An Open Letter to Southern Baptists: You Are in Sin — Pulpit & Pen

This is an open letter to Southern Baptists who continue to support the Cooperative Program and fund its grievous errors. That caveat, in italics, is important. I wrote this as an email to a Southern Baptist pastor and I’m making it available as an open letter to all Southern Baptists who spit upon the Bible’s clear teaching regarding separating from error. I especially direct this to pastors, who should be leading the congregation away from sin and not into it.


The time has come and gone for your conscience to be fully decided on the issue of compromise in your denomination. As a former Southern Baptist – as one who was once where you are now – I looked at members of apostate denominations and derided them for decades for partnering with spiritual lawlessness. So did you. We both looked at United Methodists, Episcopalians, those belonging to the Presbyterian Church USA, American Baptists, the United Church of Christ, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and told them they were sinning by continuing to support organizations that deny or disobey the Holy Scriptures and who flaunt their rebellion. But now, you are one of them.

Read more: An Open Letter to Southern Baptists: You Are in Sin — Pulpit & Pen

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