May 21 The Fear of the Lord

Scripture reading: Psalm 113

Key verse: Psalm 112:1

Praise the Lord!

Blessed is the man who fears the Lord,

Who delights greatly in His commandments.

The word fear in the Bible has a double meaning. The fear of the Lord mentioned in the Old Testament leads to reverence and is the evidence of our worship and reliance on God. The second type of fear is emotional and can come as a result of real or imagined danger.

The fear that God wants us to experience as believers leads to worship and admiration of Him. It is a fear based on love, not terror. When Moses approached God, he did so in humility, honor, and worship. The sacred awe he felt was powerful and very real because he stood in the presence of the Lord God almighty.

The fear of the Lord that resided in the heart of Moses was a sign of the bonding that had taken place between him and God. However, this kind of fear did not render him useless before God; it motivated him to step out in faith and put his entire trust in the unseen and unshakable things of the Lord.

Until we fear God with a holy reverence, we will never experience the fullness of His glory and grace in our lives. When you learn to trust Jesus with your entire life, you will find, as Moses did, you have learned to fear Him with a holy reverence that obeys His simplest command.

Teach me to fear You, Lord. Motivate me to step out in faith and put my entire trust in You.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2002). Seeking His face (p. 148). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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