Jeanine Pirro Ruins CNN’s Explanation Why It Caught Roger Stone Arrest

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro noticed something that not many noticed in the raid on Roger Stone.

The explanation from CNN as to why it had cameras there also stinks.

“They begin banging on Stone’s home yelling, ‘FBI, open the door.’ The only people home were Stone, his wife, and his dog,” Pirro said.

“And lo and behold, CNN is there, cameras in tow. Waiting for the FBI for an hour waiting for to it start,” she said.

“Why would they be there? Especially when the FBI considers this dangerous enough to have S.W.A.T. teams and guns drawn,” the host said.

On Friday the CNN reporter who was present said it was reporter’s “instinct” that led him to Stone’s house.

“It’s reporter’s instinct,” he said. “The whole Russia team thought maybe something was happening.”

“There was some unusual grand jury activity in Washington, D.C., yesterday,” Shortell said.

“Robert Mueller’s grand jury typically meets on Fridays. Yesterday, Thursday, there was grand jury activity,” he said.

“We also had some other signs that maybe something was going on this angle, the Roger Stone angle,” the reporter said.

“So we showed up at his house this morning, we were the only ones there, and lo and behold, the FBI agents did come,” he said.

But Pirro found something telling in that explanation that, to her, proved they were tipped off.

“Unusual grand jury activity? Hey, Grand juries meet in secret,” she said/

“What do you know about the activity of the grand jury. What do you know about when they meet or if their schedules change?” Pirro said.

“Does all unusual grand jury activity suggest indictments are being handed up?” she said.

Good questions. How does CNN know when a grand jury meets in secret?

And why does a grand jury meeting mean that an indictment is coming?

And how do you know who the indictment is coming for if everything is secret?

Source: Jeanine Pirro Ruins CNN’s Explanation Why It Caught Roger Stone Arrest

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