When God’s Law Becomes God’s Grace

Unfathomable Grace

None of us deserve any good thing from our Creator and Judge. We cannot claim to deserve any of his kindness. Instant excommunication and eternal condemnation is all we have earned by our wickedness. However, despite our arrogant rebellion, God has chosen to grant some of us written copies of his Law and Gospel. For some unknown reason, we are people who possess the Book that contains divine revelation not possessed by all in the world. And friends, how blessed are we to be the people to whom God specially speaks.

In Genesis 41, God gives a divine vision to Pharaoh and provides the divine interpretation through Joseph. To this world leader, God gives both inside information about an upcoming famine and a winning strategy to be followed. How blessed are they who receive inspired truth from the One True God:

Then Joseph said to Pharaoh, “The dreams of Pharaoh…

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