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March 22 A Full Harvest of Victory

Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:3–9

Key Verses: Galatians 5:22–23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.

There is something special about biting into a piece of fresh fruit. While Christians should make a habit of offering thanks for every meal, a juicy green apple almost seems to deserve an extra word of appreciation.

Most food requires preparation from many people before it is ready to be consumed. Breads are mixed, kneaded, and baked. Meats are carefully selected, sliced, and preserved. Fruit, however, seems to go straight from the tree to the market. It does not require any preparation; it is perfect the way God made it.

Just as God cultivates apples and oranges, He works to produce a ripe crop of spiritual fruit within His people. In Galatians 5:22, Paul listed the nine specific fruits of the Spirit as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. As with food, the quality of these things can surpass any personal characteristics that you may develop on your own.

If God is the planter and the Spirit is the seed, what is missing? The soil! Fruit—even spiritual fruit—cannot grow without something in which to sink its roots. For Christians, that soil is often adversity.

The believer’s response to pain provides a fertile field from which God can raise a cornucopia of fresh fruit. Trust Him with your adversity. There will be a full harvest of victory on the horizon!

Help me, Lord, to remember that when life is most difficult, Your truth is rooting itself deeper in my life in order to produce richer fruit.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2006). Pathways to his presence (p. 85). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

March 22 Heir to an Immeasurable Fortune

Scripture Reading: Psalm 19

Key Verse: Acts 20:32

So now, brethren, I commend you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

If only I were a Rockefeller or a Vanderbilt, my future would be secure.” Most of us have probably dreamed what our lives would be like if we were heirs to such massive fortunes.

How would your thinking and living change if today you understood that you are the heir of treasures beside which even the wealthiest earthly estates pale?

The amazing truth is that God has named you an heir of His holdings: “And now I commend you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able … to give you the inheritance among all those who are sanctified” (Acts 20:32 nasb).

What does He own? He owns it all. As Creator of heaven and earth and all that is in them, God is the sole proprietor of the universe. It is in His hands to bestow His unspeakable wealth upon you.

God is your Father. You are His son or daughter. All that is His belongs to you. You have an inheritance that will never fade or tarnish because you are an heir of the Father’s immeasurable fortune.

O God, You are my Father. I am Your child. All You have belongs to me. Thank You for an inheritance that will never fade.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (1999). On holy ground (p. 85). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

March 22, 2019 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


The United States said on Friday it was imposing sanctions on 14 people and 17 entities connected to Iran’s Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research (SPND), a body it said had played a central role in Iran’s past nuclear weapons effort.

Indonesian airline Garuda plans to cancel a $6 billion order for Boeing 737 MAX jets, it said on Friday, saying some passengers would be frightened to board the plane after two fatal crashes, although analysts said the deal had long been in doubt.

The Democratic head of a U.S. congressional investigative panel on Thursday pressed the White House for information on whether President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, used the unofficial WhatsApp messaging tool to communicate sensitive or classified information with foreign leaders.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, examining potential conspiracy between President Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia, is leading the latest in a series of high-profile U.S. investigations conducted by prosecutors outside usual Justice Department channels in recent decades.

Italy and China want to revive the spirit of the ancient Silk Road by deepening their trade and investment ties, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Friday during a trip to Rome that has raised eyebrows in Washington.

Ukrainians casting their vote in this month’s presidential election will need to be sharp-eyed: two candidates with the same name and initials, Y.V. Tymoshenko, will be next to each other on the ballot paper.

An explosion at a pesticide plant in eastern China has killed 47 people and injured more than 600, the latest casualties in a series of industrial accidents that has angered the public.

Schools in Charlottesville, Virginia, remained closed for a second consecutive day on Friday as police investigated a threat of racist violence against non-white students that had been posted online, officials said.

Women all over New Zealand put on headscarves on Friday to show solidarity with Muslims a week after 50 people were killed at two mosques in the city of Christchurch.

President Donald Trump is set to meet with five Caribbean leaders on Friday who have sided with the United States and most Western countries in backing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as head of state.

AP Top Stories

Large parts of the U.S. could experience a “potentially unprecedented flood season” through May as forecasts anticipate record levels of precipitation, according to a report released Thursday. More than 200 million people in 25 states are at risk.

Two American service members were killed during an operation in Afghanistan on Friday, the U.S. and NATO forces said, providing no other details on the combat deaths.

The DoubleTree Colorado Springs has issued an apology and terminated two employees for refusing service to members of the military attending a post-deployment celebration at the hotel earlier this month. A sign displayed by the hotel’s bar that read: “NO LONGER SERVING MILITARY PERSONNEL & THEIR GUEST(S).”

Cyclone Idai battered Beira, a low-lying port city of 500,000 residents, with strong winds and torrential rains last week, before moving inland to neighboring Zimbabwe, where it flattened homes and flooded communities, and Malawi. Idai killed 242 people in Mozambique and 259 in Zimbabwe.

Top US diplomat Mike Pompeo and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Wednesday to counter Iranian “aggression” as the two met in Jerusalem just weeks ahead of Israel’s elections.

Gov. Kim Reynolds is warning Iowans what millions of Midwesterners have come to understand in recent days – the severe flooding that has swamped much of the region may be a long way from over. Reynolds said the snowmelt and spring rains could create additional flooding in the weeks ahead because of compromised levees.

The Catholic Church has failed to disclose more than 200 names of clergy accused of abuse in the US state of Illinois, a law firm claimed Wednesday.


North Korea has withdrawn from the inter-Korean liaison office which was opened amid a warming of ties last year to facilitate talks with the South. The pullout follows a failed summit between the US and North Korean leaders in Hanoi last month.

The governor of Mississippi has signed a law banning abortion after a foetal heartbeat can be detected, which is about six weeks into a pregnancy.

The descendant of a black American slave has sued Harvard University, claiming the college profits from images of her alleged ancestor. The pictures, commissioned in 1850 by a professor seeking to prove that blacks were an inferior species, is believed to among the first photos of US slaves. Tamara Lanier’s lawsuit says the school is “perpetuating the systematic subversion of black property rights”.


Immigrant advocates charge that the release of 50 migrants from Border Patrol custody in McAllen, Texas, was “intended to create chaos at the border and further President Donald Trump’s argument that there is a national emergency there.”

Scientists and ethicists from around the world are warning of the consequences of failing to implement a temporary global halt on gene editing of human eggs, embryos, and sperm.

Destiny Church’s Brian Tamaki has slammed the Muslim call to prayer which will take place at 1.30pm today. The prayer would take place to recognize the lives lost in the Christchurch terrorist attacks last Friday.”Two minutes of silence is okay but the Islamic prayer will sound? it contains this line ‘there is no God but Allah’, well I disagree,” Tamaki wrote on Twitter. “Jesus Christ is the only true God … this is not us!”

Mid-Day Snapshot · Mar. 22, 2019

The Foundation

“Public opinion sets bounds to every government, and is the real sovereign in every free one.” —James Madison (1791)

Trump Acts to Protect Free Speech at America’s Universities

His EO threatens to withhold research grants to schools that don’t promote and protect free speech.

Another Front in the War on the Electoral College

Now leftists are resorting to misquoting James Madison to undermine the system.

Family Leave and the Federal Government

Senators Ernst and Lee pitch the Republican proposal: Tap into Social Security.

Victory Over ISIS?

The caliphate may be gone, but the toxic and radical ideology remains a threat.

Pro-Abortion Lobby — The Real White Supremacists?

More black mothers are aborting their babies than any other racial demographic in America.

‘Racism’! What Are We Missing?

If it weren’t for double standards, the Left would have no standards at all.

Video: Fixing America’s $1.5 Trillion Studen Loan Mess

Tucker Carlson weighs in on the nation’s real college-admissions scandal.

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David Harsanyi
Why Democrats Fear the Electoral College
David Limbaugh
Liberalism Is Dehumanizing
Mona Charen
More Misconceptions About College
Erick Erickson
President 0. Dead Man 1
Jeff Jacoby
Gavin Newsom’s Death-Row Betrayal
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Friday Top News Executive Summary

Free-speech EO, fake bomber, renewable-energy’s GND quibble, MS abortion restriction, Islamic State “defeated,” and more.

Friday Short Cuts

What could possible go wrong? “We must follow New Zealand’s lead, take on the NRA and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons.” —Bernie Sanders

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News – 3/22/2019

IT’S OVER: ISIS Soldiers Have Surrendered To US-Led Troops As Last Terror Stronghold In Syria Is Now Liberated And Caliphate Destroyed
During the Obama years, ISIS grew by leaps and bounds, their power seemingly unstoppable as they slaughtered their way across Iraq and Syria. President Obama sat at the helm of the world’s strongest military, and yet was unable or unwilling to order the type of operations needed to vanquish ISIS. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Barack Obama.  President Donald J. Trump has not been hindered by the same loyalties to Islam that his predecessor was, and because of that, was able to systematically destroy ISIS in a little over a 2 year period. The ISIS caliphate has crumbled, and the final offensive is over. While the official announcement hasn’t yet been made – Fox News has been told that this village, the last ISIS stronghold, is liberated.

EU leaders agree to short-term Brexit delay, granting PM Theresa May a lifeline
European Union leaders on Thursday night agreed to a short-term Brexit extension in order to allow British Prime Minister Theresa May more time to get her withdrawal agreement through Parliament — just a week before Britain was scheduled to leave the bloc.

Clinton, in newly revealed emails, discussed classified foreign policy matters, secretive ‘private’ comms channel with Israel
A newly unearthed batch of heavily redacted, classified emails from Hillary Clinton’s personal email server revealed that the former secretary of state discussed establishing a “private, 100% off-the-record” back channel to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and that one of her top aides warned her that she was in “danger” of being “savaged by Jewish organizations, in the Jewish press and among the phalanx of neoconservative media” as a result of political machinations by “Bibi and the Jewish leadership.” The 756-page group of new documents, revealed Thursday as part of a transparency lawsuit by Judicial Watch, seemingly contradicted Clinton’s insistence under oath in 2015 that she had turned over all of her sensitive work-related emails to the State Department, and included a slew of classified communications on everything from foreign policy to State Department personnel matters.

After eight years of civil war, can Syria be reassembled?
The figures are blurred, but it’s clear that it will take a lot of effort and treasure to put the country back together – if it’s to happen at all.

German leader meets with Hezbollah, supports terrorism against Israel
A delegation of far-right extremist European politicians, including a German neo-Nazi leader, met with Hezbollah’s foreign affairs chief Ammar Al-Moussawi in Beirut to express support for the Lebanese terrorist organization’s fight against the Jewish state. The right-wing extremist party, Alliance for Freedom and Peace, organized the delegation to Beirut that included members of German parliament and members of the European parliament from Britain, Italy, Belgium and Croatia.

City of David Excavations Reveal Jar Fragment from Period of Later Prophets
The shard is thought to date from the Persian rule of Jerusalem (fourth and fifth centuries BCE) and was found alongside other less impressive pieces from the same period. “Pottery from this period was exposed in the past in the City of David, but this is the first time that such a vessel has been found in archaeological excavations in Jerusalem or anywhere in the Judean highlands,”

UNHRC votes 23-8 for arms embargo and war crimes suits against Israel
The United Nations Human Rights Council voted 23-9 for an arms embargo against Israel and the prosecution of Israelis for war crimes for IDF actions along the Gaza border last year. Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Fiji, Hungary, Togo and the Ukraine all opposed the resolution. The vote was held on Friday in Geneva, as the UNHRC wraps up its 40th session.

New Zealand minister lands in Turkey for ‘substantial’ talks over shooting
New Zealand’s foreign minister arrived in Turkey early Friday for what he called “substantial” talks after comments made by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan over the killing of 50 people at mosques in Christchurch a week ago sparked a diplomatic spat between the nations. “We are looking forward to commemorating and grieving with the Turkish people as to the event, and to some substantial talks when we are here,” Winston Peters told reporters…

Democratic presidential candidates will not attend AIPAC
Some of the Democratic candidates for the US presidential elections said on Thursday they would not attend the annual AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C. next week. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, former House of Representatives member Beto O’Rourke and Senator Kamala Harris of California, all of whom announced they would run for the Democratic primaries next year, decided not to attend the conference.

North Korea quits Kaesong liaison office with South Korea
North Korea has withdrawn from the inter-Korean liaison office which was opened amid a warming of ties last year to facilitate talks with the South. Seoul said it was contacted on Friday and informed that the North’s staff would be leaving later in the day. It has expressed its regret at the decision and is urging staff from the North to return as soon as possible.

Another Defense Agency Migrates Data to Amazon Cloud
The Defense Health Agency, which supports the delivery of health and medical services to millions of Army, Navy and Air Force personnel worldwide, is Amazon’s newest cloud customer. Amazon Web Services will now host DHA’s Armed Forces Billing and Collection Utilization Solution in GovCloud U.S. West region, a cluster of data centers built specifically to host some of the government’s most sensitive data.

Connecticut Assisted Suicide Bill Would Allow Doctors to Kill Mentally Disabled Patients
..the bill concerns the authority of doctors. It sets forth the circumstances under which a doctor could actively prescribe lethal drugs to directly cause the death of a supposedly willing patient without fear of liability.

Central US to remain underwater for weeks to come as historic river flooding continues
The flooding disaster that continues to unfold over the central United States is likely to continue well into April, putting more communities and farmland at risk.

Australia Threatened by Two Tropical Cyclones This Weekend
Two tropical cyclones, Trevor and Veronica, are expected to bring heavy rainfall, flooding and damaging winds to parts of Australia into this weekend.

Cyclone Veronica rapidly intensifies off WA’s Pilbara coast, expected to reach category five
A severe tropical cyclone brewing north of Western Australia has intensified more rapidly than expected, reaching a category four severity and prompting warnings of heavy rainfall, damaging winds and a destructive storm surge along coastal areas.

Cyclone Idai: Death toll surpasses 500 in southern Africa
A week after Cyclone Idai lashed southern Africa, flooding still raged Thursday as torrential rains caused a dam to overflow in Zimbabwe, threatening riverside populations.

Death toll rises in Mozambique as extent of ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ from devastating Cyclone Idai becomes clearer
The total number of fatalities rose above 350 across three countries as communities remain isolated by devastating flooding caused by Tropical Cyclone Idai.

OPINION: Opioids Have Killed As Many Americans As World War II, But Cable News Still Won’t Talk About It
America has been engulfed by the opioid epidemic for nearly two decades, and today, more people are dying as a result than ever before. From 1999 to 2017, almost as many Americans died of an opioid overdose as died fighting in World War II. While it is more critical now than ever before that we draw attention to this epidemic,  the media — and cable news in particular — has continually ignored the magnitude of the issue.

House Dems Brought in a Soros Group to Fix Anti-Semitism, It Made Anti-Semitic Jokes
How disastrous are the attempts to rein in leftist anti-Semitism in the Dem House? The Washington Post, in between providing space to Islamist anti-Semites, did a sympathetic piece on a session, largely focusing on Rep. Tlaib’s crocodile tears. Media pieces have had the same focus. But here’s what they chose not to dwell on.

BREAKING: Judicial Watch Uncovers MORE Classified Emails on Hillary Clinton’s Private Server – LOCK HER UP!
Thank God for Judicial Watch. Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Thursday it discovered at least 5 more classified emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server system.

WATCH: President Trump Signs Executive Order to Protect Free Speech on College Campuses
President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday requiring colleges that receive federal funding to comply with the First Amendment’s protection of free speech.

Middle School Student Punished For Recreating Battlefield Cross For School Assignment
…Carlin told Fox News that his teacher knew he would be making the replica and said it would be alright. But when Carlin showed up to his Ohio school with his project — made from a helmet, boots and a Nerf dart gun — it was promptly taken away. He also said he was given a 3-day in-school suspension.

MI5: Far Right Terror Cases ‘Absolutely Dwarfed by Islamist Cases’
The number of far-right terror cases the authorities are faced with is “absolutely dwarfed” by the number of cases related to radical Islam, according to Britain’s Security Service, better known as MI5.

Headlines – 3/22/2019

Trump says time has come for US to ‘recognize Israel’s sovereignty’ over Golan

Israeli leaders gush over Trump’s Golan statement, ‘a Purim miracle’

Israeli lawmakers welcome Trump’s Golan recognition as ‘historic, brave’

Arab League calls US decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights ‘illegal’

Turkey blasts Trump’s announcement on Golan Heights

Russia says it will ‘never recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights’

Syria silent amid muted international criticism of Trump Golan recognition

Trump denies Golan recognition timed to boost Netanyahu at polls

Pompeo to Rivlin: Israel has no better friend than the United States

Pompeo to Rivlin: US has ‘moral obligation’ to secure Mideast stability

Thanks to Trump, diplomatic taboo around Western Wall comes tumbling down

In significant first, Pompeo joins Netanyahu for Western Wall visit

Jordanian king says pressured to alter custodianship of Jerusalem holy sites

Jordanian king vows to protect Jerusalem holy sites

Israel says U.N. Gaza war crimes report biased against it

U.K.’s Foreign Minister: We Will Oppose Every UN Human Rights Council Measure Against Israel

Jewish Groups Laud UK, Austria and Denmark for Opposing Notorious ‘Israel-Only’ Condemnation at UN Human Rights Council

Simmering West Bank on verge of escalation

IDF: Palestinian killed in West Bank may have thrown rocks in ‘internal dispute’

Israel shells Hamas post after explosion of balloon-borne bomb from Gaza

Pompeo warns US could curb security ties with Israel over China relations

Netanyahu facing new police probe into massive payout for shares in sinking steel company

Netanyahu said to have made over 700% profit on stock sale under scrutiny

Netanyahu tries to sink Gantz in election war over phone hacks & submarine sales

Pompeo denies US seeking to bolster Netanyahu’s re-election bid

Multiple 2020 Democrats say they won’t attend AIPAC summit

17 UC Berkeley Professors Warn ‘Discriminatory’ BDS Campaign Poses ‘Clear and Direct Threat to Academic Freedom’

Pompeo to head to Lebanon, where Hezbollah is at peak strength

ISIS caliphate has crumbled and last stronghold liberated

US-backed force denies report of final ISIS defeat

Iraq ferry sinking: ‘Nearly 100 dead’ in Tigris river

US may soon pause preparations for delivering F-35s to Turkey

Iran Determined to Boost Defense Capability Despite U.S. Pressure, Khamenei Says

Pompeo vows to pile economic, political pressure on Iran

Iran struggling under reimposed sanctions, country’s leaders say

Iran leader dismisses Europe trade mechanism as ‘bitter joke’

US envoy blames stalled Yemen peace deal on Houthi ‘delays’

Afghan officials: 5 killed in blasts at Kabul Shiite shrine

2 Islamic Groups Target Nigerian Christians – 300 Killed While 72 Others Supernaturally Saved from Firing Squad

South Sudan spends millions on cars, homes instead of peace

Police, tradesmen rush to prepare ravaged New Zealand mosque for Friday prayers

New Zealand bans sales of assault weapons days after mosque bloodbath

Dutch suspect in tram shooting to face terrorism charge

Kremlin accuses U.S. of stoking tensions by flying bombers near its borders

Revolutionary group that raided North Korean Embassy establishes contact with FBI

UK firms step up ‘no-deal’ Brexit preparations

EU offers Brexit delay until May 22 – draft statement

Revoke Article 50: 1 million people sign petition for Brexit to be stopped

Military to be deployed for next round of Yellow Vest protests

Venezuelan opposition aide is seized, US and allies protest

U.S. threatens to derail meeting of Latam lender if China bars Venezuela

Marine Corps commandant warns of dire fiscal situation after funds are rerouted to troops at border

Trump backs call to nuke filibuster in drive to pass border wall $$, as shutdown looms

Comey hopes Mueller report shows rule of law, doesn’t think Trump should be impeached

Trump Says Public Should See ‘Ridiculous’ Mueller Report

Clinton, in newly revealed emails, discussed classified foreign policy matters, secretive ‘private’ comms channel with Israel

Trump signs executive order to promote free speech on college campuses

Facebook admits storing millions of users’ passwords in plain text

Facebook explains why its A.I. didn’t detect the New Zealand mosque shooting video before it was viewed 4,000 times

Possessing, distributing video of mosque massacre a cause for criminal prosecution: N.Z. officials

Michael Cohen warrants show how the FBI can unlock your phone and track your movements

Google’s Work with China Eroding US Military Advantage, Dunford Says

US Marines are practicing seizing small islands as a possible China fight looms in the Pacific

Kim Jong Un under fire for flagrantly violating sanctions with his mysterious, growing fleet of luxurious vehicles

Shocking ‘Terminator-like’ liquid metal developed by scientists

Fireball Above DTLA Not an Alien Invasion, Just a Film Shoot, Police Say

A solar storm hits Earth this week, pushing northern lights south

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Sumbawanga, Tanzania

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 29,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Planchon Peteroa volcano in Chile erupts to 15,000ft

Manam volcano in Papau New Guinea erupts to 15,000ft

Tenggar Caldera volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Death toll rises in Mozambique as extent of ‘humanitarian castrophe’ from devastating Cyclone Idai becomes clearer

Death toll from Cyclone Idai surpasses 500 in southern Africa

‘Women, babies trapped in trees’ after deadly Mozambique storm

Australia Threatened by Two Tropical Cyclones This Weekend

Cyclone Veronica rapidly intensifies off WA’s Pilbara coast, expected to reach category five

Australia moving 2,000 people from powerful cyclone’s path

Early spring snow, rainstorm to strike northeastern US and may become another ‘bomb cyclone’

Central US to remain underwater for weeks to come as historic river flooding continues

Spring flooding could be ‘unprecedented’ with 200 million Americans at risk

Midwest flooding could be costly: In Nebraska, tab is $1.3 billion and rising with waters

Mass funeral for Papua flood victims as death toll passes 100

Canned air and water-spraying drones: Smog remedies

US judge halts hundreds of drilling projects in groundbreaking climate change ruling

DRC Health Officials Announce New Ebola Case Detected In City Of Nearly 1M

Fentanyl deaths skyrocketed more than 1,000% over six years in the US. Here’s who it’s killing

ADHD drugs can lead to psychosis in some according to new study

Computer scientists create programmable self-assembling DNA

House Democrats have now voted 19 times against protecting born-alive babies

Mississippi Gov. Bryant signs ‘heartbeat bill,’ enacting one of strictest abortion laws in nation

Connecticut Assisted Suicide Bill Would Allow Doctors to Kill Mentally Disabled Patients

Japan Urged to Stop Requiring Sterilization for Altering Gender on ID Cards

Bolsonaro vows to fight gender ideology as Brazil’s president, talks ‘God’s protection’ with Trump

Chick-fil-A responds to controversy over charitable donations, denies seeking out groups with anti-LGBTQ views

Houston Library Officials Apologize after Registered Sex Offender Reads During Drag Time Story Hour

A Shortage of Women in China Has Led to the Trafficking of ‘Brides’ From Myanmar, Says a Report

Catholic Priest Accused Of Groping Texas Woman During Last Rites

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“A simple layman armed with Scripture is to be believed above a pope or a council without it…” – Martin Luther


Trump: ‘Stone-Cold Crimes’ Committed by Obama Officials

There were “stone cold crimes” committed by Obama officials concerning the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and much more, President Donald Trump said during an interview airing Friday.

Source: Trump: ‘Stone-Cold Crimes’ Committed by Obama Officials

CrossTalk on Democrats: RIGGING THE SYSTEM

There are calls to end the Electoral College, lower the voting age to 16, allow non-citizens to vote, and to pack the Supreme Court with more and partisan judges. What is happening here? Well, it would seem if you can’t win on the merit of ideas, then all you need to do is radically change the system.

The Fed’s In Over Its Head…And Chaos Is Mounting by Ron Paul

Article Image
• Ron Paul Liberty Report

With each passing month, we’re greeted with more evidence of a fact that The Federal Reserve has no idea what it’s doing. For many of us, this is not the least bit of a surprise. Central planning of the economy cannot work. Yet, never ones to admit that they’re wrong, the main job of a central planner is to find just one more way to kick the can down the road. Eventually, they must run out of schemes. Ron Paul discusses on today’s Liberty Report!

‘Final Batch’ Of Emails Clinton Tried To ‘Delete Or Destroy’ Uncovered: Contain More Classified Material

Nearly four years after filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking all emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton and her staff via her unsecured private email server when she served as Secretary of State, Judicial Watch has finally received what appears to be the “final batch”

Source: ‘Final Batch’ Of Emails Clinton Tried To ‘Delete Or Destroy’ Uncovered: Contain More Classified Material

The Real Reasons American Evangelicals Support Israel — National Review

Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City, September 16, 2018. (Ammar Awad/REUTERS)

The bulk of Evangelical support for Israel rests on faith, wonder, and a conviction that evil must not prevail against the Middle East’s democracy.

Faith in ancient promises, wonder at modern miracles, and a deep conviction that evil forces must not prevail against the Middle East’s most vibrant democracy

It never fails. Whenever a Republican president makes a controversial or contentious move to support Israel — such as moving the American embassy to Jerusalem or yesterday’s decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights — you’ll see various “explainers” and other stories that purport to inform progressives why the American Evangelical community is so devoted to the nation of Israel.

The explanation goes something like this — Evangelicals believe that the rebirth of Israel is hastening not just the second coming of Christ, but a particular kind of second coming, one that includes fire, fury, and war that will consume the Jewish people. The pithy, tweet-length version of this analysis comes from progressive Young Turks host Cenk Uygur:

You know what’s REAL anti-semitism? Right-wing Evangelical Christians supporting Israel because they think it will bring about the End Times where all of the Jews die. Worst anti-Semitism in the world!

— Cenk Uygur (@cenkuygur) March 7, 2019

Thus, the political marriage between American Evangelicals and Israelis represents a cynical form of mutual exploitation. Evangelicals support Israel to hasten the apocalypse, while Israelis (who obviously don’t believe Christian eschatology) are happy to humor the Evangelical community and milk that support for tourist dollars and political power.

But the true narrative of American Christian support for Israel is substantially different. The intellectual and theological roots of Christian Zionism do not rest in end-times prophesies but rather in Old Testament promises. Last month Samuel Goldman at Tablet wrote an outstanding piece explaining the centuries-old history and legacy of Christian support for Jewish claims to the Holy Land. After tracing Christian support for a Jewish Israel to the Reformation, he writes this:

Read more: The Real Reasons American Evangelicals Support Israel — National Review

03/22/2019 — Wretched


•The road to normalizing pedophilia goes through TED Talks
•Get ready for the dynamo that is John Fabarez
•Can we disagree without vitriol?
•Does God give visions promising pregnancy?
•How do I talk to my family about NAR music?
•What’s the deal with pastor sabbaticals?
•Do we give Jesus permission to do anything?

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via 03/22/2019 — Wretched

RenewAmerica Newsletter for March 22, 2019

March 21, 2019
Fighting for injured workers’ rights
RENEWAMERICA STAFF — In Utah, unethical “insurance medical examiners” hired to deprive injured workers of guaranteed Workers Compensation medical and other benefits are protected by “state policy” from any liability for harm resulting from their fraudulent examinations…. (more)

March 21, 2019
IAMTV (FACEBOOK) — Let’s Talk America with Dr. Alan Keyes. Dr. Keyes explains the ‘lack of personhood’ fallacy of Roe v. Wade…. (more)

March 21, 2019
CBN NEWS — “Unplanned,” the highly anticipated film about former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life activist Abby Johnson was assigned an “R” rating last month by the Motion Picture Association of America. Supporters of the film attended a premiere screening in Los Angeles Monday, including singer and songwriter Joy Villa…. (more)

March 21, 2019
FOX NEWS — The one thing the producers of the movie “Unplanned” had not planned on was the film getting an R rating, which means children under 17 are not permitted without an adult. It seems pretty odd that a movie with no foul language, no gratuitous sex, no violence, no naked bodies, no wild shootings or car chases racking up dead bodies and mangled vehicles would get a rating equal to movies like “Kill Bill,” “Pulp Fiction” and “Die Hard.”… (more)

March 21, 2019
NATIONAL REVIEW — Kentucky governor Matt Bevin on Tuesday signed a bill that bans abortions chosen on the basis of an unborn child’s sex, race, or disability. A court filing in the U.S. District Court in Louisville indicated that the governor has signed the bill, which included an “emergency clause” stipulating that it would go into effect immediately…. (more)

March 21, 2019
NEWSMAX — Just 36 percent of registered voters support impeaching President Donald Trump, a 7-point percent decrease from December stemming from a drop in Democrats who have changed their mind, a CNN poll finds. In December, 80 percent of Democrats said they were in favor of impeachment, but that number now stands at 68 percent. The poll follows a statement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., that impeachment would be “so divisive to the country.”… (more)

March 21, 2019
CNBC — A massive college cheating scandal made headlines last week when federal prosecutors brought charges against 50 people involved in a scheme in which wealthy parents spent millions to help get their children into prestigious universities…. (more)

March 20, 2019
NATIONAL REVIEW — A Brown University professor’s study of a “social contagion” effect among transgender teenagers was republished with its results section unchanged Tuesday following an unprecedented post-publication review prompted by a wave of backlash from transgender activists and researchers sympathetic to their cause…. (more)

March 20, 2019
DAILY CALLER — Fox Business host Lou Dobbs criticized Utah Sen. Mitt Romney and other Republican critics of President Donald Trump’s latest comments about late Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain. Speaking with former Reagan’s campaign director Ed Rollins on Wednesday evening about the president’s recent positive polling within the Republican Party, Dobbs gave GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel “great credit” before ripping Trump’s GOP critics…. (more)

March 20, 2019
DAILY CALLER — News of the New Zealand shooting brought the usual calls for gun control in the United States. And while the mainstream media is helping fuel the prejudice against gun rights, their greatest bias is in what they refuse to print. True to form, here are at least three things the media will not tell you about New Zealand’s shooting…. (more)

March 20, 2019
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON — A number of liberal bastions are daily being hammered – – especially the elite university and Silicon Valley. A Yale and a Stanford, or Facebook and Google, assume – – for the most part rightly – – that each is so loudly progressive that the public, federal and state regulators, and politicians would of course turn a blind eye to anything questionable that these social-justice institutions did…. (more)

March 20, 2019
NEWSBUSTERS — Wow! This somehow slipped beneath the radar but it is highly significant considering who said it. In fact if you read just what the person said, you might even think that most of it was spoken by someone at NewsBusters. However, what is significant, is the words were uttered by former ABC News star Ted Koppel on March 7 during a discussion with Marvin Kalb at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace…. (more)

March 20, 2019
NATIONAL REVIEW — In 1994, the Montgomery Advertiser reported that the Southern Poverty Law Center was a toxic atmosphere for its black employees, who said they “felt threatened and banded together.” At the time, SPLC co-founder Morris Dees pooh-poohed the report, claiming that the “most discriminated people in America today are white men when it comes to jobs.” This month, SPLC employees notified management that “allegations of mistreatment, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and racism threaten the moral authority of this organization and our integrity along with it.” Dees, 82, was fired…. (more)

March 19, 2019
YOUTUBE — The Roe v. Wade movie is the story behind the controversial 1973 court case over the issue of abortion. Starring John Voight, Nick Loeb, and John Schneider, this teaser gives us a glimpse of the Alveda King produced movie!… (more)

March 17, 2019
Alan Keyes warns of ‘anti-Christ forces’ seeking to discourage Americans
ALAN KEYES — It is not an uncommon question, these days, among those who profess to believe in God. Yet, as with our very existence, the answer comes from His Word: God is in the generation of the righteous. We can find this insight in the 14th Psalm. The generation described therein sounds much like our own:… (more)

March 17, 2019
LINDA GOUDSMIT — Let’s get serious. If hundreds of thousands of unvetted illegal aliens storming our southern border is not a national emergency what is? Leftists don’t consider open borders a national emergency because they welcome illegal hordes into America to overwhelm the welfare system, collapse the economy, and vote illegally to insure one-party Democrat dominance. It is their preferred road to destroying America from within and imposing socialism…. (more)

March 17, 2019
NEWSMAX — Conservative writer David Horowitz accused the “anti-religious, anti-American left” of conducting an ongoing effort to erase God from American society dating back six decades. During a recent C-Span event to talk about his new book “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America,” Horowitz argued that the progressive movement is trying to change the history on which this nation was founded…. (more)

March 17, 2019
NEWSMAX — Hard-core progressive and socialist congressional Democrats are more supportive of the Nicolás Maduro government in Venezuela than they are of President Donald Trump. Last week, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, whose anti-Semitic tropes triggered a congressional resolution against general bigotry, tweeted that Trump and U.S. special envoy Elliott Abrams “cannot be trusted to tell the truth about what’s happening in Venezuela.”… (more)

March 16, 2019
DOJ veteran argues this is opportunity to complete record with whistleblower testimony
WORLDNETDAILY — A federal appeals court has put a roadblock in front of the government’s attempt to appeal a district judge’s decision to throw out its case against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct…. (more)

March 16, 2019
TABITHA KOROL — Muslims lie not because they are liars by nature but by choice. Systematic lying as a religious policy is deadly, and if our politicians do not understand this, thousands could die. – – Don Boys, Ph.D. The mission of the jihadi/jihada (one who engages in holy “war with non-Muslims to establish the religion”) is to bring Islamic law, sharia, to the world, whether through peaceful or violent means, and Ilhan Omar has dutifully begun her vocation for Allah, who is described in the Quran as the greatest deceiver of them all…. (more)

March 16, 2019
BRYAN FISCHER — The Constitution prohibits the establishment of religion, that is, picking one Christian denomination and making it the official church of the United States. An “established” religion enjoys special favors and special legal protections that no other faith enjoys. People of non-established faiths are subject to punishment from authorities. From my vantage point, Islam has now become the de facto established religion of the U.S. Muslims enjoy protections and privileges that Christians do not…. (more)

March 16, 2019
JERRY NEWCOMBE — The Constitution says there can be no religious test applied to those seeking office at the federal level (Article 6, clause 3). But lately some on the left are trying to apply a type of religious test against some would-be Trump nominees…. (more)

March 16, 2019
THE HILL — President Trump on Friday issued the first veto of his presidency, stymying Congress’s attempt to block him from obtaining funds for his wall at the U.S.-Mexico border without lawmakers’ approval…. (more)

March 16, 2019
President Trump promises U.S. is with island nation hit by terror
WORLDNETDAILY — A “country boy” from Australia who spent years traveling the world and appears to have had an obsession with neo-Nazi ideology is the primary suspect in the murder of 49 people at a New Zealand mosque on Friday…. (more)

March 16, 2019
Dem senator cites president’s ‘words’
WORLDNETDAILY — The Daily Mail of London published a headline Friday that described the perpetrator of the massacre of 49 people at two mosques in New Zealand as a “Trump-supporting white supremacist.” However, as Bright Start News points out, in the killer’s 74-page manifesto, Trump’s name turns up only once. “Were/are you a supporter of Donald Trump?” “As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no.”… (more)


Weekly Watchman for 03/22/2019

Pyrite Christianity in America

Pyrite is a mineral made up primarily of iron that looks like gold, thus it’s nickname of “fool’s gold.”  It looks like valuable gold but in reality, it is generally useless and of little to no value.As America continues celebrating godlessness and too many members of churches fail to look significantly different than the secular culture taking over this nation. A growing number of churches and professing Christians are holding “fool’s gold” thinking it will save them when they stand before Jesus Christ as judge, only to find out what they hold is useless and even abhorrent before our Lord and Savior.

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.

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Christianity, Relationships, and Society

In our final segment today we look at the increasing evil and godlessness of our world, our nation, and how Christians must stand out as light and salt. Jesus said the greatest commandment is that we love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and mind.  The second is that we love our neighbor as we love ourselves.  Biblical Christianity is all about relationships in a world that is broken, decimated by sin, and needs to be reconciled to God.

How do we as disciples of Jesus Christ develop truthful, loving relationships with other believers as well  as those still imprisoned in darkness?  Pastor Randy White joins Mike and David to discuss relationships according to the Bible.

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.

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Francis Chan: Discerning or Guilty by Association?

The Bible is clear that there will be many false teachers leading people astray in the final years, and many professing Christians will be part of this final apostasy.  It also tells us we should avoid anyone who teaches a gospel contrary to the Bible’s teaching.  But Paul also tells us to bear with one another as believers; standing up for truth, but also not allowing insignificant divisions to cause problems.  The problem is that we are not always clear about what is a significant or insignificant division within Christianity.Francis Chan has been on a very interesting journey over the past few years.  He resigned as pastor of the mega-church he founded and went on a personal sabbatical.  He has returned and finds himself in a growing controversy surrounding his criticism of American Christianity as well as his recent appearances at IHOP and alongside Todd White and Benny Hinn. Really?So where does Chan really stand on doctrine? Mike, David, and Crash look at the controversy and discuss the difficulties in being discerning Christians without jumping to conclusions or branding those we disagree with a “heretic” or “apostate.”ARTICLES

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Ramping Up to a One World Government

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.

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Cracks in Radical Liberalism’s Foundations

We often discuss how radical liberalism is eventually exposed and dismissed because of its obvious self-defeating contradictions.  In their zeal to develop more and more “protected classes” of people, they eventually run into a contradiction they cannot reconcile with their attempts to make everyone feel like a victim.  This morning we look at liberals and feminists along with conservative women in pushing back against the awful “Equality Act” introduced by House Democrats that would impose national protections and special rights to those who identify as transgender.We also look at a growing number of Catholics who are now considering leaving their church because of the wide ranging sexual abuse scandals within their church.In our first segment we talk with Preston Condra, of Sufficient Word Publishing, about his new book aimed at helping parents explain the gospel to their children and helping them develop a biblical world view as they head into the dangerous waters of public education.

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.

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Questions and Comments

Today on our Listener Friday Q&A we discuss some of the following issues:Lordship SalvationWhat is EFT?Is acupuncture an acceptable health practice for Christians?Churches conforming to this worldHave you ever heard of the group “Justice Democrats”?What about vaccinationsShouldn’t Christians love our transgender friends?How can we speak on issues of sexuality when so many of us struggle with adultery or pornography?This battle for LGBTQ “rights” is only a precursor to shutting down churchesWhat to say to those struggling with depression, OCD and mental health issuesDoes it matter if a dead person’s body is buried or cremated?Could you do another episode specifically on the biblical perspective of social justice?

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A Difficult Conundrum for Biblical Christians

Christians are in the world but not to be of the world.  We are commanded to love all people, even those who are enemies of God.  But we are also called to obey God and not man when those are in contradiction. Congress is preparing to pass national anti-discrimination laws mandating that transgenders be given civil rights protections in hiring and services acquired from businesses. This morning, we look at a new survey that shows a majority of professing Christians agree with this proposal.

In our first segment, we look at the most popular questions college students have about God, life and this world with Jane Pantig of Ratio Christi Ministries.

How do we answer their important questions in a way that encourages them to reason and think, hopefully pointing them to the gospel and faith in Jesus Christ?

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.

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Mission, Vision Statements and Doctrine

Statements of faith and mission statements go way back to the early centuries of Christianity, staking out clear positions on what Christians believe about the doctrines of God and His Word.  But in modern times, growing confusion, ambiguity, and false teachings are more common among the body of Christ than we’d like to admit.Today, we tackle this important issue when it comes to understanding what a particular church or denomination believes as well as what to look for in a good church. Start with the preaching and teaching. Our guest is Pastor Mike Abendroth of No Compromise Radio.

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.

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Our Identity as Disciples of Jesus

In Colossians 3:3-4 Paul says “For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.  When Christ, who is your life appears, then you will appear with him in glory”.  Paul goes on to say we should put to death what is earthly in us because of our new identity, and put on the characteristics of Christ.  In his writings we see what it means to truly be a disciple of Jesus Christ, uniquely set apart from the beliefs, actions and desires of this world.Dave Wager of Nicolet Bible Institute and Silver Birch Ranch joins us as we study Paul’s profound writings in Colossians Chapter 3.

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.

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The Abyss of Public Education

God’s Word tells parents to raise their children by teaching them His Word.  Believe it or not, the government-run education system in our nation actually started off using God’s Word as a foundation for teaching children about life. But over the past 50 – 75 years it has declined and shifted dramatically, focused now on raising them to be good “global citizens,” and be politically-correct and support the liberal worldview. Public schools today have an anti-Christian agenda, having completely set aside the Bible and Christian worldview.Mike and David look at how all evidence points to the fact the public education system has now become an enemy of God, and how parents can counter its destructive effects on our children.  We discuss the Marxist agenda (Antonio Gramsci) and the steady, progressive march through America’s major institutions – starting with academia. As a result, Globalism is being implemented while discrimination against Christians who dare question the status quo increases.  And when Christianity is removed from education or any part of our culture, other religions and lies are welcomed and promoted to our children.

Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.

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STUNNING: ZERO Democratic Candidates for President to Attend Non-Partisan Pro-Israel AIPAC Conference this Year (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit


None of the 15 Democratic candidates for president will attend the AIPAC Conference this year.

Eight Democratic candidates for president announced they will not attend the pro-Israel AIPAC Conference this year.

The list includes Elizabeth Warren, Bobby O’Rourke, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and Bernie Sanders.

This is the same party that refused to condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar by name after her outrageous anti-Semitic comments.

Via FOX and Friends:

via STUNNING: ZERO Democratic Candidates for President to Attend Non-Partisan Pro-Israel AIPAC Conference this Year (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

How Identity Politics is Changing the Church — Christian Blogs – Delivered By Grace

It is no secret that American politics has been overtaken by identity politics—one of the popular layers in the social justice agenda. There is a political agenda involved in using one’s identity group to gain power. The conversation has become so intense, that political groups are using every strategy possible in order to virtue signal voters and to gain support.

Elizabeth Warren, a white woman from Oklahoma, understands the power of identity politics as she has recently been trying to identify as an American Indian. The “white” category has been polluted by identity politics leaving people like Elizabeth Warren no other option other than self-identity tactics. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, “It’s important that we don’t ignore the power of identity because it is very powerful, especially for women, especially for the rage of women right now.”

Intersectionality was originally coined in 1989 by Kimberlé Crenshaw, a political activist and radical feminist, in order to help identify and aid individual classes of discrimination or victim groups. Through intersectionality, the more victim groups a person identifies with—the more power they can obtain. What Kimberlé Crenshaw was able to do in the leftist world of the LGBTQA+ movement through intersectionality is now being used to leverage a social justice movement within evangelicalism. How is identity politics infiltrating and changing the church?

Hinderance to Discernment

There are many scandals and schisms facing the church today. With the rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the #MeToo movement, an intense focus upon identity politics within the evangelical church has impacted the politics of denominations and the conversations within local churches around the nation. It should be pointed out that the grievance industry is a very lucrative industry and it has now entered evangelical circles. Has this intense focus on victim categories and identity politics hindered the church’s ability to discern?

Take the issue of human sexuality and gender identity for instance. The United Methodist Church has already made historic decisions about their embrace of egalitarianism, but now the debate is centered on human sexuality. Although the outcome is uncertain, most people believe the entire denomination is gearing up for a massive split.

Within the Southern Baptist Convention, a new conversation arose in the weeks leading up to the 2018 annual meeting in June that was centered upon the denomination’s historic position on complementarianism. While many offered up their opinions, we must not forget that just prior to the Convention, Beth Moore wrote a very important article that garnered much support and sympathy. The article was titled, “A Letter to My Brothers” and in her letter she discussed details of marginalization and discrimination based on her gender. In the weeks leading up to the SBC meeting in Dallas, Texas—pastors from all over the nation were debating the issue of a woman serving as the president of the largest evangelical denomination in America. That debate is in motion to this very day and will likely continue over the next few years.

However, that raises the question about discernment. Has the church lost its ability to discern due to the cloud of identity politics? A large number of Southern Baptist pastors would not embrace Beth Moore’s theology, but due to identity politics and the perceived need to empower women within evangelical denominations—she receives a pass on her deficient theological positions. Does one’s identity or victim category take priority over truth?

In a similar struggle, both the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) have been marked by the Revoice Conference controversy of 2018 that has promoted many troubling ideas and positions regarding same-sex attraction and LGBTQA+ Christianity. Although not officially connected to the Revoice Conference, it was held in a PCA church in St. Louis in 2018 and founder, Nate Collins, identifies himself as a Southern Baptist. The Revoice Conference mission states that they exist for the following purpose:

Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex-attracted, and other LGBT Christians so they can flourish while observing the historic, Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality.

The point is clear—homosexuals will use the same social justice playbook to gain recognition and acceptance as other groups who have gone before them within evangelicalism. Now, another ministry has arisen within evangelical circles with a similar purpose under the name, Living Out. One of the first questions they tackle on their website is the question of whether or not a person can be gay and Christian? The hyphenated Christian is becoming more and more acceptable within evangelical circles.

Many black Christians are instructing white Christians to be quiet and listen on matters of social justice. Women who fit into a victim category are elevated to a platform and given a greater voice within the evangelical church. Likewise those who claim to be gay and Christian are suggesting that they must have a place at the table to talk too. Has sola Scriptura been replaced by sola identitatem? Has identity politics hindered our ability to exercise good biblical discernment?


Pragmatism is the historic thorn in the church’s side. The wave of the pragmatic movements such as the church growth movement have left the evangelical church weak and superficial in many ways. When churches, seminaries, and denominations make decisions based upon the desired benefit rather than the truth of God’s Word—it weakens the church. The desire to be culturally relevant has caused many churches and denominations to crumble.

Today, identity politics has entered the evangelical church. Some leaders are instructing pastors on how to diversify the color of their church staff in order to reach across ethnic lines within their communities. In some cases, they are being encouraged to choose lesser qualified black leaders over more qualified white leaders in order to reach the goal of diversity among church leadership. Once again, such a pragmatic decision is harmful upon the leaders chosen and the church as a whole—and the desired benefit will not outweigh such capitulation. While many conservative evangelicals embrace the sovereignty of God and the sufficiency of Scripture—they give greater priority to pragmatism in how they make decisions.

Identity is not only based on ethnic identity, but also gender identity. Why did the United Methodist Church vote to allow women to serve as pastors on May 4th, 1956 in their General Conference? It certainly wasn’t a theological decision, because the text of Scripture is abundantly clear regarding the office of elder (see 1 Tim. 3 and Titus 1). It was a pragmatic decision in order to appeal to the masses and a desire to offset the declining numbers within their denomination. That move didn’t work, so now, they’re discussing the issue of homosexual leaders within their denomination. Once more, it’s a pragmatic move. When the church bows to pragmatism—the boundaries of Scripture are ignored in order to accomplish goals.

Will the Southern Baptist Convention go down the same pragmatic road? In many ways, the denomination has been traveling the road of pragmatism for years. However, will the denomination that stood courageously upon the inerrancy of Scripture and returned to a commitment to God’s Word repeat disastrous patterns of the past? Will the identity politics of American culture cause the massive ship of the Southern Baptist Convention to drift so far off course that it will be lost in the sea of social justice identity politics? What decisions will the SBC make on women in leadership? Will the SBC continue to embrace intersectionality and a form of evangelical affirmative action in order to move certain non-white ethnic groups through seminary programs with the goal of diversity among SBC missionaries and pastors serving on the field?

The outcome has yet to be determined, but what we must recognize is that without a firm anchor in God’s Word and without a firm commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture—the SBC and other evangelical denominations will drift far off course and will likely never be recovered. Pragmatic decisions regarding ethnic diversity, new definitions and boundaries for complementarian positions, and an embrace of the false category of LGBTQA+ Christianity will prove to be a tragic mistake for the church of Jesus Christ.

What is our Identity?

In the fall of 1620, 102 colonists sailed for the New World on a well known sea vessel known as the Mayflower. These Separatist Christians renounced the religious practices of the Church of England and believed that the Church of England was beyond redemption. In 1630, another group would join the Separatists in the New World. This group is known as the Puritans. During the “Great Migration” of the 1630s, some 21,000 English settlers came to New England. When these farmers, fishermen, merchants, lawyers, and entire families walked off of the boats—they had one common book among them—the Geneva Bible.

As they formed communities—the Christians planted churches. The churches found their identity in Jesus Christ. The church in America today is being driven off course by identity politics. The identity of the church today is being attached to the color of skin and the priority of gender empowerment rather than Jesus Christ.

The church has been through an identity crisis before. After the church was established by Christ—followers of Jesus were called Christians which was originally a term of derision. What the anti-Jesus movement was attempting to do was to identify the followers of Jesus with his name—specifically the office of the Christ of God. Today, the church boldly identifies with Jesus by embracing the title—Christian.

When Paul wrote to the church in Galatia—he pointed to the union that both Jews and Gentiles have in Christ. The bond is Jesus and the church’s identity cannot be focused on ethnicity or gender. Paul wrote,  “For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to promise” (Gal. 3:27-29). Paul said almost the same thing in Colossians 3:11. We don’t find our identity as the “woke church” or the “black church” or the “white church” or the “hipster church.” Instead, we find our identity in Jesus. We are Christians.

In days of confusion and mission drift, the church must find encouragement in the promise of Jesus in Matthew 16:18. During these days of confusing identity politics, we must courageously reject the need to identify the church of Jesus with the woke movement of the social justice agenda. We must boldly stand in opposition to the intersectionality politics in light of the fact that we have a sufficient Word that is capable of guiding us along the broken roads of our culture (Ps. 119:11). For me and countless thousands of Christians across America—the Word of God is enough.

If the church continues to feed the monster of identity politics—it will eventually bite the arm that feeds it. Consider the direct connection between identity politics and the freedom of speech restrictions and hate crime legislation that are quickly approaching the church in our day. These items are not isolated nor are they disconnected from the overarching social justice agenda. Today the church is becoming increasingly woke, but in reality it needs to be awakened to the truth of the gospel alone.

via How Identity Politics is Changing the Church — Christian Blogs – Delivered By Grace

Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz was Key in Pressuring FBI Into Reopening the Hillary Email Investigation — The Gateway Pundit


Former US House Chairman of the Oversight Committee, Jason Chaffetz, will always be known as a key player in the FBI announcing reopening the Hillary email investigation shortly before the 2016 election.  Here’s what happened?

FOX News guest, former House Oversight Chairman, Jason Chaffetz, has been excellent in his reporting over the past year or two.  He was one of the first in the media to confirm what we believed at TGP and declare that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was not doing his job.  He shared this with Stuart Varney on Lou Dobbs Tonight shortly before the 2018 midterm election –

I have long thought that Attorney General Sessions should go. I think he’s there as Attorney General in name only. He’s not leading the department or agency in the core fundamental problems they have there. Months ago I said he ought to leave and until he leaves they are going to continue to have these problems.

However, Chaffetz wasn’t always spot on.  He asked the DOJ to investigate the Comey firing, for example.

But what is not well known are the actions that Chaffetz took before the 2016 election to force the corrupt FBI to re-open the Hillary email investigation. 

On October 16, 2016, Chaffetz reported at FOX News that he had a whole new slew of Hillary Clinton emails –

The Republican chair of the House Oversight committee told Fox News that new evidence turned over by the FBI pointed to a “quid pro quo” arrangement between the FBI and the State Department and that was grounds for at least “four new hearings” after Congress comes back from recess.

“This is a flashing red light of potential criminality,” Chaffetz said.

The allegations emerge after the FBI gave lawmakers a third tranche of documents related to their investigation into Clinton’s use of a personal email server during her time as secretary of state. Those documents have not been made public, but some lawmakers have been given access and Chaffetz said he was briefed on the matter.

Text messages between the corrupt FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page from a few days later on October 26th show that the FBI was going crazy at this time and Chaffetz was on their mind.   –

Notice that the corrupt lovers text about talking on the phone about Chaffetz.  They did this when things were really getting crazy and they wanted to hide something and not leave a trail.

But regardless the FBI’s sinister plans were now coming undone.  On October 27th, Rudi Giuliani reported that that there might be a “surprise or two” before the election –

Then on October 28, 2016, the far-left Washington Post reported that Chaffetz said that he would investigate Hillary Clinton for years if she won the Presidential election –

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), who told The Washington Post this week that Hillary Clinton would face “years” of potential probes if she won the presidency, has asked FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to provide documents about his wife’s 2015 campaign for Senate — a campaign that received financial support from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), a close Clinton ally. Chaffetz also tweeted Friday that the FBI would examine new emails related to the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server.

“There are outstanding questions . . . regarding a possible conflict of interest into this case,” Chaffetz said in the letter. To investigate the questions, Chaffetz requested documents related to “when you first became aware the State Department was pressuring the FBI to reverse its decision regarding the classification of one of Secretary Clinton’s emails,” and “when you first became aware the FBI had opened an investigation into Secretary Clinton’s email server,” with a deadline of Nov. 10, two days after the general election.

The corrupt James Comey and his corrupt senior agents and attorneys at the FBI were in a crisis in responding to the Wall Street Journal’s article put out by Devlin Barrett on Andrew McCabe.  The article was published on October 30, 2016, two days after James Comey, the FBI director at the time, announced in a letter to Congress that the bureau was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Obama’s Secretary of State.

According to Business Insider

The article was a detailed account of internal strife within the top ranks of the DOJ about how to proceed after FBI agents investigating Anthony Weiner, the former New York congressman, discovered 650,000 emails on his laptop that could have been sent to or received from Clinton’s private email server.

Comey was very upset! You can tell because he didn’t make a public announcement of the reopening of the investigation. Instead, he shot off a very terse letter to Congress, telling them about it. (Unlike what he did with the Trump investigation by making a huge production of it all)

And the man to announce to the world Hillary’s email investigation was reopened shortly before the 2016 election on October 28th via a tweet was none other than Jason Chaffetz –

We don’t know much that went on behind the scenes before the 2016 Presidential Election but we do know that the former US Representative from Utah, Jason Chaffetz, was key in the FBI re-opening the Hillary email case.  For this he deserves much credit!

Hat tip D. Manny

via Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz was Key in Pressuring FBI Into Reopening the Hillary Email Investigation — The Gateway Pundit

Trump Accuses Democrats of Being ‘Anti-Jewish’ — National Review

President Donald Trump speaks in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., January 14, 2019. (Joshua Roberts/REUTERS)

President Trump on Friday accused Democrats of being “anti-Jewish” when asked about top Democratic presidential candidates’ refusal to attend the upcoming American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference.

“The Democrats have proven to be anti-Israel, and it’s a disgrace,” Trump told reporters on the White House lawn as he prepared to depart for Mar-a-Lago. “Frankly, I think they are anti-Jewish.”

“Frankly, I think they are anti-Jewish,” @realDonaldTrump said of Democrats this morning https://t.co/tfNAjgspFE pic.twitter.com/sRuQSRIT0I

— Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) March 22, 2019

Trump’s comments come one day after the Associated Press reported that Senators Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), Kamala Harris (D., Calif.), and Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) would not attend the annual AIPAC conference at the end of the month, and a spokesman for Beto O’Rourke told NBC News that the former Texas congressman also plans to skip the event.

The candidates’ decisions to skip the conference came after the liberal advocacy group MoveOn called for them to boycott the event due to AIPAC’s perceived opposition to progressive ideals.

“It’s no secret that AIPAC has worked to hinder diplomatic efforts like the Iran deal, is undermining Palestinian self-determination, and inviting figures actively involved in human rights violations to its stage,” Iram Ali, campaign director for MoveOn’s political action committee, wrote in a post on the group’s website. “We asked our members what they think so that we can make more informed decisions — and over 74% agreed that progressive presidential candidates should skip the AIPAC conference. This should also give a clear insight to 2020 candidates on where their base stands instead of prioritizing lobbying groups and policy people who rarely step outside of D.C.”

This year’s conference will feature speeches by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and House speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The controversy over Democratic opposition to AIPAC comes amid recent allegations of anti-Semitism leveled against freshman Representative Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.), who has divided the caucus by publicly indulging in anti-Semitic tropes and by suggesting that the ensuing criticism was the result of anti-Muslim bias on the part of her “Jewish colleagues.”

via Trump Accuses Democrats of Being ‘Anti-Jewish’ — National Review

BOOM!… President Trump: Democrats Have Proven to Be Anti-Israel… Frankly I Think They Are Anti-Jewish (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

President Trump spoke with reporters briefly on Friday morning before departing for Mara-lago for meetings this weekend.

On Thursday President Trump announced the Golan Heights belonged to Israel — another historic move for the most pro-Israel president in US history.

But on Friday a liberal reporter asked him about his comments on the Democrat Party and his comments on their recent behavior.

Reporter: You said the Democrats are anti-Israel and Democrats are anti-Jewish. They’re not going to the AIPAC Conference and you’re not going as well.

President Trump: The Democrats have very much proven to be anti-Israel. There’s no question about that and it’s a disgrace. You know, I don’t know what’s happened to them but they are totally anti-Israel and frankly I think they are anti-Jewish.


via BOOM!… President Trump: Democrats Have Proven to Be Anti-Israel… Frankly I Think They Are Anti-Jewish (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

NYSE Index Suggesting The Top Is In, Says Joe Friday — Kimble Charting Solutions

Is a very broad stock index suggesting that a top is in play? What this index does to close this week should go a long way to answering that question!

This chart looks at the NYSE Index on a weekly basis over the past 4-years. Over the past 15-months, it has created a series of lower highs and lower lows inside of the shaded falling channel. It hit strong support around Christmas at (1) and a counter-trend rally started. The rally now has it testing the top of the falling channel at (2).

Joe Friday Just The Facts Ma’am- The NYSE index could be creating a bearish reversal pattern (bearish wick) at the top of the falling channel at (2). If the NYSE turns weak at this key resistance point, it would be hinting that an important top in the market is in play.

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March 22 Praying for Leaders

Scripture reading: 1 Timothy 2:1–4

Key verse: Luke 18:1

Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart.

Whether or not the man who leads your country is one you have personally chosen is not the issue. Once a leader is elected or placed in a position of authority, each of us has a responsibility to pray for that individual.

You need to be committed to pray for his personal relationship with Christ and his willingness to seek God’s wisdom for every decision. Pray that your leader would learn to hate evil and love righteousness. Only then can true justice be administered in the maze of government and politics.

Be committed to pray that your leader’s convictions will be based on God’s Word and not preferences founded on the unstable ground of political consensus. Ask God to protect his family, and pray that each family member would be given the opportunity to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Rulers often think they are in control of their country’s circumstances, but God is quick to point out that He is Lord over all. Men and nations are under the control of God and not the House of Representatives, the Senate, Parliament, or any superior court.

You may feel as though your prayers are insignificant, but they are vital links to God’s throne room where eternal decisions are made on a daily basis.

O God, rulers are under Your authority—every politician, every law enforcement officer, every judge. You are Lord over all. I pray for blessings upon these leaders today.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2000). Into His presence (p. 85). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

65 Percent of Protestant Pastors See School as ‘Negative Influence’ on Children’s Spiritual Development — Blogs

A new study from the Barna Group found that a majority of Protestant pastors and about half of Catholic priests believe school is a negative influence on a child’s spiritual development.

According to the Christian Post, Barna and religious think tank Cardus surveyed 650 Protestant and Catholic church pastors and priests for their study.

The pastors and priests were asked to choose whether certain people and organizations have a positive or negative influence on a child’s spiritual development. The categories were “parents/family,” “church,” “school,” “peers/friends,” “Christian community,” and “culture/society.”

According to the results released this week, 65 percent of Protestant leaders and 50 percent of Catholic priests said that school has a negative influence on a student’s spiritual development.

“In fact, schools are ranked alongside a child’s friends and peers as primarily negative influences — a view held by 61 percent of Protestant leaders and 65 percent of Catholic leaders,” the study said.

“In some cases, the perceived negative influence of a child’s school or friend group outweighs a perceived positive influence by double.”

Barna added that some Catholic priests may have been considering Catholic school education as the influencing factor and thus, rated “school” as a positive influence.

“Church and family life are important in the spiritual formation of young adults, but our research reinforces that schools play an important role too,” said Ray Pennings, Cardus executive vice president.

“Church leaders, parents, and educators must understand the positive influence of Christian schooling on spiritual formation and work together to ensure that these schooling options are genuinely available for as many families as possible.”

“Culture/society” was ranked the most negative influence with 94 percent of Protestant pastors and 92 percent of Catholic priests responding that it had a negative influence on a student’s spiritual growth.

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