Weekend Snapshot – Top Stories This Week · Apr. 20, 2019

Dems Enraged at Trump’s Plan to Send Illegals to Sanctuary Cities

Regardless of whether this threat is enacted, it exposes the Left’s rank hypocrisy.

Barr: No Bail for Asylum Seekers

AG orders DHS to enforce the law as written, which means no bond for illegals crossing the border.

Notre Dame: Metaphor for Western Christianity

A cathedral that stood for nearly 900 years is a symbol in more ways than one.

Breaking Down Taxes by the Numbers

The vast majority of government spending is unconstitutional wealth redistribution.

Sanders ‘Paid the Taxes I Owe,’ Not Rate He Demands

Millionaire Bernie blasts the wealthy for not paying their “fair share.”

Democrats Turn on Women

From anti-gun legislation to protection for the “transgendered,” women get the shaft.

Assange Was Not Right

WikiLeaks founder is an anti-American lawbreaker and he should pay for his crimes.

Google’s Blatant Bias

From search results to advanced technology, Silicon Valley is bent hard left.

Quote Of The Week

“Purposely, the Mueller Report is like looking at clouds and deciding what you see in them.” —Chuck Woolery

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