Libs try to spin ABC-WaPo poll as pushback against wall. Fox shows unreported victory is really Trump’s

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Despite new polls taken by liberal giants that seem to bode badly for President Donald Trump in regard to the ongoing border security/government shutdown fight, not all is as it seems, according to Griff Jenkins.

Speaking Sunday morning on “Fox & Friends,” Jenkins rightly noted that while the numbers appear at first glance to bode badly for the president, a deeper look suggests otherwise.

Take for instance a new ABC News/Washington Post poll that shows a 54 percent majority of Americans oppose the border wall that the president seeks to build across the southern U.S. border.

“Look at the numbers,” Jenkins implored. Look at the number of Republicans standing firm. 87% among Republicans supporting the wall, you know, that’s approaching 90%. That is a very strong number.”

“And if you go back and look quickly at the increase in the current poll, you have basically a plus-8 gain of support of all voters but then a negative 9 drop. So the movement, the tide is all moving towards the support for a wall, and that is fundamentally, undeniably a problem for the Democrat position that would suggest eventually President Trump will win the battle.”


Jenkins was right. Though 54 percent represents a majority of Americans, it also represents a stunning nine percentage point drop from the 63 percent opposition recorded last year.

And though the overall support for the wall stands at just 42 percent, this itself represents a notable eight percentage point increase from the 34 percent recorded last year.

Support for the wall has, in fact, reached an “all-time high,” according to the Washington Examiner, suggesting Jenkins was right that “the tide is all moving towards the support for a wall.”

He’s not the only one to have taken note of this. Conservative commentator Kurt Schlicter hinted at it during a Fox News debate Saturday night, saying, “The longer the shutdown goes, the better. At the end, I think Donald Trump’s going to win.”

The polling data does seem to suggest — as Schlichter and Jenkins have both noted — that the longer the shutdown continues, and the more time Trump has to explain the need for a border wall to the public, the more in-line with his tough but fair immigration policies the public inevitably becomes.

Listen to some of Schlichter’s debate below:

The demonstrably left-wing and frequently factually inaccurate media disagree.

“Fox’s Griff Jenkins Says Poll Showing Most Americans Oppose Wall Means Trump ‘Will Eventually Win,’” reads a headline at Mediaite designed to mock the Fox news co-host.

The author of the piece argues that Jenkins’s argument is invalid because polling data from another pollster shows that approval for the wall has always been between the 30s and 40s:


“A Gallup poll taken weeks after Trump’s inauguration showed 38 percent support for the wall. If Trump gains two percent a year, he’d ‘win’ the battle sometime after the 2020 election.”

Except that, of course, is not how polls work. It’s improper and lazy to compare the poll results of one pollster to the poll results of another pollster. Mediaite should know better. That it doesn’t might explain why so many social media users believe it peddles “fake news.”

Many far-leftists on social media nevertheless bought Mediaite’s false argument and completely invalid headline hook, line and sinker, as evidenced by the tweets below:

Next up on Delusion TV, Santa joins us!! Stay tuned!!!!

— Totalblamblam🎀 (@Totalblamblamm) January 13, 2019

Huh? If most oppose, how does he win?

— #DitchMitch (@SharronSmiley) January 13, 2019

Logic is dead.

— joy 😊 (@kickonct) January 13, 2019

LOL. Delusional.

— Peter (@BurgerDogBoy) January 13, 2019

It’s a cult

— Leeman67 (@ljbryner1967) January 13, 2019

But none of what Mediaite asserted or its readers are tweeting negates Jenkins’ core contention, which is that support for the wall is increasing, while opposition for it is decreasing. That’s a fact, and facts don’t usually care about false, misleading narratives.

Thankfully, not everybody bought into the purveyor’s false narrative. Some — including even some liberals — were sensible enough to recognize the truth.


So if support for the wall is increasing, but still a minority, does this mean Trump’s use of Hitler’s play book is working???

America changed the course of WWII!!! Has America not learned from the past???

This does not bode well, and plays into Russia’s hands.#Resist

— Dave Hansen (@Davhansen2163) January 13, 2019

Well this is disturbing, support for Trump’s senseless border wall is increasing:

— TheResistance Report (@AntiTrumpReport) January 13, 2019

What ist so hard to understand is that the support for the wall is increasing while we see more and more evidence of the US Administration’s incompetence and their lies.

— HAP (@HilviP) January 13, 2019

Of course, conservatives knew the truth all along:

Support for the wall is actually increasing though.

— AJ Dahlgren (@ajdahlgren) January 13, 2019

Yet support for a wall is increasing.

— Carl Gottlieb (@c_cgottlieb) January 13, 2019

Haha – NOT! Total BS!

SUPPORT for wall went UP!

Thank goodness for President Trump! 😊😊😊

— CoVFeFe SauCe (@jbcovfefe) January 13, 2019

Source: Libs try to spin ABC-WaPo poll as pushback against wall. Fox shows unreported victory is really Trump’s

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