One World Trade Center Sparkles Pink After Infanticide Legalized in NY

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

More Demonic Activity and it is only going to increase

When our boys were born, both of them had to be rushed to NICU because they had swallowed amniotic fluid.  I remember the nurses wheeling me down to see them. One was born in 1980 and the other in 1985.

In the NICU I saw tiny babies who had been born very early. Most of these preemies grew and flourished, and their anxious parents could finally take them home.

But now, thanks to the demonic powers within so many Leftist monsters – while the tiny babies are being kept alive in the incubators; a couple of rooms over there will be full term babies being murdered. YES, I said Murdered.

Will the killer stab the spinal cord or will they strangle the child? Or perhaps they will place the babies in a dark room and leave them without water or…

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