satan is, either to tear us by any means from the Church, or stealthily to seduce us from it. And such would be the happy effect, were no one to please himself too much, and were all of us to preserve this one object, mutually to provoke one another to love, and to allow no emulation among ourselves, but that of doing good works. For doubtless the contempt of the brethren, moroseness, envy, immoderate estimate of ourselves, and other sinful impulses, clearly shew that our love is either very cold, or does not at all exist.

Having said, “Not forsaking the assembling together,” he adds, But exhorting one another; by which he intimates that all the godly ought by all means possible to exert themselves in the work of gathering together the Church on every side; for we are called by the Lord on this condition, that every one should afterwards strive to lead others to the truth, to restore the wandering to the right way, to extend a helping hand to the fallen, to win over those who are without. But if we ought to bestow so much labour on those who are yet aliens to the flock of Christ, how much more diligence is required in exhorting the brethren whom God has already joined to us?

As the manner of some is, &c. It hence appears that the origin of all schisms was, that proud men, despising others, pleased themselves too much. But when we hear that there were faithless men even in the age of the Apostles, who departed from the Church, we ought to be less shocked and disturbed by similar instances of defection which we may see in the present day. It is indeed no light offence when men who had given some evidence of piety and professed the same faith with us, fall away from the living God; but as it is no new thing, we ought, as I have already said, to be less disturbed by such an event. But the Apostle introduced this clause to shew that he did not speak without a cause, but in order to apply a remedy to a disease that was making progress.

And so much the more, &c. Some think this passage to be of the same import with that of Paul, “It is time to awake out of sleep, for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.” (Rom. 13:11.) But I rather think that reference is here made to the last coming of Christ, the expectation of which ought especially to rouse us to the practice of a holy life as well as to careful and diligent efforts in the work of gathering together the Church. For to what end did Christ come except to collect us all into one body from that dispersion in which we are now wandering? Therefore, the nearer his coming is, the more we ought to labour that the scattered may be assembled and united together, that there may be one fold and one shepherd. (John 10:16.)

Were any one to ask, how could the Apostle say that those who were as yet afar off from the manifestation of Christ, saw the day near and just at hand? I would answer, that from the beginning of the kingdom of Christ the Church was so constituted that the faithful ought to have considered the Judge as coming soon; nor were they indeed deceived by a false notion, when they were prepared to receive Christ almost every moment; for such was the condition of the Church from the time the Gospel was promulgated, that the whole of that period might truly and properly be called the last. They then who have been dead many ages ago lived in the last days no less than we. Laughed at is our simplicity in this respect by the worldly-wise and scoffers, who deem as fabulous all that we believe respecting the resurrection of the flesh and the last judgment; but that our faith may not fail through their mockery, the Holy Spirit reminds us that a thousand years are before God as one day, (2 Peter 3:8;) so that whenever we think of the eternity of the celestial kingdom no time ought to appear long to us. And further, since Christ, after having completed all things necessary for our salvation, has ascended into heaven, it is but reasonable that we who are continually looking for his second manifestation should regard every day as though it were the last.[6]

Let us consider one another (vv. 24–25). Fellowship with God must never become selfish. We must also fellowship with other Christians in the local assembly. Apparently, some of the wavering believers had been absenting themselves from the church fellowship. It is interesting to note that the emphasis here is not on what a believer gets from the assembly, but rather on what he can contribute to the assembly. Faithfulness in church attendance encourages others and provokes them to love and good works. One of the strong motives for faithfulness is the soon coming of Jesus Christ. In fact, the only other place the word translated “assembling” (Heb. 10:25) is used in the New Testament is in 2 Thessalonians 2:1, where it’s translated “gathering” and deals with the coming of Christ.

The three great Christian virtues are evidenced here: faith (Heb. 10:22), hope (Heb. 10:23), and love (Heb. 10:24). They are the fruit of our fellowship with God in His heavenly sanctuary.[7]

[1] MacArthur, J. F., Jr. (1983). Hebrews (pp. 267–268). Chicago: Moody Press.

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November 27 Living in Evil Days

“Making the most of your time, because the days are evil.”

Ephesians 5:16


Evil days call for good behavior.

The days we live in are certainly full of evil. Read any newspaper, and you’ll know what I mean. Can you imagine how it breaks God’s heart to create a perfect world, filled with every good thing, and then see it become as corrupt, debauched, and vile as it is today? Can you imagine how it must be for God to watch Christians who, in the midst of this evil world, are given opportunities to do good, yet bypass them without notice? The days are evil, and God gives us these opportunities to make things happen that matter—to fill up at least one moment of every day with something good, something righteous, something for Him.

“Because the days are evil,” the apostle Paul says in Ephesians 5:16, it’s important to walk wisely and make the most of our time. When opportunities for goodness do come, we should seize them. When God gives us an occasion to glorify Him (which in turn will bring a blessing on us), we must take the opportunity for His name’s sake. We must seize it in the midst of an evil day.

When I think of how God’s heart is broken over the evil of a world that He made for His own glory, I say to myself, If God gives me one small opportunity in the midst of an evil day to do something good, something to honor Him, or something to glorify Him, I’m going to grab that opportunity. Since the days are evil and it seems as though goodness is so scarce, you and I need to take every opportunity we can for manifesting goodness.


Suggestions for Prayer: Ask the Lord to help you be aware of more opportunities that you can seize for manifesting goodness.

For Further Study: According to Genesis 6:5, what did the Lord see in the days of Noah? ✧ What effect did that have on God (v. 6)? ✧ According to Hebrews 11:7, what did Noah do? ✧ What effect did Noah have on the world?[1]

[1] MacArthur, J. (1997). Strength for today. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books.

Caravan migrants fake photos for gullible, biased U.S. press

Everything from moms and kids fleeing tear gas to Central American children waving American flags. And the press is trying to get away with it.

In the propaganda war, the organizers of the migrant caravan are intensely aware of what works for the U.S. press, and how to play its denizens to get the “narrative” going. They’ve got their number. And nowhere was it better played than with the recent series of photos seen during the migrant caravan surge that charged the Tijuana-San Ysidro border Sunday.

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November 27 Daily Help

SUCCESS is certain when the Lord has promised it. Although you may have pleaded month after month without evidence of answer, it is not possible that the Lord should be deaf when his people are earnest in a matter which concerns his glory. Delayed answers often set the heart searching itself, and so lead to contrition and spiritual reformation?

Reader, do not fall into the sin of unbelief, but continue in prayer and watching. Plead the precious blood with unceasing importunity, and it shall be with you according to your desire.[1]

[1] Spurgeon, C. H. (1892). Daily Help (p. 335). Baltimore: R. H. Woodward & Company.

Trump Blasts Mueller & “Angry Democrats” – “Go Back To The Clinton Foundation” | Zero Hedge

“Mueller is a conflicted prosecutor gone rogue… Let these terrible people go back to the Clinton Foundation and “Justice” Department!”

In a trio of increasingly angry tweets this morning, President Trump raged at special counsel Robert Mueller as “a conflicted prosecutor gone rogue” lambasting him for“doing TREMENDOUS damage to our Criminal Justice System” because of his one-sided investigation.

“The Phony Witch Hunt continues, but Mueller and his gang of Angry Dems are only looking at one side, not the other. Wait until it comes out how horribly & viciously they are treating people, ruining lives for them refusing to lie. Mueller is a conflicted prosecutor gone rogue…

...The Fake News Media builds Bob Mueller up as a Saint, when in actuality he is the exact opposite. He is doing TREMENDOUS damage to our Criminal Justice System, where he is only looking at one side and not the other. Heroes will come of this, and it won’t be Mueller and his…

…terrible Gang of Angry Democrats. Look at their past, and look where they come from. “

Trump went on to reference the FBI’s shuttered investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, which chastised the former Democratic nominee as “extremely careless” for her use of a private email server to do official business at the State Department.

The now $30,000,000 Witch Hunt continues and they’ve got nothing but ruined lives. Where is the Server? Let these terrible people go back to the Clinton Foundation and “Justice” Department!”

Trump has attacked and criticized Mueller’s investigation into members of his campaign for months, but this outburst comes a day after Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi refused to sign a plea deal with Mueller.
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Has This Become A “Short Everything In Sight” Market? | Zero Hedge

“But now the central bank spigot is being turned off, and everything is heading back down the same way it rose – in lock-step…”

Authored by John Rubino via DollarCollapse.com,

One of the strangest things about this strangest-ever expansion has been the way pretty much everything went up. Stocks, bonds, real estate, art, oil – some of which have historically negative correlations with others — all rose more-or-less in lock-step. And within asset classes, the big names behaved the same way, rising regardless of their relative valuation.

This seemingly indiscriminate buying created a paradise for index funds that simply accumulate representative assets in their chosen sectors. And it made life a nightmare for the higher-order strategies of hedge funds that get paid to beat the market.

The cause of all this, of course, was the tsunami of new currency being created by the world’s central banks and dumped into the banking system. It had to go somewhere and ended up going everywhere.

But now the central bank spigot is being turned off, and everything is heading back down the same way it rose – in lock-step. From today’s Wall Street Journal:

No Refuge for Investors as 2018 Rout Sends Stocks, Bonds, Oil Lower

Stocks, bonds and commodities from copper to crude oil to burlap are staging a rare simultaneous retreat, putting global markets on track for one of their worst years on record and deepening a sense of unease on Wall Street.

By one measure, global stocks and bonds are both on track to finish the year in the red for the first time in at least a quarter-century, said Belinda Boa, head of active investments for Asia Pacific at BlackRock in Hong Kong. Major stock benchmarks in the U.S., Europe, China and South Korea have all slid 10% or more from recent highs. Crude oil’s tumble has dragged it well into bear market territory, emerging-market currencies have broadly fallen against the U.S. dollar, and bitcoin’s price—which had a meteoric rally last year—crashed below $5,000 this past week for the first time since October 2017.

Havens such as U.S. Treasury bonds and gold rallied this fall as U.S. stocks and industrial commodities staged their fourth-quarter swoon. But both are still down on a price basis for the year, reflecting solid economic growth and tighter Federal Reserve policy that have begun to push interest rates out of their post-financial crisis doldrums.

All told, 90% of the 70 asset classes tracked by Deutsche Bank are posting negative total returns in dollar terms for the year through mid-November, the highest share since 1901. (The S&P 500 is up slightly in 2018 on a total-return basis.) Last year, just 1% of asset classes delivered negative returns.

The broad pullback in markets is leaving fund managers scrambling to find places to park their money. But with global growth showing signs of slowing and monetary policy expected to tighten further, few are eager to place large wagers and risk compounding earlier failures to generate expected gains. Indeed, the simultaneous failure of so many investment strategies is being by viewed by some as a warning of what could come following years of above-average returns.

“It’s been a difficult year,” said Ed Keon, chief investment strategist at asset-management firm QMA, which continues to favor stocks over bonds.“All investors have goals, and none of those can be fulfilled with negative returns.”

Few investors believe a recession, particularly in the U.S., is imminent. Yet the strength of the U.S. economy has allowed the Federal Reserve to continue stepping further away from the regime of rock-bottom interest rates and bond-buying put in place after the financial crisis. That has, in turn, diminished the premium investors get for taking on risky assets, pressuring a variety of markets.

Hedge-fund manager Pierre Andurand, who earlier in the year bet oil could soon hit $100 a barrel, saw his $1 billion Andurand Commodities Fund suffer its largest monthly loss ever in October. Funds that had built up large stakes in fast-growing technology companies were also stung by sharp reversals. Twenty-six funds dumped their entire stakes in FacebookInc. in the third quarter, according to a Goldman Sachs Group analysis of 13F filings, including billionaire Daniel Loeb’s Third Point LLC, which offloaded 4 million shares, citing “a very disappointing quarter” for Facebook.

“It hasn’t felt like a bad year, but retrospectively, it’s been a pretty miserable year,” said Thomas Poullaouec, head of multiasset solutions for Asia Pacific at T. Rowe Price in Hong Kong. “2019 isn’t looking to be any better either.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since virtually every asset class except for precious metals started the year at “priced for perfection” valuation levels that have always in the past preceded some kind of crash. It’s just more widespread and homogenous this time.

So now all the geniuses who bought the big names in random categories and made easy money are wondering why every single thing they do is suddenly wrong, while the handful of remaining short-sellers are finding that whatever they bet against goes down.

This kind of wide-spread angst ought, if history is still a useful guide, lead investors to start discriminating again, with safe havens like gold and high-grade bonds getting some of the attention that tech and cryptos have hogged recently.
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Alistair Begg: Gospel Shoes – Wretched


Episode 2395

Alistair Begg: Gospel Shoes

Segment 1 (00:00) The Right Sort of Footwear

Segment 2 (09:03) The Work of the Wearer

Segment 3 (19:10) The Power of the Gospel

Wretched Surprise! (26:16) The Falling Shepherd
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