Avoid These 13 Christian “Leaders” | Bible Thumping Wingnut Network

In light of the recent SBC Resolution 9 fiasco. I think it’s safe to say that as responsible Christians who love the Gospel and the church, we need to start protecting God’s sheep by steering them away from people who refuse to sign the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel due to their aggressive promotion of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. Todd Friel names names, and so will I. 

I would steer people away from the following men, all who did not sign the statement, and all who either are aggressively promoting or are tolerating their leaders and peers who aggressively promote this heretical Cultural Marxist ideology. 

We need to steer people away from the following men and anyone else who promotes Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality and are dividing the church:

Pastor Paul Tripp
Mark Dever of Capitol Hill Baptist Church and 9Marks. 
Russell Moore the President of ERLC. 
Jonathan Leeman of 9Marks.  
Thabiti Anywabili, Pastor of Anacostia River Church. 
David Platt, Pastor of McLean Bible Church. 
Matthew Hall, Dean of Boyce College. 
John Onwuchekwa, Pastor of Cornerstone Church
Curtis Wood of SBTS
Jarvis Williams of SBTS
Matt Chandler, Pastor of The Village Church. 
Danny Aikin, President of SEBTS.  
J.D. Greear, Pastor of The Summit Church and SBC President.

Pray for these men. I am not writing them off as heretics. They do have some very solid resources. And people can benefit from the works of these men. But it is a crap shoot and you just don’t know what they are going to say next. 
Paul warned us about a little leaven. And I personally would not want to be responsible for introducing someone to these men only to find out that they embraced Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. 

These men once stood as stalwarts for Biblical truth. But now they are no longer trustworthy. You just don’t know what you might hear from these men. And to protect young believers from embracing false doctrines and ideologies, the only option that seems viable is to steer people away from these men and ministries until they repent. 

Here are some better options for those who do not sympathize or buy into the heretical Critical Race Theory/Intersectionality/Social Justice Movement. 

I would recommend the following ministries:

Founders Ministry as an alternative to 9Marks and the Gospel Coalition. 

G3 Conference as an alternative to T4G. 

I would also recommend the following pastors, authors, and teachers as an alternative to the men mentioned above:

Voddie Baucham
Pastor Tom Ascol
Pastor Tom Buck
Dr. James White 
Pastor Josh Buice  
Emilio Ramos
Pastor John MacArthur
Phil Johnson 
Todd Friel
Tom Nettles
Conrad Mbewe
Paul Washer
Costi Hinn
Steve Lawson
JD Hall

And anyone else who adheres to sound doctrine and adamantly rejects Critical Race Theory/Intersectionality/Social Justice/Cultural Marxism. But as with all men, always practice discernment and listen with an open Bible. 

Let’s pledge our alliance to Christ and His Gospel and not men and their false ideologies.

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