April 19 Your Precious Passport

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 9:11–15

Key Verse: Psalm 85:2

You have forgiven the iniquity of Your people; You have covered all their sin.

The message of the Cross goes far beyond the salvation of your soul. It is entwined in everything you do and all that you are.

Theologian Henry Thiessen writes,

Not only is the believer justified by [God’s] grace, but also by the blood of Christ. Paul wrote, “Having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of God through Him” (Romans 5:9). The Bible further says, “According to the Law, one may almost say, all things are cleansed with blood, and without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness” (Hebrews 9:22).

This sets the ground of our justification. Because Christ has borne the punishment of our sins in his own body, God is able to remit the penalty and to restore us to His favor. In justification, sins are not excused but punished in the person of Christ, the substitute. The resurrection of Christ is one proof that His death on the cross has satisfied God’s claims against us (Romans 4:25; 1 John 2:2).

Christ’s death took away your sin. When God views your life, He sees the saving work of His Son. This is your precious passport into His throne room, where love and mercy flow everlasting. Jesus made a wondrous way for you to stand cleansed and forgiven before His altar. Let this be your song of praise today and forever more!

Father, thank You for the passport into Your throne room. How I praise You that I stand cleansed and forgiven in Your presence. This is my song of praise today and forever more![1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (1999). On holy ground (p. 114). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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