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June 9 Suffering a Faith Failure

Scripture Reading: Numbers 13:27–33

Key Verse: Hebrews 3:19

So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief.

By nature, we are people of belief because faith is the foundation of our relationship to God. But every once in a while, we experience what can be called a faith failure. Often, these failures happen when we hesitate or cease to trust God during challenging times. Yet there are many other causes for faith failures:

  • Fear of being unsuccessful
  • Failure to understand the nature of God
  • Forgetting God’s power
  • Focusing on our obstacles

As you read through today’s Scripture passage from Numbers, ask yourself this question: Which of these factors do you think played a role in the Israelites’ hesitance to enter the land of Negev?

Actually, it can be argued that a combination of all these issues suddenly caused the Israelites to doubt God and become fearful. This massive faith failure then led to a crisis among the people.

So, how do we avoid faith failures? Truthfully, we will all experience doubts from time to time. But we can be prepared for these episodes by filling our minds with God’s truth. When we know the character of our heavenly Father, we will be prepared to respond with spiritual maturity when our faith is tested.

As you spend time with God today, focus on His true nature. Which of His characteristics has He shown you: faithfulness, goodness, mercy? The Lord longs for you to know and trust Him so that His perfect will may be carried out in your life.

Lord, there are lands of the Negev in my life—places where I fear to go. I want to immerse myself in Your truth so that my bolstered faith will carry me through.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2006). Pathways to his presence (p. 168). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

June 9 Be Still and Know

Scripture Reading: Psalm 46

Key Verse: Psalm 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

The writer of Psalm 46 knew what it meant to face turmoil and tragedy. Wars and violence were very much a part of Old Testament life. Entire nations were wiped out without warning. Imagine the fear and dismay of such perilous times.

You may know personally how it feels to abide in the instability of pain and suffering. At times you find yourself longing for something or someone to anchor and steady your hurting heart. Jesus is your anchor. He is your sure hope.

The psalmist told us that even though our world appears disjointed, turned upside down, and on the brink of desolation, God is with us. He never abandons His omnipotent station.

He is our hiding place when the storms of life lash out at us. He is our abode of trust, covering us with His divine veil of protection when powerful forces attack. Martin Luther captured this thought in the words: “A mighty fortress is our God.” God is our refuge, and He cannot be shaken.

How do you tap into His sovereign watchcare? Verse 10 of Psalm 46 (nasb) holds the answer: “Cease striving [be still] and know that I am God.” Lay aside your human effort, and call out to your Eternal Hope—Jesus Christ.

Dear heavenly Father, even though this world seems on the brink of desolation, You are my anchor. You are my sure hope. You are my hiding place in the storms of life. Thank You for the veil of Your divine protection.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (1999). On holy ground (p. 168). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

June 9 The Way of the Cross

Scripture reading: 1 Peter 5:1–11

Key verse: 1 Peter 5:6

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.

The apostle Peter had a streak of rebellion that lay hidden until Jesus announced His impending death. Then it surfaced in prideful array (Matt. 16:23). Peter did not understand God’s plan nor did he respond to Christ’s words in faith.

He thought only of the ensuing political unrest facing the Jews. His entire life was apprehended by the thought of the Messiah sitting on the throne of David instead of personal fellowship he shared with Jesus.

Had the Lord not rebuked Peter’s actions, the other disciples might have begun nursing a rebellious attitude as well. But in obedience, Peter yielded himself to Christ and thus begun a deeper journey into a loving relationship with his Lord.

God’s way is not the way of rebellion, but the way of obedience. It is not the way of pride, but the way of humility. Years later and long after the death of Christ, Peter wrote, “Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time” (1 Peter 5:6).

The secret to submission is not fighting back in rebellion but drawing close to Jesus. The way of the Cross is not the way of rebellion, but the way of humble submission. Will you submit all that you are to Him today?

I humbly submit to You, Lord. Draw me close to Jesus. Bring me by the way of the Cross.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2000). Into His presence (p. 168). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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Courage and Godspeed,


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Source: Worldview and Apologetics in the News

Facebook bans Natural News; Health Ranger responds with message for humanity | NaturalNews.com

(Natural News) In response to a coordinated, heavily-funded smear campaign against Natural News and myself, the Health Ranger, Facebook has now permanently banned Natural News from posting content. The channel name that has been banned is Facebook.com/healthranger, which was our primary channel reaching over 2.5 million people.

This is on top of the permanent bans of Natural News content from Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google News, Apple and other techno-fascists that now represent the greatest threat to human freedom the world has ever seen.

The techno-fascists, including Wikipedia, have decided that no speech that questions any official narrative will be allowed on any platform. Anyone who questions the safety of toxic vaccines, 5G cell towers, geoengineering, chemotherapy or glyphosate weed killer chemicals is now maliciously attacked, smeared and de-platformed. You’re not even allowed now to talk about nutrition, anti-cancer foods or nutritional supplements without being labeled a “vitamin” website accused of pushing fake cures. (That’s right: The left-wing authoritarian tyrants are now anti-nutrition on top of everything else.)

Every website or individual who expresses any view of dissent against the corrupt scientific establishment is immediately labeled “fake news,” even as the left-wing media routinely pushed total fabrications about President Trump and anyone who supports Trump.

As I have repeatedly pointed out, the tech giants and their CEOs are truly enemies of humanity.

Remember: As all this censorship is taking place, the tech giants somehow claim they aren’t censoring anyone at all. They claim to have a monopoly on “facts” or “truth” and proclaim themselves to have the King’s unique right to decide who gets to speak and who must be silenced. These criminals like Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Cook are un-elected, subject to zero transparency and offer no mechanism for due process whereby channels who are banned might defend themselves against unfair, dishonest smears or fake news attacks run by left-wing journo-terrorism hacks.

In essence, the entire internet is now run by the most lawless evil war criminals imaginable, and they have zero respect for human rights, human dignity or free speech.

I have posted a video response to the Facebook ban on Brighteon.com, the video platform we created following YouTube’s de-platforming of natural health and conservative channels.


More videos about the “online ethnic cleansing” now being carried out by the evil tech giants in an effort to enslave humanity and create Hell on Earth via thought control, censorship, intimidation and authoritarian tyranny:

Also see this video from Stephen Crowder about Vox and its bully tactics for de-platforming all conservatives:

Source: Facebook bans Natural News; Health Ranger responds with message for humanity

Billy Graham mag calls out ‘lie of progressive Christianity’ | Faith – WND

The mantle of “progressive Christianity” is being claimed by more and more people these days – some megachurches, some old-line denominations and even some politicians.

It’s roughly a gospel that regards the Bible as a good book but insists it must be reinterpreted to comport with contemporary society.

But now Decision Magazine, the publication launched by Billy Graham and still run by his organization, has unleashed a broadside against that belief system.

Its June front-page headline, “The lie of ‘progressive Christianity,’” is plastered over the image of Pete Buttigieg.

He’s the Democratic presidential hopeful who just a few weeks ago attacked the faith of Vice President Mike Pence, whose beliefs align with traditional Christian views of marriage and sexuality.

“Back in April when Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg threw stones at ‘the Mike Pences of the world’ for their historic Christian beliefs about marriage, sexuality and sin, he drew rapt attention from the news media. He also raised the visibility of a religious movement that claims the term Christian but denies the full authority of Scripture on which ‘the faith once for all delivered to the saints’ (Jude 3, NKJV) is based,” writes the author of the article, Jerry Pierce.

“Buttigieg’s ‘progressive Christianity’ allows him to claim a commitment to the faith that Jesus Christ taught in the Gospels and still remain married to his male partner,” he wrote.

But R. Albert Mohler Jr., the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, says that’s a “distortion” of God’s Word.

Buttigieg attacked Pence’s faith as “social extremism” and, in effect, told faithful evangelicals to either “affirm the new sexuality embodied in the LGBTQ movement, or affirm the full authority of Scripture and be anathema in the postmodern culture.”

Mohler told Decision that it is tempting for Christians faithful to the Bible to hunt down a “middle ground” on such issues.

But that’s not what the Bible allows.

“I have made the argument that everybody’s opinion on these matters is going to be known,” Mohler told the magazine. “It may be when you run for office. It may be when you move into the dorm. It may be when a new neighbor walks in and you end up in conversation. But the point is, there’s nowhere to hide on these issues. There are a lot of Christians who are trying to hide in the tall grass, and that’s not going to work.”

The article says Buttigieg and others of his belief system are trying to drive biblical Christians “to the outer margins of society.”

Mohler explained “the new liberalism under the ‘progressive’ banner is encroaching on more conservative churches amid a culture that paints biblical values as oppressive and bigoted.”

He told Decision that Christians don’t want to appear hateful but issues such as homosexuality cannot be defined “on the world’s terms.”

The issue has brought untold grief to the United Methodists, now caught in a fight between conservative African and Asian members and progressives in the United States.

Lay leader Mark Tooley, a Methodist and president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, told Decision progressive Christians often affirm miracles, even the Apostles’ Creed, but deny the full authority of God’s Word.

“This is true for mainline Protestants, but also increasingly for many members of the post-evangelical left,” he told Decision.

Mohler said he is concerned that Christians eventually may be deemed as subversive as early Christians were in Rome, who were killed for their faith.

“There’s no middle ground between affirming and denying the bodily resurrection of Christ. There’s also no middle ground between defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman and saying it can be something else,” he said.

Source: Billy Graham mag calls out ‘lie of progressive Christianity’

Beth Moore, Sam Allberry Promote Gay Activists, Calls Them “Brothers” — Reformation Charlotte

Beth Moore is a piece of work and has truly shown her colors in the last few months. While we’ve been reporting on the apostasy of Beth Moore for years, many have been defending her — and are only now beginning to see the serious error of this Jezebel they’ve been tolerating.

Beth Moore has been single-handedly leading the Southern Baptist Convention into a feminist / egalitarian direction, drawing the applause of many liberals and charismatics from Dwight McKissic and Kyle Howard to Thabiti Anyabwile and Matt Chandler.

However, Moore is now promoting homosexual activists from the newly created Evangelical “eunuch class” whose sole purpose is to change the mindset of the church on homosexuality to one that is affirming and open to unrepentant gays. Revoice Conference is just that — it is a conference that tosses aside the historic biblical view on sexuality in exchange for one that accepts dishonorable passions and vile affections as normal and unchanging, even in Christians.

Wesley Hill, a Revoice speaker and advocate for gay, celibate friendships — even those who cohabit — posted the following, very gay-looking picture of himself and another homosexual, Caleb Ackley, snuggled up where he wished Caleb a happy birthday.

Here’s where Beth Moore jumps in, and without even a single question, she instantly affirms them as “brothers” and accepts them into her circles.

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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Wearing Rainbow Flag Patch for Gay Pride — Reformation Charlotte

LOS ANGELES (FOX11) – In honor of Pride Month the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is introducing a Pride Patch.

The Pride Patch was designed by Sheriff Villanueva, who will be wearing it during the LA Pride Parade Sunday.

The new patch will also be handed out to the public for free during the parade.

The sheriff’s department is also raising funds for LGBTQ youth in the county who are homeless and in need of services.

In a post online Sheriff Alex Villanueva said “I am proud of each and every one of the fine men and women in the LASD, who serve our diverse communities every day. We will always celebrate the fact that within our ranks, so many LGBTQ members of our Department serve openly and with absolute pride.”

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Pope Francis Appoints LGBT Activist to Oversee Catholic Education System — Reformation Charlotte

NEWARK, New Jersey, June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Newark archbishop Cardinal Joseph Tobin, who has come under fire for statements at odds with Church teachings about sexuality, was named by Pope Francis as a member of the Congregation for Catholic Education.

In addition to Cardinal Tobin, Cardinals Luis Ladaria and Désiré Tsarahanzana and Bishop Joseph Ðình Ðúc Ðao were named to the congregation. The Congregation for Catholic Education is responsible for communicating and ensuring the implementation of the directives of the Holy See at Church-affiliated schools, institutes, colleges, and universities.

Cardinal Tobin said in a nationally televised program in April that Catholic teachings on same-sex attraction are “disordered” and “unfortunate” and use “hurtful” language. On NBC’s Today show, Tobin suggested that the Church is about to change its teachings: “The Church, I think, is having its own conversation about what our faith has us do and say with people in relationships that are same-sex. What should be without debate is that we are called to welcome them.”

In the interview, show host Anne Thompson introduced discussion about homosexuality by praising Tobin, saying his “outreach to the LGBTQ community is in the mold of Pope Francis, despite some Church teaching.” She asked Tobin, “But how can you welcome people that you call ‘intrinsically disordered’?” Tobin answered, “Well, I don’t call them ‘intrinsically disordered.’”

She countered, “But isn’t that the Catechism of the Catholic Church?”

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Under The Banner Of The Rainbow Battle Flag, God Is Judging A Godless America By Allowing The LGBTQ+P For Pedophile Army To Take Control — Now The End Begins

In both Testaments we read time and again that at some point, God gives people and nations over to the wicked desires of their hearts, and that becomes their judgment. This is why we are seeing the shocking and sudden rise of the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile Movement in the United States.

The true legacy of former president Barack Obama was not his phony signature healthcare program, or the Iran Nuclear Deal hoax, it was instead gifting power to the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile Movement in America. And I will make the case in this article that that power he gave them was given to him by none other than Almighty God. Let me explain what I mean before we go any further.

In the Bible, there is a principle of the ‘ever-filling cup’ in which God allows individuals and nations time and space to repent of their misdeeds, and if they chose not to, then He allows time and space for things to reach a boiling point before taking acting. The Bible uses the metaphor of a ‘filling cup’ that, when it gets to the top, triggers actions from God.

“For in the hand of the LORD there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink them.” Psalm 75:8 (KJV)

“Therefore pride compasseth them about as a chain; violence covereth them as a garment. Their eyes stand out with fatness: they have more than heart could wish. They are corrupt, and speak wickedly concerning oppression: they speak loftily. They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth. Therefore his people return hither: and waters of a full cup are wrung out to them.” Psalm 73:6-10 (KJV)

When the Jews in the Old Testament no longer desire God to reign over them, but wanted an earthly king, God granted them the desires of their heart and gave them King Saul, perhaps the worst king Israel ever had. In both Testaments we read time and again that at some point, God gives people and nations over to the wicked desires of their hearts, and that becomes their judgment. This is why we are seeing the shocking and sudden rise of the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile Movement in the United States. God has given America what it has been begging for.

If you have been paying even a little attention, this is how Pride Month has changed America:

REVERSAL OF POWER: As the LGBTQ+P For Pedophile Movement has ascended, have you noticed that white people, traditional marriage and pure children are now considered to be wrong? If you think I am joking, perhaps you should read ‘37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018′ over at the Buzzfeed cesspool, or how about ‘Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk?‘ published by Dickinson College. Amazon will be more than happy, thrilled in fact, to sell you a copy of ‘Raising the Transgender Child: A Complete Guide for Parents, Families, and Caregivers‘. And oh, guess what? Your straight, white, heterosexual child is now a homophobic bigot who is no longer entitled to have a voice because of their ‘white privilege’. You see, the LGBTQ+P For Pedophile Movement never wanted tolerance, never wanted acceptance, and never wanted equality, so what did they want? Control. Guess what? They have it now.


REVERSAL OF FORTUNE: How has the LGBTQ+P For Pedophile Movement risen so far and so fast? Money, buckets and buckets of money. Instead of giving you an endless list of the corporations in America that are financing both Pride Month and the LGBTQ+P For Pedophile Movement, let me tell you the ones who are not supporting Pride Month. Ready? It’s Chick-fil-A. Multiple Google searches returned nothing other than that when I looked for “companies who don’t support Pride Month’. You try it and let me know what  you come up with. Maybe you will find a few, but that’s all it will be, a few of them. The LGBTQ+P for Pedophile Movement has gotten so much funding and support that they are now turning away corporations who seek to promote Pride Month who don’t meet their ‘exacting standards‘.

REVERSAL OF FREEDOM: The very first text book in any United States college was the King James Bible, all the Founding Fathers said that any nation needed God to guide them to succeed. But in the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile age, the Bible is out and Satan is in. Up in Canada 4 days ago, a street preacher arrested for evangelizing in Toronto’s “gay village” was released Wednesday after a night behind bars on bail conditions barring him from “Pride” events and the homosexual district. We did an article just two days ago showing you how satanism has taken overnearly everything in television, movies, sports and music. You are no longer free to speak your mind if it goes against the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile agenda. In just the past week I have lost my Pinterest account and one of my two Facebook pages, with Twitter hanging in the balance. Why? Because of articles like this. The LGBTQ do not, I repeat, do not allow for freedom of speech and diversity of thought in their New America. It is their way or no way at all.

Now Let’s Get Back To Barack Obama

Way back in 2012, I wrote an article entitled ‘OBAMA IS THE KING GOD HAS GIVEN TO REIGN OVER AMERICA IN THE LAST DAYS‘, you can go read it if you like, but let me give you an excerpt from that here. I think after you read it you will see that God used Obama, like He used Saul in the Old Testament, to start judgment on America.



>>>start original article

Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States of America. He is so enthusiastically in favor of sacrificing babies on the altar of Planned Parenthood that when he was a state senator he voted 3 times against the “Born-Alive Infants Protection Act”. The bill recognized babies born after attempted abortions as persons and required doctors to give them care.’ Obama voted to withhold that care. 3 times. Under his recently-passed Obamacare bill, abortion is now taxpayer-funded. That means that all America shares in the killing of these babies, their blood is upon all of us.

“And the LORD said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them…Now therefore hearken unto their voice…and shew them the manner of the king that shall reign over them.” 1 Samuel 8 (KJV)

He glorifies homosexuality and all manners of sexual perversion, and in the process has used his office of president to mandate the forced acceptance of homosexuality on our society.

Newsweek magazine called him the “first gay president”. He is the first American president to openly back and endorse gay marriage, and again use the office of president to make that desire a reality. He proclaimed the entire month of June to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Pride Month in America. In fact, he made it a national ordinance:


Barack Obama stands openly for the things that God is against. He takes great pride is doing so. He campaigned with these things as the reasons why you should vote for him and re-elect him to the office of president.

The first time he ran for president he was largely an unknown entity, and he used great guile and deceit to become elected. But when we all went to the polls this week to again decide to vote him in or not, he was a very well-known candidate.

We didn’t vote with ballots so much as we voted with our hearts, with our passions, and with our national vision of who America shall be for the next four years. We have said with our votes that the likes and passions of Barack Hussein Obama are the likes and passions of the America people. Obama is for abortion, we are for abortion. Obama is for gay marriage, we are for gay marriage. Obama is for glorifying sexual perversion, we are for glorifying sexual perversion. And the endless list goes on.

We voted him in because he is the manifestation of what is inside our hearts as a nation. He is the embodiment of our spiritual dysfunction, the living, breathing representation of our disdain for the commandments of the Holy God of Israel. Obama is anti-Christ, and we love it. Obama openly mocks the God of the bible by his love for Islam, and we stand and cheer him till our throats go hoarse. We have told God that we will no longer follow His ways nor submit to His commandments, and God has given us a king to rule over us to fulfill that desire. We have desired evil and refused the good so that now God has given us over to a reprobate mind.

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” Romans 1 (KJV)

As a nation, we have been given over to judgment, to uncleanness, to, as the bible says, a ‘reprobate mind’. We cannot repent because we don’t think we have done anything wrong. We see ourselves as progressive, open-minded, non-judgmental and all-inclusive, and not as wicked, vile, sinful and rebellious against God as His word says we are. We have changed the Truth of God into the lie of the Devil, and God has given us a king to rule over us who will make sure we cannot find our way back.

Barack Hussein Obama is God’s judgment on America for our sins, and it is a judgment from which I don’t think we shall ever recover. Right up to the very moment he and all his men drowned in the Red Sea, Pharaoh was sure of his victory. He was deluded unto death, as is Obama as he leads us ever downward towards a ‘ruinous heap’. >>>end original article


Let Us Hear The Conclusion Of The Matter

Here’s the conclusion: We sit here 7 years removed from when I wrote that Obama article, and the United States of America is swirling in unrelenting chaos and turmoil, with insanity ruling the day. New York not only just passed a law making it illegal to declaw a kitten, they also passed a law making it a ‘woman’s right’ to abort your baby up to the moment of birth. All those things I outlined in that 2012 article are now not only come true but old news.

“Thus saith the LORD, Behold, a people cometh from the north country, and a great nation shall be raised from the sides of the earth. They shall lay hold on bow and spear; they are cruel, and have no mercy; their voice roareth like the sea; and they ride upon horses, set in array as men for war against thee, O daughter of Zion.” Jeremiah 5:22,23 (KJV)

God will typically judge a nation when its cup is full by sending in an invading army, we see this in Job, Jeremiah and other places. God has indeed sent in an invading army to destroy America, and it wasn’t Russia, China or Iran, No, you can see their battle flag is pictured at the top of this article. President Barack Obama, in the proclamation we showed you above, issued a solemn decree in the name of the citizens of America, that the agenda of the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile Movement become America’s agenda, and then he had the 6-color rainbow flag raised over the White House.

“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34 (KJV)

God honored Obama’s request and what you will see in the videos below is the America we now have. But you better keep quiet, because if you don’t, the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile soldiers will come and hunt you down. Don’t say anything when your kids are being taught in public school how to transition to a different gender. Don’t say anything when the company you work for puts up rainbow flags at the office and forces you to celebrate Pride Month whether you want to or not. (I chose not to and Citibank fired me in 2014).

Most of all, keep quiet about God, the Bible and Jesus Christ, that’s what intolerant, homophobic white people believe in. Let them have your kids, let them control yourworkplace, pay any price so that  you can have the false peace that your cowardly soul so desperately craves. You haven’t opened your mouth for one minute as you watched them take over, you surrendered without a fight, why start now as they are taking their victory lap? The America you once knew is not ‘in trouble’, that was 2012. The America you once knew is gone, and 2020 will ‘seal the deal’.

This Is The America You Asked God To Give You

via Under The Banner Of The Rainbow Battle Flag, God Is Judging A Godless America By Allowing The LGBTQ+P For Pedophile Army To Take Control — Now The End Begins

Which Should Be Illegal: Sodomy or Christianity? (A Thought Experiment) — Pulpit & Pen

Pick one. Seriously.

This is the choice the intolerant left is forcing on us. Liberals pretended right up to the day before Obergefell v. Hodges was decided that all they wanted was tolerance. Privacy. To keep government out of people’s intimate lives. And that sounds good to us. I’ve never met a single person — and I move in some pretty right-wing circles — who wanted to imprison or fine anyone for private sexual conduct. Most of the Christian opponents of the LGBT agenda just want themselves and their institutions left alone. We want freedom of contract and association, with certain justified Civil Rights exceptions. Those old-fashioned American ideals.

President Trump really believes that this is what he’s fighting for, when he commits the U.S. to decriminalizing sodomy in foreign countries. But he’s mistaken.

The Left Never Wanted Tolerance

Because the liberals were lying. They want to take the old American status quo circa 1965, which was often egregiously cruel to homosexual Americans, and impose the same upon faithful Christians. This isn’t reform, it’s payback. It’s revenge, served not quite cold.

It’s happening in increments, in dribs and drabs. A Christian baker here, a florist there. But sometimes the chef turns up the heat, and the frogs in the pot start to notice. The Equality Act now before Congress would place homosexuals and “transgender” people on the same legal footing as ethnic minorities under the Civil Rights Act. That would declare Christian (and Jewish and Muslim) teachings on sexual morality the legal equivalent of racial hate speech.

I want to speed up the film on the boiling frogs. In the hope that they’ll jump from the pot.

Make Your Choice

Constitutional amendments don’t work this way, but try this as a thought experiment anyway. Imagine one came before Congress. Like an old-fashioned Chinese menu, it offered a choice between column A and column B. We’d revise the Constitution in one of two ways:

  1. Affirming the constitutionality of the old anti-sodomy laws, which in theory punished even private conduct. In practice, they were rarely enforced. They mostly provided the legal basis for restricting gay bars, keeping gays out of the military and allowing private citizens to shun people and things that promoted gay sexual activity. These laws protected organizations like the Boy Scouts and Christian businessmen who didn’t want to rent hotel rooms or apartments to flamboyant same-sex couples.

Continue reading here.

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by John Zmirak and originally published at The Stream. Title changed by P&P.]

Which Should Be Illegal: Sodomy or Christianity? (A Thought Experiment) — Pulpit & Pen

“This Is A Category One Insurrection”: Some U.S. Embassies Defy State Department’s Ban on Flying Rainbow Flags — Pulpit & Pen

A rainbow flag hangs on the U.S. Embassy in Seoul on May 20, 2019. (Jeon Heon-Kyun/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)

Since the State Department began rejecting all embassy requests to hoist rainbow flags outside the mission buildings during LGBTQ Pride Month this year, some U.S. diplomats have been finding ways to defy, or at least get around, the new policy.

The facades of the U.S. missions in Seoul and Chennai, India, are partially hidden behind large rainbow flags, while the embassy in New Delhi is aglow in rainbow colored lights. The website for the embassy in Santiago, Chile,shows a video of the chief diplomat raising a rainbow flag last month for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

The Vienna embassy’s website features a photo of a rainbow flag flying below Old Glory on a mast jutting from the building, a statement by Diplomats for Equality and a story about a professor lecturing on the visibility and growth of LGBT rights.

U.S. diplomats in Jerusalem joined a March for Pride and Tolerance, and several ambassadors have tweeted photos of themselves in local Pride parades or standing outside the embassies surrounded by employees holding up letters spelling PRIDE.

“This is a category one insurrection,” said one diplomat, who like others interviewed about the sentiment over the rejections, which were not made in writing, spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of being fired.

The flap over the flags started when the State Department did not send out an official cable this year with guidelines for marking Pride Month, as it has in years past. In 2011, the Obama administration directed agencies involved with foreign policy to promote LGBT rights, a striking policy for an agency that, up to the early 1990s, considered homosexuality a security risk and cause for termination.

The Obama administration’s Pride Month guidelines included rules for flying rainbow flags from poles outside embassies — they had to be smaller than the American flag and fly beneath it. But permission was granted with no fuss. By 2016, approvals were left up to each ambassador or chief of mission.

That process changed last year, after Mike Pompeo became secretary of state. An evangelical Christian who believes marriage should be defined as between a man and woman, Pompeo has said gay employees will be respected and treated like everyone else. But he has downplayed some symbols of LGBT rights, while introducing several new panels and envoys specializing in religious freedom issues.

Continue reading here.

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Carol Morello and originally published at The Washington Post. Title changed by P&P.]

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The World Isn’t Looking for a Bigger Church, They Want a Better Church — BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

Pastors want bigger churches.

Church members? Not so much.

Sure, a lot of people go to big churches. That’s what makes them big, after all. And the majority of them are strong, healthy churches doing great ministry. But if you ask the average member why they attend, “because it’s big” won’t even crack the top 10.

And non-attenders? Quite frankly, the default is to distrust any church they deem as “too big.”

Is that too simplistic a way of viewing the church? Of course. Every one of us can point to many exceptions to each of those rules. But those exceptions are…exceptional.

What Does a Better Church Experience Look Like?

It’s only pastors who say, “You know what the problem is with that church? It’s not big enough.”

When people go to a church, or when unchurched people think about going to church (if they ever do), they’re not looking for a bigger experience, they’re looking for a better experience.

That better experience can happen in a church of any size or style. Small, big or mega. Traditional, contemporary or hipster. Denominational or nondenominational.

The categories church people use—even fight about—are not just a non-issue to the world around us, but the fact that they matter at all to us is increasingly seen as one of the reasons we’ve become irrelevant in most of their lives.

What people really need, and increasingly say they want from their church experience, isn’t any of the things we’ve added to it—whether long-held traditions or new fads.

What people really want from the church are the characteristics the New Testament has always told us the church is supposed to be about.

The Evangelistic Attraction of a Better Church

People want to attend and serve at a church where they can experience being loved by the God who made them. They want to know why they exist. They want to be called to something greater than themselves.

Click here to read more.
Source: Church Leaders

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June 9, 2019 Afternoon Verse Of The Day

22. And the key of the house of David. This expression is metaphorical, and we need not spend much time, as some do, in drawing from it an allegorical meaning; for it is taken from an ordinary custom of men. The keys of the house are delivered to those who are appointed to be stewards, that they may have the full power of opening and shutting according to their own pleasure. By “the house of David” is meant “the royal house.” This mode of expression was customary among the people, because it had been promised to David that his kingdom would be for ever. (2 Samuel 7:13; Psalm 132:11, 12.) That is the reason why the kingdom was commonly called “the house of David.”

The key is put in the singular number for keys. Though “keys” are usually carried in the hands, yet he says that they are laid on the shoulders, because he is describing an important charge. Yet nothing more is meant than that the charge and the whole government of the house are committed to him, that he may regulate everything according to his pleasure; and we know that the delivering of keys is commonly regarded as a token of possession.

Some commentators have viewed this passage as referring to Christ, but improperly; for the Prophet draws a comparison between two men, Shebna and Eliakim. Shebna shall be deprived of his office, and Eliakim shall succeed him. What has this to do with Christ? For Eliakim was not a type of Christ, and the Prophet does not here describe any hidden mystery, but borrows a comparison from the ordinary practice of men, as if the keys were delivered to one who has been appointed to be steward, as has been already said. For the same reason Christ calls the office of teaching the word, (Matt. 16:19,) “the keys of the kingdom of heaven;” so that it is idle and foolish to spend much time in endeavouring to find a hidden reason, when the matter is plain, and needs no ingenuity. The reason is, that ministers, by the preaching of the word, open the entrance into heaven, and lead to Christ, who alone is “the way.” (John 14:6.) By the keys, therefore, he means here the government of the king’s house, because the principal charge of it would be delivered to Eliakim at the proper time.[1]

22. key—emblem of his office over the house; to “open” or “shut”; access rested with him.

upon … shoulder—So keys are carried sometimes in the East, hanging from the kerchief on the shoulder. But the phrase is rather figurative for sustaining the government on one’s shoulders. Eliakim, as his name implies, is here plainly a type of the God-man Christ, the son of “David,” of whom Isaiah (Is 9:6) uses the same language as the former clause of this verse. In Rev 3:7, the same language as the latter clause is found (compare Job 12:14).[2]

Ver. 22.—The key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder. A key would seem to have been the special badge of the prefect’s office, which included the control of the stores (ver. 15), and the general management of the household. It was, perhaps, a part of the form of investiture, that the key should be first laid on the prefect’s shoulder and then delivered into his hand. Among the Greeks the priests of Ceres are said to have borne a key on their shoulder, permanently, as a badge of office (Callimach., ‘Hymn. ad Cererem,’ l. 45). The reference to this passage in Rev. 3:7 is sufficient to show that Elakim, the “servant of Jehovah” (ver 20), is, to a certain extent, a type of Christ; perhaps also of his faithful ministers (Matt. 16:19; John 20:23).[3]

[1] Calvin, J., & Pringle, W. (2010). Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Isaiah (Vol. 2, pp. 136–137). Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

[2] Jamieson, R., Fausset, A. R., & Brown, D. (1997). Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible (Vol. 1, p. 455). Oak Harbor, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.

[3] Spence-Jones, H. D. M. (Ed.). (1910). Isaiah (Vol. 1, p. 355). London; New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company.

Devin Nunes Discusses Next Week’s House Impeachment Hearings… — The Last Refuge

HPSCI ranking member Devin Nunes appears on Fox News with Judge Jeanine Pirro to discuss ongoing political issues.  During the interview Representative Nunes outlines the House hearings scheduled for next week.

The framework and purpose of this upcoming week is something we have outlined since January; democrats are forming the foundation for impeachment as a political tool.  The comments from Nunes begin at 08:00 [prompted, just hit play]


As we discussed last week, all of this is by design. Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats are structuring a contempt vote against U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr for next week, June 11th.   As part of the current construct, the Lawfare alliance of legal advisers and staff are writing specific language into the vote that will automatically allow more contempt votes against the Trump administration without hearings.

Their collective goal is to use a legislative vote to open a civil lawsuit against Bill Barr for his failure to deliver the fully unredacted Mueller report to them.

Additionally, the contempt vote will be written so that any arbitrary Trump administration official can also be held in contempt, without a committee vote, and thereby initiate a civil lawsuit against the executive officer that will have to be defended in court.

Pelosi and the Lawfare group are avoiding a criminal contempt process because that would require the DOJ to participate.  Instead lawyers working on behalf of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, HPSCI Chairman Schiff, and/or White House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings will sue the Trump administration in civil court.

If they can win a civil award (they will carefully select the judge) Pelosi and Nadler can start issuing civil fines for contempt against individual cabinet members.  Adam Schiff has previously stated his recommended target amount would be $25,000 per day/per person.

Now go back to December 2018 and the specific rule changes that Pelosi put in place, and you’ll see how this was planned out long ago.  This lawfare approach, including every aspect of the Mueller probe and the delivery of the Weissmann report therein, is all part of one carefully planned continuum of activity.   By design at the end of their plan is the official impeachment investigation.

Washington, D.C. –The House Judiciary Committee will continue hearings focused on the alleged crimes and other misconduct laid out in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.  The next hearing entitled “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes” will take place on June 10th. The hearing will feature former White House Counsel John Dean as well as former U.S. Attorneys and legal experts. The Committee also plans to consider targeted legislative, oversight and constitutional remedies designed to respond to these matters. (read more)

See how it is all sequenced, timed and connected?

This has been their plan all along.  Pelosi’s poo-pooing of impeachment was always a head-fake to the compliant media, designed to fabricate a narrative around unlikely impeachment, and throw people off the scent of a plan that was designed even before the mid-term election of 2018.

[Trust me, Pelosi’s approach to hide their plan works.  Look at how many people criticized CTH warnings that Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and Cummings were planning this out all along.]

When we approach the term “impeachment” we are not discussing it as the technical and legal approach for removal of a President; but rather the political use of the process to Alinsky (damage) President Donald Trump.

Professional political Democrats would not be using “impeachment” in the constitutional sense of the process (high crimes and misdemeanors); but rather weaponizing the process –as a tool itself– to: •target the executive office; •diminish the presidency (“isolate”/”marginalize”, Alinsky rules); •and position themselves for 2020.

After the 2018 mid-terms, and in preparation for the “impeachment” strategy, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler hired Lawfare Group members to become committee staff. Chairman Schiff hired former SDNY U.S. Attorney Daniel Goldman (link), and Chairman Nadler hired  Obama Administration lawyer Norm Eisen and criminal defense attorney Barry Berke (link), all are within the Lawfare network.

[IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that Speaker Pelosi has selected former insider DOJ official Douglas Letter to be the Chief Legal Counsel for the House.  That becomes important when we get to the part about new powers granted to the House Counsel.]

The Pelosi House rules clearly present the outline for an impeachment calendar as directed by changes to the oversight committees.  Additionally, there is a myriad of new processes which appear to have been developed through the Lawfare alliance.  Here’s some of the overview (full pdf).

Speaker Pelosi sets up a new, much narrower, oversight priority for Chairman Elijah Cummings; specifically to tailor oversight to the White House and President Donald Trump. Additionally we see the outlined time-schedule for hearings.

In subsection “k” the “clarification” is the narrowing of Elijah Cummings focus.  “Oversight Over the Executive Office of the President“.  This sets up the system for Cummings to target President Trump, his family, and all members of the executive branch as they relate to specific White House functions.

The Pelosi rules tell Chairman Cummings to deliver his schedule for his investigation(s) to the House by April 15th, 2019.  Thereafter the hearing sessions will commence.  The objective of those hearings is House impeachment of the President; so now we know the general timeline the Democrats plan to follow.

♦ To help achieve that objective on Page #3 Pelosi changed the rules on depositions:

In previous oversight hearings depositions of witnesses could not be conducted by counsel unless minority members were also present.  Pelosi removes that rule allowing an expanded team of House lawyers to question anyone regardless of whether there is a republican present to defend/protect the interests of the witness or target.

Additionally, in the event Republicans develop immediate defensive plans to push back against the weaponization of these oversight committees, Pelosi gives her Chairs 60 days to make up the rules for their committees so they can deflect any defenses.

♦ Following with the investigative plans for impeachment; and in conjunction with all new powers granted to a massively expanded group of House lawyers with new and expanded power; page #7 has specific rules to benefit HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff:

HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff can now, autonomously, demand and instruct depositions from anyone, at any time, for any reason; and the House Intelligence Committee does not need to consider any possible scheduling conflicts for any of the targets, or have any republican members present therein.  [Schiff granted far more power than Nunes.]

♦ Page #9 is the beginning of a very interesting new power being granted to an expanded office of House Legal Counsel:

This is only the first part of this Pelosi rule.  This part speaks to coordination with Lawfare and similar activist groups outside government.  The House will now defend Obamacare, and all other possible constructs, with a legal team – regardless of what the DOJ might be doing on the same legal matter.   In essence, a mini-legislative DOJ branch that will fight the U.S. Dept of Justice if needed. (more on this in another section).

♦ Page #13 is the most interesting, and ties back to the Page #9 rule.

Here Speaker Pelosi sets up an internal House division of lawyers, paid with taxpayer funds, to defend Obamacare against any adverse action.  In essence Pelosi is setting up her own Legislative Branch division of justice, to fight against the Executive Branch U.S. Department of Justice if needed.

The primary issue surrounds defending Obamacare from possible legal removal.  However, it doesn’t take a deep political thinker to see where this approach ends up. It would be naive to think the Lawfare group (Benjamin Wittes) did not help create this new internal legal system.

Normally/traditionally House Counsel represents the interests of the entire Legislative Branch on any issue that might surface.  However, Pelosi set up a legal activist agency within the House Counsel to specifically “advocate” for Democrat priorities, against the position of the U.S. Department of Justice, and use taxpayer funds to finance the scheme.

Speaker Pelosi has created her own mini DOJ (the Lawfare alliance) inside the legislative branch.  And, with additional investigative powers granted to House committees, we might even see a mini-FBI investigative units, dispatched to conduct investigations, accountable only to speaker Pelosi.  Heck, considering congress already has subpoena power, there’s no telling where this might end.

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Democrats to Hold Series of Hearings On Mueller Report — BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

In this June 5, 2019, photo, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., speaks at the Capitol in Washington. President Donald Trump says it’s “case closed,” but Democrats are just getting started with special counsel Robert Mueller. Holding the first in a series of hearings on Mueller’s report, Democrats this coming week are intensifying their focus on the Russia probe and picking up the pace on an investigative “path,” in the words of Pelosi, that some hope leads to impeachment. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

President Donald Trump says it’s “case closed.” But Democrats are just getting started with Robert Mueller.

House Democrats have scheduled a series of hearings this coming week on the special counsel’s report as they intensify their focus on the Russia probe and pick up the pace on an investigative “path” — in the words of Speaker Nancy Pelosi — that some of them hope leads to impeachment of the president.

In doing so, they are trying to draw the public’s attention on the allegations that Trump sought to obstruct a federal investigation and they want highlight his campaign’s contacts with Russia in the 2016 election.

And they will lay the groundwork for an appearance from Mueller himself, despite his stated desire to avoid the spotlight .

The hearings will focus on the two main topics of Mueller’s report, obstruction of justice and Russian election interference.

The House Judiciary Committee plans to cover the first topic at a Monday hearing on “presidential obstruction and other crimes.” The House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday intends to review the counterintelligence implications of the Russian meddling. Mueller said there was not enough evidence to establish a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, but he said he could not exonerate Trump on obstruction.

On Tuesday, the House has scheduled a vote to authorize contempt cases against Attorney General William Barr and former White House counsel Donald McGahn for failing to comply with subpoenas from the Democratic-controlled House.

Barr defied a subpoena to provide an unredacted version of Mueller’s report, along with underlying evidence. McGahn, who is frequently referenced in the report, has defied subpoenas to provide documents and testify before the House Judiciary Committee.

Language in the resolution would make it easier for committee chairmen to take the Trump administration to court. Those chairmen could take legal action to enforce subpoenas in the future without a vote of the full House, so long as the chairmen have approval from a five-person, bipartisan group where Democrats have the majority.

With Trump pledging that “we’re fighting all the subpoenas,” Democratic leaders want to avoid repeated floor votes on contempt resolutions that detract from their legislative agenda.

The procession of hearings and votes in the week ahead is partly designed to mollify anxious Democrats who have pushed Pelosi, D-Calif., to begin impeachment proceedings immediately . Pelosi has so far rejected that option , preferring a slower, more methodical approach to investigating the president, including the court fights and hearings.

During a meeting with the House Judiciary Committee chairman, New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler, and other committee heads last week, Pelosi made the case that she would rather see Trump voted out of office and “in prison” than merely impeached, according to a report in Politico. A person familiar with the exchange confirmed the account to The Associated Press.

The latest approach appears to have temporarily satisfied the restless House Democrats.

Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, who pleaded with Pelosi last month to start an inquiry, said the votes and hearings are going to be enough, for now, as they wait to see what happens in court.

“I am very satisfied that things are moving in the right direction,” Raskin said. “And I think the American people are getting increasingly educated and engaged about the lawlessness of the president.”

Educating the American public on what is in the Mueller report is a priority for Democrats, who believe Trump and his allies have created the public impression that the report said there was no obstruction of justice. Trump has made that assertion repeatedly, echoing Barr’s judgment that there was not enough evidence in the report to support a criminal obstruction charge. Mueller said in the report that he could not exonerate Trump on that point.

The special counsel did not find evidence to establish a criminal conspiracy between Trump’s campaign and Russia. But the report details multiple contacts between the two.

California Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said the goal of the Wednesday hearing will be to explain to the American people “the serious counterintelligence concerns raised by the Mueller report, examine the depth and breadth of the unethical and unpatriotic conduct it describes, and produce prescriptive remedies to ensure that this never happens again.”

Republicans are poised to defend the president at the hearings and challenge Democrats on the decision not to open impeachment hearings.

Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, sent Nadler a letter Friday calling the upcoming hearing a “mock impeachment hearing” and warning Democrats to be civil when speaking of the president.

Collins said in the letter that outside of impeachment proceedings, “it is out of order for a member of Congress, in debate, to engage in personalities with the president or express an opinion, even a third party opinion, accusing the president of a crime. The rules are clear on this point.”


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Obama’s Treason: Worse Than We Thought | FrontPageMag


In a sane political environment, Barack Obama would be tried for treason.  Barack Hussein Obama has planted seeds that will be bearing bitter fruit for years, and probably decades, to come. He is, without any doubt, the worst President in American history.

The Washington Free Beacon reported Wednesday that “the Obama administration skirted key U.S. sanctions to grant Iran access to billions in hard currency despite public assurances the administration was engaged in no such action, according to a new congressional investigation.”

And it gets even worse: “The investigation, published Wednesday by the House Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, further discloses secret efforts by top Obama administration officials to assure European countries they would receive a pass from U.S. sanctions if they engaged in business with Iran.”

This revelation comes after the news that came to light in February, that, according to Bill Gertz in the Washington Times, “the U.S. government has traced some of the $1.7 billion released to Iran by the Obama administration to Iranian-backed terrorists in the two years since the cash was transferred.”

There is a law that applies to this situation. U.S. Code 2381 says: “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

In a sane political environment, Barack Obama would be tried for treason.

Barack Hussein Obama has planted seeds that will be bearing bitter fruit for years, and probably decades, to come. He is, without any doubt, the worst President in American history. Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan? Yes, the doughface Presidents made the Civil War inevitable, but worse came later. Grant? Blind to corruption and out of his depth, but there have been worse than he as well. Wilson? That black-hearted Presbyterian bigot arguably gave the world Hitler and World War II, so he is definitely in the Final Four. Harding? Nah: his tax cuts and return to “normalcy” got the American economy, and the Twenties, roaring. FDR and LBJ gave us the modern welfare state and dependent classes automatically voting Democrat; the full bill on the damage they did hasn’t yet been presented. Nixon? A crook and an economic Leftist, who betrayed Taiwan for the People’s Republic; his record certainly isn’t good. Carter? Nothing good can be said about his four years of sanctimony and incompetence.

But there is one thing Barack Obama has on all competitors: treason.

He showered hundreds of billions of dollars on the Islamic Republic of Iran. There are those who say, “It was their money. It belonged to the Iranian government but was frozen and not paid since 1979.” Indeed, and there was a reason for that: not even Jimmy Carter, who made the Islamic Republic of Iran possible, thought that money, which had been paid by the Shah’s government in a canceled arms deal, belonged to the mullahs who overthrew the Shah. Likewise Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Clinton, and George W. Bush all thought that the Islamic Republic was not due money that was owed to the Shah.

Only Barack Obama did.

The definition of treason is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran order their people to chant “Death to America” in mosques every Friday, and repeatedly vow that they will ultimately destroy the United States of America and the state of Israel. How was giving them billions and helping them skirt sanctions applied by the U.S. government not treason?

Other Presidents have been incompetent, corrupt, dishonest, but which has committed treason on a scale to rival the treason of Barack Obama?

The Iranians also operate a global network of jihad terror organizations, one of which, Hizballah, is quite active in Mexico now, with the obvious ultimate intention of crossing the border and committing jihad massacres of Americans. Obama has given a tremendous boost to these initiatives, as well as to Iran’s nuclear program, with his nuclear deal that has given the Iranians hundreds of billions of dollars and essentially a green light to manufacture nuclear weapons, in exchange for absolutely nothing.

There is no telling when the worst consequences of Obama’s aid and comfort to the Islamic Republic of Iran will be felt. But they likely will be felt in one way or another. Even as President Trump moves swiftly to restore sanctions and put Iran on notice that its nuclear activity and global adventurism will not be tolerated, those billions cannot be recovered, and the Iranians have already spent a great deal for their jihad cause.

However this catastrophe plays out, there is one man who will suffer no consequences whatsoever: Barack Obama. That’s Leftist Privilege. It’s good to be a powerful Leftist in Washington nowadays. Laws? Pah! Laws are for conservatives.

CORRUPT ORIGINS OF RUSSIA PROBE: Attorney General Barr Meets With US Attorney Investigating Russia Probe Origins And Criminal Referrals Are Coming That Will Lead To The Obama Administration — These Christian Times

Criminal Referrals are coming to the Deep State. It will extend all the way to the former Obama administration. It is going to shake Washington and forever change politics. Former Trump 2016 Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski says Attorney General William Barr will get to the origin of the Russia probe.

via CORRUPT ORIGINS OF RUSSIA PROBE: Attorney General Barr Meets With US Attorney Investigating Russia Probe Origins And Criminal Referrals Are Coming That Will Lead To The Obama Administration — These Christian Times

June 8-9, 2019 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)

News – 6/8/2019

Scientists: Extinct volcano awakens, could erupt ‘at any moment’
A sizable eruption could also affect the climate in “completely different parts of the world,” he said. Ash released by the eruption could spread beyond Russia, disrupting air travel.

Medieval diseases spreading in Los Angeles prove twisted Democrat priorities endanger public health
Americans don’t have to look as far as Venezuela to see the massive failure of a government incapable of delivering the basics of what people need from their government. A brief look at California shows how the twisted priorities of Democrat political leadership are creating a dangerous environment for the residents of the Golden State. In a throwback to medieval times, Los Angeles is facing an infectious disease epidemic caused by flea-borne disease linked to rat-infested streets. Last October, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued a health alert surrounding an outbreak of flea-borne typhus in the homeless population in downtown Los Angeles.

One out of 25 people on Earth have a sexually transmitted disease
More than 1 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases are contracted every day around the planet, according to the World Health Organization. The group released research Thursday saying there are more than 376 million new cases annually of four infections — chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and syphilis. That breaks down to one out of every 25 people globally.

Ukrainian president says he’s open to peace talks with Russia, commits to NATO membership
Ukraine’s president said he is ready to negotiate with Russia to end the war in eastern Ukraine, but he also reaffirmed his country’s course toward NATO membership — a move strongly opposed by Moscow. Volodymyr Zelenskiy made the comments on June 4 during a visit to Brussels, where he met with top European Union and NATO officials as part of his first foreign trip as president.

Filipino sources: US-made drones monitor South China Sea
The United States is selling more drones to the Philippines, which will be used in part to monitor the Chinese presence in the disputed South China Sea, Filipino sources said Thursday. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) last week announced an order for 34 ScanEagle unmanned aerial vehicles on behalf of the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam at a total price tag of U.S. $47.9 million.

Russia to provide Turkey with S-400 in two months
The head of Russian state conglomerate Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, said on Friday that Russia would start delivering S-400 missile systems to Turkey in two months, Reuters reports, citing the Interfax news agency. Chemezov added that Russia had finished instructing Turkish specialists on the use of the S-400.

Hell freezes over as Jim Acosta, Joe Scarborough praise Trump’s D-Day speech
President Trump’s speech on Thursday honoring the brave Allied fighters who “stood in the fires of hell” on the 75th anniversary of D-Day drew unexpected acclaim from two of his biggest mainstream media critics: CNN’s Jim Acosta and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

Former US defense official: We know UFOs are real – here’s why that’s concerning
“We know that UFOs exist. This is no longer an issue,” he said. “The issue is why are they here? Where are they coming from and what is the technology behind these devices that we are observing?”

Venezuela crisis: Four million have fled the country, UN says
More than four million Venezuelans have fled their country amid an economic and humanitarian crisis, UN agencies say. The pace of people fleeing has “skyrocketed” since the end of 2015, with around one million leaving in the last seven months alone, they found. The agencies said countries hosting the migrants and refugees were in “urgent need” of international support.

US-Mexico talks: Agreement to avoid tariffs reached, says Trump
Mexico has agreed to take “unprecedented steps” to help stem the flow of migrants to the US in order to avoid trade tariffs threatened by President Donald Trump. Mr Trump revealed that a deal had been reached to suspend the tariffs “indefinitely” in a series of tweets. He had threatened to implement import duties of 5%, rising every month, unless Mexico acted to curb migration.

Anger at Palestinian ministers’ secret 67% pay rises
The UN has condemned the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority after it emerged that ministers in the previous cabinet secretly gave themselves 67% pay rises. Leaked documents showed their monthly salaries were increased in 2017 from $3,000 (£2,360) to $5,000 (£3,930). UN Middle East peace envoy Nickolay Mladenov said such moves “defy logic and anger people” when Palestinians were struggling with economic hardship.

Large Ebola outbreaks new normal, says WHO
The world is entering “a new phase” where big outbreaks of deadly diseases like Ebola are a “new normal”, the World Health Organization has warned. Previous Ebola outbreaks affected relatively small numbers of people. But the Democratic Republic of Congo is dealing with the second largest outbreak ever, just three years after the world’s largest one ended.

Big Tech unfazed by antitrust threat
Big companies living under the shadow of looming antitrust investigations typically tread warily, careful not to give regulators too many ideas — but…Big Tech isn’t using that playbook. What’s happening: Despite reports that regulators are interested in probing Big Tech’s behavior, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple charged ahead this week with acquisitions, software integrations and other grand new programs.

ISIS plotted to smuggle terrorists into the US over the Mexico border to launch terror attacks, captured jihadi reveals
A CAPTURED ISIS fighter has made a chilling confession detailing how the terrorist group planned on exploiting vulnerabilities in the US border with Mexico to take advantage of smuggling routes and to target financial institutions. Abu Henricki, a Canadian with dual Trinidadian citizenship, said that he was sought out to attack the US from a route starting in Central America.

Putin stands by China, criticizes U.S., in trade, Huawei disputes
Aggressive U.S. tactics such as a campaign against Chinese telecoms firm Huawei will lead to trade wars – and possibly real wars – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday, in a show of solidarity with China alongside its leader Xi Jinping. In some of his strongest words on the subject, Putin accused Washington of “unbridled economic egoism”.

Can prayers keep hurricanes away? In Key West, many residents count on it
Kay Thomas knows she can’t do much when a hurricane is approaching the Florida Keys. She can stock up on supplies, evacuate from the island chain, or ride it out like she did during 2017’s Hurricane Irma — which spared her hometown of Key West but severely damaged Keys neighborhoods to the north. But there is one thing she does at the start of each hurricane season: pray.

Weak U.S. employment report raises red flag on economy
U.S. job growth slowed sharply in May and wages rose less than expected, raising fears that a loss of momentum in economic activity could be spreading to the labor market, which could put pressure on the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates this year. The broad cool-off in hiring reported by the Labor Department on Friday was before a recent escalation in trade tensions between the United States and two of its major trading partners, China and Mexico.

Pastor Arrested for Preaching Against Homosexuality
Pastor David Lynn of Christ Forgiveness Ministries was arrested on June 4, 2019, for preaching the gospel publicly in Toronto, Canada. The neighborhood he was preaching in was Church-Wellesley Village. This neighborhood is known to be a place where many of the LGBTQ community in Toronto reside. His ministry is currently on an outdoor preaching tour throughout the 22 districts of Toronto. June 4, happened to be the day they scheduled for that district.

Plan B Morning-After Pill Flying Off Shelves As States Move To Tighten Abortion Laws
With the battle over abortion heating up, some pharmacists say the Plan B morning-after pill is flying off the shelves. They say they’re having trouble keeping the over-the-counter medication in stock.

Powerful CRISPR upgrade uses ‘jumping genes’ to directly insert DNA
The CRISPR genome editing technology currently revolutionising biology may soon become even powerful. A new variant of the method based on “jumping genes” could make it much easier to insert pieces of DNA into genomes.

Month’s worth of rain in 24 hours hits parts of U.S. Gulf Coast, at least one person killed
A month’s worth of rain hit parts of Texas and Louisiana in just 24 hours on June 5 to June 6, 2019, causing flash flooding and leaving at least one person dead. At least 4 tornadoes touched down in Louisiana.

Storm Miguel kills three after overturning rescue ship off French coast
A rescue boat has overturned in the Atlantic off the west coast of France leaving three crew dead, amid winds of up to 129 km/h (80 mph).

Scottish Children forced to pray inside a mosque against their will – Multiculturalism?
SCOTLAND: public school forces Christian students to recite Islamic prayers and perform Wudu (ritual washing) at a mosque.

Teen Vogue Writer Explains How To Get An Abortion Without Parental Consent
A Teen Vogue writer explained to teenaged readers how to get abortions without parental consent in a question and answer post Thursday.

Twitter suspends ‘God’ for condemning Catholic sex abusers
Even “God” can’t escape the wrath of Twitter. “God,” using the handle @TheTweetOfGod, posted a tweet about Catholic bishops and sex abuse.

Teen Wanted Her 5th Abortion So She Wouldn’t be Pregnant at Prom
Late-term abortions are not being done to protect women’s health, former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino said this week.

JOONDEPH: Democrats Are Turning America’s Big Cities Into Petri Dishes For Disease
Petri dishes are small plastic containers filled with nutrients facilitating the growth of bacteria for culture and identification. In keeping with America’s theme of super-sizing everything, we now have petri dishes large enough to be measured in square miles.

Transgender Teacher Accused of Showing ‘Coming Out’ Video to 5-Year-Olds
A transgender teacher is accused of inappropriate conduct after showing a “coming out” video to every child in the elementary school where he worked.

WALSH: How The Left Is Normalizing Pedophilia Right In Front Of Our Eyes | Daily Wire
Twitter just announced that it has “zero tolerance” for child sexual exploitation, yet it has allowed this video from Vice, both portraying and glorifying child sexual exploitation, to remain on its platform. The Vice video is a fun and whimsical look at the “community” of young boys who dress in women’s clothing and dance for the perverted entertainment of adults.

Act of War! Key Mexican Senator Calls For the Invasion of the 10 American States
For the record, I come from immigrants. America needs immigrants to supplement its falling birth rate of 1.7, in which 2.1 is needed. However, desiring immigration does not mean advocating for the present invasion of our border and the threat that this poses to our country.

Headlines – 6/8/2019

Gaza flare-up sees terror attacks on Israelis tripled in May

Report: PM’s defense team still intent on delaying hearing, despite AG’s refusal

The Weather Channel digital under fire for classifying Jerusalem as the ‘State of Palestine’

To Recapture Rebel-held Idlib, Syria Reverts to a Familiar Tactic: Bombing Civilians

Iran said accelerating uranium centrifuge production, anticipating deal collapse

US hits Iran with new sanctions; petrochemicals targeted

U.S. starts ‘unwinding’ Turkey from F-35 program over Russia defense deal

Watch: Dramatic moment US warship almost collides with Russian destroyer in Philippine Sea

U.S. and Russia trade blame over near collision in East Asian waters

Pakistan says roadside bomb kills officers, soldier

Ethiopian Prime Minister in Sudan to Mediate Crisis After Bloodshed

#IAmTheSudanRevolution: Support for Sudan amid internet blackout

ISIS plotted to send terrorists through US-Mexico border

Mexico is sending 6,000 troops to secure its border ahead of Trump’s tariff deadline

Trump plans to declare new national emergency to impose tariffs

Trump Announces Deal With Mexico on Immigration, Suspends Tariffs

Trump’s Tariffs Have Already Wiped Out Tax Bill Savings for Average Americans

Stocks just posted their best week of 2019 after the bleak jobs report fueled hopes for a Fed rate cut

UK’s May officially quits as party leader, starting succession race

Protests as Labour candidate wins Parliament seat despite anti-Semitism charges

Orwell’s classic ‘1984’ turns 70 amid enduring interest

Give up your password or go to jail: Police push legal boundaries to get into cellphones

Walmart service to deliver groceries inside customers’ homes

Nasa to let tourists into International Space Station

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Southeast Indian Ridge

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 33,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 14,000ft

Nevados de Chillan volcano in Chile erupts to 12,000ft

More Stalled Hurricanes And Less Wind Shear – Bad News For U.S. Coasts

Storm Miguel hits France with record-breaking gusts

Storm Miguel kills three after overturning rescue ship off French coast

Month’s worth of rain in 24 hours hits parts of U.S. Gulf Coast, at least one person killed

As Floodwaters Remain High, Many In St. Louis Wonder If They’ll Reach Flood Of ’93 Levels

Sleep apps backfire by causing anxiety and insomnia, says expert

Powerful CRISPR upgrade uses ‘jumping genes’ to directly insert DNA

Plan B Morning-After Pill Flying Off Shelves As States Move To Tighten Abortion Laws

How Biden’s Campaign Confronted Him on Abortion

Alabama abortion law challenged in Planned Parenthood lawsuit

Alabama Dem attacks Trump Jr. with slur after abortion comments spark outcry

Spike Lee calls for Hollywood to ‘shut it down’ in Georgia

Kristan Hawkins: Georgia boycott is a Hollywood temper tantrum that will hurt women

Poll: Majority Want To Keep Abortion Legal, But They Also Want Restrictions

Johns Hopkins Research: No Evidence People Are Born Gay or Transgender

Pastor Arrested for Preaching Against Homosexuality

Lesbian couple viciously beaten in homophobic attack on London bus

‘Straight pride’ group removes Brad Pitt as mascot after backlash

Democrats, America is ready for a gay president

Trump admin tells U.S. embassies they can’t fly pride flag on flagpoles

Middle Schools across the U.S. Display LGBT Flags for National Pride Month

Elementary Kids Get ‘Special Surprise’ Drag Performance at School Talent Show

Disney Introduces Its First ‘Boy Princess’ on Show That Also Featured First Gay Kisses

Family says 12-year-old took Uber alone to parking garage and jumped to her death

News – 6/9/2019

Israeli Navy responds to incident with Turkish vessel
Israeli Navy ships dealt with a fire aboard a foreign merchant ship near Haifa’s port on Sunday after attempts were made to damage the vessel. According to the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit,the navy had received a report overnight from a foreign cargo vessel anchored off of the coast of Haifa that was reported to have been set on fire by “unknown elements.”

Iran urges Europe to normalise economic ties with it or face consequences
Iran said on Sunday that Europe was not in a position to criticise Tehran for its military capabilities, and called on European leaders to normalise economic ties with the Islamic Republic despite U.S. sanctions or face consequences. President Donald Trump last year withdrew the United States from a nuclear deal with Iran and reimposed sanctions.

U.S. Ambassador to Israel: Israel has right to annex part of West Bank
U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said that Israel has the right to annex some but “unlikely all” of the West Bank in an interview with The New York Times on Friday. This comes after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to begin annexing settlements in the West Bank, a move that would put a dent in any attempts at a two-state solution in the area.

Signs of a breakthrough on border — dispute talks between Israel and Lebanon
Israel and Lebanon have been in a formal state of war for more than seven decades, but the two neighbors are hopeful that significant progress on their disputed border could be near. The United States has been quietly mediating efforts between Israel and Lebanon on delineating their maritime frontier in an area where large deposits of natural gas have been found.

Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill
Hundreds of thousands of people are marching in Hong Kong against a law critics fear could let China target political opponents in the territory. The controversial extradition bill would allow suspected criminals to be sent to mainland China for trial. The protests are thought to be the biggest since the 2014 Umbrella Movement, which saw hundreds of thousands take to the streets.

Snap elections called as Moldova crisis escalates
Moldova’s political crisis has escalated, with an interim president calling snap elections on 6 September. Pavel Filip, who was appointed by the Constitutional Court to succeed Igor Dodon, also dissolved the parliament. But the parliament declared Mr Filip’s moves illegal, saying the country’s state institutions “have been seized”.

Albania president cancels local elections amid protests
Albanian President Ilir Meta has cancelled local elections after months of anti-government protests. Mr Meta said the political situation in Albania would not allow for fair elections, scheduled for 30 June. The announcement came after weeks of protests aimed at forcing socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama stand down.

Some Palestinians Give Up on Their Own State
When the Trump administration reveals its economic plan for the West Bank and Gaza this month, it hopes to appeal to Palestinians like Amr Marouf, who manages a seafood restaurant here. Saying his people’s “future is dark,” Mr. Marouf, 27 years old, has all but given up on a Palestinian state alongside Israel, an idea that has for decades animated international efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Weak U.S. employment report raises red flag on economy
U.S. job growth slowed sharply in May and wages rose less than expected, raising fears that a loss of momentum in economic activity could be spreading to the labor market, which could put pressure on the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates this year. The broad cool-off in hiring reported by the Labor Department on Friday was before a recent escalation in trade tensions between the United States and two of its major trading partners, China and Mexico.

This Is Not “Normal”: More Than 500 Tornadoes In The U.S. in 30 Days
The mainstream media has been using the term “uncharted territory” to describe the unusual tornado outbreaks that have been happening in the middle of the country, but I don’t think that truly captures the historic nature of what we are witnessing.  Over the last 30 days, there have been more than 500 tornadoes in the United States.

REPORT: Trump Admin Says No To Flying Pride Flags On U.S. Embassy Flagpoles
It seems that the Trump administration is not treating LGBTQ pride as an extension of the United States and has barred several overseas embassies from waving the rainbow flag in concert with the American flag during Pride Month, reports NBC News.

Clear Warning Signs that the Ebola Invasion of the United States Is About to Begin
A storm of monumental proportions is ready to hit the United States and endanger everyone in the country and millions in this country will never know or understand what has hit them.

Second GOP State Senator Discovered Shot To Death In 2 Days
Oklahoma Republican state Sen. Jonathan Nichols was found dead Friday, making him the second GOP state senator to be shot to death in the last two days.

National Park Quietly Removed Warning That Glaciers ‘Will All Be Gone’ By 2020 After Years Of Heavy Snowfall
The National Park Service (NPS) quietly removed a visitor center sign saying the glaciers at Glacier National Park would disappear by 2020 due to climate change.

Bloomberg Gives $500 Million to Nix Coal, Slow Natural Gas Production
Michael Bloomberg is giving away more of his personal fortune to advance his radical environmental agenda, this time pledging $500 million to shutter every coal mine in the United States and slow the production of cheap, clean, and plentiful natural gas.

‘Paedophilia is natural and normal for males’
How some university academics make the case for paedophiles at summer conferences

Under The Banner Of The Rainbow Battle Flag, God Is Judging A Godless America By Allowing The LGBTQ+P For Pedophile Army To Take Control
The true legacy of former president Barack Obama was not his phony signature healthcare program, or the Iran Nuclear Deal hoax, it was instead gifting power to the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile Movement in America. And I will make the case in this article that that power he gave them was given to him by none other than Almighty God. Let me explain what I mean before we go any further.

We Are Being Poisoned: Leaked FDA Report Finds “Forever Chemicals” in U.S. Food Supply
In a leaked report that we are guessing the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) didn’t want to get out, is data showing that there are “forever chemicals” in meat, poultry, milk, and chocolate cake. The toxic carcinogenic chemicals are called “forever chemicals” because of the time they take to break down.

California Progressives Try To Prevent Chick-Fil-A Opening In San Francisco Suburb
San Mateo county officials are trying to prevent the opening of a Chick-Fil-A location in Redwood City, California, claiming that the fried chicken franchise is hostile to the LGBT community.

Medieval diseases spreading in Los Angeles prove twisted Democrat priorities endanger public health
Americans don’t have to look as far as Venezuela to see the massive failure of a government incapable of delivering the basics of what people need from their government. A brief look at California shows how the twisted priorities of Democrat political leadership are creating a dangerous environment for the residents of the Golden State.

California City to Add ‘In God We Trust’ to All Police and Fire Vehicles
The City Council of Bakersfield, California has approved a measure to add “In God We Trust” decals to all police and fire vehicles.

Scientists Creating Human-Pig Hybrids for Organ Transplants That Could Develop Into “Monsters”
Researchers in the U.S. are tinkering with a disturbing new experiment that mixes human and pig cells to produce a hybrid embryo, The Express reports.

The Queen Signs Official EU Withdrawal Bill, Making Brexit ‘Irreversible’
Queen Elizabeth II has signed the official EU Withdrawal Bill into law which will make Brexit irreversible and an ‘Act of Parliament.’

Headlines – 6/9/2019

US envoy says Israel has ‘right’ to annex parts of West Bank

Palestinians dub US envoy ‘settler spokesman’ after he backs partial annexation

Hamas official calls Friedman’s annexation remark ‘destructive and radical American thinking’

PLO chief Erekat: ‘annexing parts of West Bank is a war crime’

US official: No discussion nor plans for unilateral annexation by Israel

U.S. says position on West Bank has not changed

French FM says Trump peace plan ‘cannot grant serenity,’ wont satisfy both sides

Some Palestinians Give Up on Two-State Solution

Trump Jr. blasts Omar, Tlaib on Twitter as leaders of ‘the Hamas Caucus’

Israeli army cadets train for takeover of Hezbollah-held Lebanese village

YouTube’s new policy blocks history teachers from uploading Hitler archive clips

20 years on, Africa’s first Holocaust center has a universal message on genocide

Senior UK Labour lawmaker calls for suspension of new MP in anti-Semitism row

Egypt says 4 jihadists killed in restive northern Sinai

Northwest Syria battles rage after rebel counterattack

Syrian Soccer Player and Icon of anti-Assad Movement Dies From Battle Wounds

Assad demolishes refugee homes to tighten grip on rebel strongholds

Turkey says it has “neutralised” 43 Kurdish militants in northern Iraq

Pentagon suspends Turkish F-35 training as Erdogan embraces Putin

Iran Foreign Ministry Says New U.S. Sanctions Show Offer of Talks Not Genuine

Iran says new US sanctions make talks offer ‘hollow’

Netanyahu tells Japan’s Abe to pressure Iran as he prepares for Tehran visit

Iran minister: Tehran secretly defying US sanctions with ‘unofficial’ oil sales

Iran has no plans to leave OPEC – Iranian oil minister

Iran said to bolster morality police amid hijab protests

Sudan protest group calls nationwide ‘civil disobedience’

Sudan forces arrest protest leaders who met Ethiopia PM

All you need to know about Ethiopia’s attempt to mediate the Sudan crisis

Sudanese protesters: Death toll in military crackdown at 60

Social media blocked as Liberians protest ‘corruption and creeping dictatorship’

Taliban attack kills 14 militiamen in western Afghanistan

Indian leader calls for global conference on countering terrorism

Philippines rejects call for UN rights council probe

Sri Lanka’s president vows to block Easter attacks probe

Venezuela crisis: Four million have fled the country, UN says

Even Showers Are A Luxury in Venezuela Now

Trump calls off tariffs after Mexico vows to tighten borders

Trump is playing a risky game by weaponizing US economic power with tariffs

Pelosi hits Trump’s deal with Mexico, accuses him of ‘threats and temper tantrums’

Hillary Clinton: Mueller report proves Russian meddling, obstruction of justice

Mystery as second GOP ex-state senator found dead in two days

G20 agrees to push ahead with digital tax: communique

Southern California earthquake swarm takes an unexpected turn, and that’s reason to worry

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Kavieng, Papua New Guinea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Panguna, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Record-Breaking Heat in Alaska Wreaks Havoc on Communities and Ecosystems

West Coast braces for heat wave, raising fears of wildfires in Northern California

PG&E cuts power in Northern California to reduce wildfire risks

Fire consumes 6,000 acres in Tonto National Forest in Arizona

Heatstroke kills monkeys as India suffers in searing temperatures

The White House reportedly blocked climate testimony warning of a ‘possibly catastrophic’ future because it didn’t ‘jibe’ with Trump’s policy

‘We All Owe Al Gore An Apology’: More People See Climate Change In Record Flooding

We’re in an age of ‘apocalypse anxiety’ and will never stop worrying about doomsday

To stop a virus, California has euthanized more than 1.2 million birds. Is it reckless or necessary?

Biting ‘buffalo gnats’ drive Minnesotans indoors – Flooding delays pest control access to black fly breeding grounds, leading to possible historic wave

Lyme disease cases have tripled since the ’90s

Misinformation swirling around Dutch teenager’s death ignites debate over euthanasia

What’s really behind the measles outbreak in NY Jewish communities?

Dying to donate: The idea of death by organ donation is gaining acceptance

Tennessee House passes bill banning abortions once heartbeat is detected

Texas governor signs law banning cities and counties from doing business with abortion providers

University gives back $21.5M from donor who urged Alabama boycott over abortion law

Some US embassies fly rainbow flag despite rejected requests from Trump admin

Trump administration denies embassies’ requests to fly pride flag on flagpoles: reports

Outcry after police drug raid on Tel Aviv gay club ahead of Pride week

Sex abuse crisis tops agenda as Southern Baptists convene

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry: Boys raped by priests at ‘satanic parties’

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