January 4 Putting Off Procrastination

scripture reading: Ecclesiastes 11:4–6
key verse: Proverbs 12:24

The hand of the diligent will rule,
But the lazy man will be put to forced labor.

In Gone with the Wind Scarlett O’Hara repeatedly uttered this now celebrated line whenever faced with calamity: “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” How often do we—either intentionally or not—develop the same “tomorrow” outlook? We too easily find ways to put off until tomorrow what we can do today.

A sober look at procrastination’s aftereffects, however, might help us realize its subtle dangers. Procrastination can cause us to miss out on God’s best for our lives. When we fail to confront an issue or a situation, we fail to develop the godly, positive character desired by God. By hesitating, we delay God’s blessings.

Prompt obedience always brings eventual blessings. When you procrastinate, you are dangerously close to disobedience—along with its consequences.

You can learn to face and deal with undesirable circumstances by trusting God to supply what you lack. He will give courage, wisdom, grace, mercy, power—whatever the need.

As you confront your problems rather than avoid them, your faith is nurtured and stretched. Your confidence grows; your fears subside.

Let your motto be: “Do it now as the Lord directs and enables me.” It will save a lot of heartache later.

Father, there may be difficult circumstances ahead during this year, but give me the courage to face them in Your sufficiency. Nurture and stretch my faith. Help me in Your strength and power to deal with issues as they occur.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (1998). Enter His gates: a daily devotional. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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