GOOGLE Engineer Blows Whistle on the Internet Giant’s “HUNT FOR CHRISTIANS”

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

If you have been accused of being “paranoid” about the Internet being biased against Christians and Conservatives – now you can face your Leftist accusers with PROOF!

The Culture of Left Wing ‘Outrage Mobs’

Thanks to an employee whistle blower, we now have proof  that the bias against Conservatives and Christians is REAL.

Google engineer goes public, spills beans on ‘hunt’ for Christians

Says company ‘outrage mobs’ forcing him out

In an open letter distributed Tuesday, a Google software engineer described a company culture of left-wing “outrage mobs” who use the tech giant’s anonymous bias-reporting channels to shut down conservative social and political thought.  (Emphasis added)

He claimed that in March, the company offered him a severance package to leave, with an implied threat that it would find a pretext to fire him if he refused.

In 2017, Google employee James Damore was fired after writing a memo accusing the…

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1 thought on “GOOGLE Engineer Blows Whistle on the Internet Giant’s “HUNT FOR CHRISTIANS”

  1. markone1blog

    I am not in the least bit surprised. There have been too many similar stories (e.g., the underlings who howled when a conservative might be brought in, …).


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