Basic Training: Bible Studies and Sermons

Michelle Lesley

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When I started the Basic Training series, I thought I’d be writing about foundational theological concepts and practices in Christianity. You know, like baptism or the sufficiency of Scripture. It never occurred to me that I might someday need to explain something so basic that most lost people could define it as well as (sometimes better than) many professed Christians.

But the more “Bible” studies and sermons I take in, the more I think a remedial course in exactly what those things are supposed to consist of might be very beneficial to the church at large, and an unfortunate necessity for many pastors, teachers, and Christian celebrities.

I could be way off base here, but I’d almost bet that if you went up to ten random people on the street and asked them what a Bible study class is…

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3 thoughts on “Basic Training: Bible Studies and Sermons

  1. Erin @ Paperbackstash

    I think we’re all surprised by how much people don’t know or care to know. I’ve met several wonderful Christians who have never read any of the Old Testament, don’t read the bible on their own, and have no interest in further study other than what their church leads them to.


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