Can Christians Lose Their Salvation? | CARM


One of the most common questions CARM gets is whether or not a Christian can lose their salvation. Sometimes people are asking in order to try to understand or challenge the reformed position of “perseverance of the saints.” Or the question might be asked when someone is reading in Hebrews 6 or Hebrews 10, or stories like that of the Holy Spirit departing from King Saul. A surface level reading can often leave a believer wondering what to think, so a careful walk through the context of these passages is in order.

Sometimes, however, the question is not an intellectual exercise at all, but rather a desperate, heartfelt concern for one’s soul. Often, Christians who have fallen into sin or strayed from their Christian walk can find themselves at the point of despair, worried that they have fallen into apostasy and think perhaps God will not take them back into His grace. They are wondering if they have actually lost their own salvation.

Such was the case with a dear sister who recently called the Matt Slick Live radio program. She was in the midst of that deep, personal struggle of faith where she needed more than just academic answers. She needed a pastoral reminder of the grace of our Lord and the triumph of Christ over even the worst of our sins.

Whether you are struggling with this issue right now or not, we all need regular reminders of that same gospel truth of Christ’s enduring love. I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch that conversation HERE or download the audio to the whole episode HERE.

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