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Black Christian leaders protest new Planned Parenthood in Charlotte, lament ‘silent genocide’

Science cannot bury God but it can bury atheism: John Lennox

Science Uprising — An Edgy New Video Series, Coming June 3

Professor James Tour: A “Liar for Jesus”?

Searching? Expect Science to Reveal God, But Not to Prove Him — Science Doesn’t Do That

Pete Buttigieg Takes Extreme Position on Abortion During Fox News Town Hall

Actor Jim Carrey Unwittingly Admits Abortion is Murder in Latest Disturbing Artwork

Here’s Where 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates Stand On Late-Term Abortion

Book Review: Scientism and Its Cultural impact Book Review of Scientism and Secularism J. P. Moreland

Abortion Rights: An Oxymoron

Oxford Professor Explains Why ‘Evidence-Based’ Faith Is So Valuable

Is Christianity harmful to women? Quite the contrary, says female apologist

Inside the ‘creepy’ Jehovah’s Witnesses tunnels under the religion’s former headquarters in Brooklyn Heights which were once used by thousands of worshipers to secretly get around

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via Worldview and Apologetics in the News — Truthbomb Apologetics

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