5 Objections Atheists Have Against Christianity

In today’s culture there is no shortage of people who criticize Christianity on a daily basis. If you are a Christian you should equip yourself with not just knowing what you believe but what non-believers think about Christianity. We must view our faith as a constant state of training. The more you prepare yourself the easier it will be to answer these objections and you will be more confident in your faith.

Many Christians have been challenged by objections but we don’t need to be worried about their objections as it molds us into bolder Christians and defenders.

Here are 5 of the most common objections Atheists have against Christianity:

1. There is no evidence that God exists
When an atheist makes this claim they are defending their worldview that there is no creator or afterlife. Popular Atheist, Christopher Hitchens used to say that we are the product of an accident and not a result of a creator. He, and any Atheist who makes this claim are making a bigger claim in which has no evidence. In fact this claim goes against what science says about how life was created. We know that our universe had a beginning (a cosmic beginning) but that relies on the fact that a greater being had to have caused that beginning to take place because there was literally nothing in existence.

A claim without evidence is just a subjective viewpoint and here atheists fail to provide any evidence why God doesn’t exist. For Christians two evidences are The Kalam Cosmological Argument and the Design Argument.

“If we find no evidence for the Bible stories in the archeology, then it’s fiction. The fact of the matter is that it can’t be fiction, because the evidence really is there.”
-David Rohl, British Egyptologist

2. There is no evidence that Jesus Christ was a real historical figure
Atheists love to say there is no evidence of Jesus in history and that he was a recycled story from earlier generations such as Mithras. However, we do have evidence that accounts for Jesus being a real man and the son of God from both biblical and non-biblical sources. There are also numerous eye witness accounts of Jesus in resurrected form and these accounts were from Christians and non-believers. None of which have been proven to be untrue stories. Further, Christianity wouldn’t exist without Jesus and since we have the written work of non-christian historians the claim that Jesus never existed is easily refuted.

Richard Dawkins once said, “There is a danger in society today that people think you have faith but no evidence.”While atheists may not agree with the evidence presented in favor of Christianity that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any evidence that supports it. Further, if Jesus was a myth we should of discovered evidence of that. Most non-believing scholars (experts in their field) are convinced that Jesus was a man who actually existed as the bible portrays.

3. Christianity dismisses science
Unbelievers couldn’t be further from the truth with this statement. If anything, Christians rely heavily on the sciences to make their case for Christianity. And it all starts with how creation began. Christians can’t ignore science just as unbelievers can’t ignore the Cambrian Explosion. Christian Philosophers such as William Lane Craig and Alvin Plantinga talk about the importance of science. Scientist, Francis Collins wrote “The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief” which is a compelling book about how science points to evidence for God’s existence.

Additionally, Cosmologists like Hugh Ross and Bio-Chemist Fazale Rana at Reasons to Believe are constantly writing about the new evidence for intelligent design. There are many others such as Stephen Meyer who founded The Discovery Institute and has been a major player in talking about the intelligent design theory and debunking Darwin’s theory of evolution.

4. If God was real evil wouldn’t exist
One of the most popular objections to Christianity is the problem of evil. Unbelievers would like you to believe if God is so loving why would he allow such horrible things to happen. But, the presence of evil in our world is exactly the proof we need to show others that God exists. If God didn’t exist we shouldn’t be aware that evil exists because we would have no basis to measure it against this standard of good and evil.

And they will only use this objection when it benefits their worldview. When Atheists bring up the presence of evil we must also talk about the standard of good and evil. It’s important to ask how do they know good is actually good and evil things are truly evil. Is it just their opinion or is there an objective standard?

5.  God is an idea Christians made up to help them feel better about life
Many atheists assert the claim that Christians only believe in God because it makes them feel better. It also has been said that ‘Christianity is a self-imposed psychological incarceration.’ What many Atheists don’t realize is that Christians feel more freedom with their faith than without it. They cling to the false belief that their autonomy is what makes them free.

C.S. Lewis responds to such claims when he said, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

We all depend on something or someone because we are not fully whole or perfect. We are dependent on strength that is more powerful than we could ever hope to be on our own. Christianity explains many of life’s biggest questions that we cannot answer without a creator. Therefore, as Christians we can rest knowing God is real and we have evidence for this beyond on personal and subjective feelings.

Atheists believe that Christianity has no evidence to support its claims but they are ignoring the evidences such as anthropology, history, geology, philosophy, theology, etc. Further, Christianity doesn’t rely only on our own claims or feelings as many believe. As Christians we must be familiar with other world views and how these world views see Christianity. You may be completely comfortable and confident in your faith which is great but we also must be able to live out 1 Peter 3:15, and be ready to give a response to unbelievers that challenge our hope in God.

Source: 5 Objections Atheists Have Against Christianity

2 thoughts on “5 Objections Atheists Have Against Christianity

  1. grogalot

    The reason for my non-belief is because resurrection is a delusion. Believers are involved in the greatest scam in the history of humankind. For almost 2000 years believers have been waiting and praying for Armageddon. GROG

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