January 3, 2018 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


In their first action in control of the U.S. House of Representatives, Democrats plan to adopt a bill on Thursday to end a federal shutdown without funding a Mexican border wall, trying to firmly fasten blame for the 13-day-old closure on President Donald Trump and his Republicans.

U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday the Senate will not consider bills Democrats plan to vote on in the House on Thursday that would end the government shutdown but not include President Donald Trump’s demand for $5 billion for a border wall.

Conservative Hindu groups paralyzed India’s southern state of Kerala on Thursday protesting against the state government for allowing two women to defy an ancient ban and enter a Hindu temple.

Thirty-nine bodies have been pulled from under the rubble of a Russian apartment building that partially collapsed this week after an apparent gas explosion.

The United States issued a pre-emptive warning to Iran on Thursday against pursuing three planned space rocket launches, which it said would violate a U.N. Security Council resolution related to its ballistic missile activity.

President Jair Bolsonaro’s far-right government launched a barrage of measures on its first day in office on Wednesday to crack down on crime and shrink the size of the state, sending Brazilian markets higher.

A North Korean diplomat who was until recently acting ambassador to Italy has gone missing, a South Korean member of parliament said on Thursday, after a South Korean newspaper reported he was seeking asylum in the West.

GM on Thursday reported that U.S. new vehicle sales fell 2.7 percent in the fourth quarter, with declines across most of its brands as American auto sales appear set to weaken in 2019.

Arm teachers, spend more on school security and mental health and train police to be more aggressive when responding to school shootings — those are some of the recommendations in a report into the deadliest U.S. high school shooting released Wednesday.

Drugmakers kicked off 2019 with price increases in the United States on more than 250 prescription drugs, including the world’s top-selling medicine, Humira, although the pace of price hikes was slower than last year.

AP Top Stories

Three of North America’s biggest cruise lines – Carnival, Norwegian and Princess – will unveil new vessels in 2019. But while the ships will be new, they’ll look strikingly familiar. All three will be sisters to existing vessels.

Two victims of sexual abuse by a Roman Catholic Church priest in Chile launched a fresh attack on the country’s bishops on Wednesday, accusing them of failing to reform or learn from the crisis.

After gaining 88 percent in 2018, the stock added as much as 30 percent to 5.25 reais in Sao Paulo on Wednesday, on the back of President Jair Bolsonaro’s plans to make it easier for Brazilians to own guns. It was the biggest intraday gain for the stock since Nov. 1.

The Vatican has long been aware of nuns sexually abused by priests and bishops in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa, but it has done very little to stop it, The Associated Press reported last year. Now, the AP has investigated the situation in a single country – India – and uncovered a decades-long history of nuns enduring sexual abuse from within the church.

Three migrant fishermen received Greek citizenship Wednesday for helping rescue dozens of people who were forced into the sea by flames from a summer wildfire that caused 100 deaths.

Turkish authorities detained 12 suspects over alleged links to the Islamic State group including two French women sought by Interpol, state media reported on Wednesday.

Two militants in Tunisia blew themselves up on Thursday after they exchanged fire with security forces who stormed their hideout and encircled them, the interior ministry said.

On Tuesday millions of women in Kerala, India, joined hands, creating what they called a “women’s wall” to protest the Sabarimala Temple’s ban on women of menstruating age. The temple is one of India’s holiest sites, and the practice of banning women from entering dates back hundreds of years. For 15 minutes, women formed a nearly 385-mile-long human chain to support the end of the practice.

Thousands of demonstrators marched in Hong Kong on Tuesday to demand full democracy, fundamental rights, and even independence from China in the face of what many see as a marked clampdown by the Communist Party on local freedoms.


Archaeologists in Mexico say they have made an important discovery, uncovering a temple to Xipe Totec – the pre-Hispanic “Flayed lord”. Historically, throughout the region, priests paid tribute to the deity by wearing the skin of human sacrifices.

Scientists have found the most likely source of Yemen’s cholera epidemic, which is the worst in recorded history. Using genomic sequencing, researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Institut Pasteur concluded the strain of cholera originated in eastern Africa and was carried to Yemen by migrants.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says he is “deeply concerned” about the increased production of coca leaf, the raw material for cocaine, in Colombia.


A hacking organization known as the Dark Overlord obtained some 18,000 documents from insurers involved in the many cases that arose from the Muslim terror attack on the United States, including Hiscox and Lloyd’s of London. “The Dark Overlord said it would sell the documents for bitcoin, inviting Isis, al-Qaida and nation states to bid for them online.”

A recent survey found that nearly two out of three millennials said they didn’t feel they belonged in the communities they lived in.

Mid-Day Snapshot

The Foundation

“It is a common observation here that our cause is the cause of all mankind, and that we are fighting for their liberty in defending our own.” —Benjamin Franklin (1777)

The Transitioning Agenda of the 116th Congress

Dems take over the House and signal no willingness to compromise to end the partial government shutdown.

Romney Rants His Way Into the Senate

The previous GOP presidential loser denounces the guy who won and is succeeding.

The Cost of ER Care Is Making Americans Sick

A year-long “crowdsourcing” research project highlights the gross over-billing from hospitals.

The Left’s Strange Alliance With Islam

The Left sides with the “Religion of Peace,” ignoring its horrific record on individual rights.

About That Crazy Cabinet Meeting…

One of the biggest hurdles to Trump’s agenda is that he gets in his own way.

America’s Oldest Veteran Dies at Age 112

WWII veteran Richard Overton passed away after a life fully lived. Rest in peace.

Video: End Racial Preferences at Colleges?

Asians sue Harvard for discrimination in a case that may end college racial preferences.

National Security Debates on the Border and Beyond

Two national security issues are casting a long shadow over 2019.

Thursday Short Cuts

“If you’re searching for enlightenment in politics, you should probably find a better religion.” —David Harsanyi

Thursday Top Headlines

Socialists take House, no shutdown deal, nominees confirmed, new regulations at record low, and more.

Today’s Opinion

Edwin J. Feulner
Out of Order on the Judicial Vacancy Crisis
Victor Davis Hanson
Actually, 2018 Was a Pretty Good Year
Larry Elder
Government Shutdown: Money, Money Everywhere, but Not a Drop for a Wall
Terence Jeffrey
Too Little, Too Late: A Lesson in Border Security
Jeff Jacoby
Your Guess Is as Good as Theirs

Today’s Meme

Today’s Cartoon

News – 1/3/2019

China Explores Dark Side of the Moon
Chang’e-4 – named after the moon goddess in Chinese mythology – a robotic probe, has sent back the first shot of the unexplored South Pole-Aitken basin, the largest, oldest, deepest, crater on the far side of the moon’s surface. A photo was sent to the Queqiao satellite, which will relay communications to controllers on Earth.

The Biggest Democrat Expert on Russian Trolls was a Russian Troll
The Russians were even going all the way into Alabama. “Russian trolls tracked by #Hamilton68 are taking an interest in the AL Senate race. What a surprise,” Morgan tweeted. It wouldn’t have been much of a surprise to him because the “Russian trolls” supporting Roy Moore in Alabama were actually his trolls. A New York Times story was forced to reveal that Morgan had participated in what a report described as, “an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation that planted the idea that the Moore campaign was amplified on social media by a Russian botnet” thereby “radicalizing Democrats with a Russian bot scandal”

Non-Jewish Brazilian governor asks rabbi to blow shofar at inauguration
The non-Jewish governor of a Brazilian state was inaugurated with the sounds of a shofar blown by a rabbi. The shofar “represent(s) the call for freedom, to bring good vibes and positive energies to the new government,” according to organizers of the inauguration in the state of Rio De Janeiro.

Did 2018 usher in a creeping tech dystopia?
We may remember 2018 as the year when technology’s dystopian potential became clear, from Facebook’s role enabling the harvesting of our personal data for election interference to a seemingly unending series of revelations about the dark side of Silicon Valley’s connect-everything ethos. The list is long: High-tech tools for immigration crackdowns. Fears of smartphone addiction . YouTube algorithms that steer youths into extremism. An experiment in gene-edited babies .

Putin and Macron discuss Syria, Ukrainian crisis
According to the statement, the two presidents “thoroughly discussed the Syria issue in light of agreements to form a constitutional committee that the leaders of Russia, Turkey, German and France had reached in Istanbul on October 27, 2018.

Bali volcano eruption: Mount Agung woke up shooting ash 700m into air – is it dangerous?
The centre released a statement saying: “Residents near Mount Agung as well as climbers and tourists should not carry out any activity in the danger zone or within four-kilometre radius from the crater.” Several nearby villages were coated in a thin layer of ash but no lava was seen coming from the creator and no evacuation was ordered.

North Korea “ready” to denuclearize if Kim gets everything he wants
Kim Jong Un renewed his commitment to denuclearization Tuesday and said he was ready to meet President Trump for a second time, but he warned the United States not to “misjudge” his patience.

Indonesia on tsunami alert after new cracks found on volcano
New cracks have emerged on the Anak Krakatau volcano, prompting the Indonesian authorities to urge those in the vicinity to be on the alert in case a collapse sets off another tsunami. “The cracks are certainly deep”, unlike normal gaps, and they are located close to each other, she added. “If there is another eruption, the cracks might connect and weaken the slope, causing part of the mountain to collapse again,”

WSJ: Prepare to yawn at Mueller’s final report
I challenge Mueller to put up or shut up. You have no evidence of the President being involved in a conspiracy with anyone including Russia to hack. And you also have no evidence of collusion. It’s been 2 years so submit a report to DOJ and we will answer it.

Islamic Jihad tells Iran: We will create second front in any Israel-Lebanon war
The Iranian-backed Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad has committed to spark an escalation on the southern front if Israel enters a military conflict with Lebanon’s Hezbollah on the north, said the Palestinian faction’s leader, Ziad Nakhala, in an interview to the state-owned Iranian TV channel Al-Alam. Islamic Jihad is the second largest military organization in Gaza.

China Moon mission lands Chang’e-4 spacecraft on far side
China says it has successfully landed a robotic spacecraft on the far side of the Moon, the first ever such attempt and landing. At 10:26 Beijing time (02:26 GMT), the un-crewed Chang’e-4 probe touched down in the South Pole-Aitken Basin, state media said. It is carrying instruments to analyse the unexplored region’s geology, as well to conduct biological experiments.

Is it a UFO? Multiple people report seeing flying red sphere off SC coast.
A South Carolina woman says she filmed a possible UFO off South Carolina’s Kiawah Island on Christmas Eve, and other witnesses are stepping forward on social media to report they saw the same “beautiful red sphere.” “I’m not a nut,” wrote Debra Thompson in a YouTube post with the video. “…I just wanted to know if anyone has had any experiences in the last few days…”

Protests paralyze south Indian state after women defy temple ban
Conservative Hindu groups forced India’s southern state of Kerala to a standstill on Thursday as they protested against the state government for allowing two women to defy an ancient ban and enter a Hindu temple. About 400 protesters…took to the streets of Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala…backed by officials from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)…

Report into deadliest U.S. high school shooting calls for arming teachers, more security
Arm teachers, spend more on school security and mental health and train police to be more aggressive when responding to school shootings — those are some of the recommendations… The 485-page report into the Parkland, Florida school massacre…will be studied by Florida Governor Rick Scott, Governor-elect Ron DeSantis and a state commission charged with finding ways to prevent another school shooting massacre.

Senate confirms two FCC commissioners, science adviser
The U.S. Senate confirmed Geoffrey Starks to join the Federal Communications Commission and approved a new term for Commissioner Brendan Carr late on Wednesday. Starks, who serves as assistant bureau chief of the FCC’s enforcement bureau, was nominated in June. He served previously as senior counsel at the U.S. Justice Department.

Apple Plunges 8% After Cutting Q1 Revenue Guidance, Blames China; Nasdaq Tumbles
And the hits for Apple shareholders just keep on coming.

Egypt water anxiety grows over Ethiopia dam on Nile
It’s an ancient worry facing a modern challenge. Anxiety over water is growing in Egypt as Ethiopian leaders press forward with plans to build a massive dam that officials here fear will block the flow of the Blue Nile.

How Hitler’s ‘fake news’ assault on America came perilously close to succeeding
Not only was president Franklin Roosevelt a war monger and closeted Jew, his real name was Rosenfeld. The war in Poland and Russia was entirely the fault of England, and the American press was bent on bringing the country into war against peaceful Germany.

DREAMers tell of ballot-harvesting in California to flip the House blue
..The Times describes how California’s famed ballot-harvestors, who flipped places such as Orange County blue in the last midterm, aren’t actually citizens. They did it by “helping” voters fill out, and turn in, and continue to turn in, ballots from otherwise uncommitted voters until they got the result they wanted. Here’s the DREAMers “helping” the voters vote the way they wanted, in action:

ENEMIES BEWARE: With Iran on Its Doorstep, Israel Quietly Readies Game-Changing Air Power
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Israeli air power now has capabilities beyond any yet seen in military history. Its aerial strike capabilities are likely to prove decisive to the outcome of any military action taken against Iran in Syria.

Does Joel 3:4 End of Days Prophecy Refer to Deadly Electromagnetic Pulse Attack?
An end-of-days scenario that was impossible, even irrelevant, not so long ago is now being developed by America and Israel’s enemies in a manner that fits perfectly into Biblical prophecy. Experts predict it could wipe out 90 percent of America’s population and render the military ineffective, but if used against our enemies, it might even go unnoticed.

Islamic Community Patrols are now policing Muslim neighborhoods in New York City, shocking residents
The Muslim Community Patrol will doubtless be on the lookout for incidents of “Islamophobia,” that is, anti-Muslim “hate crimes,” which is entirely unnecessary, since the NYPD exists, and such incidents are actually quite rare according to FBI hate crime statistics — much less common than incidents of anti-Semitism.

50 PEOPLE Treated For TUBERCULOSIS, FLU, PARASITES and Other Diseases Every Day At Border Urgent Care Facility
They’re coming (illegally) to America—and they’re bringing TB, flu, parasites and all kinds of diseases with them. Thousands of illegal aliens are attempting to illegally cross our southern border from Mexico. Many of them are very ill. Is President Trump responsible for the deaths of people with serious illnesses who make it across our border?

Forced Child Marriage Victims Must Pay for Own Rescue, UK Government Rules
The UK Foreign Office has ruled that victims of forced marriages must pay for their own rescue when government agents return them to the United Kingdom from foreign countries.

Muslim Doctor Admits Deliberately Giving Jews the “Wrong Meds”; Media Ignores
The mainstream media in America has completely ignored a bombshell story about a Muslim doctor in in Ohio who admitted to deliberately giving Jewish people the wrong medications.

Headlines – 1/3/2019

23 police hurt, 300 settlers removed in violent evacuation of Amona outpost

Settlers suspected of hurling stones at convoy of PA prime minister

AG said aiming for February announcement on Netanyahu indictment

Brazil applauds Netanyahu-Bolsonaro bromance, new ties with Jewish state

Israel vows to ‘worsen’ conditions for Palestinian prisoners

Zarif suggests US and Israel should withdraw from Earth

Israeli official ‘in shock’ as Trump says Iran ‘can do what they want’ in Syria

Trump gives no timetable for Syria, wants to protect Kurds

Algeria shuts southern borders to Syrians over security fears

Two militants blow themselves up in clashes with Tunisian security forces

Xi Jinping says Taiwan ‘must and will be’ reunited with China

China willing to use ‘force’ to absorb Taiwan if necessary

Vietnam criticised for ‘totalitarian’ law banning online criticism of government

Hackers Threaten To Reveal “Secret” Data Linked To 9/11 Attacks

Rashida Tlaib to be sworn in to US Congress with Jefferson’s Quran

Trump suggests Vatican proves border wall is moral

Disturbing photos show national parks and monuments overflowing with garbage as the US government shutdown continues

No deal to end shutdown; Trump says ‘could be a long time’

Lindsey Graham: Trump caving on border security ‘probably the end of his presidency’

Dems’ House takeover to usher in wave of Trump investigations

U.S. Evangelical Leader: Nothing Trump Does Could Stop Me From Supporting Him

Trump says the market’s recent sell-off was just a ‘little glitch’ after stocks post the worst December since the Great Depression

NASA names most distant object explored by spacecraft with a term used by Nazis

China ‘lifts mysterious veil’ by landing probe on moon’s dark side

Early warning earthquake app released in Los Angeles

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Zhongcheng, China

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Biha, Indonesia

Krakatau volcano in Indonesia erupts to 45,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 19,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 19,000ft

Planchon Peteroa volcano in Chile erupts to 17,000ft

Thailand braces for tropical storm Pabuk as tourists flee islands

Tropical Cyclone Penny to strengthen, turn for Queensland

Tropical Cyclone Mona heads to Fiji

New York City’s law allowing gender-neutral birth certificates begins Jan. 1

Protests erupt after women break decades-long ban on entering Hindu temple

Apostasy Watch Daily News

Israel in Romans 11

Gospel singer Vicki Yohe accuses David E. Taylor of being cult leader, admits she slept with him

Extremists stone Christians in India, claim victory for Hindu goddess

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