KILLER ROBOTS: It’s Not Science Fiction Anymore

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Having just written an article on AI robots and how they are being programmed by many corrupt and immoral people, I just read about the new AI Arms Race. To say that this is disconcerting is a gross understatement.

Conventional warfare is going to be obsolete.  The major nuclear powers in the world are developing killer AI robots which are able to make decisions apart from human intervention.

We have to understand that not all AI “bots” walk on two legs. Some are unmanned stealth fighter jets, some are tanks – some are drones.

Under Obama’s reign, it is said that he decimated our military – manpower and weaponry.  But isn’t it interesting that it was in 2016 when the Pentagon aggressively entered the AI warfare race?  I’ll let the reader ponder that.


Killer robots: pressure builds for ban as governments meet

Countries spending billions on ‘third revolution…

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