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Greetings Truth Warrior, Patriot and Sentient Sentry:

“We apologize to you, President Trump. We were simply on a witch hunt and our behavior was unconscionable, unseemly, unlawful and unconstitutional. I was commissioned to try and find a reason to explain, frankly, how the Over Mitt Fashionista, HRC, lost a rigged election. That simple. We failed and now must slip away, humiliated and hoist by our own [DS] petard.” Fat chance we’d ever hear anything resembling that from Lurch Mueller and his crew from the Island of Misfit Toys. Not a chance. Nope. One day, perhaps even as soon as this week, someone from the Ted Baxter media will be given the all clear to note rather incidentally that the SC crew’s up and left and that they were last seen packing up and moving on. “They took the last train for the coast.” And there will be no settling up, no review, no summary or summation. Oh, well. Alas. No Russian collusion, no interference with elections. Nada. Niente. After all is said and done, after FISAgate, Pissgate (the still incomprehensible tall tale of urolagnic Russian trollops micturating atop the percales), Fusion GPS BS, subpoenas galore and Star Chamber shenanigans — all gone. Done and over. Pfft! Meanwhile HRC and her sexual predator hubby hobble and shuffle along, bedraggled and kneecapped by moral dotage and senescence. These two felons will thumb their noses and flip off the American people while their bought and soul’d morally bankrupt bumper sticker fake news media give the crowd the finger. We’ve been had again, patriots. President Trump, we trust you will address such summarily and accordingly. Know, sir, that you have our blessing and commitment to righting this incomprehensible wrong. Go for the throat, sir. We’re with you.

The inmates have taken over the asylum. Just a word anent last night’s cultural vacuum, clusterf*** and dumpster fire, the Oscars. Boring, irrelevant, inapposite, tedious, mind-numbing and a colossal waste of time. I’d call it mental masturbation but waxing onanistic has, it is reported, ostensibly a purpose, concludes more ceremoniously yet shares with this sickening celebration of narcissism and marginal talent the understandable reluctance to publicly admitting participation therein. The Oscars ceremony reminds us how Hollywood has lost its charm, class, panache and elegance. It’s now a parade and diversity retinue of half-baked, half-assed monosyllabics knuckle-dragging across the stage only to bore us into coma with vapid mouth-breathing testaments to subject matter they’ve no clue or inclination to appreciate much less comprehend. Yes, there must be someone somewhere who yearns for submental disquisitions on southern border security, “diversity,” the hallowed Wall and anti-American anti-Trump anti-intellectual insipidity. There must be. One last word. Have you seen Roma? Count yourself lucky if no. Rumor has it rogue American military torturists are seriously considering forcing detainees to watch it à la Clockwork Orange style, eyes pried open, in lieu of waterboarding or stress positioning. Dear Gawd, stop the madness! It redefines suckage. Gravitational sucking, pilgrims. And another thought: Imagine sharing conversations in a cross-country ride in a MINI Cooper with the likes of Spike Lee. Spike Jones, Milligan, certainly. But this rambling twit, this incomprehensible “auteur” whose BlacKkKlansman is to cinematic genius what the bicycle pump is to the hemispherectomy! Why must we encourage this dolt to continue with his enfeebled attempts at relevance? One actual last word: GREEN BOOK! Bwahahaha!

Sandy Occasional-Cortex is a spy for the Trump crew, a ringer and spoiler. She has to be. How else can you explain how this little girl — this daft, dingbat, demented, doltish distaff demimondaine — trounced the Speaker in waiting and spends each waking moment spewing, spouting and ‘splaining one moment of Olympian hysterics after another? From where she lives to whether she placed her boyfriend on the payroll to explaining the fantasy of the Green New Deal to her responsibility for Long Island City losing Amazon’s HQ2 yet New York City gaining 25,000 new Republicans — representing the jobs lost (at an average salary of $150K) when she sided with . . . not exactly sure whom. She’s a gift, patriots.

#NoJussieNoPeace. This morning I happened to watch (and it hurt) Robin Roberts interview on Good Morning America, television news’ version of the sitz bath, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, the Windy City’s future mayor, and it was quite the spectacle watching Double-R the hack forced to interview the man who led the investigation of the most obviously guilty con artist and racial arsonist since “Reverend” Al Sharpton, who even distanced himself from Flim Flam Jussie. Al Sharpton of Tawana Brawley fame and shame, HE even denounced the mendacious one! (The same Al Shifty Sharpton who accompanied the Kamala Chameleon to Sylvia’s last week for an event no one, and I mean no one, understands or comprehends.) And no sentient citizen believes for a moment that Jussie’s story is remotely true, much less plausible, yet the [DS] corporate Ted Baxter hacks dance around the fable, praying the public will just lose interest. Good news. We have. But what we haven’t lost interest in is seeing that conniving con confined and contained and convicted of everything and anything available. Instanter.

A word on Robert Kraft. While the juvenescent media focus per usual on just the facts of the Florida prostitution case, the issue remains sex trafficking front and center. Look at the women involved, look at their pictures, their faces. Do you think this is some run-of-the-mill prostitution bust? The case screams for further investigation and if charges of sex trafficking are substantiated the boom should be lowered forthwith. Look, prostitution is an archaic law that has no place in today’s legal currency. What consenting adults negotiate and contract in is nobody’s business. Consenting adults. The United Nations defines human trafficking as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons by improper means (such as force, abduction, fraud, or coercion) for an improper purpose including forced labor or sexual exploitation. Society usually lends a deaf ear to this subject matter. Just look at how Bergoglio’s phony synod’s being covered by the pathetic press. It seems like we just can’t be bothered with these people and issues. It kills me how humans will go nuts over stray and stranded pets and animals and critters and that’s fine. Animals deserve our attention too. The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated, spake Gandhi. I dig. But how we turn away from actual and palpable claims of cosmically inhuman treatment of humans and children, I shan’t ever know.

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Why has this verse replaced John 3:16 as most popular on social media?

John 3:16 deals with the profoundest mysteries of the faith, with life and death, a bloody sacrifice and an eternal hope. It calls for a response, an existential choice between light and darkness.

In a sign of changing times, the Bible verse that a totemic Christian reference point in the 20th century has given place to one that’s more in tune with the spirit of the age.

According to analysis from Bible Gateway, John 3:16 has been replaced by Jeremiah 29:11 in the affections of the internet.


Jeremiah 29:11 is a popular verse – but it’s not always used rightly.

‘For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life,’ says Jesus in John’s Gospel.

While Jeremiah says: ‘”For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”‘

And it’s the latter verse that is now more likely to be shared on social media.

The analysis was undertaken at the end of last year, but was reported today in the Daily Telegraph with a comment from Rev Dr Peter Phillips, Director of CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology of St John’s College at Durham University.

‘People don’t want to put a verse about Jesus’ death upon the cross on social media, it’s a bit heavy,’ Phillips said.

The difference between the two verses is fascinating. John 3:16 – beloved of Billy Graham – focuses on God’s gift of Christ, through whose death we can have eternal life. It’s so widely known in Christian circles that its impact is blunted. But it’s a verse that deals with the profoundest mysteries of the faith, with life and death, a bloody sacrifice and an eternal hope. It calls for a response, an existential choice between light and darkness.

What about Jeremiah? It’s been described as one of the most misused verses in the Bible. Originally a promise to Israel of restoration after years in exile in Babylon, it’s now used as a feel-good affirmation that ‘God has a plan for our lives’ and that everything works out for the best in the best of all possible worlds. This is a long way from Jeremiah’s intention – and a long way from real biblical exegesis, which doesn’t support the idea that God has our futures mapped out for us.

At its worst, Jeremiah’s verse helps people avoid responsibility for their own choices. It’s a comfort blanket, enabling people to feel that whatever they do – how hard they work, whether they study, whether they work at a marriage or a relationship or a church – doesn’t really matter, because it’s all part of God’s plan.

And that’s not really how it works. The Bible is clear that the world is a place of moral effort, of responsibility. We aren’t to tempt God by leaving everything to him: he’s given us choices. Yes, we can rely on his guidance and his care for us, but he still expects us to choose well.

John 3:16 is far more demanding than Jeremiah 29:11. It’s not as shareable in the Instagram age, because it asks too much of us. It doesn’t make us feel instantly better; it worries us.

But if we don’t grasp it and grapple with it, we’ll be left with an Instagram faith – quick but shallow, rootless and fruitless.

Mark Woods is the author of Does the Bible really say that? Challenging our assumptions in the light of Scripture (Lion, £8.99). Follow him on Twitter: @RevMarkWoods

Source: Why has this verse replaced John 3:16 as most popular on social media?

February 25 Facing Failure

Scripture Reading: Luke 15:1–10

Key Verse: Luke 15:7

I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety–nine just persons who need no repentance.

The agony of the Christian life is not just failing but trying and failing. Once we know Christ, we do want to please Him; we do want to live in the light of His truth; we do want to live victoriously. As a sage once said, “God didn’t teach us how to swim in order to let us sink.” God saved us so that we could enjoy and experience His abundant life. Yes, there are struggles, but we can win.

But how do we overcome the sins that constantly seem to overwhelm and subdue us? We first come to the point of absolute repentance. How serious have we become about the sin that besets us? Do we see how offensive it is to God? Have we literally, completely changed our minds about it?

Genuine repentance is a deep, profound act. Most of us have not reached that level; we flirt with our sins. If we have repented, however, then step two is still essential—to recognize our new identity in Christ. Jesus indwells us with all of His might and divinity. We overcome through Him because He is the Overcomer. No sin can stand before Him as by faith we claim His total conquest gained at Calvary. As we become serious about sin and recognize our new natures as believers, triumph is near.

Dear heavenly Father, I want to recognize and claim my new identity in You. Help me understand that Jesus dwells in me with all of His might and divinity. Let me realize that I can overcome through Him because He is the Overcomer.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (1999). On holy ground (p. 58). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

February 25 A Cure for the Conscience

Scripture reading: 1 Timothy 4:1–12

Key verse: Acts 24:16

This being so, I myself always strive to have a conscience without offense toward God and men.

Sometimes a subtle problem with the conscience develops. If you experience feelings of condemnation but cannot identify the source, you may be the victim of a struggling conscience. This is essentially a conscience in overdrive, excessively critical and hypersensitive.

For some, the cause is legalism or allegiance to man-made rules. Others take on responsibilities that are not really theirs, and they feel blame when things go wrong. In any case, false guilt is the culprit.

Is there a cure for a conscience that is out of condition? In Acts 24:16, Paul wrote: “I myself always strive to have a conscience without offense toward God and men.” He made himself transparent before God by confessing his sin, repenting, and recognizing the forgiveness and purity he had in Christ.

Ask the Lord to show you the truth about what is occurring inside your heart. He will point out areas of concern. When He reveals the problems to you, you must move immediately into repentance. Remember that you can repent from sins only that you yourself have committed. False guilt tries to burden you with others’ transgressions.

The more your conscience is programmed according to God’s standards, the more accurately it detects discrepancies. With your conscience in God’s control, He guides you in righteousness.

Dear heavenly Father, please program my conscience according to Your standards. Show me the truth about what is occurring inside my heart.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2000). Into His presence (p. 58). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

February 25, 2019 Afternoon Verse Of The Day

Its Internal Character

And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.

I saw no temple in it, for the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb are its temple. And the city has no need of the sun or of the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God has illumined it, and its lamp is the Lamb. The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it. In the daytime (for there will be no night there) its gates will never be closed; and they will bring the glory and the honor of the nations into it; and nothing unclean, and no one who practices abomination and lying, shall ever come into it, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.

Then he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb, in the middle of its street. On either side of the river was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. (21:21b–22:2)

As if just seeing the magnificent capital city of heaven from a distance was not privilege enough, John’s angelic guide took him inside. As he entered the city, the apostle noted that the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass. The streets in the New Jerusalem were made of the highest quality pure gold which, like everything else in the heavenly city, was transparent like glass. Translucent gold is not a material familiar to us on this earth. But everything there is transparent to let the light of God’s glory blaze unrestricted.

Once inside the city, the first thing John noted was that there was no temple in it. Up to this point, there has been a temple in heaven (cf. 7:15; 11:19; 14:15, 17; 15:5–8; 16:1, 17). But there will be no need for a temple in the new Jerusalem, for the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb are its temple. Their blazing glory will fill the new heaven and the new earth, and there will be no need for anyone to go anywhere to worship God. Life will be worship and worship will be life. Believers will be constantly in His presence (cf. 21:3); there will never be a moment when they are not in perfect, holy communion with the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb. Thus, there will be no need to go to a temple, cathedral, church, chapel, or any other house of worship. Believers will be the true worshipers God has always sought (John 4:23).

Returning to the theme of God’s brilliant, shining glory, John notes that the city has no need of the sun or of the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God has illumined it, and its lamp is the Lamb. The new heaven and the new earth will be radically different from the present earth, which is totally dependent on the sun and moon. They provide the cycles of light and darkness, and the moon causes the ocean tides. But in the new heaven and the new earth, they will be unnecessary. There will be no seas (21:1) and hence no tides. Nor will the sun and moon be needed to provide light, for the glory of God will illumine the New Jerusalem and its lamp will be the Lamb. Once again in Revelation, God the Father and the Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ, share authority (cf. 3:21).

Commenting on the brilliant light emanating from the New Jerusalem, J. A. Seiss writes:

That shining is not from any material combustion,—not from any consumption of fuel that needs to be replaced as one supply burns out; for it is the uncreated light of Him who is light, dispensed by and through the Lamb as the everlasting Lamp, to the home, and hearts, and understandings of his glorified saints. When Paul and Silas lay wounded and bound in the inner dungeon of the prison of Philippi, they still had sacred light which enabled them to beguile the night-watches with happy songs. When Paul was on his way to Damascus, a light brighter than the sun at noon shone round about him, irradiating his whole being with new sights and understanding, and making his soul and body ever afterwards light in the Lord. When Moses came down from the mount of his communion with God, his face was so luminous that his brethren could not endure to look upon it. He was in such close fellowship with light that he became informed with light, and came to the camp as a very lamp of God, glowing with the glory of God. On the Mount of Transfiguration that same light streamed forth from all the body and raiment of the blessed Jesus. And with reference to the very time when this city comes into being and place, Isaiah says, “the moon shall be ashamed and the sun confounded,”—ashamed because of the out-beaming glory which then shall appear in the new Jerusalem, leaving no more need for them to shine in it, since the glory of God lights it, and the Lamb is the light thereof. (The Apocalypse [reprint, Grand Rapids: Kregel, 1987], 499)

The reference to the nations … and the kings of the earth has led some to view this passage as a recapitulation of the millennial kingdom. But such an interpretation fails to do justice to the chronology of Revelation, particularly the repeated use of kai eidon to indicate chronological progression (see the discussion of 21:1 in chapter 18 of this volume). There will be living human beings in the Millennium (Isa. 65:20–23), but no physically alive people could possibly exist in an environment without sea (v. 1), sun, or moon (v. 23). Nations translates ethnos, which can also mean “people,” and is most frequently translated “Gentiles.” The idea is not that national identities will be preserved in the eternal state, but rather the opposite. People from every tongue, tribe, and nation—both Jews and Gentiles—will be united as God’s people. Every believer will be fully equal in the eternal capital city.

It may be that the truth that the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it offers further proof of the absolute equality in heaven. That phrase may indicate that there will be no social or class structure, that those who enter the city will surrender their earthly glory. Thus, everyone would be at the same level. Another possible interpretation is that this phrase refers to the believers living at the end of the Millennium. According to that view, the statement that the kings of the earth will bring their glory into the New Jerusalem refers to the translation of those believers before the uncreation of the present universe (see the discussion of 20:11 in chap. 17 of this volume).

Then John adds another detail to his description of the New Jerusalem. Throughout the never-ending daytime of the eternal state (for there will be no night there) its gates will never be closed. In an ancient walled city, the gates were closed at nightfall to keep invaders, marauders, criminals, and other potentially dangerous individuals from entering the city under cover of darkness. That there will be no night in eternity, and the gates of the New Jerusalem will never need to be closed, depicts the city’s complete security. It will be a place of rest, safety, and refreshment, where God’s people will “rest from their labors” (14:13).

The kings will not be the only ones to surrender their earthly prestige and glory when they enter heaven. The glory and the honor of the nations will also dissolve, as it were, into the eternal worship of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Like the twenty-four elders, all who enter heaven “will cast their crowns before the throne” of God (4:10).

All in heaven will be perfectly holy. Thus, nothing unclean, and no one who practices abomination and lying, shall ever come into the New Jerusalem (see the discussions of 21:7–8 in chap. 18 of this volume and 22:15 in chap. 21). The only ones there will be those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life. (For a discussion of the book of life, see 3:5; 13:8; and the comments on 20:12 in chap. 17 of this volume.)

John’s angelic tour guide next showed him a river of the water of life. With no sea in the eternal state (21:1), there could be no hydrologic cycle, and hence no rain to fill a river. Thus, the water of life is not water as we know it; it is a symbol of eternal life (cf. Isa. 12:3; John 4:13–14; 7:38). Like everything else in the New Jerusalem, the river was clear as crystal so it could reflect the glory of God. It cascaded down from the throne of God and of the Lamb in a dazzling, sparkling, never-ending stream. Its pure, unpolluted, unobstructed flow symbolizes the constant flow of everlasting life from God’s throne to God’s people.

The phrase in the middle of its street is best translated “in the middle of its path” and connected with the following phrase on either side of the river was the tree of life. The tree of life is the celestial counterpart to the tree of life in Eden (Gen. 2:9; 3:22–24), and this tree provides for those who are immortal. The tree of life was a familiar Jewish concept that expressed blessing (cf. 2:7; Prov. 3:18; 11:30; 13:12; 15:4), and the celestial tree symbolizes the blessing of eternal life. That the tree bears twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month emphasizes the infinite variety that will fill heaven. The use of the term month does not refer to time, since this is the eternal state and time is no more. It is an anthropomorphic expression of the joyous provision of eternity couched in the familiar terms of time.

Then John makes the intriguing observation that the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. At first glance, that seems confusing, since obviously there will be no illness or injury in heaven that would require healing. Therapeia (healing), however, does not imply illness. Perhaps a better way to translate it would be “life-giving,” “health-giving,” or “therapeutic.” The leaves of the tree can be likened to supernatural vitamins, since vitamins are taken not to treat illness, but to promote general health. Life in heaven will be fully energized, rich, and exciting.

The text does not say whether the saints will actually eat the leaves of the tree, though that is possible. Angels ate food with Abraham and Sarah (Gen. 18:1–8), as did the Lord Jesus Christ with His disciples after His resurrection (Luke 24:42–43; Acts 10:41). It is conceivable that the saints in heaven will eat, not out of necessity, but for enjoyment.[1]

1 In the new city of God the pure water does not issue from the temple as in Ezekiel but comes from the throne of God, since this whole city is a Most Holy Place with God at its center. Life from God streams unceasingly through the new world.

The scene brings to mind the old hymn by Robert Lowry (1864): “Shall we gather at the river, / Where bright angel feet have trod; / With its crystal tide forever / Flowing by the throne of God?”[2]

The throne of God (22:1, 3)

Our circumstances often make us wonder whether God is in control. There will be no such wondering in heaven. The new heaven and the new earth will have a throne, and it will be the throne of God.

A large part of human history consists of men and women hating that throne and trying to overturn it, but now the tides of time have washed up on the shore of eternity and the throne of God stands. God wins!

This is also the throne of the Lamb. If the throne of God means that God wins, and that throne is also the throne of the Lamb, it means that the Lamb wins. To say that the Lamb wins is the same as saying that the cross of Christ wins, because that is the place where Jesus offered himself as the sacrifice for the sins of his people.

Those pastors who give little or no place to the cross of Christ in their preaching would do well to question the wisdom of minimizing that which will be given supremacy at the end of time.

The river of life (22:1)

A river with the name ‘life’ will be there (22:1). Life will be as characteristic of the new earth as death is of this earth. This river will proceed ‘from the throne of God and of the Lamb’. The saints in heaven will know that the eternal life they are enjoying there comes from God.[3]

22:1–5 / The phrase, Then the angel showed me, seems to indicate John’s decision to add a separate “paradise tradition” into his vision of the new Jerusalem. The reasons for this are clearly theological: he thereby indicates that God’s redemption returns the new creation—the community of overcomers—to the Garden of Eden and to the creator’s intentions for humanity (Caird, Revelation, p. 280; Boring, Revelation, p. 218). These intentions, already indicated by the “new song” at the Lamb’s exaltation, are twofold (5:9–10): to create a people who can now serve God (22:3) and reign with God for ever (22:5). These intentions are fully realized at the Lamb’s return.

Fitting this passage into the chiastic patterning of John’s second vision of the new Jerusalem further illuminates his theological program. Before, God promised that “I will give (the one who overcomes) to drink … from the spring of the water of life” (21:6). John uses the paradise tradition to recall and expand upon this important biblical image of hope (Zech. 14:8; Ezek. 47:1–12), the water of life, in two important ways. First, John now locates the source of this water: it flows from the throne of God and of the Lamb. Rather than locating Christian hope in the promise of a restored city (Zech. 8; cf. Ps. 46:4) or temple (Ezek. 40–48) as the prophets did, John’s Gospel proclaims a person, Christ Jesus, through whom God has already fulfilled the promise of life (cf. John 7:37–9). Second, by placing the river (cf. Gen. 2:9–10) with the tree of life (cf. Rev. 2:7; Gen. 2:9; 3:21–22) and the crops of monthly fruit (cf. Gen. 3:3), John draws the reader back into the Garden of Eden as a place of promise, this time for the healing of the nations rather than for their curse (cf. Zech 14:11). In a sense, the images suggest this “Central Park” in the city of God not only regains Eden’s promise but actually improves upon it! After all, Adam and Eve were never allowed to eat the fruit on the “tree of life”; and they were dismissed from the garden, now guarded by angels, so they could not eat the tree’s fruit and live forever (cf. Gen. 3:22–23). The phrases, there will be no more night and the Lord God will give them light, are additional links to the creation story (Gen. 1:3–5). In fact, the “night/light” dualism marks out God’s work on the “first day” of the original creation. Perhaps here the negation of this dualism—there is no more night … or sun—functions as a final element of John’s inclusio. Especially if night is also used as a metaphor for evil, as it often is in Scripture, then John’s point seems to be that God’s new creation is a reversal of the old, cursed creation because there is nothing in it which might prompt God’s people to rebel against God and the Lamb. The new creation, then, is characterized not only by the absence of evil, but by the absence of human desire to rebel against God’s reign.

Eve and then Adam’s evil had been in seeking to acquire divine knowledge through illicit means. Now they bask in the presence of God; receiving God’s light, the community of overcomers can now see his face. Although we disagree with Caird’s conclusion that a community of martyrs (rather than a more inclusive community of faithful disciples; cf. 21:12, 14) occupies John’s new Jerusalem, we do agree that these idioms for divine presence reflect the intimate knowledge of God as a manifestation of the new covenant: God’s people “have also come to bear the impress of his nature on their lives (cf. 1 John 3:2; 2 Cor. 3:18; 1 Cor. 15:49)” (Revelation, pp. 280–81). Further, this more personal acquaintance with God reverses God’s curse of Cain, who was banished not only from the land but from God’s presence (cf. Gen. 4:10–14).

While John does not tell us from what the nations are healed, the many allusions to the former Eden lead the reader to assume that God’s merciful healing which takes place in the paradise of the new Jerusalem constitutes God’s restoration of all that is lost in humanity’s fall. Not only immortality is regained, but a nourishing relationship with God and the Lamb as well. Moreover, in recalling that Cain’s murder of Abel was the ultimate offense against a human relationship, even as Eve and Adam’s rebellion was the ultimate offense against their covenant with God, the interpreter recognizes that both the divine and human dimensions of relationship are now restored in the paradise of God. The eschatological community of overcomers is recognized by their righted relationship with God and with each other.

In this regard, let me make a concluding point about the closing refrain in John’s portrait of paradise, And they will reign for ever and ever. According to the creation story, the ultimate value to which God gave human life is indicated by God’s decision to “let (humanity) rule … over all the creatures” (Gen. 1:26). In that story, of course, humanity’s evil is defined in part as the corruption of their reign over God’s creation. In fact, God’s restoration of the covenant with Noah (cf. Gen. 9:8–17) seeks to reestablish humanity’s rule over creation (cf. Gen. 9:1–7). Against this biblical backdrop, then, the interpreter of Revelation recalls that John’s idea of eternal life includes the establishment of the believing community’s rule over the new creation (1:6; 5:10; cf. 1 Pet. 2:5, 9–10).[4]

The Third Revelation: God’s World Renewed (22:1–5)

Reminiscences of the rest of the Bible are now coming thick and fast. The springing of the water of life was foreseen by three of the prophets of Israel, Joel before the exile (3:18), Ezekiel during it (47:1–9), and Zechariah after it (14:8). The miraculous river flows, in fact, through the length of Scripture. It nourishes the godly life of the Old Testament saints (Ps. 1:1–3; Je. 17:7, 8), and is explained by our Lord as the life-giving Spirit who is to be received only from him (Jn. 4:14; 7:37–39). Ezekiel’s vision, indeed, resembles John’s in some detail, and includes tree as well as river: ‘On the banks, on both sides of the river, there will grow all kinds of trees for food. Their leaves will not wither nor their fruit fail, but they will bear fresh fruit every month, because the water for them flows from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for healing’ (47:12).

But the most significant parallel is with the opening chapters of Genesis. This tie-rod, running from end to end of the sixty-six books, shows that the third Revelation of heaven here in Scene 8 is a summary of the biblical doctrine of creation. The heading given to it at the end of Scene 7 was: ‘ “The former things have passed away … Behold, I make all things new” ’ (21:4, 5). It concerns what Christ called ‘the new world’ (Mt. 19:28), literally ‘the new genesis’. The first chapter of the Bible describes how God made the world; the last one shows how he will remake it. The creation as it was, and as it will be, is an immense organism alive with the life of God, for the stream flows ‘from the throne of God and of the Lamb’, and thence ‘through the middle of the street of the city’. Notice here that the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son, and the Son’s power not only creates but also sustains the whole thing: ‘He is before all things, and in him all things hold together’ (Col. 1:17). Thus the rivers and trees of Genesis reappear as living water and continual fruitfulness (verses 1, 2).

Two elements have been added to the pristine simplicity of the Genesis picture by the experience of human history. Instead of a garden only, there is now the developed structure of a garden city: Eve, ‘the mother of all living’ (Gn. 3:20), has in the plan of God become the ancestress of a great society of nations. The other difference is that the plans of Satan have been maturing also. A curse has come upon the human race, and the nations need healing. That is why the original creation has had to be remade.

But with the curse removed by Christ, the new creation will eventually be what it was meant to be: the throne at the centre of all, and the people of God seeing him, serving him, sealed by his name, and reigning with him in everlasting day.[5]

Closing Scene—Jesus Among His People Forever (22:1–5)

SUPPORTING IDEA: In Jesus’ eternal presence, the final state of redeemed humanity with the river and Tree of life will greatly surpass the garden of Eden in splendor.

22:1–2. After the opening prologue (1:1–8), John received his first vision. In that first scene he saw the risen Lord walking among the lampstands (churches) during the present age (1:9–20). Now we come at last to the final scene of John’s final vision. It perfectly balances the opening scene, for it shows the reigning Lord present with his people throughout all eternity.

John’s “tour guide” is still the angel that had been with him from the beginning of this vision (21:9). At the heart of the New Jerusalem he saw the river of the water of life, no doubt flowing from “the spring of the water of life” (21:6) that gushed from the throne of God. In Eden a life-giving river had nourished the garden (Gen. 2:10); now a life-giving river nourishes New Jerusalem. Another Old Testament river parallels this. Ezekiel prophesied a river flowing from the temple of a restored earthly Jerusalem down to the Dead Sea and bringing abundant life to that most barren spot in the world (Ezek. 47:1–12).

The essential meaning of this river is found in Jesus’ declaration to the woman at the well of Sychar: “Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (John 4:14). The river, flowing as it does from God’s throne, can only portray that eternal life is entirely due to God’s gracious gift.

The water is as clear as crystal, indicating its absolute purity. Earlier John had seen a mysterious crystal-clear sea near the throne of God (4:6). Now, there is no more sea, only a great river symbolically providing abundant eternal life.

The exact city architecture that John described is unclear. Does the great street of the city divide so that it reaches each of the twelve gates (21:21)? Does the river flow down the middle of the streets like a great canal, branching into subcanals like Venice? Or is it better to understand the river as beside the street? Is the tree of life one single great plant, or should we take “tree” collectively in the sense of “orchard,” with individual plants standing on each side of the river? We are unable to answer these questions, so we should not speculate.

We should, however, take a closer look at this wonderful Tree of Life. Here is the only vegetation specifically mentioned as part of the eternal state, and a feature that deliberately reminds us of the garden of Eden (see “Deeper Discoveries” in chapter 2). In Revelation 2:7, Christ had pledged, “To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.” Here is the fulfillment. This symbolizes the complete undoing of the curse in the garden.

After the Fall, God had declared that mankind “must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever” (Gen. 3:22). Now the curse is gone, so the overcomers may eat once more. Just as drinking from the water of life symbolizes everlasting life, so eating the fruit symbolizes all the divine blessings of the eternal state. In Ezekiel’s vision, the life-giving river had an amazing, unimaginable impact on “fruit trees of all kinds,” and “every month they will bear,” and “their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing” (Ezek. 47:12). In Revelation, this is fulfilled by the Tree of Life. Its fantastic abilities first are bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. This symbolizes blessings unending, for, of course, there can be no literal months in heaven since the moon exists no more (21:23). All the redeemed citizens will take nourishment from these fruits.

Second, the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. As in chapter 21, so here we find the nations present. The picture is of a vast, glorious city making a worldwide impact. Disease or sickness will not be present in heaven, so no healing will be required. The meaning is that all will enjoy full, wholesome, robust health. Just as the death of Christ made possible the water of eternal life (spiritually), so his death also provides the leaves that completely remove all the consequences of sin forever (physically). Here is the final reference to the nations in Revelation.

22:3–4. The garden of Eden had its river and its tree, but it did not contain the throne of God and of the Lamb. For this reason the city surpasses the original paradise. The throne equally belongs to the Father and the Son—God and the Lamb. Further, the garden had been the place where the curse entered (Gen. 3:14, 17). Now, the city is the place where no longer will there be any more curse. Here at last is the seventh and greatest of the seven things that will no longer exist in eternity (sea, death, mourning, crying, pain, and night are the others; 21:1, 4, 25). Where the curse has been banished, only blessing remains. Three of the greatest specific blessings of eternity now follow.

His servants will serve him. The word servants can be rendered “slaves,” and the verb serve usually means religious worship. Eternity will never be boring. We cannot imagine exactly what it will mean for us to serve and worship God throughout eternity or even that he would desire such. The implication, however, is of great activity, not passive lethargy. In this life, his servants truly served him, though sometimes halfheartedly and often with incomplete obedience. In eternity this will change to perfect service. The first blessing is faultless active usefulness.

They will see his face. One of the truths embedded almost from the beginning of biblical revelation is that no human can see God face-to-face. Moses’ experience with the Lord was the model: “You cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live” (Exod. 33:20). Further, the Lord said to Moses, “You will see my back; but my face must not be seen” (Exod. 33:23). In the Christian era, God’s face is glimpsed through Christ. Sometimes, however, the way seems dark, and God’s face has appeared hidden even to the greatest of saints. In eternity with the curse removed, all God’s servants will see him face-to-face. Again, we cannot begin to imagine what this means, only that it surpasses the most wonderful spiritual experience of God that anyone in this life can have. The second blessing is immediate divine presence.

His name will be on their foreheads. Throughout Revelation, foreheads with a sign or a mark have figured prominently (7:3; 9:4; 13:16; 14:1, 9; 17:5; 20:4; 22:4). The only group so far specifically noted with the name of God on their foreheads were the 144,000 followers of the Lamb (14:1). To bear God’s name was a privilege, but it also provided protection. Although interpreters have often differed about the meaning of the 144,000, all agree that in the present text all the redeemed throughout eternity are in view. The seal or name of God on someone authenticates that person as genuine, guarantees God’s protection, and is a token of his reward to the overcomers. The third blessing is eternally guaranteed reward.

22:5. This verse concludes the vision at the highest possible level. It repeats and summarizes the teaching of Revelation 21:22–24. No more night pictures the complete end of all the darkness that sin and evil brought. This can happen only because of the direct personal presence of the Lord God who will give them light. Just as Jesus is the “Light of the World” during the present age (John 8:12; 9:5), so in eternity he is the everlasting light. So neither the light of a lamp (to illumine the night) or the light of the sun (to illumine the day) can add anything to the light of God’s presence.

The concluding promise is that the city’s citizens will reign for ever and ever. Exactly what this means is not clear, but it is evidently part of their service to God. One of the promises Christ made to the overcomers early in Revelation was that they will share his rule (2:27; 5:10). In Revelation 11:15, “The seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, which said: ‘The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign forever and ever.’ ” The final words of the last vision of Revelation show this as fully accomplished—but he fulfills it by sharing his rule with his servants.[6]

1. And he showed me the river of the water of life, sparkling like crystal. It proceeds from the throne of God and the Lamb.

The pronoun he alludes to the angel (21:9) who has the task of revealing to John the holy city. Central to the city is the throne that is depicted as the source of life. The throne belonging to God and the Lamb is the source of the river that supplies the water of life. But the emphasis is not so much on the river or the water as on the word life. Jesus offered the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well living water (John 4:10–11; 7:38), that is, water whose very essence is life. The angel tells John that there is a river with an abundance of that life-giving water originating in the throne of God and the Lamb and flowing from it. This water of life signifies a steady stream of blessings to all the saints. Recording a heavenly anthem, John had written, “Because the Lamb at the center of the throne will shepherd them, and he will lead them to springs of living water” (Rev. 7:17; compare 21:6; 22:17).

Also the prophets portrayed a river flowing from the temple in Jerusalem. Ezekiel depicts a river flowing from the temple that became “deep enough to swim in—a river that no one could cross” (47:5), which was a source of life to trees and fish (47:7–9). Zechariah writes, “On that day living water will flow out of Jerusalem” (14:8). Likewise, at the dawn of human history, “a river watering the garden flowed from Eden” (Gen. 2:10).

Sparkling clear water surges forth not from the temple but from the throne—there is no temple in the holy city. The stream initiates from the throne of both God and the Lamb. In the throne room the Lamb stands in or at the center of the throne (5:6; 7:17), but in the last of his seven letters Jesus invites the Laodiceans to sit with him on his Father’s throne (3:21). That is, Father and Son as two divine persons occupy the same throne. John avoids designating Jesus as God in order not to leave the impression that he is teaching the existence of two Gods. The Father and the Son are one (John 14:20; 17:22).[7]

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February 25, 2019 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


President Trump said he was nominating Kelly Craft, currently the U.S. ambassador to Canada, to replace Nikki Haley to the United Nations after a four-month search.

Russian state television has listed U.S. military facilities that Moscow would target in the event of a nuclear strike, and said that a hypersonic missile Russia is developing would be able to hit them in less than five minutes.

Troops loyal to President Nicolas Maduro violently drove back foreign aid convoys from Venezuela’s border on Saturday, killing two protesters and prompting opposition leader Juan Guaido to propose that Washington consider “all options” to oust him.

North Carolina’s elections board ordered a new election for a U.S. House seat after officials said corruption surrounding absentee ballots tainted the results of a 2018 vote.

Liberal Democratic presidential contenders’ rush to embrace the left’s most ambitious proposals has some Democrats worried there could be a price to pay when they try to defeat President Trump next year.

A North Carolina judge on Friday ruled that two amendments, one requiring identification to vote and another capping the state income tax, were unconstitutional because racial gerrymandering meant that the state’s legislature was “illegally constituted.”

Attackers set fire to an Ebola treatment center run by Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo late on Sunday, forcing staff to evacuate patients, the charity said.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren will hold no political fundraising events with pricey admission fees to collect cash to fuel her bid for the Democratic nomination for president, becoming the first candidate to formally swear off the traditional means of campaign funding.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on the United States and Russia on Monday to preserve the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and also said he hoped a U.S.-North Korean summit in Hanoi this week would agree real progress on removing nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula.

A Salvadoran transgender woman who sought asylum in the United States was killed weeks after she was deported, a rights group said on Friday, underscoring the dangers of the Trump administration’s hardening policy on asylum seekers.

The top U.S. envoy for peace in Afghanistan met a senior Taliban leader in Qatar as the two sides resumed talks to end 17 years of war despite the insurgents’ continued refusal to deal with the Kabul government.

AP Top Stories

Bangladesh commandos stormed a passenger jet in the country’s southeast Sunday and shot dead an armed man who allegedly tried to hijack the Dubai-bound flight, an army official said.

Representative Alexandria Ocaio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) questioned the morality of bringing children into a world that is struggling to address man-made climate change in a video posted to social media over the weekend.

The Pentagon will increase, by 1,000, the number of active-duty troops along the US-Mexico border to about 6,000 by the start of next month, a senior US defense official has said.

When United Methodist delegates meet in St. Louis this coming weekend for a special session of the General Conference, they will hold a critical vote on whether to ordain openly gay clergy and allow individual churches to conduct same-sex marriages. The outcome will likely reshape the denomination, and could potentially tear it apart.

Saudi Arabia appointed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s full younger brother as deputy defense minister on Saturday and named a princess as the kingdom’s first woman ambassador to the United States.

At least two people were killed and trucks loaded with foreign aid were set ablaze after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro deployed troops and armored vehicles to turn back humanitarian assistance at border crossings with Colombia and Brazil.

Pope Francis wrapped up a landmark Vatican summit on clerical sex abuse on Sunday pledging to bring the “wrath of God” upon clergy who abuse children, and likening pedophilia to “human sacrifice”.

US-backed Syrian forces warned Sunday they were struggling to cope with an outpouring of foreigners from the Islamic State group’s imploding “caliphate”, urging governments to take responsibility for their citizens.


Many YouTube channels pushing anti-vaccination conspiracy theories will no longer get money from adverts.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said plans to relocate a US military base on the island of Okinawa will continue, despite a referendum rejecting the move.

At least 130 people have died and more than 200 are being treated in hospital after drinking toxic bootleg alcohol in north-eastern India, officials said.

The UK Parliament is set to pass new rules classifying Hezbollah as a terrorist group.


A Southern California man who was wrongly imprisoned for close to four decades in the killing of his girlfriend and her 4-year-old son will receive $21 million in a settlement with the city of Simi Valley, officials said.

A federal judge in Texas has declared that the all-male military draft is unconstitutional, ruling that “the time has passed” for a debate on whether women belong in the military.

Soldiers from the Venezuelan National Guard have left their posts ahead of an opposition-led effort to bring aid into the country, Colombia’s migration agency said.

Mid-Day Snapshot · Feb. 25, 2019

The Foundation

“Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions.” —James Madison (1792)

Venezuelan Dictator Maduro Blocks Humanitarian Aid

U.S. increases its support of Venezuela’s interim President Juan Guaido as Maduro digs in.

SPLC’s Hate Hoax: A New Report on ‘Extremism’

There are many good reasons to treat SPLC’s work as nothing more than leftist pablum.

Chicago PD Superintendent’s Pivot From ‘Hate Crime’ to ‘Gun Violence’

If Eddie Johnson was sincere, he’d note that leftist policies are the problem with inner cities.

Most Americans Would Fail a Citizenship Test

When Americans don’t know what it means to be American, we will lose Liberty.

China Exposes Globalist Bankruptcy

Beijing is making a serious play to supplant the U.S. as the world’s foremost superpower.

Video: Bernie Sanders on Division Politics

“The federal government, with him running it, should have control over pretty much everything.”

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Monday Top Headline Summary

China tariffs, Dow gains, Venezuela bloodshed, more troops to border, all-male military draft unconstitutional, and more.

Monday Short Cuts

“If you’re trying, you’ve got all the power. You’re driving the agenda.” —Ocasio-Cortez telling critics of the Green New Deal “I’m the boss”

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News – 2/25/2019

Middle East Braces for Locust Plague Return
After a wave of strange phenomena Egypt and Saudi Arabia are currently struggling to cope with swarms of locusts; and the plague promises to only get worse. Unusually heavy rains this month are leading to the second generation born of a wave of locusts that first appeared in Sudan and Eritrea in December.

The Anti-Israel World Council of Churches
The World Council of Churches Program in Israel ostensibly sends delegates to “monitor” and “report human rights abuses”. It is all a sham. The organization works with fringe anti-Israel organizations such as B’eTselem and Breaking the Silence. It took years to finally expose the World Council of Churches Program for what it is-an Anti-Israel Group with an Anti-Israel agenda.

Post-Khashoggi, Saudis Make a Major Move
The kingdom names a female envoy to the US. The kingdom appointed Princess Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan to the post Saturday … The daughter of a major Saudi figure—her dad, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, was ambassador to the US from 1983 to 2005 …

Pope Francis: Predator Priests Become ‘Tool of Satan
Francis closes out summit on sexual abuse with harsh words, but leaves survivors disappointed.

Violence Breaks Out On Temple Mount as Muslims Claim Gate Where Shechinah Dwells
Jerusalem Police on Sunday arrested two senior officials of the Waqf (Muslim authority): the Chairman of the Wakf Department in east Jerusalem, Shiekh Abdel Azim Salhab and Sheikh Najeh Bkeirat, deputy director of the Wakf. The Waqf is under Jordanian jurisdiction and earlier this month, the Jordanian government increased the Waqf council from 11 to 18 in a move that was seen to bolster the Palestinian Authority control over the Temple Mount. It is believed that this is an attempt to consolidate control over the site before the U.S. announces President Trump’s Middle-East Peace Plan.

Iran hints at major confrontation with Israel
You probably didn’t know this, but Judaism is at the basis of the radical Muslim ideology Wahhabism and is responsible for the rise of the Islamic State Jihadist group. This is what Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), the division responsible for exporting the Islamic Revolution, claimed during a speech after the Friday prayers in the city of Babol, Iran.

Vietnam relishes role as peace maker as it seeks to balance ties
While the leaders of North Korea and the United States debate banishing nuclear bombs from the Korean peninsula, the host of their summit this week, Vietnam, long almost synonymous with war, is relishing its role as a promoter of peace.

NYC Muslim cleric: Don’t befriend Christians, Jews
A New York City Muslim cleric told his congregants in a sermon they must not befriend or engage in any alliances with Christians and Jews. The exhortation by Abul Baraa Muhammad Abdullah Amreeki was based directly on verses from the Quran, …

Pentagon sending 1,000 more troops to the Mexican border
The Pentagon will increase the number of troops along the U.S.-Mexico border to about 6,000 by the start of next month as the Trump administration turns its attention to securing remote areas between official ports of entry, a senior U.S. defense official said Friday. About 1,000 additional personnel will be deployed with orders to string more concertina wire and install detection systems, the official said.

Is Silicon Valley’s quest for immortality a fate worse than death?
A number of billionaires have pumped money into research that aims to keep people fighting fit as they age. Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have pumped millions into Calico, a secretive health venture which aims to “solve death”. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and the billionaire Peter Thiel are backers of Unity Biotechnology, which hopes to combat the effects of aging. The idea of never dying might sound like something from science fiction, but the experimental techniques are far removed from a brain in a jar, a body in a freezer or a heart wired up to a car battery.

Islamic Jihad claims new missiles can reach Netanya
The Gaza-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror said Sunday evening that with the help of Iran it has developed a new missile capable of striking cities beyond Netanya. In a documentary broadcast on Iran’s Al-Alam television, a spokesperson known as Abu Hamza claimed the group possesses “precision” rockets and missiles with destructive power that “only God knows.”

High court deciding fate of cross-shaped Maryland memorial
Steven C. Lowe says he has always thought that a 40-foot-tall, concrete cross that stands on a large, grassy highway median near his Maryland home was odd. For years, he says, he didn’t know that the cross is a war memorial. A plaque on the cross’ base lists the names of 49 area residents who died in World War I, but it isn’t easily read from the road and getting to the monument requires dashing across traffic.

Special ops to turn focus from war on terror to China, Russia
America’s elite special operations forces are getting new marching orders as the Pentagon…trains its eye on big-power rivals such as China and Russia. In a major shift of mission, officials at U.S. Special Operations Command are drafting new guidance to reorient its cadre of top-tier military units to fight the expanding armies and navies of what U.S. strategists call “near-peer” powers.

Israel arrests senior Muslim cleric after Jerusalem holy site unrest
Police in Jerusalem arrested…a senior Muslim cleric…two days after he re-opened a mosque sealed by Israel during a Palestinian uprising in 2003. Sheikh Abdel-Azeem Salhab…personally reopened the gate leading into the Bab al-Rahmeh mosque on Friday, and hundreds of Muslims went inside to pray for the first time in years.

China’s technology challenge is bigger than just Huawei, British spymaster says
The West needs to understand that the challenge of China’s technological revolution runs much deeper than Huawei’s row with the United States over intellectual property theft and state espionage, one of Britain’s top spies said. Huawei…is under intense scrutiny after the United States told allies not to use its technology because of fears it could be a vehicle for Chinese spy operations.

High schools not prepared for coming ‘tsunami’ of children with autism: support group
High schools are not prepared for a “tsunami” of children with autism who need greater education options, an autism support group has warned.

Florida mom discovers suicide tips in video on YouTube Kids
Warning: This story mentions suicide and may be disturbing to some readers.  A mom is warning parents to better monitor their kids’ online activity after finding a disturbing video that appears to give children instructions to harm themselves.

Trump Administration cuts $60 million from radically liberal Planned Parenthood
The Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released its final rule changing funding regulations under the Title X family planning program, a long-awaited action expected to reduce Planned Parenthood’s federal tax subsidies by almost $60 million.

Australian official: Climate change is a U.N.-led conspiracy to establish a new world order
Climate change controversy continues to grow, with an increasing number of skeptics coming forward to speak out. Now, a top adviser to former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has just declared that global warming is a conspiracy pushed by a power-hungry United Nations.

Can Facebook Monopolize Your Data, Even If You’re Not On Facebook?
Facebook spent years forging various partnership agreements with other digital media monsters to gobble up huge troves of users’ private data even when customers are not perusing the company’s platform, according to testing conducted by The Wall Street Journal.

Man Who Refuses to Pay Taxes Until Abortion Is Defunded Wins Huge Court Victory
A Christian man who refuses to pay his taxes until the government stops funding abortion has won an historic lawsuit against the IRS.

Pennsylvania Mayor to Issue ‘Inclusion Day’ Proclamation in Support of Recent ‘Drag Queen Story Fun Time’
The mayor of Lansdale, Pennsylvania has agreed to issue a proclamation marking every Feb. 2 as “Inclusion Day” in commemoration of a recent “Drag Queen Story Fun Time” featuring the drag queen “Annie Christ”—a play-on-words of “anti-Christ.” The event generated both support and protest.

Pope Francis Calls for ‘All Out Battle’ Against Sex Abuse But Disappoints Victims, Leaves Unanswered Questions
Pope Francis spoke Sunday at the conclusion of a four-day Vatican summit addressing the sexual abuse of minors in light of recent scandals in the Church.

NYC Muslim cleric: Don’t befriend Christians, Jews
A New York City Muslim cleric told his congregants in a sermon they must not befriend or engage in any alliances with Christians and Jews.

The 9 Elements of Genocide Are In Place and Are Awaiting the Right False Flag
If we take an objective look at today’s America, we can clearly see that all the elements of a genocide, all nine elements, are in place and the event is  simply awaiting the right catalyst.

Watch Deep-Sea Iranian Sub Carry Out First Cruise Missile Test-Launch
The drill was interpreted as a warning to the US following the return of US aircraft carriers to the region after a long absence…

Headlines – 2/25/2019

Trump and Netanyahu Will Establish Palestinian State After Election, Bennett Claims

Bennett claims Netanyahu, Trump will divide Jerusalem, Gantz and Lapid will help

Did Netanyahu just renounce his support for a Palestinian state?

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister stresses the Kingdom’s position on Israel-PA peace is based on the Arab Peace Initiative

Israeli report says Saudis won’t back Trump peace plan without concessions

The Arab World Just Trashed Trump’s Mideast ‘Peace’ Plan

Abbas urges Europeans to play greater role in peace process, recognize Palestine

Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza call for PA president’s ouster

The Golden Gate: A new focus of tension on the Temple Mount

Border guards nab Palestinian smuggling 37 pistols from Jordan to Israel

Israel releases senior Palestinian cleric arrested after al-Aqsa unrest

Ex-AIPAC official: By backing extremists, Netanyahu ‘overstepped the line’

US Reform leader: Netanyahu’s deal with extremists is like ‘welcoming’ the KKK

Australian Jews join chorus of condemnation of deal with extremist Israeli party

Netanyahu accuses left of denying him the right to a legal defense

UK Newspaper Investigation Uncovers Links Between Top Corbyn Aide and Anti-Israel Terror Groups

UK Labour deputy flags tweets by party members accusing Jews of murdering kids

Islamic Jihad claims new missiles can reach Netanya

Iranian official: ‘End of his political life’ if Netanyahu attacks

Iran’s Rouhani faces calls to resign over economic crisis

Saudi King Salman calls for an international stance against Iranian interference

Leaders from EU, Arab League hold first-ever joint summit

EU, Arab leaders vow to boost security, migration ties

Fear for Civilian Lives Slows Effort to Recapture Last ISIS Stronghold in Syria

Spoils of War: Russia Shows Off Military Trophies Captured in Syria

Dubai flight forced to make emergency landing after attempted hijacking; suspect dies of injuries in shootout

UN: 2018 saw highest number of Afghan civilian deaths

India toughens Kashmir crackdown; more detained and movement curbed

Trump happy if North Korea doesn’t test weapons; peace deal a possibility

‘Chilling the atmosphere’: North Korea media condemns U.S. Democrats ahead of summit

White House vows to shed Obama-era policy of ‘cowering’ before North Korea ahead of second Trump-Kim summit

U.S. team lowers expectations for second summit with North Korea’s Kim

As Venezuela descends into chaos, Marco Rubio posts bloody tweet and highlights alleged poisoning of opposition lawmaker

Venezuela’s Maduro mocks Trump, opposition leader Guaido; vows to never surrender

Guaido Hints at More Radical Steps to Topple Maduro as Aid Burns

After Venezuela violence, Pence to meet with Guaido in Colombia

Venezuela crisis: Defectors fear for families under Maduro

NRA Runs Ad Headlined ‘Target Practice’ Next to Photo of Nancy Pelosi

Schiff: Dems willing to have Mueller testify, subpoena report if it’s not made public

58 former national security officials will issue a statement rebuking Trump’s national emergency declaration for the border

Gov. Jay Inslee: Democrats will play by new rules if Trump’s emergency declaration not stopped

Culture wars heat up at the Supreme Court as justices consider whether giant World War I memorial cross can stay

Are we on the road to civilisation collapse?

The US and China may be nearing a trade deal. That won’t stop the global economic slowdown

A new generation of flying cars is taking to the air. But without the cars

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Tilamuta, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Lata, Solomon Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 18,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Planchon Peteroa volcano in Chile erupts to 13,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 10,000ft

Severe Flooding cripples parts of Middle Tennessee

Tennessee flooding leaves 1 dead and prompts a state of emergency

Nashville, Middle Tennessee are drying out after record February rainfall and flooding

A tornado destroyed a Mississippi church. A baptism still took place there the next day

Toxic Black and Green Snow Is Falling In Russia Due to Pollution

NASA concerned as iceberg twice the size of New York City is about to break off from Antarctica

U.S. opioid overdose deaths quadruple, centered in 8 states

Toxic moonshine kills 154 people and leaves hundreds hospitalized in India

High syphilis rates linked to drug use, CDC report says

Another welcome blow against abortionists

United Methodists seek to resolve deep split over LGBTQ clergy and marriage

Pope Calls For ‘All-Out-Battle’ On Clergy Sex Abuse, With Few Specifics

Pope Francis compares child sex abuse to ‘human sacrifice’

Apostasy Watch Daily News

Mike Ratliff – Christians’ sin problem and its mortification Part 1

N.T. Wright – Farewell to the Rapture

No Woman, You Are Not Called to Preach

Inside Jim Bakker’s Missouri town prepping for the nuclear Apocalypse

Modern Worship Steeped in Pagan Idolatry, Eastern Mysticism

Church of England churches no longer have to hold Sunday services

Robot ‘GOD’: AI version of Buddhist deity to preach in Japanese temple

Trump administration issues rule to strip millions from Planned Parenthood

Senator Pushes Back After Oklahoma Baptist Convention Opposes Bill to Abolish Abortion

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Gold Bugs Index Facing Multi-Year Breakout Attempt! — Kimble Charting Solutions

Mining stocks are facing an opportunity they haven’t seen many times in the past 8-years!

This 2-pack looks at the Gold Bugs Index (HUI) and the Gold & Silver Miners (XAU) Index over the past 12-years. Since the highs in 2011, both have created a series of lower highs and lower lows along each (1) line. The counter-trend rally the past couple of months has each mining index facing long-term falling resistance at each (2).

These resistance tests have happened a few times over the past 8-years, where breakout attempts have failed. If they would do something different this time and succeed in breaking out at each (2), both should attract new buying pressure and quality rallies should follow.

What mining stocks do here is one of the most important price tests in years!

via Gold Bugs Index Facing Multi-Year Breakout Attempt! — Kimble Charting Solutions

New Documentary of Robert Mueller Starring Attorney Robert Barnes Shows “He’s No Patriot!” — The Gateway Pundit

The head of the Special Counsel for which President Trump is under investigation for ties with Russia, Robert Mueller, has a storied past. A review of his actions over the past couple decades shows a man at the center of cover-ups, crimes and runaway investigations.

InfoWars came out with an excellent documentary on the corrupt current head of the Mueller investigation, Robert Mueller. This 30 minute video shows that Mueller is not the boy scout that the mainstream media would like Americans to believe. He is at the center of numerous criminal actions and cover-ups. Watch and see for yourself –

The Gateway Pundit is noted in the documentary as well as FOX News’ Sean Hannity who says the following about the Mueller investigation –

We now have in this country what is a runaway investigation. It’s spinning out of control. It’s led by Mueller and his merry band of Trump hating, Deep State, sycophants!

The documentary is narrated by Robert Barnes from Barnes Law.

SIGN THE PETITION: End The Robert Mueller “Witch Hunt” For Good!

We have been writing about Mueller and his band of conflicted Democrats running the corrupt and criminal Mueller investigation for two years now.  We’ve written a number of posts about the Mueller team and how it is corrupt.  Here is a sampling starting with a post on the corrupt team that Mueller put together to run his coup –

HERE Is the Complete List of Mueller’s Team of 13 Angry Democrats: What the Conspiracy Media Tells You, And What Is the Truth


Here’s a post on the 10 reasons why the Mueller investigation is unconstitutional (which includes a number of items from Robert Barnes.) –

HERE IT IS=> Top 10 Reasons Why the Mueller Investigation is Unconstitutional (June Update)


Here’s a list of those indicted by Mueller (it’s a horrible scam).  Some are targeted individuals and others are made up Russians.

Updated List of Mueller Indictments: More Than 80% Are Russians Who (If They Are Real People) Will Never Face US Courts


The Mueller investigation is a sham because Robert Mueller is a sham.  Period!

via New Documentary of Robert Mueller Starring Attorney Robert Barnes Shows “He’s No Patriot!” — The Gateway Pundit

Do Republicans do anything about de-funding Planned Parenthood?


Young pro-life women protest Planned Parenthood Young pro-life women protest Planned Parenthood

I keep getting comments from people on the blog and on the blog’s Facebook page saying that Republicans never do anything about de-funding Planned Parenthood. Is that true? Or is this belief just held in ignorance by people who don’t follow legislation very closely? Let’s take a look at a vote that’s happening today in the Senate.

Life News reports:

The Senate will cast a vote on Monday to try to break the Democrat filibuster against a bill to stop infanticide.

As LifeNews reported, pro-abortion Senator Patty Murray blocked a vote on a bill from pro-life Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska that would stop infanticide nationwide. And in the House, Democrats have blocked a request by Republicans to vote on a bill that would stop infanticide a total of six times.

Earlier this month. Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse had wanted to vote on a bill to…

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