When the Truth is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Tell the Truth

Americans are now exposed to non-stop lies, deception, manipulation, disinformation, and outright propaganda 24/7, 365 days a year from the controlled media (television news, the print media, the Internet, social media, etc.); from the government – which is essentially incapable of telling the truth; from the leftist controlled public school system; from the pharmaceutical industry and CDC; and from the great majority of Washington politicians in both major parties.

Truth and honesty today are scarce commodities in America. The globalists and political left control all major information outlets through six huge Establishment controlled corporations. The exception are a few dozen alternate media sites on the Internet, a few hundred small anti-Establishment blogs, a handful of newsletters like this one, and a number of conservative radio or TV talk shows around the country. And the Establishment is making draconian efforts at this time to censor and close down all conservative information sources on the Internet and social media.

Total censorship of all alternate (non-Establishment, non-leftist) information sources is fast approaching, and in the next few years the leftist/Establishment monopoly of lies and disinformation may be total – as was the case in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. And telling the truth may get you jailed or worseRemember George Orwell’s 1984, where all words were twisted (i.e., “slavery” was called “freedom”; “war” was called “peace”; “hate” was called “love”; “evil government” was called “Big Brother”; and “total surveillance” [even in one’s house] was called “privacy.”) More and more, that describes America in 2018.

The political left, which always accuses their opposition of doing what they themselves are doing, is the master of fake news – even as they accuse the conservatives of faking all of their reporting. And sadly, the majority of America is buying into the lies and disinformation, and can no longer tell the difference between the real and the fake – or recognize what is true and what is false. And it should be noted that the lies and disinformation are very slick, sophisticated, effective, and presented in the media in a very believable and convincing way.

(Excerpt from McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, May 2018)

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