Wise in Our Own Conceit

Unfathomable Grace

In our flesh, how arrogant we are.

We think our good works — which are described by the Divine Appraiser as filthy rags — are worth something in God’s sight. We prove to have too low a view of God’s holy standard. We also show we have too high a view of our performance. This is because we have a too external view of what constitutes sin and righteousness. (We look only at the outside of the cup or garment.) Therefore, though in reality we have only accrued demerit, we consider ourselves righteous and meritorious. Oh friends, tragically, we are “wise in our own conceit.”

We are they who consider ourselves better than others. Yes, God and our neighbors are lucky to have us on his planet, and it would be a better place if there were more of us and less of them. Consequently, based upon this…

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