Greetings Truth Warrior, Patriot and Sentient Sentry:

“We apologize to you, President Trump. We were simply on a witch hunt and our behavior was unconscionable, unseemly, unlawful and unconstitutional. I was commissioned to try and find a reason to explain, frankly, how the Over Mitt Fashionista, HRC, lost a rigged election. That simple. We failed and now must slip away, humiliated and hoist by our own [DS] petard.” Fat chance we’d ever hear anything resembling that from Lurch Mueller and his crew from the Island of Misfit Toys. Not a chance. Nope. One day, perhaps even as soon as this week, someone from the Ted Baxter media will be given the all clear to note rather incidentally that the SC crew’s up and left and that they were last seen packing up and moving on. “They took the last train for the coast.” And there will be no settling up, no review, no summary or summation. Oh, well. Alas. No Russian collusion, no interference with elections. Nada. Niente. After all is said and done, after FISAgate, Pissgate (the still incomprehensible tall tale of urolagnic Russian trollops micturating atop the percales), Fusion GPS BS, subpoenas galore and Star Chamber shenanigans — all gone. Done and over. Pfft! Meanwhile HRC and her sexual predator hubby hobble and shuffle along, bedraggled and kneecapped by moral dotage and senescence. These two felons will thumb their noses and flip off the American people while their bought and soul’d morally bankrupt bumper sticker fake news media give the crowd the finger. We’ve been had again, patriots. President Trump, we trust you will address such summarily and accordingly. Know, sir, that you have our blessing and commitment to righting this incomprehensible wrong. Go for the throat, sir. We’re with you.

The inmates have taken over the asylum. Just a word anent last night’s cultural vacuum, clusterf*** and dumpster fire, the Oscars. Boring, irrelevant, inapposite, tedious, mind-numbing and a colossal waste of time. I’d call it mental masturbation but waxing onanistic has, it is reported, ostensibly a purpose, concludes more ceremoniously yet shares with this sickening celebration of narcissism and marginal talent the understandable reluctance to publicly admitting participation therein. The Oscars ceremony reminds us how Hollywood has lost its charm, class, panache and elegance. It’s now a parade and diversity retinue of half-baked, half-assed monosyllabics knuckle-dragging across the stage only to bore us into coma with vapid mouth-breathing testaments to subject matter they’ve no clue or inclination to appreciate much less comprehend. Yes, there must be someone somewhere who yearns for submental disquisitions on southern border security, “diversity,” the hallowed Wall and anti-American anti-Trump anti-intellectual insipidity. There must be. One last word. Have you seen Roma? Count yourself lucky if no. Rumor has it rogue American military torturists are seriously considering forcing detainees to watch it à la Clockwork Orange style, eyes pried open, in lieu of waterboarding or stress positioning. Dear Gawd, stop the madness! It redefines suckage. Gravitational sucking, pilgrims. And another thought: Imagine sharing conversations in a cross-country ride in a MINI Cooper with the likes of Spike Lee. Spike Jones, Milligan, certainly. But this rambling twit, this incomprehensible “auteur” whose BlacKkKlansman is to cinematic genius what the bicycle pump is to the hemispherectomy! Why must we encourage this dolt to continue with his enfeebled attempts at relevance? One actual last word: GREEN BOOK! Bwahahaha!

Sandy Occasional-Cortex is a spy for the Trump crew, a ringer and spoiler. She has to be. How else can you explain how this little girl — this daft, dingbat, demented, doltish distaff demimondaine — trounced the Speaker in waiting and spends each waking moment spewing, spouting and ‘splaining one moment of Olympian hysterics after another? From where she lives to whether she placed her boyfriend on the payroll to explaining the fantasy of the Green New Deal to her responsibility for Long Island City losing Amazon’s HQ2 yet New York City gaining 25,000 new Republicans — representing the jobs lost (at an average salary of $150K) when she sided with . . . not exactly sure whom. She’s a gift, patriots.

#NoJussieNoPeace. This morning I happened to watch (and it hurt) Robin Roberts interview on Good Morning America, television news’ version of the sitz bath, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, the Windy City’s future mayor, and it was quite the spectacle watching Double-R the hack forced to interview the man who led the investigation of the most obviously guilty con artist and racial arsonist since “Reverend” Al Sharpton, who even distanced himself from Flim Flam Jussie. Al Sharpton of Tawana Brawley fame and shame, HE even denounced the mendacious one! (The same Al Shifty Sharpton who accompanied the Kamala Chameleon to Sylvia’s last week for an event no one, and I mean no one, understands or comprehends.) And no sentient citizen believes for a moment that Jussie’s story is remotely true, much less plausible, yet the [DS] corporate Ted Baxter hacks dance around the fable, praying the public will just lose interest. Good news. We have. But what we haven’t lost interest in is seeing that conniving con confined and contained and convicted of everything and anything available. Instanter.

A word on Robert Kraft. While the juvenescent media focus per usual on just the facts of the Florida prostitution case, the issue remains sex trafficking front and center. Look at the women involved, look at their pictures, their faces. Do you think this is some run-of-the-mill prostitution bust? The case screams for further investigation and if charges of sex trafficking are substantiated the boom should be lowered forthwith. Look, prostitution is an archaic law that has no place in today’s legal currency. What consenting adults negotiate and contract in is nobody’s business. Consenting adults. The United Nations defines human trafficking as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons by improper means (such as force, abduction, fraud, or coercion) for an improper purpose including forced labor or sexual exploitation. Society usually lends a deaf ear to this subject matter. Just look at how Bergoglio’s phony synod’s being covered by the pathetic press. It seems like we just can’t be bothered with these people and issues. It kills me how humans will go nuts over stray and stranded pets and animals and critters and that’s fine. Animals deserve our attention too. The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated, spake Gandhi. I dig. But how we turn away from actual and palpable claims of cosmically inhuman treatment of humans and children, I shan’t ever know.

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