You Need a Better God?

Unfathomable Grace

The Egyptians take great pride in believing themselves to be the sovereign superpower of the world. Their empire is vast, their military is dominant, their economy is prosperous, and oh how they love their castles, houses, tombs, and walls. Most of those who rule and live in Egypt are pretty pleased with their current state. However, Pharaoh and his court are currently in the process of being re-educated, and in the process they are discovering they have over-estimated their state sovereignty. They are at war with a King and Kingdom with whom they cannot compete.

Not only are the Egyptians over-estimating their state sovereignty, they are also over-estimating the power and sovereignty of their gods. The Egyptians are a devoutly religious people. In their daily lives, they worship dozens of deities — some whom they fear and others whom they trust. They worship Hapi, Osiris, Nu, Khnum, and Isis; these…

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