The evil of the Roman Catholic hierarchy “would make the Mafia blush” — Triablogue

I urge you to watch this. It’s only six minutes long, but it would be hard to find a Protestant who has ever said more scathing things about the Roman Catholic hierarchy, than Michael Voris says here.

What’s really amazing is that, because Voris has had interactions with federal and state investigators, what he says here is no doubt highly factual.

Some of his phraseology:

The institution … operates as an international organized crime syndicate that has access to enormous amounts of wealth from multiple sources …

Consider the effects of compound interest for a 1500 year old organization.

… [This syndicate within the hierarchy] flies under the cover of “religion”, and under that cover, has been unexamined and unchecked for the past half century …

Ok, I would extend that to about 1000 years … “unchecked” since the eastern churches broke off from Rome in about 1054 AD, leaving Rome not merely the “first among equals”, but simply “the first” in its part of the world (western Europe).

… To a man (among prosecutors and investigators), they are all coming to the conclusion that this evil monster that has seized operational control of the church is far-flung, and motivated by sexual and financial corruption on a scale that staggers even these veterans … There is a corrupt, organized, criminal syndicate running the church, putting itself in place for decades now. A criminal syndicate that would make the mafia blush with shame …

These investigations will be going on for years, and they will be in the major news media for years to come. It is hard to imagine where it will all end.

You can tell a tree by its fruit.

via The evil of the Roman Catholic hierarchy “would make the Mafia blush” — Triablogue

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