Intoxicating Masculinity

Unfathomable Grace

Esau was a rugged outdoorsman. He was a man of the field who was most comfortable and skilled with bow and arrow. Scripture tells us he was clearly the preferred son of his father. A&E would have loved to create a reality show around his lifestyle. Esau was a mighty man, but he was not a godly man.

In contrast, Jacob was a man of the house; he was more comfortable in the kitchen. He was the one coddled and preferred by his mother. Jacob may well have been the first metro-sexual momma’s boy.

When it came time to receive the blessing, Esau played the role of the man and went to work following the orders of his father. On that same day, Jacob put on his costume and role-played according to his mother’s wishes. Then, following his deceptive plot, instead of standing up for what he had done, Jacob…

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