January 17 A Divinely Offered Opportunity

scripture reading: Joshua 1:1–2, 10–18
key verse: Isaiah 58:11

The Lord will guide you continually,
And satisfy your soul in drought,
And strengthen your bones;
You shall be like a watered garden,
And like a spring of water,
  whose waters do not fail.

The company needs to know by Friday. Will you take the job in Wichita or not? The church wants an answer next week. Will you teach the Bible study this quarter or decline?

Decisions. Opportunities. Some of them come only once, and they demand a precise response. How do you know what to do?

The Israelites were presented with a grand command from the Lord of hosts: be ready in three days to cross the Jordan River and enter the land promised to your forefathers. There were obstacles—an overflowing, raging river with enemies on the other side. But the Israelites obeyed God, and the blessings followed.

When decisions are not so clear–cut, you still employ principles to seize the opportunities offered by God. Just as Joshua was commanded, you are to meditate in the Word constantly. His Word rolls back the darkness and doubt.

If you fail, if you make the wrong decision, God is still with you wherever you go. He uses even your botches to teach you. Above all, obey what you believe God has shown you. Even when you are wrong, you will still be all right.

I want to seize each opportunity this day affords, Father. Let Your Word roll back the darkness and doubt threatening my life. I praise You that even when I am wrong, You will make it right.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (1998). Enter His gates: a daily devotional. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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