Weekend Snapshot — Top Stories This Week · Jan. 5, 2019

House Dems Usher in the Resistance

The donkey party offers nothing but Trump-hating division and economy-crippling socialism.

National Security Debates on the Border and Beyond

Two national security issues are casting a long shadow over 2019.

Deregulation Remained Impressive in 2018

Meanwhile, December’s jobs report was superb, to say the least.

Warren Is a Presidential Pretender

It begins: The Massachusetts Democrat became the first to launch her 2020 White House bid.

The Personality Cult of Ginsburg

“RBG” has attained celebrity and virtual deity status among many leftists. That’s a problem.

Cortez Is Green on the Outside, Red on the Inside

Her “Green New Deal” is a radical remaking of the American energy sector.

Romney Rants His Way Into the Senate

The previous GOP presidential loser denounces the guy who won and is succeeding.

The Cost of ER Care Is Making Americans Sick

A year-long “crowdsourcing” research project highlights the gross over-billing from hospitals.

Corporate-Driven Gun Control

Gun grabbers aim to use credit-card companies to deny Second Amendment rights.

Reflections on 2018, Predictions for 2019

A mix of observations from the year past and predictions for the year to come.

Quote Of The Week

“Trump, say the Democrats, is ‘unwilling to compromise.’ But when he asks for only $5 billion for a project with a U.S. Customs and Border Protection estimated price tag of $18 billion spent over 10 years, that is already a compromise. … Obama, after insisting he lacked authority, used an executive order to create Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — even though immigration law is up to Congress. But Trump can’t use $5 billion from this year’s $700 billion defense budget for a down payment on a border wall for national security, the principal job of the commander in chief?” —Larry Elder

“The Patriot Post” (https://patriotpost.us)

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