AGT International – The Clinton Foundation Scandal Worse Than Uranium One – Covered Up by FBI/DOJ Before 2016 Election – Part XI — The Gateway Pundit

A 2016 DOJ criminal investigation was suppressed and buried by the DOJ/FBI that involved a major NY Democratic power broker and the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.

The investigation revolved around the illegal sale of controlled US Homeland Security technology to Russia and China in the years before the 2016 election by a company named AGT International.

The DOJ terminated its internal investigation in 2016 despite clear and irrefutable evidence of criminal activity and hid it from the public!

In Part I of our series we discussed the Clinton Foundation and the donations to the Foundation from the COB (Martin L. Edelman) and CEO (Mati Kochavi) of AGT International as well as from Sheikhs in the UAE. These donations in the millions of dollars were for favors from the Clintons, in return the Clintons helped promote AGT International.

In Part II of our series we discussed the illegal actions that AGT International took to generate revenues around the globe. Highly sensitive US defense technology and ITAR controlled products were provided and sold to China, Russia and other countries in the name of sales growth. These actions were beyond criminal, they were treasonous.

Below is an AGT International article about its premier defense software from its company 4D Security Solutions.

In Part III of our series we discussed the investigation that the FBI/DOJ started into AGT International and the Clinton Foundation but then terminated and covered up before the 2016 Presidential election despite irrefutable crimes!


In Part IV of our series we discussed the activities by individuals associated with AGT International in obtaining entrance to a highly sensitive US Intel facility circumventing the access controls in place that prevent illegal entries to the site.

In Part V of our series we discussed the efforts by AGT International to obtain top secret US Intel for the sole purpose of sharing/selling it to the Russians. AGT International personnel used the information as a means to entice sales from US adversaries. AGT International offered Russians the ability to conduct counter-Intel operations (e.g. cell phone intercepts, object and vehicle tracking, etc.). All of this information provided to the Russians was highly classified and never should have been placed in their hands.

The image below shows an AGT International C4I system deployed in Liaoyuan China. The system among other things was designed to automatically track and create a detailed pattern of motion of vehicles belonging to western embassies.

In Part VI of our series we showed the shady efforts AGT International took to obtain contracts in the US and abroad. AGT International utilized its COB (Martin Edelman) and the Clintons to gain access to highly placed state and Federal Law Enforcement Agents (LEA’s) and former Federal and political figures in the US and used bribes around the world to initiate contracts.

In Part VII of our series we provided evidence that AGT International hid its employees identities in the US market by using aliases for all its employees at 3i-MIND and other subsidiaries.

AGT International management sent an email to the employees at 3i-MIND and other subsidiaries and noted that “since the blog is planned to be used in the US as well, we are and we will not be allowed identifying ourselves using our real names.” This poorly written comment provides evidence that the company encouraged its employees to hide their identities in the US.

In Part VIII of our series we provided evidence that AGT International assisted a group of Chinese officials to inconspicuously enter the US without properly identifying their purpose, which was to obtain highly sensitive and classified US Homeland security information and products from AGT International.

In Part IX of our series we discussed more on AGT International’s ‘lubrication’ activities (paying off individuals and entities to initiate sales and open doors).

In Part X of our Series we discussed AGT International’s sudden exit from its market in Singapore due to its corrupt actions. (The company was kicked out of Singapore!)

AGT had a presence in Singapore in 2013 as was acknowledged at that time on the company’s website but then AGT International was kicked out of Singapore after it was notified from the government that they had committed a breach –


Today in Part XI of our series we provide evidence of the relationship between AGT International’s leadership and the Clinton Global Initiative. 

As noted in Part I of this series, the leadership at AGT International were very close with the Clintons and Clinton Foundation.  Another example of this occurred on September 23, 2010, when the CEO of AGT, Mati Kochavi, addressed the Clinton Global Initiative in New York:

As noted at the company’s website –

Addressing a special session of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) on Haiti, AGT International’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mati Kochavi, said AGT International was committed to helping CGI revolutionize global disaster preparedness and management by adapting AGT’s proven technology to support countries in need.

Kochavi discussed the Clinton efforts in Haiti and how AGT International could assist in crisis like the one in Haiti.  Also in attendance at the event was former Democrat President Barack Obama.

At the beginning of the session on Haiti, former President Clinton announced a new CGI Commitment Empowering Adolescent Girls in Haiti.

As noted in Part I of this series, the people of Haiti don’t want the Clintons to come back.  There are numerous accusations of the Clintons stealing from the people of Haitiwhile impersonating as philanthropists with their Clinton Foundation.  The Clintons and AGT International were close.  The actions by both parties before and after the event in New York were criminal as noted in our prior posts.

The AGT International family of companies participated in numerous corrupt and criminal activities. The leaders of the company were Clinton friends and major donors to the Clinton Foundation. The Clintons in turn helped promote AGT.

AGT International then participated in numerous shady and criminal activities, the worst of which were selling US ITAR regulated products and information to the Russians and Chinese which makes this scandal as horrendous as the Uranium One scandal.

The DOJ/FBI started an investigation of AGT International but then ended it and covered it up. The investigation into the Clinton Foundation and AGT International was material to the 2016 US election and yet the FBI and DOJ concealed it from the American public.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. AGT International, the Clinton Foundation, the DOJ and the FBI must be investigated and the crimes committed by these entities must be brought to justice!

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