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Look at the Big Picture to put recent volatility in perspective! — Kimble Charting Solutions

Whether the Dow is down nearly 20% from the highs of a few months ago or it experiences a 1,000 point rally, what should one do to give proper perspective to these big price moves we’ve experienced of late? In my humble opinion, the best thing to do is look at the big picture, by…

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The Top Testimonies of 2018

Here are the Christian conversion stories that CT readers shared most. Christianity Today devotes a premium slot in each print magazine—the back page—to a compelling story of Christian conversion. Dozens have shared their tales of how God brought them to himself.

In case you missed any, here are CT’s 2018 testimonies, ranked in reverse order of which ones readers read most.

Source: The Top Testimonies of 2018


The four and twenty elders fall down before him that sat on the throne, and worship him that liveth for ever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne.

—Revelation 4:10

All of the examples that we have in the Bible illustrate that glad and devoted and reverent worship is the normal employment of moral beings. Every glimpse that is given us of heaven and of God’s created beings is always a glimpse of worship and rejoicing and praise because God is who He is.

The Apostle John in Revelation 4:10-11 gives us a plain portrayal of created beings around the throne of God….

I can safely say, on the authority of all that is revealed in the Word of God, that any man or woman on this earth who is bored and turned off by worship is not ready for heaven. WHT013

Lord, revive my worship so that it may indeed be a foretaste of the worship I will enjoy for all eternity. Amen. [1]

[1] Tozer, A. W., & Eggert, R. (2015). Tozer on the almighty god: a 365-day devotional. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers.

Report: Democrats Force ICE To Release Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants in Texas, New Mexico

On Wednesday, U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement were forced to release more than 500 illegal aliens onto the streets of Texas and New Mexico.


Because Democrats in Congress have refused to prioritize border security.

From Fox News:

More than 500 migrants were released Wednesday onto the streets of Texas and New Mexico, U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement said, as the government struggles to detain illegal immigrants amid an influx of Central Americans trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

The release on Wednesday followed days of other mass releases by the agency in order to prevent migrant families from being detained longer than allowed. On Christmas Day, the agency released 186 migrants and another 400 were set free two days prior, Las Cruces’ KVIA-TV reported.

More releases are expected Thursday, said Ruben Garcia of the Annunciation House, a homeless and refugee shelter in El Paso.

After a similar release Sunday, ICE blamed “decades of inaction by Congress” for limiting its ability to remove families who are in the U.S. illegally. …

Garcia said he has been working with ICE in recent months to coordinate drop-offs and shelter placement for incoming migrants. He said he has been receiving about 2,000 migrants a week.

The agency typically coordinates with local shelters to make sure there is space for them to stay. But U.S. Rep.-elect Veronica Escobar, D-Tex., told the Associated Press that ICE officials dropped people off at the bus station after Annunciation House said it didn’t have enough space.

Garcia blamed the agency’s practice of releasing migrants on a Customs and Border Protection policy change from late October. The policy states that if ICE has “more people to drop off than local shelters and agencies can receive and house, then ICE will drop those migrants off in the street.” …

More releases are expected this week and those numbers are sure to climb as time goes on.

What a mess!

KVIA has more:

Garcia told ABC-7 that as of today, the orderly release process is back on track, and they are placing the 520 migrants directly into shelters.

ABC 7 has reached out to Customs and Border Protection and ICE but because of the partial government shutdown, we have not been able to get a response.

What do you think of this? And, more importantly, who’s to blame for what’s happening right now on the streets of Texas and New Mexico?

It’s hard to blame ICE – they’re just doing their jobs in this case.

What about Democrats in Congress, who are refusing to do theirs?


Source: Report: Democrats Force ICE To Release Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants in Texas, New Mexico

Navigating Culture As a Christian – Modern Christian Men Interview (Podcast) — Cold Case Christianity

In this podcast, J. Warner Wallace talks with Cale Nelson from the Modern Christian Men Podcast about the challenges of navigating culture as Christians who cares about defending the truth. What challenges face us as Christian men? How can we rise to the occasion?


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3 Questions To Ask Before The Next Open-Ended Foreign Intervention — The Federalist

Where should one intervene? What constitutes a win? Do we have what it takes to finish it permanently?

A recent Washington Post article, citing a Chicago Council poll, suggests President Trump’s base is arguably opposed to a drawdown from Syria. That seemed counter-intuitive to me, because in the last four U.S. presidential elections the candidate who promised to draw down from endless foreign entanglements has won.

Of course, none of them followed through. President George W.  Bush wanted to focus on China, and opposed the humanitarian interventions in the Balkans, only to face the September 11 attacks, which put the United States into overdrive. At least he had a genuine excuse in the early days of Islamist militancy. President Obama had none.

After promising a restrained, realist foreign policy based on national interest and not values promotion, Obama was blindsided by three, er, advisors—Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power—who pushed to double down in regime changes in the Middle East. The results altered the geopolitics and demographics of North Africa and Europe for decades to come.

As I delved deep into the Chicago Council Poll, it became a lot clearer. The key, you see, is in the question’s framing. The question asked is so vague and diluted that it is almost meaningless. It asked: Would Americans support the deployment of U.S. troops “to fight against violent Islamic extremist groups in Iraq and Syria”?

Well, of course, no rational individual would oppose that. But that doesn’t really give you much. Imagine if this same question was turned on its head, to “Would you support and pay taxes to champion the open-ended deployment of your cousin or colleague from Michigan to see that the Turks and Kurds don’t fight over Manbij?” The answer would be a lot more complicated.

Yet you would still see polls and surveys being shared by “journalists” that attest to the confirmation bias of the publications they write for. Why is this skullduggery tolerated? To paraphrase Peter Hitchens, polls and surveys have ceased to be objective ways to measure public opinion and instead aim to influence and channelize them. But the public deserves to know and deliberate, which is one of the beauties of democracy, unlike certain authoritarian countries, where bodies of soldiers are buried in the dark.

With that in mind, let us do a simulation, and discuss some key questions to ask any time someone is suggesting a foreign intervention.

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CAUGHT: The AP Is Actively Rewriting History in Order to Bash Trump and Defend Failed President Obama — The Gateway Pundit

This is why no one trusts the fake news mainstream media.

On January 17, 2016, a cargo plane with $400 million in foreign currencies was secretly sent to Iran.

This was the same day the Iranian regime released four American hostages held in Tehran.
iran prisoners us
L to R: Matt Trevithick (Photo Credit Robin Wright) Amir Hekmati, Jason Rezaian (Photo Credit AP), Saeed Abedini (News 4).

Barack Obama told reporters last week this was not a ransom.

Obama lied.

Former US Iranian Hostage Saeed Abidini told FOX Business Network today the Iranian regime WOULD NOT let his plane leave Tehran until the ransom plane arrived.
abedini ransom

Now this…
In order to fuel its attacks on Trump, the press is actively, constantly rewriting the history of Obama’s Iran concessions.

The Associated Press on Aug 18, 2016: AP reporter gets Obama spokesman to admit on camera that $1.7 billion they gave Iran was quid pro quo for hostages.

Fast forward to Christmas Day on 2018:
The Associated Press on December 25, 2018:

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God’s will for your life in 2019


So are you are a Christian who is really interested in Christian apologetics? Given this next year is about to start, what do you want to accomplish in in 2019? Here are some of tips:

1. Set realistic and time- bound goals: I can speak from experience and say that unless I set very specific goals with a start and end date, it doesn’t get done! Feel free to check out this Apologetics 315 link as to how to make a contribution to apologetics.

2. Pray over your goals and surround yourself with people who can help you:  The good news is that  apologists are coming together to accomplish great things for the advancement of the reign of God. I see a lot of synergy between Christian apologists. There are plenty of high quality apologetics blogs/websites  that can be utilized.  Many of us post and share material on our…

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Beware Silicon Valley’s Gifts to Our Schools

After three years, there is no actual proof that all of Apple’s, Google’s, and Microsoft’s infiltration of the classroom is producing actual academic improvement and results.

“Parents from all parts of the political spectrum understand that “personalized learning” is Silicon Valley propaganda to distract from the true aim: Grabbing student and family data under the guise of “innovation” and luring the next generation of addicted consumers.”

(Michelle Malkin – Townhall)  When it comes to Silicon Valley Santas bearing gifts for our children, I am a big Scrooge. Every responsible parent should be, too.

In 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook showered a rural Idaho school district with 500 iPads and Apple TVs for every classroom, along with free training as part of a 29-state $100 million personalized digital technology program. He visited the Idaho schools recently with Ivanka Trump, where she praised the “laboratories of innovation” for using Apple products “to transform the learning environment and personalize students’ educational experiences based on their unique needs and strengths!”

With all due respect, this is what I call Edutech Shiny Toy Syndrome. And it’s out of control. Kids don’t need screens for individualized educational experiences. They are already on those stultifying, addictive, isolating screens far too much. Bah! Humbug!

Why give captive schoolchildren more tech crack inside the classroom? And what is this “personalized learning” mumbo jumbo? That’s what human beings — you know, parents and teachers — are for at home and at school. View article →

Liberalism and zealotry

The barbarians have entered the gates and now seek to expel us.

Those of us a little older can gauge the direction the country seems to be going from decades of personal observation. Some of the changes wrought through the victories of political liberalism are:

1. Sexual perversion brought out of the shadows, advocated, and institutionalized.
2. Unimaginable debt cleverly crafted to bring ruin to the next generation.
3. Importation of adherents of a murderous religion.
4. Extermination of children.
5. Importation of a foreign population to replace exterminated children.
6. Extension of government control to every aspect of life.
7. Rabid outrage over global warming during the coolest period in the last 100 years.

One cannot help but wonder what motivates those whose collective actions are pushing the country further down the path to destruction. At first glance one might think that liberals are just stupid and unable to understand what they are doing. However, one of the most liberal environments one could find is the college campus, where at least some students are selected for high intelligence.

The word “idiot” comes from the Greek and originally meant someone who did not participate in the activity of the polis because of personal (some might say selfish) interests. The word “idiosyncratic” has the same root. As time progressed, the word came to be used of one whose mental abilities were insufficient for participation. We might use the word ignorant (willful or otherwise) to describe someone whose opinions arise from a woefully empty storehouse of information. However, it seems that liberals have quite a depth of knowledge about the “facts” they consider true.

When one considers the destructive effects of liberal policies (even to narrow self-interest), it can seem that it could only be explained as some sort of mental illness. However, one of the hallmarks of mental illness is disorganized thinking and liberals seem very organized.

Jerry Seinfeld once commented that he used “random acts of malice” in his plots as this was a useful device for creating tension in the storyline as well as reflecting real life. This may be getting closer to the mark, as it often seems that liberals derive pleasure from attacking men, white people, or some other unfavored group.

Perhaps a more accurate picture emerges when considering the possibility of religious zealotry. It seems strange that secularism can inspire religious devotion. However, little else explains the depth of such passions.

The barbarians have entered the gates and now seek to expel us. There is no reasoning, compromise, or debate. It was never about what was right, true, or good. It was always about power. Having a clearer idea of liberal motives may not help us regain our country, but it can liberate us from the futility of arguing with someone who has so little regard for truth.

It is when we mistakenly ascribe motives of ignorance that we become vulnerable to getting sucked into endless and pointless arguments. The “tar baby” from the Uncle Remus stories can serve as an illustration of the frustration found in attempting to use reason after making a false assumption of reasonableness.

The mistake we made was in opening public discourse to all in thinking that civility and reason would win the day. It seems that truth is not universally appreciated or desired. Jesus once said, “light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil”. This may be a way to best understand the motives of liberals.

Source: Liberalism and zealotry

Progressive Socialism Has Produced The Brown Shirts Of Our Time…

Article Image
http://allnewspipeline.com, By John C. Velisek

Once again, the progressive socialist wing of the Democrat Party shows how out of touch they are with the American people. First, we had the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama calling people in the country “bitter clingers to guns and religion” if we would not vote for him. Then we had a candidate for President Queen Hillary calling us deplorable, and now we have a sitting Senator from Hawaii Mazie Hirono telling us that we don’t vote for the leftists in her party because we are too stupid to understand the way of thinking that the progressive socialists think we should. They have to continually batter us with the idea of how much they care, and how much they are willing to do to care for the “little people” whether we want them to or not. They not only will tell us what our interests should be in every facet of our lives, but will force us to live under the care they will provide for our own good.

The Law is not Your Friend Apart from Christ: A Warning to Flee from Legalism

I am convinced that there are two major heresies in the church:

legalism and antinomianism. This post will focus on the error of legalism in different relational dynamics within the church. Sinclair Ferguson, the great Scottish theologian, defines legalism as “separating the law of God from the person of God.” What he means is that when we divide God’s good, holy, and necessary law from the God of grace Himself, then we use the law as a tool that deprives us of the joy of keeping God’s commandments. A Christian who uses God’s commandments as a means to control, manipulate, or even justify themselves as more righteous than another, proves to misunderstand the very character of our good Father in heaven who forgives us freely in Christ and treats us as forgiven. The reality is all believers struggle in this area; so, I hope to both warn and encourage the church to walk in Christ-like love towards one another in the following four kinds of relationships.

1. Flee Legalistic Marriage

The Bible describes the purpose of marriage as being a reflection of the relationship between Christ and the church (Eph 5:32). Jesus as the great Bridegroom removes His bride from under the law as a covenant to obtain eternal life, and places us in Himself under the unconditional covenant of grace and love, and He never again requires us to earn His approval through obedience. This grace is the motivation of the Spirit that compels us to obey Him.

Legalistic marriages are contrary to the grace of God in Jesus Christ. Within a marriage, when a spouse’s treatment of the other is dependent upon the actions of the other, then they may have lost sight of just how gracious God has been to them. For instance, a husband or a wife who needs the other spouse to perform a certain way (cooking, cleaning, encouragement, respect, affection, etc.) for them to replicate the grace of Jesus towards the other has forgotten that God not only has forgiven them graciously of all of their sins and short-comings, but has commanded them to forgive the other as Christ has forgiven them. The Father’s forgiveness towards us means that He treats us as forgiven. Jesus is the only sufficient gospel motivation that can empower us to love our spouses unconditionally as He has loved us.

2. Flee Legalistic Parenting

Godly parenting should also be motivated by grace, not by legalism. Christian mothers and fathers are called to disciple their children for the glory of God, according to the grace of God. Parenting that only focuses on obedience, and outward performance, creates a picture-perfect moralism. This type of parenting may in fact create children that don’t embarrass the family through gross, public sins, but it will never get to the heart of the problem. Children sin because they are sinners and the message of grace is the only remedy.

Mark Jones, a pastor-theologian in Vancouver, Canada, says in his article on the various types of legalism that this is “parenting legalism.”  He says, “How we view the way others parent, even our own spouse, can be legalistic. The high expectations we have for our children when our own example is so pitiful at times reveals a legalistic spirit.” Parenting that issues commandments with the force of “do this and live” produces moralistic children who are taught to have legalistic hearts.

Consider how God the Father parents His children. He gives us commandments in a world full of sin to guide us in joyful obedience for our good and His glory. When he tells us not to steal, he does not do so to restrict us from something good, but rather because he freely gives us all things needed in this life (temporal) and in the life to come (eternal). He never uses a commandment to manipulate, trick, or muscle us into obedience, but from a heart of pity and compassion, He consistently loves us by setting both His law and His grace before us in the person of His Son. Therefore, parents must set Jesus freely before their children as our Father does for us.

3. Flee Legalistic Church Life.

By church life, I mean the ordinary relationships that members of a local church have with one another. This can be anything from Christian fellowship to serving within a ministerial context (AWANA, worship care, pastoral care, deacon’s meetings, etc.). Even within the most doctrinally unified churches, differences and disagreements arise. They may pertain to parenting, drinking, Sunday dress-code, politics, or practical disagreements between new and older members.

Regardless, all believers must remember that we are united to one another in Christ and called to love one another in an understanding way, meaning that we show much grace in disagreements. When we have disagreements on matters of Christian liberty, we need to remember that our unity is based on the gospel of Christ and love for one another. That means we can be gracious and patient with each other when we disagree. For example, some Christians disagree on what to wear to Sunday morning worship. While that question may be important, we need to remember in our hearts that God brings us into His kingdom by means of His Son’s royal sacrifice, not anything that we wear or don’t wear on the Lord’s Day.

When we require other members of our churches to conform to beliefs or practices that are not explicitly taught in the Scripture, we restrict Christian liberty. Jesus teaches us to love our neighbors by keeping the royal law, but He never commands us to force cultural, political, or traditional preferences upon one another even if these things are good. Jesus has torn down the dividing wall of hostility through His life, death, and subsequent resurrection. Disagreements will exist, but we must never forget Jesus in our disagreements.

4. Flee Legalistic Friendship. 

The most well-known friendship in the Bible is between Jonathan and David. The Scriptures say that their hearts were “knit” together. Jonathan served David as well as warned him of dangers threatening both his throne and his life. They enjoyed a covenant of love that is extremely unique beyond the bond of a husband and wife. Jesus teaches us about friendship as well in John chapter 15. He says that his disciples were His friends and that they were to love one another sacrificially as Christ had loved them (John 15:13). This is done according to Christ by keeping His commandments (15:14). Notice in these verses that it is Jesus, the Lord of life, who authoritatively commands His disciples.

In our friendships, we must not act as lords over one another, commanding things beyond what Jesus requires. Christian friendship is a beautiful thing, but who we decide to covenant a friendship with is still a matter of Christian liberty. Therefore, if you are in a loving Christian friendship, treat it as a gift meant for mutual edification, reflecting the glory of Christ. We should never seek to control our friends to perform in a way that pleases us, but honor the friendships that we share by speaking words of kindness, being faithful to our commitments, and above all, pointing one another to Jesus when we sin. Jesus was a faithful friend who laid down His life for all of His disciples. He doesn’t require us to be perfect friends, but we should follow his example by loving our friends when they fail to meet our expectations of them.


We must constantly examine our own motives for why we obey God and why we desire others to obey God. Jesus’ death didn’t just accomplish justification (being made right with God) but also the promise of sanctification (being made like Jesus internally and externally). We are called to flee from all traces of sin and legalism as a dangerous foe, and yet, Jesus has removed the law covenant as a means of life and approval for all who have faith in Him. We need not fear the condemnation of legalism in any sense for we are so freely forgiven. We should seek to obey and call others to obey God from the grounds of Christ who is Himself the gospel. Thanks be to God that He no longer requires works of the law for life for those who have put their faith in His Son. All glory be to Christ!

Source: The Law is not Your Friend Apart from Christ: A Warning to Flee from Legalism

December 27 Daily Help

AT this hour we rest in the promises of our faithful God, knowing that his words are full of truth and power; we rest in the doctrines of his word, which are consolation itself; we rest in the covenant of his grace, which is a haven of delight. The person of Jesus is the quiet resting-place of his people; and when we draw near to him in the breaking of bread, in the hearing of the word, the searching of the Scriptures, prayer, or praise, we find any form of approach to him to be the return of peace to our spirits. The God of Peace gives perfect peace to those whose hearts are stayed upon him.[1]

[1] Spurgeon, C. H. (1892). Daily Help (p. 365). Baltimore: R. H. Woodward & Company.

Thirty Days of Jesus Redux: Postlude 1, He is coming again

Leaving Lysa: Why You Shouldn’t Be Following Lysa TerKeurst or Proverbs 31 Ministries

Michelle Lesley

If you are considering commenting or sending me an e-mail objecting to the fact that I warn against false teachers, please click here and read this article first. Your objection is most likely answered here. I won’t be publishing comments or answering emails that are answered by this article.

leaving lysa

According to her web site, “Lysa TerKeurst is president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and the New York Times best-selling author of The Best Yes, Unglued, Made to Crave, and 16 other books.” She also blogs prolifically and speaks at numerous Christian women’s conferences.

Lysa is charming, friendly, and down to earth- the type of person I would probably want to be friends with if I knew her personally. We have several things in common: a big family (she has 5 kids, I have 6), women’s ministry, we’re even just a couple of months apart in age…

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Going Beyond Scripture: Why It’s Time to Say Good-Bye to Priscilla Shirer and Going Beyond Ministries

Michelle Lesley

If you are considering commenting or sending me an e-mail objecting to the fact that I warn against false teachers, please click here and read this article first. Your objection is most likely answered here. I won’t be publishing comments or answering emails that are answered by this article.

Priscilla ShirerPriscilla Shirer is a wife and mom of three boys hailing from the Dallas area. Though you may be newly acquainted with her from her role as Elizabeth Jordan in the Christian movie War Roomshe has been writing women’s Bible studies and has been a popular speaker at women’s conferences and other events for many years. Together with her husband, Jerry, she heads up Going Beyond Ministries.

When I participated in Priscilla’s DVD study He Speaks to Me several years ago, I found her to be an engaging writer, a witty storyteller, and charismatic speaker. Priscilla’s friendliness and genuine…

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Five Reasons It’s Time to Start Exercising “Moore” Discernment

Michelle Lesley

If you are considering commenting or sending me an e-mail objecting to the fact that I warn against false teachers, please click here and read this article first. Your objection is most likely answered here. I won’t be publishing comments or answering emails that are answered by this article.

I’ve put this off as long as I can. I have stood aside and extended grace and benefit of the doubt for the last couple of years in the face of evidence that said I shouldn’t.

But because I love my sisters in the body of Christ, I cannot keep silent about this any longer.

Ladies, pastors, and anyone in charge of selecting Bible study material for small groups:

Beth Moore is slipping,
and it’s time to take a good hard look at the slope she’s headed down.


This is not a request for you to believe me or agree…

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10 More Biblically Sound Blogs and Podcasts by Christian Women

Michelle Lesley

10 blogs

The internet is glutted with “Christian” women’s blogs, many of which are anything but Christian because they don’t teach what accords with sound doctrine.

Well, genuinely regenerated Christian women have had enough. Enough of the false doctrine from celebrity divangelistas. Enough of the feel-good fluff that takes them nowhere in their quest for spiritual maturity. We want bloggers and podcasters who will push us to study God’s word, who exhort and encourage and even step on our toes as we seek to be conformed to the image of Christ.

10 Biblically Sound Blogs and Podcasts by Christian Women wasn’t enough for you precious ladies. You clamored for more! So, it is my pleasure to present for your edification 10 MORE Biblically Sound Blogs and Podcasts by Christian Women.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Don’t take my (or anyone else’s) word for it that any ministry, podcast, book, or blog is biblical in…

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10 Biblically Sound Blogs and Podcasts by Christian Women

Michelle Lesley

10 blogs podcasts both

False teachers. You can’t throw a rock out the window these days without hitting one. But are there any “good guys” out there who are getting it right? Discipleship, Bible study, and theological issues bloggers who rightly divide God’s word? You bet. You might have to do a little digging and turn over a few rocks, but they are out there, most, sans “Christian Celebrity” status, plugging away day after day, faithfully teaching God’s word. Here are ten blogs, podcasts, and resources by godly Christian women. No name it and claim it. No signs and wonders. No health, wealth, and prosperity. Just sound doctrine straight from God’s word.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Don’t take my (or anyone else’s) word for it that any ministry, podcast, book, or blog is biblical in its doctrine. You MUST do the work of comparing with Scripture everything you read and hear. If it doesn’t match up with…

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A Few Good Men, Again!: 10 Doctrinally Sound Male Teachers

Michelle Lesley

Sometimes we ladies fall for the mindset that if we’re going to pick up a Bible study book, read a blog, or listen to Bible teaching, it has to be from a female author or teacher. Not so! There are a lot of fantastic, doctrinally sound, male Bible teachers, pastors, and writers out there – far more males than females, actually – and you’ll really be missing out if you limit yourself to women teachers and writers.

In A Few Good Men, and A Few MORE Good Men, I recommended some of my favorite male pastors, writers, and podcasters. Here are ten more; and these lists are by no means exhaustive!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Don’t take my (or anyone else’s) word for it that any ministry, podcast, book, or blog is biblical in its doctrine. You MUST do the work of comparing with Scripture everything you read and hear. If…

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