January 10, 2019 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


President Trump on Thursday said his expected trip to Davos, Switzerland, is still on the schedule, but if the partial shutdown of the federal government continues he will not go.

President Trump said on Thursday he was likely to declare a national emergency to secure funds for his long-sought wall along the U.S. southern border if he cannot reach an agreement with Congress to provide the money.

U.S. airport security workers and air traffic controllers working without pay warned that security and safety could be compromised if a government shutdown continues beyond Friday, when some workers will miss their first paychecks.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Elijah Cummings plan to introduce legislation on Thursday aimed at lowering the cost of prescription drugs for U.S. consumers.

About 1,000 furloughed federal workers have turned to online fundraising to help cover their expenses as a partial shutdown of the U.S. government drags on for nearly three weeks, a spokeswoman for GoFundMe.com said on Wednesday.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to end a partial shutdown of the Treasury Department and some other agencies, but without any money for President Trump’s border wall.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sought to reassure allies that the United States remains committed to the Middle East despite President Trump’s plans to withdraw forces from Syria.

French companies have this week revealed some 60 million euros ($69 million) of lost business from anti-government protests rocking the country, which could augur badly for the likes of supermarket chains Casino and Carrefour.

Two women who made history by becoming the first in centuries to enter a hill temple in southern India are in hiding after threats by hardline Hindu groups.

Wall Street’s volatility has optimists betting that buybacks could provide the market with an even better buffer in 2019. But many strategists see the lift from buybacks – a major factor behind the bull market – losing some force as earnings growth slows while tax policy bonanzas fizzle out.

Ford said it will cut thousands of jobs, look at plant closures and discontinue loss-making vehicle lines as part of a turnaround effort aimed at achieving a 6 percent operating margin in Europe.

The number of Americans filing applications for jobless benefits fell more than expected last week, pointing to sustained labor market strength that could further ease concerns about the economy’s health. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits fell 17,000 to a seasonally adjusted 216,000 for the week ended Jan. 5.

AP Top Stories

President Donald Trump is taking the shutdown battle to the U.S.-Mexico border, seeking to bolster his case for the border wall after negotiations with Democrats blew up over his funding demands.

A jihadist group dominated by Syria’s former Al-Qaeda affiliate Thursday sealed its grip on northern Idlib, the last major rebel bastion, in a deal ending days of fighting with rival factions.

Iran will continue with its aerospace program despite U.S. warnings, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday, adding there was no international law prohibiting such a program.

France’s most important church sex abuse trial to date is likely to end in acquittal for a cardinal and other senior Catholic officials accused of protecting a pedophile priest, despite years of efforts by his victims to seek justice.

Syria’s Kurds on Wednesday said they had captured eight alleged foreign jihadists including an American teenager in fighting against the Islamic State group.

Racing an approaching storm, Maltese military vessels took to shore 49 migrants who were kept in limbo on private rescue ships until the island nation reached a deal Wednesday for the asylum-seekers to be distributed among eight other European Union members.

Colorado democrat Jared Polis` inauguration Tuesday marked history as he became the first openly gay U.S. governor.


A teacher in South Africa has been suspended “with immediate effect” after a photo emerged of her pupils sitting in racially separate groups.

A drone attack on a Yemeni government base by the rebel Houthi movement has reportedly killed six soldiers. The drone exploded above a podium at al-Anad base, in the southern province of Lahj, where high-ranking officers and officials were watching a parade.

Four men have gone on trial in Berlin, accused of the notorious theft of a huge solid-gold coin from the German capital’s Bode Museum in 2017. The 220lb Canadian “Big Maple Leaf” was made of pure 24-carat gold and was worth $4.3m.

Campaigners in Australia have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help free Aboriginal women jailed for being unable to pay fines. Western Australia is the nations only state that regularly jails people for unpaid fines, often on minor crimes.

Iran has confirmed it is holding a US citizen, the first American detained in the Islamic Republic during the Trump presidency.


A study shows that President Trump’s southern border security wall would save American taxpayers far more than it would cost.

More than 100 children in eastern China have been given expired polio vaccines by a local health center, according to mainland media, just months after a public health scare over faulty products.

A restroom policy at Wright State University apparently allows for university members to use restrooms of the opposite sex with no questions asked. The university declined to comment on the specific nature of the rule.

Mid-Day Snapshot

The Foundation

“It should be your care, therefore, and mine, to elevate the minds of our children and exalt their courage; to accelerate and animate their industry and activity; to excite in them an habitual contempt of meanness, abhorrence of injustice and inhumanity, and an ambition to excel in every capacity, faculty, and virtue. If we suffer their minds to grovel and creep in infancy, they will grovel all their lives.” —John Adams (1756)

Traditional Masculinity Is ‘Harmful’ — Who Knew?

Leftists seek to destroy the very foundation of our cultural understanding of gender.

Shutdown Showdown Is a Barrier to the Wall

By leaving a meeting that was “a total waste of time,” Trump set down negotiation markers.

Democrats Embrace Anti-Catholic Bigotry

Senators Harris and Hirono demand that a judicial nominee leave the Knights of Columbus.

Good News on Cancer, Bad Prescription From Dems

U.S. cancer related deaths are down 27% since 1991. Dems’ “Medicare for All” could reverse gains.

Video: Students Hate Trump’s Immigration Quotes

Except none of these quotes are from Donald Trump; they’re from Democrats.

Concealed-Carrying Woman Kills Attempted Robber

A 19-year-old man was shot to death Tuesday morning while attempting to rob a woman in Chicago.

Pelosi’s MSM ‘Wrap-Up Smear’ Collusion Against Trump

It’s all about leftists’ unquenchable thirst for statist power, and for them, Americans outside the Beltway are just collateral damage in their quest.

Thursday Short Cuts

“The failure of Pelosi/Schumer to compromise w[ith] Trump on the wall is leading us to a bad place.” —Ari Fleischer

Thursday Top Headlines

Pelosi says “no,” Trump to border, California wildfire relief, oil export boom, First Amendment suit, and more.

Today’s Opinion

Gary Bauer
Trump Stands Strong
Victor Davis Hanson
The Ironies of Illegal Immigration
Cal Thomas
The Trump Speech and the Response
Edwin J. Feulner
Negotiating a No-Deal Brexit
R. Emmett Tyrrell
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Faces Poverty’s Demise Worldwide

Today’s Meme

Today’s Cartoon

News – 1/10/2019

The ‘El Chapo’ solution would let Mexico pay for border wall
Last week, Sen. Ted Cruz reintroduced the Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order (EL CHAPO) Act, which would reserve any amounts forfeited as a result of the prosecution of “El Chapo” (Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Lorea) and other drug lords for border security and the completion of the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Obama’s Border Patrol Chief Fights Back Against Media, Defends Trump
Every single day, Tucker, we worked with the DEA and all components of DHS and we worked human trafficking cases, we worked drug cases and we worked gang cases.” He continued, “I would also say one last point is 127 border patrol agents have died. They didn’t die playing monopoly. They died, defending, being the front line defenders of our borders, trying to apprehend the 17,000 people, the bad people, that Secretary Nielsen mentioned. I wonder if you asked their families if this was a manufactured crisis.”

Louisiana police officer dies after being shot multiple times
A police officer in Shreveport, La., died Wednesday night after being shot at least four times, including at least once in the head, according to reports. The victim was Officer Chateri Payne, sources told the Shreveport Times, although police would not confirm the officer’s identity.

The NY Times: Palestinian propaganda or journalism?
The New York Times publishes many articles about the Palestinian Arabs, the Israelis and their shared animosity and conflicts. Over time, a pattern has emerged, the articles are devoid of any meaningful reference to Palestinian Arab terror organizations. Lacking candor, the reader will have to decide if they are legitimate journalism or merely a form of Palestinian propaganda.

Macron’s Yellow Vest Response Makes Putin Look Soft
Macron’s handouts to Yellow Vest protesters have damped the demonstrators’ fervor somewhat but failed to stop the regular eruptions of violence, so now Macron and his government have decided to wield a heavier stick. The new rules being proposed ought to raise some eyebrows: They’re tougher than the norms Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime uses to suppress political opposition.

Indonesia earthquake WARNING: Will earthquake trigger Krakatau volcano eruption
The current earthquake is taking place on the northwestern tip of Indonesia, off the coast of Aceh. Tremors were situated just off the coast, with magnitudes of 5.1 threatening repercussions to nearby land.

‘Give our blood’ Salvini to create POPULIST MOVEMENT of right-wing parties from ACROSS EU
MATTEO SALVINI has pledged to form a new alliance of right-wing populist parties led by Lega Nord in the European Parliament as he first heads to Poland to strengthen ties with the hardline Law and Justice (PiS) party. Mr Salvini hopes to make his new group, comprised of 130 seats, the second strongest party in the European Parliament. Mr Salvini wants to lay the foundation for a new alliance between PiS and Lega Nord on Wednesday in Warsaw – potentially kickstarting momentum for other nation states to join the populist uprising.

Report: Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh cancels trip to Moscow
A trip to Moscow next week by the leader of Palestinian terrorist group Hamas has been canceled… The Hamas leader had been expected to hold talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Jan. 15. The Palestinian Authority notified the Kremlin in December of its opposition to Haniyeh’s visit, which Russian officials said was part of an effort to end the rift between rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah.

Politicians warn Haifa: Don’t award terror apologist with job
Yisrael Beiteinu MK Oded Forer slammed the Haifa municipality on Thursday for a reported decision to appoint local Hadash party member Raja Za’atra to the city’s civic defense committee. “I guess the previous tempest didn’t help Haifa understand who is walking in their halls,” Forer said, “and they decided to give him the biggest prize a terror supporter can hope for: class A intel.”

Kim Jong-un leaves China with ‘backing for second Trump summit’
After his surprise visit to China, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un left with backing for a possible second summit with US President Donald Trump, state media said. Mr Trump and Mr Kim first met last June, but progress over denuclearisation has since stalled. Chinese President Xi Jinping said he hoped the two leaders “meet each other halfway”, Xinhua news agency reported.

Guatemala court blocks government’s bid to expel UN team
Guatemala’s constitutional court has suspended a decision by the government to kick out a UN body that was investigating the country’s president. The International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) has been running for more than a decade. On Monday, politicians informed the body it had 24 hours to leave.

Yemen soldiers killed in Houthi drone attack on base
A drone attack on a Yemeni government base by the rebel Houthi movement has reportedly killed at least six soldiers and injured several senior officials. One video showed a drone exploding above a podium where the officials were watching a military parade. It is not clear if any other drones hit the base. Sky News Arabia said army chief of staff Gen Abdullah al-Nakhi was hurt.

Trump walks out of shutdown talks with a ‘bye-bye’
President Donald Trump has walked out of a meeting with Democratic leaders as negotiations broke down on the 19th day of a partial US government shutdown. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer stuck by their refusal to fund his US-Mexico border wall, prompting Mr Trump to call the meeting “a total waste of time”. Democrats again accused the president of throwing a “temper tantrum”.

Mexico fuel shortage worries industry as lines in capital grow
Gasoline shortages in Mexico sparked by a crackdown on fuel theft prompted warnings from business leaders that industries like carmaking will suffer if the shortfalls persist as lines at gas stations in the capital grew on Wednesday. The drive to eradicate a crime that has deprived state coffers of billions of dollars is President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s first major move against chronic corruption since taking office on Dec. 1…

Republican House Increased Debt $7.9 Trillion in 8 Years
The recently deposed Republican majority increased the federal debt by $7.9 trillion in the eight years it controlled the House of Representatives. At the close of business on Jan. 4, 2011, the day before the Republicans took control of the House, the debt was $14,014,049,043,294.41, according to the Treasury. On Jan. 3, 2019, the last day before the Republicans turned control of the House back to the Democrats, the debt closed at $21,929,258,046,653.58.

‘Traditional masculinity’ deemed harmful, could lead to sexual harassment, medical group says
For the first time in its history, the American Psychological Association (APA) released guidelines concerning men and boys, saying that so-called “traditional masculinity” not only is “harmful” but also could lead to homophobia and sexual harassment. “The main thrust of the subsequent research is that traditional masculinity – marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression – is, on the whole, harmful,” reads the news release…

Move aside, backseat driver! New tech at CES monitors you inside car
As vehicles get smarter, your car will be keeping eyes on you. This week at CES, the international consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, a host of startup companies will demonstrate to global automakers how the sensor technology that watches and analyzes drivers, passengers and objects in cars will mean enhanced safety in the short-term, and revenue opportunities in the future.

Venture capitalist: AI will displace 40 percent of world’s jobs in as soon as 15 years
In as soon as 15 years, 40 percent of the world’s jobs could be done by machines, according to one of the world’s foremost experts on artificial intelligence. Kai Fu Lee, a pioneer in AI and venture capitalist based in China makes this prediction in a Scott Pelley report about AI on the next edition of 60 Minutes, Sunday, Jan. 13 at 7 p.m., ET/PT on CBS.

Google Nears Win in Europe Over ‘Right to Be Forgotten’
Google and other search engines shouldn’t be forced to apply the European Union’s “right to be forgotten” beyond the bloc’s borders, an adviser to the EU’s top court argued Thursday. The recommendation—if followed by the EU’s Luxembourg-based Court of Justice—would be a major victory for Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., which has for three years been fighting an order from France’s privacy regulator to apply the EU principle globally.

US: Muslim group sues to block ‘No Boycott of Israel’ bill
Maryland’s ban on contracting with businesses that boycott Israel tramples on the First Amendment rights of a software engineer who advocates for Palestinians, a Muslim civil rights group claims in a lawsuit filed Wednesday. The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) federal lawsuit seeks to block the state from enforcing an executive order that the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, signed in October 2017.

Meet The Mistress Who Will Cost Bezos $70 Billion
She has hosted several TV shows, and also runs her own aviation company…

Mysterious radio signals from deep space detected
Astronomers have revealed details of mysterious signals emanating from a distant galaxy, picked up by a telescope in Canada. The precise nature and origin of the blasts of radio waves is unknown.

China says trade talks with U.S. set foundation to resolve concerns
Trade talks between China and the United States this week were extensive, and helped establish a foundation for the resolution of each others’ concerns, China’s commerce ministry said on Thursday, but gave no details on the issues at stake.

China Car Sales Collapse: First Annual Drop In Over 20 Years
Retail sales of passenger vehicles in China fell a dramatic 19% on the year, while SUV retail sales also fell 18.9% – the first annual decline in over 20 years.

Bank Of England Boss: China’s Renminbi Will Rival The Dollar As Global Reserve Currency
“As the world re-orders, this disconnect between the real and financial is likely to reduce, and in the process other reserve currencies may emerge… such as the RMB.”

Vietnam Christians beaten, arrested for refusing to worship Buddha and renounce faith in Jesus
Several Hmong Christians were beaten and arrested by Vietnamese government officials after they refused to renounce their faith and worship a Buddha statue, a pastor has revealed.

China Bans One of the Ten Commandments as Part of ‘National Policy’
Chinese officials entered a church in recent weeks and ordered the removal of one of the Ten Commandments – the first one – In another example of the nation’s crackdown on Christianity.

China Activates “Ship Killer” Dong-Feng Missiles After US Navy Buzzes Disputed Islands
“We will continue to take necessary measures to safeguard national sovereignty and security”

Obama-Appointed Judge Rules Rick Scott Violated Brenda Snipes’ Constitutional Rights With Suspension
Mark Walker, a Federal Judge appointed by Barack Obama, ruled Wednesday night that former Florida Governor and current Senator, Rick Scott violated Brenda Snipes’ Constitutional rights when he suspended her.

Headlines – 1/10/2019

Netanyahu seeking to meet with Trump two weeks before elections – report

62% of Israelis fear election hacking, but 73% are confidant country can cope

Russia denies it is planning to interfere in Israeli elections

Israel said urging Egypt to reopen Gaza crossing over fears of fresh violence

Police raid settlement yeshiva, summon 80 teens in deadly Jewish terror probe

‘Death to Arabs’ painted, Palestinian olive trees chopped down in West Bank

Evangelical leaders slam Airbnb’s ‘discriminatory’ boycott of Jewish properties in West Bank

Muslim Group Sues State of Maryland Over Boycott Israel Law

Israeli Startups Raised Record Capital in 2018 Amid Gathering Clouds for Global Tech

Israeli Drones to Be Used to Aid Brazilian Agriculture After Multi-Million Dollar Deal

Shin Bet chief said to warn Chinese investment in Israel poses security threat

In Arab world, belief prevails that Trump will recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

Russia blames US for Iranian presence near Israeli border

Iran’s supreme leader calls US officials ‘idiots,’ but hints sanctions hurting

Iran confirms it has detained US navy veteran Michael White adding pressure to the rising tension between Iran and the US

New Information Links Huawei to Front Companies That Operated in Iran and Syria

War of words: Israel, Turkey on collision course

Turkey and the Kurds turn to Russia to solve problems sparked by U.S. exit from Syria

Turkey says it will launch Syria offensive against Kurds if US delays pullout

Pompeo: Erdogan threats against Kurds will not stop Syria withdrawal

Pompeo meets with Iraqi leaders during unannounced stop in Baghdad

Bid to launch ballistic missile at Saudi Arabia backfires, kills 15 Houthis

Afghanistan peace talks in doubt after Taliban’s abrupt walkout

China’s Xi nudges N. Korea, US to meet half way as second summit planned

Kim Jong Un hopes second summit with Trump will achieve results ‘welcomed by the international community’

As Venezuela falls apart, Maduro poised for six more years as president

Mexico finds 20 bodies, 17 of them burned, near U.S. border

Tuberculosis, flu, infections rampant as the number of sick migrants surge at border

Evangelical Pastor Defends Trump’s Border Plan: ‘Heaven Itself Is Gonna Have A Wall’

Trump storms out of meeting with Democrats on border wall funding

Trump still considering emergency declaration for border crisis

Each illegal immigrant costs US $82G, conservative think tank claims

Crash safety to craft beer: Shutdown impacts Americans in surprising ways

FDA says most food inspections halted amid shutdown

Prospective homebuyers derailed by the government shutdown

The government shutdown spotlights a bigger issue: 78% of US workers live paycheck to paycheck

Billionaire Steyer won’t run for US president, will focus on impeaching Trump

Republican House Increased Debt $7.9 Trillion in 8 Years

Venture capitalist: AI will displace 40 percent of world’s jobs in as soon as 15 years

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Raoul Island, New Zealand

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Meulaboh, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Napu, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Rare snowfall blankets Athens as temperatures across Greece hit record lows

Israel sees record snowfall as stormy weather reaches peak

‘The sea has come to us:’ Syrian refugees hardest hit in ‘worst storm’ to hit Lebanon

Eight-year-old girl dies as devastating storm piles misery on Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Saudi authorities take action after locust swarm hits Mecca’s Great Mosque

Experimental app might spot drug overdoses in time to help

Drugs and syringes have become such a problem in Starbucks bathrooms that the company is installing needle-disposal boxes in certain locations

New abortion-related fight in Kentucky heats up over fetal heartbeats

‘Traditional masculinity’ deemed harmful, could lead to sexual harassment, medical group says

Two women charged with assault on transgender person at Glenwood South bar

Colorado’s Jared Polis Makes History, Sworn in as First Gay Governor

Israeli doctors ban gay conversion therapy as risks ‘mental damage’

Brazil ‘miracle’ healer, profiled by Oprah, to face rape trial

Apostasy Watch Daily News

Millennial Pastor (Andy Stanley) Seeking to be Relevant Becomes Irrelevant

Joyce Meyer admits her views on prosperity, faith were ‘out of balance’ – but doesn’t renounce prosperity gospel

Why the Prosperity Gospel is so poisonous

LGBT Activists Destroy Church Sign that Said ‘Bruce Jenner is a Man’

133 Abortion Clinics Kill Babies After 20 Weeks, 5 Abortion Clinics Kill Babies Up to Birth

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