Evangelical SJWs and LGBT Successfully Teamed Up to Get Tech Giants to ‘Demonetize” P&P — Pulpit & Pen

Social Justice Warriors associated with The Gospel Coalition and ‘woke’ evangelicalism have teamed up with the LGBT lobby to get tech giants, Google and Amazon, to demonetize Pulpit & Pen by flagging it as ‘hate speech.’

Pulpit & Pen is not the first conservative news and/or commentary outlet to be censored by the technocracy. Praeger University is taking legal action against Google and YouTube for demonetizing it because of its conservative viewpoint. Steven Crowder and his organization have similarly been blackballed from tech giants from receiving ad revenue. Donald Trump Jr wrote an op-ed about this very issue when Instagram began to ban his posts about problems relating to the (now, provenly false) claims of Jussie Smollett’s supposed victimhood, entitled, Conservatives Face a Tough Fight as Big Tech’s Censorship Expands. Project Veritas revealed that Facebook is intentionally “de-boosting” material from conservatives, and Facebook execs bragged about de-boosting a BlazeTV piece against Social Justice. Both conservatives and liberals alike grew uneasy at the technocracy’s coordinated efforts to ban Alex Jones and his media outlets, and they warned that such censorship would just be the beginning and they would come for all of us next.

The question isn’t whether or not private corporations have the right to censor who they want on their platform, the question is whether or not Big Tech is becoming Big Brother and whether or not such companies should be treated as public utilities. One thing is for sure, if Tech Giants want to start acting as content publishers, they should be legally held liable for everything published on their platforms.

Religious leftists have tried to ban, boycott, and censor Pulpit & Pen many times. A Southern Baptist blog for pastors called for a boycott of Pulpit & Pen because we breached their standard of political correctness. A Baptist newspaper in Missouri warned their readership to stay away from our material. Roving Twitter mobs have called the Tech company to ban us for years, and they often call for boycotts. A gay priest who works with The Gospel Coalition said he’d rather people watch adult entertainment than read P&P. Karen Swallow Prior has called for our censorship, as has Beth Moore. Clayton Jennings fans have tried to get tech companies to ban our publication. Jackie Hill Perry, a Same-Sex Attracted activist and Social Justice Warrior (also affiliated with TGC) had legions of her LGBTQ fans (for she has many) flag us for hate speech.

I’ve been banned from Facebook for posting a P&P article calling Bruce Jenner a man (this was shortly after “deadnaming” became prohibited). I’ve been banned from Facebook for citing a current medical science organization listing ‘transgenderism’ as a mental illness. These bans were done because of ‘flagging’ done by Jackie Hill Perry fans and Social Justice advocates associated with The Gospel Coalition. In short, it was leftist “Christians” in partnership with the LGBT lobby who tried to silence me. I was also banned for ‘hate speech’ after a post critical of Ed Stetzer, a former Lifeway executive and an editor at Christianity Today. And, Facebook has been “throttling” P&P’s page for some time.

When we asked for information corroborating Kyle J. Howard’s claims he was in a gang (which are absurd claims, by the way), his friends at The Gospel Coalition, Beth Moore, and others continued to rally their fans to get us banned, blocked, and boycotted from tech companies for “hate speech,” which you can read about here. This is eerily similar to Instagram censoring Trump Jr for questioning Smollett’s false claims of victimhood.

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