Top Weekly Stories from for 01/05/2019

‘Pope Francis’ Asserts During New Year’s ‘Mary, Mother of God’ Mass: She Is ‘Our Life, Our Sweetness and Our Hope’   Jan 01, 2019 07:48 pm

ROME — Jorge Bergoglio, also known as “Pope Francis,” led Roman Catholics on Tuesday in the observance of the feast day called “The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God,” during which he expressed the hope that Mary would “protect” the people for the new year, and claimed that in times of trouble, men should not only “lift eyes to our lady” but to also let Mary gaze…

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‘Shout Your Abortion’ Founder Talks to Children About Abortion, Claims ‘It’s All Part of God’s Plan’   Dec 29, 2018 05:18 pm

A video that has been denounced as “brainwashing,” entitled “Kids Meet Someone Who’s Had an Abortion,” was posted to social media on Friday. It features “Shout Your Abortion” movement founder Amelia Bonow asking youth questions about abortion and opining to one young boy that she believes it is “all part of God’s plan.” In the video, which has…

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The Satanic Temple Cleared to Enter Arkansas 10 Commandments Lawsuit   Dec 29, 2018 02:37 pm

(Arkansas Times) — The Satanic Temple has been allowed to enter the lawsuit challenging the 10 Commandments monument at the state Capitol on the ground that refusal of its request to install a Baphomet monument was a violation of their constitutional equal protection right. The Freedom from Religion Foundation and the ACLU had previously sued over the…

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Philippine President Calls Doctrine of Triune Godhead ‘Silly’, Jesus’ Death on Cross ‘Unimpressive’ in Speaking Against Roman Catholicism   Jan 01, 2019 02:27 pm

KIDAPAWAN CITY — In seeking to again express his long-held frustration with Roman Catholicism, Rodrigo Duterte, the often outspoken and controversial president of the Philippines, criticized the doctrine of the triune Godhead on Saturday as being “silly” and profanely called Christ’s death on the cross rather than destroying his enemies with lightning…

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Deranged Man Dressed Like Woman Throws Fit, Threatens Violence After Cashier ‘Misgenders’ Him   Dec 30, 2018 05:17 pm

A profanity-laden video posted to social media on Friday shows a man dressed like a woman becoming irate and threatening violence after a cashier refers to him as “sir.” The video, reportedly recorded at GameStop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, begins as the customer yells at the cashier that he wants his money back rather than store credit. “Excuse me, sir,…

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‘They Had to Be Loved Back to Life’: Children Who Had Been Chained, Abused Now Have Forever Family in Christian Home   Jan 02, 2019 10:02 pm

Photo Credit: GoFundMe SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Two Texas children who had been rescued after being found chained in a couple’s back yard have now been placed with a forever family, and God is being credited with providing both the adoptive family and the children exactly what they needed to heal from life’s wounds. According to the San Antonio Express News,…

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Department of Justice Backs Christian Club Penalized for Requiring Leaders to Refrain From Homosexual Behavior   Dec 29, 2018 12:37 pm

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed a supportive statement of interest in a federal court case involving a Christian group at the University of Iowa that had been de-recognized for not allowing a student to serve in a leadership position because he refused to adhere to the group’s biblical beliefs as they pertain to sexuality. “The…

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New York City’s ‘Gender Neutral’ Birth Certificate Option Goes Into Effect   Jan 02, 2019 06:12 pm

NEW YORK — A law that was passed last year that allows New York City residents to obtain amended birth certificates, including with an “X” for their gender, has officially gone into effect. According to reports, the legislation had been proposed in June, or “Pride Month,” being announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson. “This…

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Indiana Pastor’s Wife, Mother of 6 Who Died in Flash Flood Remembered as Godly, Compassionate Woman   Jan 03, 2019 11:42 am

CLARKSBURG, Ind. — A church in Indiana is mourning the death of their pastor’s wife, who died on Monday after her car was swept into a creek due to flash flooding. Carol Jackson, 63, was the wife of Jerran Jackson, the pastor of Clarksburg Christian Church. She was a mother of six and had recently received the glad news that her second grandchild was on the…

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North Carolina Pastor Killed in Car Crash, Remembered as Teaching Church to ‘Love on the Community’   Dec 31, 2018 04:15 pm

(Winston-Salem Journal) — A Clemmons pastor who was killed in a Catawba County crash Thursday afternoon is remembered for his gentle spirit. Scott Randolph Hammett Jr., 59, of Clemmons, was driving back to Forsyth County from a vacation with his family. About 12:15 p.m., his Honda Accord ran off Interstate 40 east in Conover and struck a light pole, said…

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