December 28, 2018 Afternoon Verse Of The Day

145:4 The works and mighty acts of God will be extolled from one generation … to another. The song will never die.[1]

145:4 One generation shall commend your works to another. This is the biblical pattern for households (cf. Gen. 18:19; Deut. 6:1–9; Ps. 78:4), and the Passover makes this a ritual (Ex. 12:26–27; 13:8).[2]

145:4 mighty deeds This term usually refers to God’s rescue of Israel from enslavement in Egypt (see Exod 7:1–5). Israel regularly worshiped God by remembering His saving actions.[3]

145:4 One generation … to another. See Ps. 78:4. Parents had the duty of instructing their children in the ways of the Lord (Deut. 6:20–25).[4]

145:4 One generation … to the next is literally “generation to generation.” The construction resembles “day after day” and “night after night” in 19:2. Both passages emphasize continuous praise of the Lord.[5]

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