December 27, 2018 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


President Donald Trump made a surprise Christmas visit to U.S. troops in Iraq on Wednesday, his first trip to a conflict zone nearly two years into his presidency and days after announcing a pullout of American troops from neighboring Syria.

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he is prepared to wait as long as it takes to get $5 billion from taxpayers for his U.S.-Mexico border wall, a demand that has triggered a partial shutdown of the federal government that is now in its fifth day.

The head of the U.S. Federal Reserve faces no risk of losing his job and President Donald Trump is happy with his Treasury secretary, a White House official said in an apparent attempt to calm Wall Street nerves frayed by Trump’s criticism of the Fed.

President Donald Trump is considering an executive order in the New Year to declare a national emergency that would bar U.S. companies from using telecommunications equipment made by China’s Huawei and ZTE.

A former Israeli armed forces chief who poses the toughest challenge to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bid for reelection next year formally established a political party on Thursday.

Three Central Asian men have been charged in Sweden with plotting to commit terrorist crimes as well as – along with three others – financing the Islamic State militant group.

Democratic Republic of Congo’s health ministry said that 24 patients fled an Ebola treatment center in Beni on Thursday when it came under attack by people protesting the cancellation of Sunday’s presidential election in the eastern city.

A middle-aged Indian woman attacked her alleged stalker and cut off his genitals before rushing him to hospital to save his life, police said on Thursday.

Oil prices fell on Thursday after rebounding 8 percent in the previous session, as worries over a glut in crude supply and concerns over a faltering global economy pressured prices.

The number of Americans filing applications for jobless benefits fell last week to near a 49-year low, pointing to underlying strength in the labor market. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped 1,000 to a seasonally adjusted 216,000 for the week ended Dec. 22.

China and the United States have made plans for face-to-face consultations over trade in January, the Chinese commerce ministry said on Thursday, as the world’s two biggest economies advanced efforts to resolve a months-long trade war.

AP Top Stories

Indonesian authorities urged people to avoid the coast in areas where a tsunami killed at least 430 people over the weekend in a fresh warning issued on the anniversary of the catastrophic 2004 Asian earthquake and tsunami.

A Chinese court will try a Canadian citizen on drugs charges, a government-run news portal said, in a case that could further test already difficult relations between Beijing and Ottawa.

A South Korean delegation left for North Korea on Wednesday to attend a groundbreaking ceremony for reconnecting roads and railways across the divided peninsula despite stalled denuclearization talks.

A withdrawal of American ground forces in Syria will give Turkey freer rein to target Washington’s Kurdish partners in the fight against jihadists but analysts doubt Ankara’s capacity to “eradicate” the Islamic State extremist group.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia ordered a major government reshuffle Thursday, replacing the ministers of foreign affairs and information, a royal decree said.

An independent union of Sudanese journalists launched a strike Thursday in support of “legitimate” popular demands for freedom and democracy, the latest in a series of work stoppages and protests calling for longtime President Omar Bashir to step down.

The Israeli military on Wednesday destroyed another cross-border tunnel it says was built by Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group, sending a loud explosion throughout the volatile area.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers released another 500 migrants in Texas and New Mexico. Shelters in the border towns say they’re overwhelmed and running out of space.


Seven years after Germany scrapped conscription, its defense chief has said employing EU citizens is “an option” to fill expert posts.

A 33-year-old American man has become the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unassisted. Explorer Colin O’Brady finished in 53 days, ahead of British Army Captain Louis Rudd, 49, after an epic race across the ice.

An Argentine radio host accused of misogynist diatribes has been ordered to host a feminist guest every week for five months as part of a deal with prosecutors, reports say. Angel Etchecopar must not interrupt his guests for 10 minutes, nor can he criticize them after they finish. It comes after prosecutors accused him of gender discrimination.

The alert level for Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau volcano has been raised to the second-highest level possible, after a series of eruptions. All flights around the volcano have been rerouted and a three-mile exclusion zone has also been imposed.


Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the impending deployment Wednesday of a new hypersonic nuclear-capable missile system that he claims will evade American defenses worldwide, dramatically upping the ante of a growing high-tech arms race with Washington.

More than 3,700 patients who had procedures at HealthPlus Surgery Center in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, may have been exposed to blood-borne illnesses such as HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, according to a statement from the center.

The University of Florida is being sued for favoring some speech, giving liberal students generous budgets to promote their ideology on campus but restricting the 1st Amendment for conservatives.

News – 12/27/2018

2018: Top Natural Phenomena Heralding the Messiah

In an era when many anticipate the imminent outbreak of the pre-Messianic War of God and Magog, it is no surprise that the earth is shrugging its shoulders, preparing for the great battle.

Drama in the Skies Above Damascus

There was drama in the skies above Damascus Tuesday night as IAF fighter planes attacked strategic targets in and around the Syrian capital. The Israel Air Force (IAF) was reported to have struck several targets inside Syria Tuesday night, as the regional game of chess following the United States’ announced pull-out from Syria begins to take shape. The main target of the IAF strike was alleged to have been an aircraft carrying several Hezbollah leaders on their way to a meeting in Iran.

The DRC’s Ebola Outbreak Is an End-of-Year Nightmare

Six months after the first case of Ebola was confirmed in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s conflict-torn border province of North Kivu, the outbreak is still raging, leaving a trail of fractured families and hundreds of orphans in its wake. As of December 20, more than 512 cases have been confirmed and 288 people have succumbed to the deadly virus, making it the second-largest outbreak in history.

Syria accuses Israel of attacking Damascus

The report quoted a military source as saying that the Israeli attack was directed against weapons depots and that three soldiers were wounded.

Netanyahu: Israel won’t let Iran take root in Syria

Israel will not let Iran embed its troops in Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday, a day after an airstrike attributed to Israel reportedly targeted Hezbollah or Iranian weapons depots in the war-torn country.

Netanyahu vows to keep hitting Iran in Syria: ‘We stand firmly on our red lines’

“We will not abide an Iranian entrenchment in Syria,” Netanyahu, who is also the defense minister, said at a graduation ceremony for fresh Israeli Air Force pilots at the Hatzerim air base in the south. “We are taking action against it aggressively and powerfully, including in these very days,” he said.

Satellite shows damage to Iranian bases in Syria after alleged Israeli strike

New satellite images of an Iranian weapons storehouse outside the Syrian capital of Damascus showed significant damage done to site following Israeli airstrikes against Iranian targets earlier in the week. The images, taken by ImageSat International (ISI), showed the complete destruction of the 60×15 meter storehouse which supposedly held Fajr-5 missiles at an Iranian base in the Syrian regime’s 4th Division camp in the Al-Muna area.

U.S., Israel work to block unilateral Palestinian statehood drive at U.N.

The United States and Israel are working to block a renewed Palestinian Authority drive to become a member state of the United Nations. “We are preparing to stop the initiative,” Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said. The move would effectively hand the Palestinians unilateral statehood recognition outside the context of any final status agreement with Israel.

Kurds fear Turkish-backed Syrian rebel extremists will attack as U.S. withdraws

Turkey has vowed to launch a military operation against areas controlled by the mostly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northern Syria. Turkey says it is fighting “terrorism” in its operation, however many locals are concerned that Turkish-backed Syrian rebels who seek to join the Turkish operation contain extremists in their ranks.

DR Congo election: Tear gas fired at protesters

Tear gas has been fired in Democratic Republic of Congo at protesters angry that several opposition strongholds have been left out of Sunday’s polls. Electoral officials have postponed voting in three cities until March, citing insecurity and Ebola concerns. But with the new president due to be sworn in next month, it appears the votes of more than a million people will be discounted.

Anak Krakatau: Indonesia flights rerouted as volcano alert level raised

The alert level for Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau volcano has been raised to the second-highest level possible, after a series of eruptions. All flights around the volcano have been rerouted and a 5km (three-mile) exclusion zone has also been imposed. Indonesia’s disaster management agency (BNPB) said the alert level had been raised from level two to three because of the increased volcanic activity.

Russia condemns ‘Israeli’ air strikes on Syria

Russia has branded as “provocative” an alleged Israeli air strike on Syria late on Tuesday. Reports from Syria said an arms depot in Qatifah, about 40km (25 miles) north-east of Damascus, was hit, injuring three soldiers. Israel has not commented, but after the reported strikes it said it had fired at a Syrian anti-aircraft missile. It did not report any damage or injuries.

Russia is setting up a military base on Caribbean island to host NUCLEAR BOMBERS

RUSSIA has sent supersonic bombers capable of carrying nuclear missiles to one of Venezuela’s islands in the Caribbean Sea, according to reports. This follows news earlier in the month that the former-Soviet state was planning to set up its first military base in the Caribbean after striking a deal with cash-strapped Venezuela.

The U.S.’s interest payments are about to skyrocket. Does it matter?

The Fed’s interest rate hikes are doing more than hitting consumers in the credit cards. They’re also making it much more expensive for the U.S. to carry its debt load. While they’re not currently a subject of President Trump’s Twitter outrage, America’s interest payments have become a point of concern for some on Wall Street.

Indonesia hikes danger level for deadly tsunami volcano

Indonesia on Thursday raised the danger alert level for a volcano that sparked a killer tsunami at the weekend, after previously warning that fresh activity at the crater threatened to trigger another deadly wave. Authorities also widened a no-go zone around Anak Krakatoa to five kilometres (three miles)…and warned shell-shocked residents to stay away from the coast, after more than 400 were killed by Saturday night’s killer wave.

Stormy weather: Israel hit by hail, lightning and floods

Israel was hit by a particularly wintry day Thursday as heavy rain spread from the north to the southern coastal plain. In the Western Galilee, 14 mm of rain dropped in one hour in Kibbutz Ayalon. Heavy rain also hit the Lower Galilee, the northern valleys, and the Sharon and Dan regions in the center.

IDF exposes, destroys fifth Hezbollah tunnel

The IDF Spokesmen’s unit announced on Wednesday that “IDF troops exposed an additional cross-border attack tunnel that was dug from the Shiite village of Ayta al-Shab and crossed into Israeli territory. A short while ago, the tunnel was neutralized by an explosion.” The announcement also stated that the IDF notified the heads of the relevant local authorities and UNIFIL in advance.

Globalists Call for “Celebration” of Plunging Human Fertility As War Against Humanity Accelerates

You may recall it was barely two weeks ago that the New York Times published an op-ed applauding the extermination of the human race as a way to “save the planet.” Now, The UK Guardian, a globalist-run propaganda rag that despises human freedom, has published a story saying that declining birth rates of human babies is a “cause for celebration.”

Nearly 4,000 Patients May Have Been Accidentally Exposed To HIV, Hepatitis

More than 3,000 patients at a New Jersey medical center have been told they may have been exposed to HIV, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, according to The New Jersey Department of Health.

Indonesia Tsunami Survivors Remain Jittery As Deaths Hit 429

Panicked residents, police and soldiers in this remote fishing village clobbered by a devastating weekend tsunami ran to higher ground Tuesday, shouting “Water is coming! Water is coming!” and reciting verses from the Quran as emergency messages were broadcast over mosque speakers.

Atheist group pays for Grand Junction billboard reading ‘Make Christmas Great Again …Skip Church!’

A new billboard has gone up in Grand Junction and it has people — both religious and not — talking.

This Dickens-Style Christmas Day Tour of ‘Liberal’ Los Angeles is Heartbreaking

While most of the civilized world enjoys Christmas with their loved ones, it’s easy to forget above those suffering from extreme poverty in the blue states.

CANADIAN POLICE STATE – PM Trudeau is threatening to put surveillance on people who publicly oppose mass Islamic migration

There already are reports of Royal Canadian Mounted Police taking photos of the faces of Yellow Vest protestors in Canadian cities. Something they have not been seen doing to ANTIFA protesters despite their history of violence and thuggery while covering their faces with masks.

Pedophiles demand to be included in the LGBT community, say they should be respected and tolerated like everyone else

Pedophiles are rebranding themselves as “MAPs” or “Minor Attracted Persons” in an effort to gain acceptance and be included into the LGBT community, according to several reports from LGBT news sites.

American city slapped down by the courts for forcing Christian churches to bow down to the LGBT agenda
…“Now churches can continue to advertise, display, or publish teachings and sermons on matters of sexual ethics, divorce, or the biological phenomenon that persons are born either male or female – without the city’s oppressive restriction.”

Israeli Company First in World to Produce Delicious Steaks from Cow Cells
…The revolutionary company located in Rehovot’s Weizmann Science Park is shaping the future of meat by turning cow cells into beef cuts, replicating the complex shape, texture and flavor of a steak. The company has already produced the first cell-grown minute steak in its labs, delivering the full experience of meat with the appearance, shape, and texture of beef cuts.

All the President’s Men Are Named Benedict or Arnold
We have fighting in the Middle East that is being ignored by the MSM. The President is silent. Israel has grabbed the military mantle of power in the Middle East and only the Independent Media is reporting any of this.

Historic 1,000+ Stock Boom Day After Christmas

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rocketed upward Wednesday in the highest single-day point increase ever and highest percentage raise in nearly a decade.

Christians Are Borderline Extinct In The Middle East Now

Christians have become nearly extinct in the Middle East, the land where the religion began 2,000 years ago and flourished until the rise of Islam.

DHS Calls CDC To Investigate Growing Number Of Sick Migrants

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is requesting that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) investigate the cause of the growing number of sick migrants illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, officials revealed to reporters Wednesday morning.

Headlines – 12/27/2018

PA plans to seek full UN recognition at UN Security Council. Danon: We’re preparing to block the initiative

Italian Minister Salvini In Favor of Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Israel’s parliament formally votes to dissolve government

Netanyahu says he won’t step down if indicted, turns up heat on AG

The left is recruiting the media to oust my government, PM tells settler leaders

Israel advances plans for construction of 800 more West Bank homes

Erekat: ‘Grinch’ Israel stole Christmas with settlement plans

Former Egyptian President: We didn’t know about tunnels from Gaza to Sinai

Army finds, destroys fifth attack tunnel from Lebanon

Trump: We give Israel billions, it can defend itself in Syria

Jerusalem official confirms Israel struck Iranian arms depot in Syria

Russia accuses Israel of ‘gross violation’ of Syrian sovereignty

Lebanese minister says complaint will be filed with the UN Security Council over air strike in Syria

Netanyahu: ‘Israel operates against Iranian entrenchment in Syria’

Netanyahu vows to keep hitting Iran in Syria: ‘We stand firmly on our red lines’

Suspicious Iranian cargo plane left Damascus minutes before airstrike

Russia: Syrian government must take over eastern Syria

The Coming ‘Turkish Jihadist Invasion’ Against Christians: A Christmas Plea from Syrians to US Christians

Saudi Arabia clarifies Trump tweet: No new Saudi pledges to rebuild Syria

In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA

In surprise trip to Iraq, Trump defends decision to withdraw from Syria

Trump: ‘we can use Iraq as base for Syria operations’

Iraqi lawmakers criticise Trump visit as blow to Iraqi sovereignty

Iran-affiliated militias say Trump’s Iraq visit ‘will not go unpunished’

Middle East: Saudi Arabia weakened as Iran plans to consolidate gains

Russia Tells U.S. Not to Interfere in Saudi Crown Prince MBS Becoming King, Despite Khashoggi Killing

Putin hails successful test of Russia’s new hypersonic missile

Martial law ends in Ukraine a month after Russian naval attack

Tunisia protests spread after journalist sets himself on fire

US: Trump signals no end to shutdown: ‘You have to have a wall’

Dow rallies 1,000 points, logging its biggest single-day point gain ever

The U.S.’s interest payments are about to skyrocket. Does it matter?

Merry Christmas: Federal Debt Up $1.37 Trillion Since Last Dec. 25; $10,743 Per Household

Delivery Drones Cheer Shoppers, Annoy Neighbors, Scare Dogs

Toyota Wants to Put a Robot in Every Home and Make It Your Pal

Inside the growing trend of rehab for ‘tech addicts’

Chinese schools make pupils wear micro-chipped uniforms to thwart truancy

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near San Diego, Venezuela

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Neiafu, Tonga

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Kirakira, Solomon Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Mawlaik, Burma

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ohonua, Tonga

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Olry, Vanuatu

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near San Diego, Venezuela

4.8 Quake from Mount Etna volcano jolts Sicily, sparks panic

Indonesia hikes danger level for deadly tsunami volcano

Indonesians worry another tsunami is coming, as 16,000 displaced and hundreds more dead or injured

Indonesia orders flights to steer clear of erupting Anak Krakatau volcano

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 38,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 28,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Planchon Peteroa volcano in Chile erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 11,000ft

Mayon volcano in the Philippines erupts to 10,000ft

2018 will be the first year with no violent tornadoes in the United States

Australia Is Ending 2018 With a Record-Breaking Heat Wave

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