Brannon Howse: December 26, 2018

Brannon plays a portion of the briefing that Clare Lopez gave at our November, 2018 National Security Briefing. Clare explains that Turkey is now in a partnership with Iran, and Russia. Clare also tells us about the on the ground reports of Turkey giving assistance to ISIS. President Trump has declared that Turkey will take over the fight against ISIS in Syria and yet it appears that Turkey is aligned with Hamas while also giving assistance to ISIS. Clare explains how Turkey is working with a group of Islamists that want to see the total destruction of Israel. Topic: Clare reports on how Germany now has Turkish Sharia patrols. How long before Sharia patrols funded by foreign governments are seen on the streets of America? Topic: We take your calls.

download (size: 20 MB )

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Source: Brannon Howse: December 26, 2018

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