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So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

—Genesis 3:24

Yes, worship of the loving God is man’s whole reason for existence. That is why we are born and that is why we are born again from above. That is why we were created and that is why we have been recreated. That is why there was a genesis at the beginning, and that is why there is a re-genesis, called regeneration.

That is also why there is a church. The Christian church exists to worship God first of all. Everything else must come second or third or fourth or fifth….

Sad, sad indeed, are the cries of so many today who have never discovered why they were born. It brings to mind the poet Milton’s description of the pathetic lostness and loneliness of our first parents. Driven from the garden, he says, “they took hand in hand and through the valley made their solitary way.” WHT056-057

Lord, use me today to point someone to the way out of the wilderness. Sad, sad indeed is the fact that so many of my own acquaintances may not yet know why they were born. Speak through me today. Amen. [1]

[1] Tozer, A. W., & Eggert, R. (2015). Tozer on the almighty god: a 365-day devotional. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers.

Liberal Media Stunned by Melania Trump’s Impeccable Style Following Prior Years of Trailer Park Chic — The Gateway Pundit

Melania Trump continues to dazzle the American public with her impeccable style, grace, intellect and beauty.

Not only is Melania Trump the only First Lady to speak five languages fluently, she is also the only First Lady to hold down a major career as a top fashion model.

This week Melania Trump revealed the 2018 White House decorations.
The photos and video were stunning.

The more Americans see this First Lady the more they love her.

Which explains why she receives little attention from the far left mainstream media.

Melania supervises the White House tree planting.

Melania wears Gucci in China.

The media ripped Melania Trump for her Christmas decor this week.
They are not used to seeing such elegance in the White House.

The hula hoops and dunked basketballs are but a memory.

And grace is back in the White House.

Style and grace is back America.

via Liberal Media Stunned by Melania Trump’s Impeccable Style Following Prior Years of Trailer Park Chic — The Gateway Pundit

ISIS to launch false flag chemical attack on Syrian Kurds – and Russian military is watching closely

Islamic State terrorists are plotting to shell Kurdish-led militia with chemical-filled munitions in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, Russian military said. The terrorists want to frame Damascus for the attack to trigger new US-led airstrikes.

Source: ISIS to launch false flag chemical attack on Syrian Kurds – and Russian military is watching closely

11/28/2018 — Wretched


•Witness Wednesday at a PC(USA) Seminary.
•Will anyone witness to Todd?
•The religious world view of a gay tennis-playing stay-at-home dad.
•Getting ready for community organizing at seminary.
•We found a Presbyterian pastor. Surely he knows the gospel, right?

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Alexander: Roberts Was Wrong

An ‘Independent Judiciary’ Reality Check

Chief Justice John Roberts’s assertion that we have an “independent judiciary” lacks credibility.

“The opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not, not only for themselves, in their own sphere of action, but for the Legislature and Executive also in their spheres, would make the Judiciary a despotic branch.” —Thomas Jefferson (1804)

Let’s set the record straight…

You may have heard that President Donald Trump is adamant about defending our southern border. Most recently, that defense has been focused on the migrant mobs attempting to breach our border between Tijuana and San Diego.

In a setback to Trump’s efforts, one of Barack Obama’s appointees on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Jon Tigar, blocked Trump’s order requiring that illegal alien asylum applications, the free ticket to America, be processed at legal points of entry. (There’s a reason that circuit is also known as the Ninth Circus and the Nutty Ninth.)

Trump responded to the ruling, “You go the 9th Circuit and it’s a disgrace. And I’m going to put in a major complaint because you cannot win — if you’re us — a case in the 9th Circuit and I think it’s a disgrace. This was an Obama judge.”

On that note, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, in an unprecedented rebuke of a U.S. president, chastised Trump for stating the obvious: that an Obama-appointed federal judge “was an Obama judge.”

Roberts declared, “We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them. That independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for.”

It would have been proper for Roberts to say nothing about Trump’s remark, but, ostensibly endeavoring to protect the integrity of the courts, he apparently felt compelled. Obviously, Justice Roberts knows full well how highly politicized the federal courts are — and his assertion that we now have an “independent judiciary” defies reality. The objective of impartial “blind justice” is certainly what our Founders prescribed for the judicial branch, but they knew that attaining equal justice under the law was a high bar.

The most recent skewering of then-SCOTUS nominee and now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh is an airtight case in point. So one might conclude that Roberts was projecting what he believes should be the nonpartisan nature of the courts. But as he stated it, he’s flat wrong.

Responding to Roberts, Trump said, “I have a lot of respect for [Roberts] but I think we have to use some common sense. This 9th Circuit, everybody knows it’s totally out of control and what they’re doing, what they’re saying, the opinions are very unfair to law enforcement, very unfair to our military, and they’re very unfair, most importantly, to the people of our country because I’m keeping them safe.”

Trump added: “Sorry Chief Justice John Roberts, but you do indeed have ‘Obama judges,’ and they have a much different point of view than the people who are charged with the safety of our country. It would be great if the 9th Circuit was indeed an ‘independent judiciary,’ but if it is[,] why there are so many opposing view cases filed there, and why are a vast number of those cases overturned[?] Please study the numbers, they are shocking. We need protection and security — these rulings are making our country unsafe! Very dangerous and unwise! Judges must not Legislate Security and Safety at the Border.”

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), a former federal prosecutor and a strong candidate for a Circuit Court nomination once he retires from the House, declared, “I wish Chief Justice Roberts were right. I wish there were not a politicization of the judiciary.”

Gowdy, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, added, “Every print article that you will go find … refers to judges based on the president that put him or her in office. And you see terms like conservative and ultra conservative and liberal and moderate, which are political terms. … So I wish Chief Justice Roberts were right. I wish that we did not refer to judges based on which president put them in office as if that is somehow going to inextricably lead us to the conclusion.”

The fact is, federal judges have proven to be partisan for generations, and there is most assuredly a very distinct division and partiality on the federal bench.

Judges nominated and appointed by Republican presidents are partial toward Rule of Law and the Liberty enshrined in our Republic’s Constitution. In the overwhelming majority of cases, they honor their oaths “to support and defend” our Constitution.

Conversely, judges nominated and appointed by Democrat presidents are clearly partial toward the so-called “living constitution” embraced by those who reject Rule of Law in deference to the rule of men, the irrevocable terminus of which is tyranny.

Of the latter, Thomas Jefferson warned they would “make the Judiciary a despotic branch.” As the venerable former Sen. Sam Ervin (D-NC) once put it, these are judges who “interpret the Constitution to mean what it would have said if [they], instead of the Founding Fathers, had written it.” Jefferson warned that such interpretation would render our Constitution “a mere thing of wax … which [judges] may twist and shape into any form they please.”

As James Madison cautioned, “There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

As for partiality on the Supreme Court, over the last 18 months, according to The Daily Wire, “The four left-leaning judges on the Supreme Court are far more consistent about voting together as a bloc than the conservatives on the court; Elena Kagan votes with Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg an average of 89% of the time; Breyer votes with his cohorts an average of 91% of the time; Ginsburg also votes with her pals an average of 91% of the time, and Sotomayor joins them 90.3% of the time.”

The assessment notes further, “By contrast, among the four right-leaning judges, Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and John Roberts, Gorsuch sided with them an average of 82.7% of the time; Thomas 86.3% of the time; Alito 85.7% of the time, and Roberts 80.7% of the time.”

As Cal Thomas concludes, “If all judges thought the same, as Roberts seems to suggest, why are there so many 5-4 rulings by the high court?”

And regarding significant immigration decisions by the lower courts since Donald Trump took office, according to a Washington Times review, “53 of the 54 Democrat appointed judges who issued or signed onto opinions in immigration cases ruled against the Trump administration’s get-tough approach.” The Times study noted further, “By contrast, among GOP-appointees to the federal bench, 15 judges have backed the administration in immigration cases and 13 have not.”

As I have noted, judicial opinions are not about “Right” versus “Left”; they’re about Liberty versus tyranny. Thus, in 2016, when I voted for Donald Trump instead of his leftist opponent, Hillary Clinton, I voted for the Supreme Court. And indeed, President Trump has consistently nominated constructionist judges to both the upper and lower courts.

And finally, what debate about the Supreme Court would be complete without Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) offering one of his mind-numbing observations. In an opinion that sounded far more satirical than senatorial, Schumer offered an affirmation of Roberts’s assessment of judicial independence, while in the same breath accusing Roberts of partisanship in his decisions: “I don’t agree very often with Chief Justice Roberts, especially his partisan decisions which seem highly political. … But I am thankful today that he … stood up to President Trump for an independent judiciary.”

Yes, you heard that correctly: Schumer sided with Trump about the Court’s partisan nature, then laughably implied that he supports “an independent judiciary.”

But no sooner had he sucked up to the chief justice than he was back to his old obfuscatory games. This week on the Senate floor, Schumer, singing the Demos’ midterm “rigged election” theme song, declared, “Justice Roberts will go down in history as one of those who worked to take away voting rights when he authored the Shelby decision and stated that he didn’t believe that … more or less, he stated that he didn’t believe that discrimination existed any longer, so we wouldn’t need Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.”

Of course, Roberts never wrote that. In fact, quite the contrary. In that decision, Roberts noted, “At the same time, voting discrimination still exists; no one doubts that.”

Never let it be said that Schumer allowed inconvenient facts to get in the way of a partisan cheap shot.

November 28 The Prophetic Word

We have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts.

2 Peter 1:19

The Philippian believers had the Old Testament books to go to, but the entire New Testament had yet to be completed at the time Paul wrote his letter to them. Since they may have had access to only a minimal amount of written revelation in the New Testament, the believers looked to the apostles as their source of truth until all the New Testament books were brought together. So the standard of Christian belief and behavior was embodied in the teaching and example of the apostles.

That’s why on the day of Pentecost three thousand believers “continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine” (Acts 2:42). That’s also why Paul said to the Corinthian believers, “Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ” (1 Cor. 11:1). But you have an advantage they didn’t—you have God’s complete revelation available to you. So don’t fail to use it.[1]

[1] MacArthur, J. (2001). Truth for today : a daily touch of God’s grace (p. 357). Nashville, Tenn.: J. Countryman.

November 28, 2018 Afternoon Verse Of The Day

3 God is different from the “many” who oppose him. David addressed God confidently with an emphatic and contrastive use of the personal pronoun “you” (weʾattâ). How different he is from the rebellious masses! David was certain of God’s promises that are confirmed in the covenant (cf. 2:6–9); therefore, his confidence rested in the nature of God, described here by a metaphor (“shield”) and by one of his attributes (“glory”). He was convinced that God’s kingship is forever. And although the kingship was forcibly removed from the Lord’s anointed, he was still protected by God’s kingship. With the metaphor, “shield” (māgēn; cf. 7:10; 18:2, 30; 28:7; Ge 15:1), the psalmist places himself under the protection of the Great King, who has promised to protect his own (Ge 15:1; Dt 33:29; see Reflections, p. 733, Yahweh Is the Divine Warrior).

The power of the Great King is referred to by the word “glory” (kebôdî, lit., “my Glorious One,” NIV text note). The phrase signifies the Lord’s glorious rule over his kingdom. He is the Lord of hosts, with tens of thousands of angels at his command. Even as a king can be described as glorious because of his vast armies, so the Lord is glorious because he can marshal the angelic host to aid his children (34:7; 91:11). The king puts his confidence in the protection that God alone can provide, because his glory is greater than any human power. The glory of God is nothing less than the revelation of his hiddenness!

The psalmist explains further that the “Glorious One” gives him reason to lift up his head. The “lifting up of the head” is a Hebraism expressive of confidence in the Lord, who has power to raise up the humble and abase the mighty (1 Sa 2:7–8; Ps 103:7–9). He exalts whom he wills and when he wills. The psalms express confidence that the Lord will “lift up the head” of his people when he is victorious over his enemies (cf. 18:46–50; 27:4–6; 110:5–7).

Even though the king had reason for despondency, his knowledge of God gave him reason for hope. The confidence of the king was not in his knowledge of the future or in the might of his forces, but in God, who had installed him as king (2:6).[1]

3:3. In the face of such antagonism, David found comfort in God’s character. Using the metaphor of a shield, he said that God was the true Source of his protection (in spite of their taunts). The psalmists often spoke of God as a shield to depict His protection (7:10; 18:2, 30; 28:7; 33:20; 59:11; 84:11; 115:9–11; 119:114; 144:2). David was confident that God would restore him to his throne. The words lifts up my head express restoration to dignity and position (see the same idiom in Gen. 40:13, 20; 2 Kings 25:27, kjv).[2]

3:3 The mood of the Psalm changes in verse 3. David gets his eyes off his enemies and on the Lord, and that changes his whole outlook. Immediately he realizes that he has in Jehovah a shield, a source of glory, and the One who lifts up his head. As his shield, the Lord gives him complete protection from enemy assaults. As his glory, the Lord gives him honor, dignity and vindication in place of the shame, reproach and slander that were being heaped upon him. As the lifter of his head, the Lord encourages and exalts him.[3]

3:3 are a shield around me His enemies’ taunts have not caused him to doubt God. The psalmist trusts Yahweh to protect him like a shield—a common metaphor for God’s protection (7:10; 18:2, 30; 28:7).

the one who lifts up my head A lifted head signaled confidence and pride (27:6), while a lowered head signaled defeat and disgrace (Judg 8:28).[4]

3:3 lifter of my head. An expression of encouragement.[5]

3:3 The line uses several metaphors—“shield” for God’s protection (Gn 15:1), “glory” for the evidence of His blessing of kingship (Ps 34:7; 91:11), and “lifts up my head” for the restoration to the throne (Gn 40:13; 1 Sm 2:7–8; Ps 110:7).[6]

3:3 The image of God as a shield is common, especially in the Psalms (18:30; 115:9; 144:2). It represents protection during a time of attack. A more unusual description is identifying God as one’s glory. The Hebrew word kavod (lit “heavy”) is often used of a person’s reputation or significance, sometimes being translated as “honor.” Its use here seems to indicate that the psalmist found his own significance and honor linked to his relationship with the Lord rather than in his own strength.[7]

[1] VanGemeren, W. A. (2008). Psalms. In T. Longman III & D. E. Garland (Eds.), The Expositor’s Bible Commentary: Psalms (Revised Edition) (Vol. 5, pp. 102–103). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

[2] Ross, A. P. (1985). Psalms. In J. F. Walvoord & R. B. Zuck (Eds.), The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Exposition of the Scriptures (Vol. 1, p. 793). Wheaton, IL: Victor Books.

[3] MacDonald, W. (1995). Believer’s Bible Commentary: Old and New Testaments. (A. Farstad, Ed.) (p. 551). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

[4] Barry, J. D., Mangum, D., Brown, D. R., Heiser, M. S., Custis, M., Ritzema, E., … Bomar, D. (2012, 2016). Faithlife Study Bible (Ps 3:3). Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

[5] Sproul, R. C. (Ed.). (2005). The Reformation Study Bible: English Standard Version (p. 740). Orlando, FL; Lake Mary, FL: Ligonier Ministries.

[6] Cabal, T., Brand, C. O., Clendenen, E. R., Copan, P., Moreland, J. P., & Powell, D. (2007). The Apologetics Study Bible: Real Questions, Straight Answers, Stronger Faith (p. 791). Nashville, TN: Holman Bible Publishers.

[7] Warstler, K. R. (2017). Psalms. In E. A. Blum & T. Wax (Eds.), CSB Study Bible: Notes (p. 819). Nashville, TN: Holman Bible Publishers.

Trump retweets image of US deputy attorney general among others jailed ‘for treason’

President Trump has retweeted an image showing a dozen of his opponents and critics jailed for “treason.” Among them, his current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Source: Trump retweets image of US deputy attorney general among others jailed ‘for treason’

Stossel: Socialism Leads To Violence

Socialist regimes use government brutality to enforce bad laws.

Socialism is now cool in some circles. Newly elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praises “Democratic Socialism” and told comedian Stephen Colbert, “in a modern, moral and wealthy society, no person in America should be too poor to live.”

Colbert ate it up. “Seems pretty simple!” he replied, to cheers from his audience.

But socialism shouldn’t be cool, Gloria Alvarez reported recently, noting that it wrecks economies. In this video she points out that it also leads to government using force against its own citizens.

Regimes that call themselves socialist have killed millions of people. Tens of millions were killed in the USSR. Same in China. Millions also died in Cambodia and North Korea, which claimed to follow socialist ideals.

Today’s socialists say that those countries didn’t practice “real” socialism. They promise that their experiment will be different, and better. “Democratic socialists” like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez certainly promise to avoid anything like the horrors of previous self-described socialist governments.

But Alvarez says that socialism, whatever the variant, tends to turn out the same way. Right now, people die in Latin American countries that fell for socialism’s promises.

In Cuba, because government restricts private property and trade, Cubans trade on the black market to survive. Sometimes the government violently cracks down on them.

Alvarez interviews Ibis Valdes, who says: “my father was a political prisoner [in Cuba] for almost a decade … because in his 20s he sold soaps and perfumes and did not want to relinquish all of his profits to the government.”

Michel Ibarra, who escaped Cuba, says: “Socialism is the perfect excuse for someone who wants to rule an authoritarian regime.”

Political violence in the name of socialism also occurred in Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Alvarez interviews Ramón Muchacho, a former mayor of a section of Venezuela’s capital city, Caracas. He tell Alvarez that he was pressured by socialist leaders to use his police force to brutally suppress protests against the regime. Because he refused, he was threatened with jail. He fled to America.

“It seems to me we are not able to learn,” Ramón Muchacho tells Alvarez. “[Politicians] will always be dreaming about the future and never delivering. People keep falling in love with that kind of crap.”

Alvarez hopes that some will learn. Gustavo Tefel, who fled violence in Nicaragua tells her that he did.

“I don’t think [people] realize how deep socialism is involved in all [the violence]…America is a great country. People really don’t appreciate it much…they should travel a little more to poor countries to really get a feeling for what they have here in the United States. Just look around, you know, and really get some knowledge.”

Source: Stossel: Socialism Leads To Violence

HORRIBLE! WaPo Hack Hurls Disgusting Abuse at Lovely First Lady Melania Trump — The Gateway Pundit

America has the most lovely and elegant First Lady in US history.

No other First Lady can touch her style, beauty, posture, intellect and poise.

The First Lady continues to rise in popularity with the American public the more they see her. So the liberal media mostly ignores this lovely woman.

Of course, the liberal media HATES Melania Trump.
They fear her.

On Wednesday The Washington Post went after First Lady Melania Trump in a very personal way.

Here is their anti-Melania headline.
“Look, maybe this just isn’t Melania Trump’s thing. But that’s fine.”

This headline was in the WaPo “Style” section.

This leftist rag has sooo much hatred for this pro-American president that they are smearing the First Lady as having no style.
What a disgusting hit piece.

Gateway Pundit Poll: Better First Lady – Melania Or Michelle? VOTE NOW!

Via columnist Monica Hesse:

Every time Melania Trump makes another odd gaffe, I can’t help but see it as a useful thing for gender equality. It forces a conversation about how to measure Mrs. Trump’s performance, or whether we even should. It highlights the archaic expectations baked into her role.

This week, her office unveiled the White House Christmas decor, which included a roomful of blood-red trees that looked like leftover props from “The Babadook”— and let me tell you, Melania has definitely given us a useful conversation.

The trees were roundly mocked as horrifying. Obviously, she didn’t build them herself. (She didn’t even show up for the unveiling, which prompted more consternation.) But she did sign off on them, presumably. They’re technically under her purview.

So, why does that matter anyway? Should we expect Melania to be a professional host? In presidential elections, should nominees’ spouses be forced to compete as well, via portfolios of their home decor and cocktail reception hors d’oeuvres?

Family Circle has long held a first lady cookie contest. In 2016, Bill and Hillary Clinton submitted the Clinton Family’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, which dominated the reader poll. Meanwhile, Melania’s Star Cookie recipe came with “hardly any directions,” the magazine’s food director said. The result was a bland wafer — the cookie version of a shrug.

At some point Americans will start tuning out these horrible people and going elsewhere for more honest reporting.

via HORRIBLE! WaPo Hack Hurls Disgusting Abuse at Lovely First Lady Melania Trump — The Gateway Pundit

The Hate For Melania’s Christmas Decor Is Even Worse This Year. Here Are The Many Cruel Things Leftists Are Saying. — Christian Research Network

It’s 2018: It’s well-established that we live in hell. It only makes sense that the first lady’s Christmas decorations would match the bleakness of the Trump era.”

(Paul Bois – Daily Wire)  You may love Melania Trump’s taste in Christmas decorations; you may indeed dislike them, or perhaps even detest them. To each his own. But the venom leftists have spewed at the First Lady these past two years regarding her Christmas decor goes beyond mere differences in taste and into pure “Mean Girls” territory.

On Monday, Melania Trump welcomed the “most wonderful season of all” with yet another unveiling of her White House Christmas decor. Working with a team of designers since August, the theme selected for 2018 was “American Treasures” to highlight our country’s “unique heritage.” Here was the video in case you missed it:

Watch the video on the site

While few have complained about Melania’s chosen theme, the one piece that seems to have received the most cackles and howls from haters of her Christmas ensemble is that of the red trees, or better yet, the 40 topiary red trees made of cranberries and red berries strung together in the East Colonnade.  View article →

via The Hate For Melania’s Christmas Decor Is Even Worse This Year. Here Are The Many Cruel Things Leftists Are Saying. — Christian Research Network

Twitter To Ban Users Who Don’t Embrace Transgenderism — David Fiorazo

Twitter has recently decided to enforce a politically-correct, one-sided application of its terms of service which for all practical purposes justifies censorship. Due to what Twitter claims is hate speech, they will now bar people from “misgendering” or “deadnaming” those in the transgender community. The thought police are slowly taking over social media.

If you choose to side with the Bible, biology, history, and science on the issue of sex and gender, you may soon be banned – not only on Twitter, but Youtube, Google, and Facebook as well.

So what in the world is “Misgendering”? It’s when someone refers to an individual with the pronouns — he, she — pronouns that apparently no longer correlate with said person’s chosen gender identity. One example would be to refer to Caitlyn Jenner as “he” instead of “she.” I’ll simply add that Jenner and those who emulate him need our prayers.

Today’s new PC terminology also includes the word, “Deadnaming,” which is when someone uses a transgender person’s former name, like Bruce, instead of their new name, Caitlyn. My take on this is that if someone legally changes their name, out of respect we should use that name.

But the problem is people are being attacked for simply calling a male a male. So Twitter recently updated its “hateful conduct policy” to ban those who do not comply, and the rule is just now garnering national attention.

Here’s what part of this policy states:

We prohibit targeting individuals with repeated slurs, tropes or other content that intends to dehumanise, degrade or reinforce negative or harmful stereotypes about a protected category. This includes targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals.

There’s not enough time to address how the Left misuses some of these strategically selected words. Just know they use words as assault weapons against Christians and battering rams against free speech.

Depending on the severity of the offense, Twitter has reserved the right to ask you to remove the content in question and serve a period of time being banned (in ‘Twitter jail’) before being allowed to tweet again. They can also suspend your account.

Facebook has similar procedures which basically censor people who do not comply with politically correct standards. You can see how t his will be problematic for those of us who trust Jesus Christ and rely on the Bible for truth.

Naturally, Trans activists praise the policy change calling Twitter a more positive and safe place.

When the policy refers to “other content,” that’s quite a wide range of potential offenders. Also, notice they use the words “content that intends,” so now they’re in the business of proving people’s intent as well.

Defenders of truth and common sense such as Ben Shapiro said Twitter is fighting science and basic facts of human reproduction that are not subjective. He stated:

So Twitter is now banning people for stating the basic scientific fact that men are men and women are women, and that men cannot become women simply by thinking themselves so. Twitter vs. reality.

Twitter rationalized the rules change by explaining its research has shown “some groups of people are disproportionately targeted with abuse online.” Those groups include “women, people of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual individuals, marginalized and historically underrepresented communities.”

Did you get all that? This is serious, totalitarian and dangerous. These policies oppose the faith of tens of millions of Americans who desire to live a life of faith and who simply believe biblical teachings about God as creator. Most also beileve that natural marriage and family are not only ordained by God, but are necessary to a strong, healthy society.

We’ll see how much push back this will get by those who support religious freedoms, but let’s make sure we continue loving others and pointing them to Jesus Christ who died for their sins and ours, in the hopes that they, too might turn to Him and be saved.

*Originally published by Freedom Project Media

via Twitter To Ban Users Who Don’t Embrace Transgenderism — David Fiorazo

HAH! Liberal Heads Explode! President Trump Retweets Image of Top Democrats Including Obama, Hillary, Holder, Huma, Mueller Behind Bars — The Gateway Pundit

What’s not to love?
President Trump TRULY is a man of the people – and he knows what the public is thinking.

** And the public does not understand how Barack Obama can spy on the Trump Campaign for months without any repercussions.
** The public does not understand how Hillary Clinton can pay for a bogus anti-Trump dossier and the FBI can use that opposition hit piece to spy on the opposing candidate?
** The public does not understand how crooked cop Robert Mueller can be charged to investigate Russian “collusion” in the 2016 election and he can ignore the Clinton and Obama operations and focus on Donald Trump and his campaign who had ZERO relationships with the Russian regime.

And the American public knows enough not to trust the liberal mainstream media to report anything remotely honest and truthful in the current political climate.

On Wednesday President Trump retweeted an image of top Obama administration officials behind bars.

Gateway Pundit Poll: Should Trump Shut Down The Mueller Investigation?

via HAH! Liberal Heads Explode! President Trump Retweets Image of Top Democrats Including Obama, Hillary, Holder, Huma, Mueller Behind Bars — The Gateway Pundit

November 28, 2018 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


President Donald Trump said he would “totally be willing” to shut down the federal government unless Congress authorized $5 billion to fund his long-promised wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, according to a Politico interview published on Wednesday.

Nancy Pelosi, a pillar of American politics for nearly two decades, is expected to move a step closer toward becoming the next speaker of the House of Representatives as her fellow Democrats on Wednesday steered toward nominating her to the powerful job.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman landed in Buenos Aires on Wednesday for the G20 summit of industrialized nations, Argentine state television reported, a visit fraught with controversy over the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The Kremlin said on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman would discuss the killing last month of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi when the two leaders meet at the G20 summit in Argentina.

Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith won a U.S. Senate special election runoff in Mississippi Tuesday, defeating a black challenger after a campaign that recalled the state’s history of racist violence.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday accused Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko of orchestrating a naval “provocation” in the Black Sea at the weekend in order to boost his flagging popularity ratings before an election next year.

Oil slipped to below $60 a barrel on Wednesday, pressured by rising U.S. inventories and doubts over whether an OPEC-led output cut will be agreed next week.

A Chinese scientist at the center of an ethical storm over what he claims are the world’s first genetically edited babies said on Wednesday he is proud of his work and revealed there was a second “potential” pregnancy as part of the research.

Daimler will start building electric cars in China next year as a way to meet Beijing’s stringent anti-pollution quotas for carmakers, even as demand for conventional models like the Mercedes-Benz Maybach remains strong.

AP Top Stories

Monday, November 26, was Amazon’s single biggest shopping day in the company’s history, with consumers purchasing over 180 million items during the ‘Turkey 5′, the company’s name for the five days of shopping from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

The Trump administration has put the safety of thousands of teens at a migrant detention camp at risk by waiving FBI fingerprint checks for their caregivers and short-staffing mental health workers, according to an Associated Press investigation and a new federal watchdog report. None of the 2,100 staffers at a tent city holding more than 2,300 teens in the remote Texas desert are going through rigorous FBI fingerprint background checks.

Mexico deported scores of Central American migrants arrested after hundreds forced their way through a Mexican police blockade and headed for the United States but were met with tear gas and rubber bullets.

The United Nations on Monday announced $9.2 million in health and nutritional aid for crisis-stricken Venezuela, where hunger and preventable disease are soaring amid the collapse of the country’s socialist economic system.

Syrian workers have exhumed more than 500 bodies from one of the largest mass graves near the northern city of Raqqa, once the capital of the Islamic State group’s self-styled caliphate, and are still uncovering remains, a local official said Tuesday.

Clergy and laypeople chimed in on social media Monday to express their dismay at border agents’ decision to fire tear gas at hundreds of migrants ― including children ― as they attempted to forcefully breach a fence at the San Ysidro border crossing Sunday.

Five international charities on Monday urged the United States to halt all military support for a Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen’s Shiite rebels, saying it would save millions of lives.

The Trump administration on Tuesday added the first lady of Nicaragua and one of her senior aides to a sanctions list as part of its effort to increase pressure on President Daniel Ortega’s government for its violent response to a political crisis.

At least 29 people were wounded Wednesday when a women bomber blew herself up in a border town in Cameroon’s Far North, a region frequently hit by Boko Haram jihadists.

The Netherlands’ state-run rail company NS has agreed to set up a commission to compensate Holocaust survivors and their relatives for transporting Jews to a Nazi transit camp. Some 107,000 Jews were taken to Westerbork and deported, mainly to deaths camps at Auschwitz and Sobibor. Only 5,000 survived.


Thousands of Australians have been told to evacuate their homes as powerful bushfires threaten properties in Queensland. The state’s fire danger warning has been raised to “catastrophic” – the highest level – for the first time. More than 130 bushfires are burning across Queensland.


Al Gore will host a 24-hour broadcast special on climate change next month featuring celebrities and musical performances by artists that include Moby and the Goo Goo Dolls.

A Moscow clinic which says it performs female genital cutting came under fire on Tuesday as campaigners called for it to be prosecuted for carrying out the harmful practice.

Tired of seeing their holy texts used to justify the subjugation of women, a group of feminist theologians from across the Protestant-Catholic divide have joined forces to draft “A Women’s Bible”.

Belgian officials are investigating whether doctors improperly euthanized a woman with autism, the first criminal investigation in a euthanasia case since the practice was legalized in 2002.

News – 11/28/2018

Trump: U.S. troops will remain in the Middle East for Israel
“We have reached a point where we don’t have to stay in the Middle East. One reason to stay is Israel,” US president Donald Trump said on Tuesday evening in an exclusive interview with The Washington Post.

9,000-year-old stone mask discovered in southern Hebron Hills
The mask is made of pinkish-yellow limestone, shaped with stone tools to resemble a human face, according to the Antiquities Authority. Four holes had been drilled along the mask’s perimeter, probably in order to display the mask on a pole or to thread string to tie the mask onto the face.

California Democrat Delegate Calls for Israel to be ‘Terminated’
A delegate to the California Democratic Party posted a tweet equating Israel with Iran while calling for both countries to be “terminated.” Ayloush tweeted in response that both Israel and Iran were “murderous regimes” that need to be “terminated.” Ayloush’s tweet is still online, indicating that Twitter does not consider it to be in violation of their guideline prohibiting “dehumanizing speech.”

New IDF brigade formed to protect Israel’s border with Egypt’s Sinai
A new brigade in Israel’s southern front has been established to guard the border with Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula… The Paran Brigade will incorporate the IDF’s co-ed Caracal and Bardalas battalions and will be commanded by Col.Eli Yitzhak Ben Bashat. “It’s establishment is part of the process of integrating the border defense battalions into routine security missions, in a way that provides a qualitative response to missions,” the IDF said in a statement…

Netanyahu to elite commandos: IDF strength ‘best answer’ to antisemitism
Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with elite commando troops Tuesday evening during a major ten day long brigade-level drill and said that Israel’s military strength was the Jew’s “best answer” to antisemitism. “Once we were a leaf blown in the wind and anyone could massacre us. Today we have strength to respond,” he said…

Russia’s S-400 diplomacy: Moscow deploys air defense system to Crimea
In the wake of the Kerch Straits crises, where Russia detained three Ukrainian navy boats…Moscow now may deploy the S-400 air defense system to Crimea. The S-400 could be operational in the tense area by the end of the year. The deployment is part of a larger Moscow strategy that sees the S-400, and its less advanced cousin the S-300, as a form of military-diplomacy to carve out a sphere of influence from Damascus to the Don.

Trump: U.S. troops will remain in the Middle East for Israel
“We have reached a point where we don’t have to stay in the Middle East. One reason to stay is Israel,” US president Donald Trump said… Trump made this comment when he spoke about the possibility of US forces withdrawing from the Middle East. He said that the lower price of oil would be a reason for US troops to withdraw from the Middle East region. “Oil is becoming less and less of a reason because we’re producing more oil now than we’ve ever produced,” he said.

Queensland bushfires: Thousands told to flee ‘catastrophic’ threat
Thousands of Australians have been told to evacuate their homes as powerful bushfires threaten properties in Queensland. The state’s fire danger warning has been raised to “catastrophic” – the highest level – for the first time. More than 130 bushfires are burning across Queensland, fuelled by strong winds, a heatwave and dry vegetation.

Sydney storms: Two killed amid flash-flooding chaos
Sydney has been deluged by the heaviest November rain it has experienced in decades, causing flash-flooding, traffic chaos and power cuts. Heavy rain fell throughout Wednesday, the city at one point receiving its average monthly rainfall in two hours. Officials said dozens of vehicles crashed in the stormy conditions, with winds of up to 90km/h (55mph) also recorded.

Big Tech Expands Footprint in Health
Amazon.com Inc. AMZN 0.01% is starting to sell software that mines patient medical records for information doctors and hospitals could use to improve treatment and cut costs. The move is the latest by a big technology company into health care, an industry where it sees opportunities for growth. The market for storing and analyzing health information is worth more than $7 billion a year…

Belgium investigates doctors who euthanized autistic woman
Belgian officials are investigating whether doctors improperly euthanized a woman with autism, the first criminal investigation in a euthanasia case since the practice was legalized in 2002… Three doctors…are being investigated on suspicion of having “poisoned” Tine Nys in 2010. The 38-year-old had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome…two months before she was euthanized by a doctor in an apparently legal killing that she had asked for.

Anthem among health insurers refusing to pay ER bills, doctors say
…Brittany Cloyd…said she experienced pain “worse than childbirth.” Her mother…drove her to the nearest emergency room. Brittany thought her appendix had burst, but tests at the ER found she had ovarian cysts…Cloyd had an Anthem Blue Cross PPO health insurance plan and thought she would get charged just a co-pay…Instead…she received a letter…”Your condition does not meet the definition of emergency,”…She was responsible for the total ER bill — $12,596.

S. Korea to buy Israeli radar to deter North despite thaw
South Korea plans to buy two Israeli early warning radar systems, it said on Tuesday, as it reinforces air defenses against North Korea despite fast-improving relations. The decision to adopt the two Green Pine Block C radar systems, built by ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, was made at a defense acquisition committee, Seoul’s arms procurement agency, DAPA, said.

China, vying with U.S. in Latin America, eyes Argentina nuclear deal
Argentina and China are aiming to close a deal within days for the construction of the South American nation’s fourth nuclear power plant, a multi-billion dollar project that would cement Beijing’s deepening influence in a key regional U.S. ally. Argentina hopes to announce an agreement on the Chinese-financed construction of the Atucha III nuclear power plant during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit on Sunday…

Contender: Saudi Arabia nabs new China oil demand, challenges Russia’s top spot
Saudi Arabia is set to expand its market share in China this year for the first time since 2012, with demand stirred up by new Chinese refiners pushing the kingdom back into contention with Russia as top supplier to the world’s largest oil buyer. Saudi Arabia, the biggest global oil exporter, has been surpassed by Russia as top crude supplier to China the past two years as private “teapot” refiners and a new pipeline drove up demand for Russian oil.

Massive financial windfall for Israel, as a natural gas pipeline will bring gas from the Jewish State to Europe
Historic agreement reached to lay gas pipeline connecting Israel and Europe.

Chancellor Merkel takes a swipe at Trump and other right-wing leaders by calling for a one world government that would have sovereignty over countries
…what she said this week should send a chill into the bones of any patriot in any nation from the U.S> to the U.K. As Chancellor Merkel is on her way out as the head of Germany she has no need any longer to hide her true intentions and those intentions include a one world government.

Islamic Sheikh says the Koran is clear that G-d gave Israel to the Jews and NOT the Muslims
The verses that Muslims would demand to be erased from the Koran…

GROUNDBREAKING: Israeli Researchers Have Invented Personalized Tissue Implants Made with Patient’s Own Cells
Israeli researchers report that they have invented the first fully personalized tissue implant, engineered from a patient’s own materials and cells. The new technology makes it possible to engineer any kind of tissue implant, for the spinal cord, to the heart, or brain, from one small fatty tissue biopsy.

PARIS IS BURNING: Riots have engulfed France’s capital, as the city teeters on the brink of war
TEAR gas and water cannons have been fired by riot police in France amid a desperate struggle to control violent protests of more than 30,000 residents angry at President Emmanuel Macron over rising fuel prices.

Iran’s President calls for Muslims around the world to unite and destroy the United States
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday called on the world’s Muslims to unite against the United States, as his country grapples with another round of sanctions recently reimposed by the Trump administration.

Australian capital installs same-sex silhouettes in pedestrian lights
Walking same-sex couples signals were installed in green pedestrian lights in a suburb of Australia’s capital city earlier this month as part of a city initiative to recognize the diversity of the community, The Canberra Times reported.

Curtain lifted on students ordered to hide while praying
A school district in Texas has reversed its instructions that students who wanted to pray during their lunch break had to go hide behind a cafeteria curtain, move to an empty gym, or go outside.

Google accused of covertly tracking users
Google has been covertly tracking users’ movements in violation of European Union regulations, seven European consumer groups are charging in complaints.

White House: Federal Climate Change Report ‘Not Based on Facts’ Or Data
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders criticized a new climate-change report as “not based on facts,” and “not data-driven” – as the Trump administration’s repudiation the statement created by 13 federal agencies.

CARAVAN UPDATE: DHS Says Group Now Numbers 8,500, 90% Ineligible for Asylum, More ‘On Their Way’
The Department of Homeland Security issued a new statement on the ‘migrant caravan’ at the United States’ southern border Tuesday; saying the “overwhelming majority” of immigrants are not eligible for asylum.

Paralyzing Polio-Like Virus Outbreak Confirmed in 31 States, Officials Report
A rare ‘polio-like’ acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) has infected more children in the US has risen to 116, CDC officials have confirmed.

Google Blocks ‘Offensive’ Gender Pronouns Including ‘Him’ and ‘Her’
Search giant Google is removing gender pronouns from its prominent predictive text feature in the Gmail platform because suggesting the wrong sex may cause offense in some users.

British goverment ‘breaks promises’ and will sign UN Migration Pact
The UN Migration Pact has surely caused an international uproar. Countries choosing not to sign it having confirmed, or indicating they are rethinking signing, are Australia, Poland, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Croatia all following the United States’ lead in withdrawing.

Mom Dresses 6-Year-Old Son As Girl, Threatens Dad For Disagreeing
…In their divorce proceedings, the mother has charged the father with child abuse for not affirming James as transgender, has sought restraining orders against him, and is seeking to terminate his parental rights. She is also seeking to require him to pay for the child’s visits to a transgender-affirming therapist and transgender medical alterations, which may include hormonal sterilization starting at age eight.

Cryptocurrency is a globalist scam for total control over the world’s money, with total transactional surveillance
From the moment they were debuted, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been touted as decentralized, freedom-oriented alternatives to traditional fiat “funny money” like Federal Reserve Notes that are controlled from the top down by private central banks. But the truth of the matter is that cryptocurrencies are actually much worse than fiat currencies in terms of the level of control they afford to globalist interests.

Mid-Day Snapshot

The Foundation

“In politics, as in religion, it is equally absurd to aim at making proselytes by fire and sword. Heresies in either can rarely be cured by persecution.” —Alexander Hamilton (1787)

The Race in Mississippi Was All About Race

Democrat race-baiters intent on division tried to paint Cindy Hyde-Smith as a racist.

Democrats Outraged at Betrayal by Black Men, White Women

The party is still practically trying to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act.

Another MSM ‘Bombshell’ on Trump/Russia Collusion Falls Apart

As Mueller pulls the Manafort plea deal, the MSM peddles another story to prop up the collusion narrative.

The Justices and the Frog

The Supreme Court struck down an Obama land grab for the dusky gopher frog.

How the Establishment Can Win Back the MAGA Wing

Republican infighting continues to be one of the biggest hurdles for the Grand Old Party.

That Failure Known as the ‘War on Poverty’

LBJ’s signature accomplishment has only produced more government dependency.

Republicans Need to Court Ex-Felon Voters

“For both their sake and ours, we all will benefit from calling on the best of our human instincts.”

‘The Clinton Affair,’ Redux

A&E recently released a six-part mini-series on Bill Clinton’s scandals.

Video: If You Storm Our Border, You’re Not an Immigrant — You’re an Invader

The Leftmedia won’t tell you the truth. MRC’s Brittany Hughes will.

Wednesday Short Cuts

“The genius of capitalism is it’s the only system that doesn’t rely on anyone’s benevolence.” —Frank Fleming

Wednesday Top Headlines

GOP adds Senate clout, migrant fraud, border wall demands, GM subsidies, frog habitats, and more.

Today’s Opinion

Byron York
Why Not Build a Border Barrier — It’s the Law
Ben Shapiro
‘Medicare-for-All’ Is No Health Care Cure-All
Star Parker
When Democrats Win, Freedom Loses
Michelle Malkin
Silicon Valley Sharia
Walter E. Williams
Black Education: What Makes Sense?

Today’s Meme

Today’s Cartoon

Headlines – 11/28/2018

UN envoy: Trump peace plan ‘completed,’ to be unveiled in early 2019

Trump: Israel is one reason we’re staying in the Middle East

Pro-Israel Groups Expose Rand Paul as Blocking U.S. Aid to Israel

43% of Dutch Jews say they hide their ethnic identity

CNN poll: Over 20% of Europeans say Jews have ‘too much influence’ worldwide

Yad Vashem, Israel’s National Holocaust Memorial, ‘Deeply Concerned’ by Findings of CNN Poll of European Antisemitism

Netanyahu on CNN Poll: New anti-Semitism Comes From Extreme Left and Radical Islam

Netanyahu: Denying Israel’s right to exist is the ‘ultimate’ anti-Semitism

Netanyahu to elite troops: Once they could slaughter us, today we can respond

Netanyahu: ‘We are overcoming our enemies’

US lobbies Europe to back United Nations vote on condemning Hamas

Report: Hamas nears reconciliation with PA, calls for elections

Hamas releases statement thanking Iran for ‘supporting Gaza return marches’

Iran ‘adopts’ families of Gazans killed and wounded in border clashes

Iran’s nuclear chief Salehi: We are running out of patience with EU

Ambulances ‘repeatedly targeted’ in Syria conflict, study says

Israeli envoy said to meet with Sudan officials, offer aid in bid for new ties

Saudi Crown Prince Met by Protests in Tunisia Over Khashoggi Killing

Russia Says Will Deploy New S-400 Missile Systems in Crimea

Ukraine is woefully unprepared to wage a fight with Russia at sea

Ukraine has created an ‘artificial conflict’ with Russia, VTB Bank chief says

Russia would ‘pay a huge price’ if it invades us, Ukraine’s president warns

Trump threatens to cancel summit with Putin because of Russia’s maritime clash with Ukraine

Mexico to grant highest honor to Jared Kushner for ‘significant contributions’ in renegotiating NAFTA

Trump defends use of ‘very safe’ tear gas on migrants at Mexican-US border

Nielsen Calls Gassed Migrant Children ‘Human Shields,’ as Mexico Calls for Full Investigation

Google employees push to halt creation of censored search engine for China

Google accused of manipulation to track users

Big Tech Expands Footprint in Health

Trump’s tariff talks weighs on global stock markets

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Ile Hunter, New Caledonia

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits North of Ascension Island

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits in the North Atlantic Ocean

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Shizunai, Japan

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Panguna, Papua New Guinea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Panguna, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 18,000ft

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 14,000ft

Nevados De Chillan volcano in Chile erupts to 14,000ft

Storm Diana: Thousands without power and number of flights cancelled as Ireland hit with winds of 130km/h

Sydney suffers heaviest rainfall in years amid extreme weather across Australia

Sydney weather: second person dies as flooding causes chaos across region

It’s Been One of the Most Miserable Starts to Winter on Record

Ebola Treatment Trials Launched In Democratic Republic Of The Congo Amid Outbreak

Scientist claiming gene-edited babies reports 2nd pregnancy

Belgium investigates doctors who euthanized autistic woman

Apostasy Watch Daily News

Incomprehensible Evangelicals and the Death of John Allen Chau

Is The Bible The Original Communist Manifesto? Does Christian = Socialist?

Abortion: An American Institution Built on Lies

How Jesuits and George Soros Are Instigating the American Border Crisis

Lance Wallnau Implies Success of Trump on Same Level as Success of the Church

DA adds evangelical university to fraud case against Christian Post owners

‘Flying preacher’ responds to critics after zip-line sermon goes viral

Drag queen admits he’s ‘grooming’ children at story hour events

Belgium: Doctors Euthanize 38 Year-Old Woman Dealing With Depression Instead of Treating Her

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November 28 Sensing the Urgency

“You have left your first love.”

Revelations 2:4


A wise person loves Christ supremely.

Because the days were evil, the apostle Paul wanted the church at Ephesus to make the most of their time and walk wisely (Eph. 5:15–16). A little more than thirty years after Paul wrote his letter to the Ephesian church, the apostle John wrote more to them, saying, “You have left your first love…. Repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I [Christ] am coming to you, and will remove your lampstand out of its place—unless you repent” (Rev. 2:4–5). But the Ephesians did not repent, and the lampstand was removed. Their time was shorter than they believed, because the evil was so great. Their church fell prey to the time in which they lived and, not sensing the urgency to return to its first love, eventually went out of existence.

I believe we need to have a sense of urgency in the evil days in which we live. I don’t know what’s going to happen to Christianity in America, but I’ve asked God that if it takes persecution to bring us to the place where we get a grip on what we ought to be, then let it happen. In many cases throughout history, the church has thrived better under persecution than it has under affluence. As the church father Tertullian once said, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.”

I’m not specifically asking that the church be persecuted. I’m saying that sometimes we don’t sense the urgency of our evil day because we are sucked into the world’s system, and the lines of conviction aren’t clearly drawn. It’s an evil day in which we live, and the time is short. We need to realize that “evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse” (2 Tim. 3:13). The situation is not going to become better. The world is blacker and more expressive of its vices than ever before. We must have a sense of urgency and redeem the time.


Suggestions for Prayer: In Psalm 145, King David expressed his love for the Lord. Make his psalm your prayer and an expression of your love to God.

For Further Study: Read in Revelation 2–3 what the Lord says to the seven churches in Asia, noting what He approves and disapproves.[1]

[1] MacArthur, J. (1997). Strength for today. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books.

November 28 Daily Help

WE are none of us so much awake as we should be. With a perishing world around us, to sleep is cruel. Oh, that we may leave forever the couch of ease, and go forth with flaming torches to meet the coming Bridegroom! My heart waketh. This is a happy sign. Life is not extinct, though sadly smothered. When our renewed heart struggles against our natural heaviness, we should be grateful to sovereign grace for keeping a little vitality within the body of this death. Jesus will hear our hearts, will help our hearts, will visit our hearts; for the voice of the wakeful heart is really the voice of our Beloved, saying, “Open to me.” Holy zeal will surely unbar the door.[1]

[1] Spurgeon, C. H. (1892). Daily Help (p. 336). Baltimore: R. H. Woodward & Company.

Clintons’ speaking tour event in Toronto had 83% of the seats empty

Apparently the Clintons’ political life is set to end not with a bang but a whimper. I wonder what kind of envy Bill and Hillary Clinton experienced over the jam-packed arenas — with thousands listening outside – that President Trump always has, as they gazed out at the more than 15,000 empty seats facing them last night in Toronto on their stadium speaking tour. Even though curtains were erected cutting the arena in half, the vacant seats far outnumbered the occupied ones. The

Screen grab

 Perhaps even more humiliating, while ticket prices began at $53 (Canadian), the

The program featured the Clintons talking with Frank McKenna, Deputy Chair of TD Bank, and according to the Daily Mail, “a former Canadian ambassador to the U.S., was also a major Clinton Foundation donor, and was featured in the book, ‘Clinton Cash.’”

While 3300 tickets sold at prices ranging from $53 to over $200 still yields a healthy payday, even after expenses, the optics are terrible. Clinton-friendly

And even Democrats loyal to the Clintons are questioning the decision to embark on the tour.

“I just think the optics of going to an event where people are paying to see them, and they are financially gaining from this, I am not sure that is the right way to reingratiate them back into the public sphere,” said a former Clinton aide. “They haven’t gone away, and I don’t want them to go away, but I am not sure this is the right venue from an optics standpoint.”

The very progressive

But what in the world are they doing with this Live Nation production, a Clinton-times-two odyssey, which began in Las Vegas a fortnight ago and trucks on into Montreal next, 13 stops in all this year and next, three of them north of the border?

Surely they can’t need the money, although the stench of avarice has long clung to Hillary. According to Forbes, they’ve racked up $240 million (U.S.) since departing 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2001, when Bill Clinton claimed they were broke, so much of their personal finances spent defending himself against civil law suits and impeachment.

It is unclear whither the profits from what has been billed as “An Evening with the Clintons” — projected gate $120 million — with tickets topping out at $745.50 per seat, depending on the city. Joint conversations to share “stories and inspiring anecdotes that shaped their historic careers,” as per the event PR bumpf.

According to media accounts, President Trump loomed over the vent, the subject of frequent disparaging comments by the former power couple. And Monica Lewinsky was never mentioned.

But making a return appearance was Hillary Clinton’s coughing fit. Martin Walsh of

Hillary was asked a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly interfering in the 2016 presidential election.

Before she could begin her usual spill about how Russia cost her the election, Clinton was completely overtaken by an uncontrollable cough.

As Clinton couldn’t shake the cough for several seconds, the moderator asked her husband, former President Bill Clinton, about climate change.

While the moderator was speaking with the former president, Hillary could not stop coughing and compose herself.

The Clintons have wildly overestimated their mass appeal. Maybe they should try dinner theatres.
— Read on www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/11/clintons_speaking_tour_event_in_toronto_had_83_of_the_seats_empty.html

Why You Can’t Have Justification without Sanctification | Crossway Articles

Heaven without Transformation

I think there are two main misunderstandings people have of the central idea of reformation with which Luther and the Reformers started. 

The first is that justification is abstracted from the person of Christ. The problem there is that I might hear a message of salvation saying You can have righteousness and assume that means You can have eternal life—for free. I could then preach a message saying Have eternal life. Have heaven for free. All you need to do is say yes.

People would think Well, I love myself. I want good things for me. I want heaven for me, not hell. So, I say yes. But then they’re never transformed.

If you’re united with Christ and therefore have the righteousness of Christ, it is impossible for you not to be transformed.

Justification and Union

The Reformers never took justification out of union with Christ. Martin Luther said through faith in Christ, we receive the righteousness of Christ, or rather, we receive Christ himself. By receiving Christ himself, we receive his righteousness and his Spirit, who transforms us—meaning that if you’re united with Christ, and therefore have the righteousness of Christ, it is impossible for you not to be transformed.

That’s a key misunderstanding of justification that was thrown out by the Roman Catholic Church to the Reformers. If you preach salvation by grace alone, there will be no motivation for holiness. 

John Calvin was the first to respond to a Roman Catholic cardinal about this very clearly. He said, You’ve taken Christ out. By being united to Christ, we don’t have some abstract blessing called heaven. We have his righteousness and we have him. We want to live his life, we have his Spirit who transforms us into his image.

Justification was never taught by the mainstream Reformers as something that could leave you untransformed.

Michael Reeves (PhD, King’s College, London) is president and professor of theology at Union School of Theology in Oxford. He is the author of Delighting in the Trinity, Rejoicing in Christ, and The Unquenchable Flame: Discovering the Heart of the Reformation.

Related Articles

— Read on www.crossway.org/articles/why-you-cant-have-justification-without-sanctification/

Trump ‘defends the faith,’ has ‘admitted his faults,’ says Franklin Graham

Rev. Franklin Graham during the response to flood victims in Baton Rouge, LA, joined by Donald Trump came by to see for himself the devastation and the work Samaritan’s Purse was doing at the time. | Facebook / Franklin Graham

Prominent evangelical leader the Rev. Franklin Graham has reiterated his support for President Donald Trump, explaining in recent comments that the commander-in-chief “defends the faith.”

In a recent interview with Axios on HBO, excerpts of which were posted online on Sunday, the head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association talked about various topics including President Trump.

“Now people say ‘Well Frank but how can you defend him, when he’s lived such a sordid life?’ I never said he was the best example of the Christian faith,” said Graham. “He defends the faith. And I appreciate that very much.”

“Trump has admitted his faults and has apologized to his wife and his daughter for things he has done and said. And he has to stand before God for those things.”

Graham also rejected concerns that American Christianity, including evangelicalism, was becoming too closely associated with the Republican Party.

“I’m going to support politicians that are going to support the Christian faith whether they’re Democrats, Republicans, independents,” continued Graham.

“Politicians that are going to guarantee my freedom of worship. And I appreciate the president has appointed now two conservative judges that are going to defend religious freedom, so amen to that.”

Graham has periodically been criticized, sometimes even by fellow social conservatives, for his strong support of Trump, even amid revelations of moral failings on the president’s part.

For example, Peter Wehner‏, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center think tank, took to Twitter in January to criticize Graham’s defense of Trump regarding the Stormy Daniels pornstar payoff controversy.

“Watching Franklin Graham do all he can to yet again shield Trump from criticism, after having done the same thing on behalf of Roy Moore, is painful, discouraging and corrosive to the Christian witness,” wrote Wehner. “The best you can say is he’s blind to the damage.”

Julie Roys, conservative Christian author and former host of Moody Radio’s “Up For Debate,” took to social media on Monday to say that she partly agreed and partly disagreed with Graham’s comments.

“Like Graham, I appreciate that Donald J. Trump defends Christians and religious liberty,” wrote Roys on her official Facebook page. “Trump has been a faithful supporter of policies near and dear to evangelicals and for that, I am grateful.”

“But I disagree with Graham that Trump’s treatment of women is a moot point simply because he apologized to his wife and daughters. Has he apologized to the women he abused and tried to make restitution? Hardly.”

Roys added that she wished that “we evangelicals could praise our current president for what he does right, yet hold him accountable when he does wrong.”

“I think we’d maintain a lot more credibility with the public if we did that. Plus, I think that’s what Jesus would do. I can’t see Him giving blanket support to any candidate,” Roys added. 

— Read on www.christianpost.com/news/trump-defends-the-faith-has-admitted-his-faults-says-franklin-graham.html

Christmas, St Andrews Day, Transmania and Praying for the Nation – the Janet Parshall Show — TheWeeFlea.com

In this week of prayer it was good to talk with Janet Parshall about the last couple of blogs – namely Transmania and Praying for the Nation – as well as a wee discussion on celebrating Christmas and New Year in Scotland and St Andrews Day….the discussion started off light and got pretty heavy and serious….I hope it was helpful…

You can listen to the whole programme here. 


Cakes and Crimes – In the Market with Janet Parshall

Christmas, St Andrews Day, Transmania and Praying for the Nation – the Janet Parshall Show — TheWeeFlea.com