Democrats HATRED of President Trump Much Greater Than Concern for the American People

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

If one sits all day and watches CNN or MSNBC, and believes everything that is being reported,  then they have become a Leftwing zombie.

Lenin had another word for these types:  Useful idiots aka today as Snowflakes.

People like George Soros – probably the most notorious geopolitical criminal mind in the history of the world – depends on the Snowflakes. These people do not think for themselves, nor do they explore the internet to vet stories which are force-fed to them by the Leftist fake news sources.


There are articles flying around the Leftwing universe about the people who are going without paychecks. I feel bad for these people – I do.  But what do you think  the Demonrats do to show compassion for these people? They go to Puerto Rico to a  lavish resort which charges $429 a night!  True story:

“Dems Fly to Puerto Rico on…

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